Mia’s Christmas Party Ch. 03

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Adriana Chechik

Part 3 of Mia at TIASS

This is the finale of Mia and her time with her boss. Hope you enjoy the climactic conclusion.


After that blowjob and feeling his still rock hard dick in my hand I couldn’t wait to continue. Him calling me names like slut just turned me on even more.

He reached up to my shoulders and slid off the straps of my dress down until it got stuck on my tits. With a push, he got it down and my tits came popping out glistening in their naked glory. They bounced in the air while remaining perky which made his eyes widen at such an erotic sight.

The dress pooled around my waist as it became stuck around my wide hips revealing my slim toned stomach that was etched with feminine muscle showing my commitment to fitness. With one more push, he was able to get it around my juicy ass which made the dress pool at my feet. I gave him a sexy pose then stepped out of my heels and threw both the heels and dress to the side of the room. I’d never felt sexier than when his eyes looked at me up and down with a hungry lust-filled stare.

I gave him a look showing that it wasn’t fair to be the only one naked since I wanted to see his sculpted body and began to undo his tie and shirt. First, his granite pecs came into view. I gave each an appreciative kiss and moaned how hot he was. As I continued to kiss my way down his torso slowly unbuttoning his shirt, it was as I had discovered treasure. His abs glistened with a slight sheen of sweat after the intense blowjob and made me kiss and suck each one. He gave little moans of pleasure as I did this.

Finally, the V lines came into view that just made me so wet to see. His torso looked as though it was chiseled from stone. He ripped his shirt off and flung it across the room. He then took a step back as he stepped out of his pants, underwear, socks, and shoes. The only thing separating us now was my lacy thong. I turned around giving him a mesmerizing view of my ass swallowing up the thong. I gave it a quick squeeze and smack making it jiggle which caused him to try and grab me. “Uh uh uh, no touching” Swinging my ass left and right making his dick throb in anticipation.

He groaned in frustration. I was smiling sexily while looking over my shoulder and made sure to keep my legs straight as I bent over and stepped out of my thong then stood back up and turned around. I gave him a little push to force him to sit in his chair, then straddled him with his dick in front of me taking a mental note of how big it was and how deep it would go inside me. I questioned how this monster would fit inside. I began to slowly grind my pussy and clit on his dick to turn him on even more which sent little tingles of pleasure in my pussy.

He gave me a quick kiss. “You ready?” He asked in a serious tone. I nodded my head. He lifted me with ease and set my pussy at the tip of his dick. I began to slowly lower myself onto his dick and felt the tip go inside me I gasping out loud at the penetration. If I thought his fingers were big inside me, his dick was a whole other story. I felt a slight pain being stretched out so far by his girth and this was just the tip! I pushed down 1 inch, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches before I needed to take a break. I paused from the pain of being stretched out so much. But while it hurt, I began to feel pleasure from just his dick in me.

“Fuck Mia, you’re so tight you feel so good.” Blushing at his words I slid back up and down again until finally 7, 8, and 9 fat inches of cock was in my pussy. “OHHHH” I felt so full from his huge dick, making me moan. The heat emanating from his dick made me feel more pleasure as my body slowly accustomed to his size. I rode him up and down his shaft and immediately felt little rockets of pleasure in my pussy. I looked down to see if he was enjoying it where I was met with a face of pure ecstasy as he inside me.

All those hours in the gym squatting can finally be put to good use as I worked myself up and down his dick at a medium pace. I checked to see what we looked like in the reflection of his monitor and moaned at the sinful scene before me. I looked so hot riding his shaft as my ass shot out from my thin waist. As I rode him my tits and hair flopped around me giving me a wildly erotic look. My pussy was stretched so wide as his massive shaft somehow fit inside me and made me wetter at what a stud he was. At this point, I felt the pleasure deep down inside as my orgasm was building. I let out moans and groans as the pleasure built up. “Ohhh fuck yeah your dick feels so good in my pussy. Oh, you fucker! Your dick feels so HUGE!” Not able to hold himself back anymore his hands and mouth started playing with my tits and ass never giving them a break with his constant twisting, biting, sucking, smacking, and fondling. “YES! FUCK! Don’t stop baby!” I sobbed out loud panting into his ear while he toyed with my body like an instrument-making me sing out in pleasure for him. I jolted my head up and gasped out loud “YESSS play with my ataşehir escort bayan clit like that” when he would play with my sensitive clit and bit my nipple “FUCK YES CALEB!” as I took the fuck of my life.

