Midnight Movie Club Ch. 01

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Julie sighed at the feeling of Mark’s lips against the side of her neck. Her fingers lazily drifted through his short brown hair as he worked his way up to her ear. The anticipation was surpassed only by the satisfying pinch of his teeth on her earlobe. It drew another hum of approval from Julie. Her fingers tightened, gently pulling on Mark’s hair, encouraging him to continue what he was doing.

The late August sun gleamed in the picture-perfect clear blue sky of Central Colorado, surrounding the two 18-year olds with a halo of soft warmth as they made out in the front seat of Mark’s convertible. The car was parked in a sparse copse of trees that sat at the end of an abandoned logging trail that overlooked the resort town of Emerald Pines nestled in the small valley below. The secluded grove had served as Julie and Mark’s private getaway for the past year-and-a-half, both for long conversations under the light of a full moon as well as intense makeout sessions such as the one the pair were currently engrossed in. It had been the place while she and Mark had hooked up for the first time and would serve as the location of their final time together before going their separate ways.

Julie turned her head, her lips finding Mark’s to share a passionate kiss. She could feel his hands sliding between them, finding her breasts with the unerring accuracy and eagerness possessed by teenage boys. He caressed them over the red fabric of her blouse, giving them a firm squeeze that drew a soft groan from Julie, before moving his fingers to the buttons of her blouse. As they continued to kiss Mark carefully began to undo her shirt, starting with the second button from the top and working his way down. Each button revealed more of Julie’s athletic frame as well as her white bra. Once her blouse was open Mark slid his hand inside. Julie shivered as he dragged his thumb over the cup of her bra, rubbing her nipple and slowly bringing it to hardness.

She returned the favor by boldly reaching down and grabbing the crotch of his blue jeans. Mark’s hand pressed against her chest as she felt his hard manhood under the faded denim. Using her whole hand, palm rubbing against him while one finger dragged along the outline of his shaft, drawing a noise of approval from her lover.

Julie eventually broke their kiss. Both she and Mark were panting, bodies shaking as they caught their breath. Mark was looking at her with a familiar expression on his face, one composed of both desire and need. She ran a hand along the side of his face, caressing his cheek before turning away. He didn’t have time to react as Julie easily pushed herself over the passenger side door, landing on the dust-covered ground while leaving him behind on the front seat.

“What are you doing,” he asked, confused.

Julie didn’t answer. Instead, she reached into the back seat and grabbed a red-and-white checkered quilt. By the time Mark had gotten out of the car Julie had moved to a nearby patch of shade and was in the process of throwing down the quilt. She knelt and smoothed it out as he walked over, reaching underneath to pull out a couple of rocks and casually tossing them towards the edge of the ridge. “I’m giving you something to remember me by,” Julie said as she got back to her feet.

“You were already doing that,” Mark responded as he stopped in front of Julie, eyeing his lover up and down – short black hair slightly mussed from their previous actions, red blouse hanging unbuttoned on her toned body, and the knees of her tan slacks covered with dust and fallen pine needles.

Julie countered, “we’ve had sex in your car on multiple occasions. So I determined that for our last time together we should do something different.” One hand shot out and grabbed Mark by the waistband of his jeans. Julie hauled him forward, pulling his body into hers, kissing him hard. No longer constrained by the physical limitations of the front seat Mark’s hands went to his favorite part of Julie’s body, a butt sculpted by six years of jogging and cross-country. His fingers dug into the firm muscles, pulling Julie closer to him as they kissed. Having kept her grip on Mark’s waistband Julie carefully but eagerly pulled Mark down onto the quilt. The pair ended on their knees, tongues still intertwined.

The smell of evergreen trees combined with the songs of birds gathered in the nearby trees served to intensify the sensations inside of her body as Mark continued to kiss her, his lips on her neck once again. His hands slipped inside her open blouse as he leisurely slid the shirt down her arms. Julie helped him remove her blouse, laying it down on the quilt next to her while Mark began to kiss his way along her upper torso. Without hesitation, Julie reached behind her back to undo her bra. She couldn’t help but sigh as she pulled both straps off of her shoulders and freed herself from the constraining fabric, revealing her breasts, a pair of B-cups topped with light brown nipples.