As he fucked me, he whispered dirty things in my ear. “Fuck you’re so tight. Damn it, Mia. Why do you have to be so fucking good? I don’t think I can hold myself back you perfect slut!” He would grab my ass and spank it giving it a pink hue making me whimper in pleasure at the pain and pleasure of everything going on. All of a sudden, he grabbed both my ass cheeks firmly, and as I came down onto his dick he met me with a powerful thrust up grunting in my ear “Fuck. You like that?” The pleasure escalated and made me squeal out loud “FUCK!” driving his dick, if even possible, deeper inside me. “Hold on slut we’re going for a ride” Bolts of pure pleasure flew through my body straight to my brain as he began to thrust up into me while I rode him. Squealing out loud between thrusts “Yes!” thrust “Fuck!” thrust “Fuck!” thrust “FUCK ME STUD!” thrust “I’m gonna cum!”

I tried to ride him as fast as I could while my body screamed out in pleasure “Fuck me harder baby!”. He kept up with my faster pace pounding up into me making a clapping sound that could probably be heard from across the office which made me cry out “Holy Shit!” or gasp “Oh Yeah!” every time. Holy fuck I had never felt so good having sex before as my orgasm inched closer and closer until the scale tipped as he rubbed my clit, bit down on my nipple, and slapped my ass hard causing me to cum “OH MY GOD! YES CALEB I’M cuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnngggg!!!!!!!”. My vision exploded into a sea of colors as the pleasure skyrocketed higher and higher and I held onto him for dear life as I came hard around his dick.


The sight before me was so erotic as Mia came around my dick. I felt her tighten up around my dick trying to milk me of my seed and held firm. I wanted to last as long as possible to show her I was the boss both in and out of the bedroom. Mia was a panting mess, moaning and screaming into the air as she came. Thankfully no one was here because I am pretty sure they would’ve been caught us with how loud she is. I saw the muscles in her body tighten up as she grinding on my dick increasing her pleasure as she continued cumming. I loved it when she screamed my name wanted her to scream it again and braced myself in my chair and my legs on the floor. I drove up into Mia over and over as hard as I could halving my former pace with how tight she was squeezing me as she came. I succeeded and made her cum again making her scream “HOLLLLYYY SSSSHHHIIIITTTT YESSSSSSS! I’M CCCUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGG!!! FUUUCCKKKK MEEEEE CALEBBBB!!!!!!!”

I honored her wish trying to fuck the life out of her as she continued wailing out “OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! PLEASE STOP! FUCKKK!!! IT’S TOO GOOD!!” I played with her clit and spanking her bubble butt again and again as she cried out “AHHH CALEB! OH MY GOD! PLEASE STOP! STOP! STOP!” squealing that last part as I felt her tighten even more around me. With one final thrust, I stopped before it became too much for me and made me cum again. She was panting and moaning “HMMMM! WOW! Thank you! Fuck that was intense.” in my ear after that assault as we both needed a breather after that. My dick twitched in her pussy and I warned myself that with a hot slut like Mia I needed to pace himself or she’ll make me cum too fast. Not the easiest though as her body screamed fuck me every time I laid eyes on it. With a gasp of air from somewhat recovering she said in a sultry tone “Jesus Christ Caleb you can do that to me ALLLLL NIGHT.” she pulled away and moved the hair from around her face as she added breathlessly, “Fuck, I didn’t even know I could have back-to-back orgasms like that.”


I was so out of breath as we sat there making out with his dick twitching inside of me as we recovered from our session. I’d never cum so hard and twice, at that, in such a short amount of time ever. I thought I was gonna pass out if he kept going. As my heartbeat and breathing began to slow down, we started to make out, and as amazing as that was, those orgasms fucked the strength out of my legs, and I don’t think I had it in me to continue riding him. Breaking off from our make out I asked, “Hey Caleb my legs are a bit sore, do you? AHHH!?” Before I could even finish my thought, Caleb wrapped his arms under my thighs and hands under my ass, lifting me causing me to squeal, and plopped me down on the edge of his desk. I gave him a seductive look as I looked into his lust-filled eyes and felt his dick twitch inside me again.