As she placed the white bra on top of her discarded blouse, bostancı escort Mark’s lips found one of her nipples. Julie gave a demure moan as he gently sucked on the erect nub for a few moments before lifting his head and kissing her once again. Julie’s hands dropped to the hem of Mark’s dark blue t-shirt. She stripped the garment from his body, pulling it over his head. Even as Julie dropped the shirt onto the quilt she was kissing him again. Her hands roamed Mark’s chest, toned from his time on the high school’s championship ski team. She soaked it in, enjoying the familiar contours for what was in all certainty the final time.

Despite the shade, a glistening sheen of sweat covered their bodies. Julie’s chest slid against Mark’s as their lips pressed together. Her hand reached down, seeking out the waistband of Mark’s jeans once again. This time her hand slipped between the denim and his body, seeking out her lover’s manhood. Her fingers brushed against it, rock hard under her touch. Mark broke their kiss, inhaling sharply from the sensation of Julie’s hand caressing his cock in the tight confines of his jeans.

Mark was disappointed when Julie pulled her hand free until she put both hands on his chest and pushed him back onto the quilt. As she looked at him with simmering desire, Julie undid the metal button on his jeans. She slid the zipper down and, with several firm jerks, managed to pull both his pants and his boxers free, his sneakers coming off in the process as well. His cock pointed towards the blue Colorado sky, almost six inches from the tip cover with precum to the base nestled within a patch of curly brown hair. Mark used his feet to push and kick his socks off. Once he was completely naked, Julie set his clothes and shoes next to his shirt before settling in between his knees.

Her hand wrapped around his erect penis. Mark sighed with delight as Julie slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft. Her focus was on Mark’s face, watching the various expressions of joy, torture, and anticipation as she jacked him off. She kept a slow pace, teasing her lover with several quick strokes before resuming her previous speed. At one point Mark’s eyes closed, his back arching as a particularly strong sensation rippled through his body. It was at that moment, with Mark distracted, that Julie dropped her head and took his entire cock in her mouth in one fluid motion.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” he proclaimed, hands gripping at the quilt underneath his body. Julie drew her lips up Mark’s cock before once again easily swallowing his full length with little effort. One hand rested on Mark’s thigh as Julie used her other hand to work his shaft. She settled into a steady rhythm, one she knew by reflex at this point, her hand gliding up and down his cock, made slippery by her saliva and his precum, while her tongue and lips worked over the head. Her actions caused Mark to groan under her touch. Julie could feel the sun on her naked back, but the warmth on her skin paled compared to the heat building inside of her.

After a few minutes, Julie pulled her mouth free from Mark’s rock hard cock. She got to her feet as Mark sat up from the quilt. Looking down at him with yearning, Julie ran a hand through her hair, watching Mark reach up to unbutton her slacks. His hands trembled as he gently pulled her pants over the swell of her hips, bringing them down Julie’s legs and leaving her clad in only a pair of white panties that matched her now-discarded bra. The fabric between her legs was clinging to her body. Mark leaned forward, briefly kissing a growing damp spot on her panties before, with care approaching reverence, peeling her underwear from her body. He tossed them onto Julie’s pile of clothing, leaving them both nude under the Colorado sun.

Mark lowered his body back onto the quilt, stretching out as Julie dropped to her knees. She reached down to take his penis in her hand. A sharp gasp escaped her as the tip of his cock brushed against her lower lips. Both she and Mark trembled with anticipation as Julie guided him towards her entrance. Once his cock was in place Julie lowered herself the rest of the way. His erection easily slid inside her warm, wet, inviting tunnel. The relief Julie felt at finally having Mark inside of her was quickly followed by a wave of pleasure as his cock pushed at her velvet walls. She pushed her body up, hands on his chest for stability, and lowered herself again. A long, low hum came from her lips as, after a few strokes to get used to having Mark’s cock inside of her, Julie began to ride her lover.

Mark’s hands went to her waist, helping Julie keep her balance as she slid her pussy up and down his rod. “Oh yeah,” Mark exclaimed as Julie ground her groin against his hips, moving back and forth before resuming her previous motions. Her pussy was slick around his stiff manhood, the friction sending waves of heat throughout her lower body. As she drove her body up and down his manhood Julie leaned over, her breasts within reach of Mark’s ümraniye escort bayan mouth. He eagerly lifted his head and sucked on her nipples, for once and then the other, as she rocked back and forth. A quick kiss was Mark’s reward, Julie’s tongue in his mouth briefly before she sat back up. His hands dug into the flesh around her hips as her pace quickened on top of him.

Julie leaned back, her hands now between Mark’s spread legs, and slowed down for a moment. Mark’s eyes roamed her taut, athletic body, from her short black hair to her bouncing breasts, down to her flat stomach and the well-trimmed landing strip of black hair just above the junction of her legs. Julie knew he was soaking it all in, one final mental image of their time together over the past year-and-a-half. She gave him a loud, exaggerated moan, putting a wiggle into her hips as she lifted her body so that only the tip of his cock was inside of her before lowering back onto him, slowly engulfing him once again.

Her actions pushed Mark over the edge. He sat up, his arm around her lower back as he pulled her close. Julie ground her hips against his, settling on his lap as Mark kissed her. Her hand held the back of his head, keeping him in place as she slid her tongue into his mouth. He dropped his head after a moment, kissing her upper torso and the top swell of her breasts before lowering her back down. It took some adjustment on both their parts, but soon enough Julie was on her back, arms stretched above her head, gripping the edge of the red-and-white quilt as Mark, his arms on either side of her shoulders, thrust in and out of her with a determined look on his face.

Julie closed her eyes, losing herself in the pleasure her lover was giving her as he took charge. Each thrust of his hard cock sent a tingle throughout her entire body, each one stronger than the last. She pulled her knees up, spreading her legs on the quilt as much as she could. Immediately she was rewarded by Mark driving himself deep inside of her. “Oh God,” he breathed as he adjusted his hips. Now he was driving down and into Julie’s body at an angle that quickened the fire inside of Julie. She opened her eyes to see Mark on the edge of losing control, his entire world focused on their intertwined bodies. Her breasts shook on her chest with each hard, deep, rapid thrust of Mark’s cock. Julie’s eyes met Mark’s, wordlessly urging him on as they fucked under the clear blue sky.

As the flames inside of her threatened to turn into an inferno Julie began to rock her hips in time with Mark’s thrusts, lifting when he pulled out and relaxing when he pushed back down inside of her. Her legs wrapped around his, holding him in place. The shaft of Mark’s cock began to rub her clitoris, sliding against the throbbing button with every stroke. Within seconds the pressure that had been building inside of Julie became a runaway train. Her climax raced towards her. She began to breathe quickly, short, sharp gasps that foretold her impending release. Mark kept the same pace, his long, deep downward strokes eventually sending Julie over the edge. Her mouth fell open, head thrown back on the quilt, hands gripping Mark’s shoulders tightly, as her pussy clenched around Mark’s thrusting cock. Her entire body shivered. She gasped loudly at the intense pleasure caused by the rush of pleasure bolting through her.

In the throes of orgasm, Julie sensed Mark’s hips moving faster and faster. As she came down from her climax, Mark suddenly cried out and buried his cock deep inside her pussy. Julie sighed with delight as her lover spilled inside of her, a familiar look of torture and relief on his face as he came.

After the final spasms, Mark looked down at Julie, a smile creeping across his face. Julie returned the wry grin, reaching up and pulling him down on top of her. The two lovers shared a kiss, brief and tender, soaking up the afterglow in the late summer sun.


“You sure you don’t want me to drive you to the bus station tomorrow?”

Julie reached up and brushed the back of her hand against Mark’s cheek. “My aunt’s giving me a ride. We’re going to stop for an early lunch in Aspen before I head out.” He nodded in understanding, but Julie could see the frown he was barely able to hide. “Besides,” she added, “you’re heading to Alamosa in two days and you STILL haven’t packed.”

“Yeah yeah…” Mark looked down at Julie, her head resting in his lap. He was wearing his jeans while she had put her blouse back on, buttoning it up halfway for the sake of modesty. “I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. I know,” he said, holding up a hand to cut her off, “we’ve had this conversation over and over again. Just…now that the moment’s here…”

“No plan survives first contact with the enemy. In this case, the enemy is time and distance.” She sighed, trying to smile at him. “It’s better to end our relationship now, on a good note, rather than become miserable and bitter because we thought we could handle being a 20-hour car kartal escort ride apart. I’d rather possibly see you at Thanksgiving or Christmas as friends rather than two people about to break up.”

Mark answered with another nod. “I know. It’s the logical thing to do.” He put a hand on her forehead. “You always were the brains of this operation.”

“Always,” she said quietly. “I am going to miss you. You know that, right?”

“I do…” His words trailed off, a heavy silence their only punctuation. “But you’re already gone. You’ve been detached and distant for the past month, Julie. I know your mind’s on Idaho, but…I feel like you’ve just been going through the motions back here.”

Julie’s eyes fell away from his. “You know that’s how I deal,” she murmured. “I’ve done this so many times. Packing up, waving goodbye, and going on to the next town knowing that it won’t be long until I have to do it all over again. That’s been my life for as long as I can remember.” She turned her head, looking towards the ridge overlooking the town. “Always forward.”

“Always forward.” Mark ran a hand through Julie’s short black hair. “I’m having a hard time saying goodbye, that’s all. I get it. I do. “

When Julie turned back to look up at Mark, she sighed. “You’ve always gotten it. You’re the only one who’s ever gotten it. If I’m the brains, you’ve been the heart.” One hand reached for his. “I promise not to be a stranger,” she said, affectionately squeezing his hand, “if you promise not to be a stranger.”

“Deal.” The light kiss Mark planted on her forehead was warmer than the sun shining down upon them. “It’s getting late,” he said quietly. “I should get you home so you can finish packing.”

“I’m already packed,” Julie answered, groaning as she rolled over and reached for her underwear. “But if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to have dinner. Are you willing to take a starving college student to Half in the Bag for a sandwich?”

“Sure, answered the other starving college student,” Mark said with a quiet smile. The young lovers proceeded to get dressed in silence. As Julie pulled her slacks up her legs, she took one final look at Emerald Pines stretching out before her, the jagged peak of Mount Tyler looming over the small resort town. Four years of residency, four years of attending Emerald Pines High School, four years of friends, and one-and-a-half years on the arm of the young man who was folding up the quilt behind her. Memories flowed through her mind. Julie mentally reached out for them, trying to grab one that meant something to her, a feeling of nostalgia she could take with her as she traveled nearly 1200 miles.

After a few seconds, a dejected sigh escaped her lips, drifting into the mountain air before vanishing. The smile on her face felt forced, but Mark didn’t seem to notice as she walked over and gave him a light peck on the cheek. “Come on,” she said, quickly walking towards his car, “there’s a half-smoke on pretzel bread calling my name…”


After letting both duffel bags and her rucksack fall to the floor, Julie flopped onto the bare mattress. No pillow, no sheets, and it was still perhaps the most comfortable bed she had ever face-planted on. Immediately the weariness that had soaked its way down into her very bones claimed dominion with its siren call of sweet, blissful, horizontal, uninterrupted sleep. Groaning into the worn fabric of the mattress, Julie reached into the front pocket of her slacks to grab her Google Pixel. She grudgingly raised her head for the sole purpose of setting an alarm. “30 minutes,” she muttered. It took her a few tries to set the smartphone down on the nearby nightstand. By the time she succeeded, Julie was well on her way to falling asleep. Her last conscious action was to put her forearm under her head as a makeshift pillow before drifting off for a combat nap.

According to Greyhound, the bus ride from Aspen to Bayview, Idaho would normally have taken a day-and-a-half, allowing for transfers in Salt Lake City and Spokane, Washington. Having spent a portion of her childhood on long car rides or international flights through multiple time zones, a transit of such length would have normally been tough but manageable for her. A pair of mechanical breakdowns, however, one at each transfer station, added several hours to Julie’s trip. Instead of arriving on campus that morning, it wasn’t until late afternoon when Julie stumbled into her assigned dorm, hauled her duffel bags up three flights of steps, found the room she would call home for the next several months, and collapsed into bed, too tired to even close the door to her room.

The noise and bustle of college freshmen moving into the dormitory had little effect on her slumber. It took the prideful vocals of the Red Army Choir majestically singing the Soviet National Anthem to rouse Julie. She reached out, feeling around for her phone and turning off the alarm. Another tired groan escaped her as she rolled onto her back to sit on the edge of the bed. She was still exhausted, to the point that an early night was in the cards, however, the half-hour nap had been sufficient to refresh her. After rubbing the remnants of sleep from her eyes, Julie looked around, finally getting the chance to take in her new home.

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