I leaned back so that my elbows and forearms were supporting me as this gave him a super sexy view of my tits and flushed face in this new position. I wrapped my slim athletic thighs around his waist making him moan as he ran his hands up my legs giving me tingles as he teased me. He pushed his hand to dominantly escort kadıköy grab me around the waist cupping the upper side of my ass and looked down at me with a confident smirk.

He pulled out to the tip, paused, and claimed assertively “I am gonna make you scream my name again slut.” As soon as he finished his sentence, he thrust back into my pussy hard causing me to moan “fffffuuuuuuccccckkkkk” and began a slow but assertive pace that made me feel every inch of his cunt re-shaping dick, that made me go crazy as he fucked my already sensitive pussy. I felt the pleasure begin to build up as this position made him go even deeper inside me than before but as pleasurable as this was, I wanted him to go faster. Taunting him “Well with this pace and how out-of-shape you look right no. I doubt I’ll even be able to scream again”. My bluff worked as he pulled out making me feel an emptiness inside before pausing, grabbing my head with his hand and keeping it in place, looked me dead in the eyes while giving me a couple of hard fast thrusts as he hammered my g-spot trying to make me scream out in pleasure. I tried my best to hold out, but by the 10th I screamed out “FUCK!” as the pleasure became too much to contain. He pulled out again to just the tip and paused there to gloat “You were saying?” I just rolled my eyes before replying “Oh just shut up and fuck me stud.”

I felt him thrust back in and his paced quickened making my pleasure increase. Yes, this is just what I wanted, a strong man like Caleb to put me in my place at the mercy of his bitch-breaking cock making me moan “Yes keep going” and pant “Don’t stop” in his ear. He often grabbed me for a quick passionate kiss making me moan into his mouth before he went back to gripping my waist. He began to go quicker and quicker losing control until I was getting hammered just as fast if not faster than when I was riding him. “SHIT! CALEB! FUCK! I Love! Your! DICK!” Screaming each word between thrusts.


Fuck this slut was too hot, I was nearing my limit again as her pussy squeezed me tightly. I could feel that she was close as well and made it my goal to make her cum once more. She was panting and moaning with every thrust as she gripped my waist, with those long sexy legs of hers, pulling me in deep. I felt that standing I was in more control and couldn’t help but smirk at the erotic idea to make her scream my name once more. I dragged my hand down from her waist to under those slim athletic thighs. I paused fucking her and she gave me a questioning look before I ripped my hands up her legs to under her knees. Then in a fluid motion, I shoved them forward and toward her until she was almost bent in half as she gripped the edge of the table in a grip that turned her knuckles white. As I leaned over her I trapped her legs under my chest pushing out her soft boobs around them and went to pound town. Her eyes went wide as I hammered down into reaching the deepest part of her pussy and grazed her g-spot with more power and speed than before. “CALEB! YESSS! HOLY SHIT! YOU MONSTER! JESUS CHRIST! USE ME! FUCK ME! DONT STOP! FUCKKKKK!” screaming in this new position.


If I thought he was going fast before, this new pace and position made everything before the warm-up round. He was going so fast that I could barely keep up. My body shook with each gut-wrenching inch of his huge dick and my eyes rolled in the back of my head as the pleasure surged. My orgasm shot through me and my eyes exploded in colors. “FUUCKKKK I’M CUMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!” Egging me on as he continued to jack-hammer my defenseless pussy “Who’s screaming now slut?” As his face was inches from mine. He reached between my legs with one of his hands and strummed my clit making me just scream as he continued fucking me “FUCK MEEEE!! YOU!! YOU MAKE ME! SCREAM!” Howling out “CALEB! YOU HUGE DICKED BASTARD! I’M YOUR SLUT!” My whole body felt on fire as every thrust of his made my orgasm even more intense as my body shook under him.

Finally, after an eternity on cloud 9, I started coming down from my high before I heard him panting and grunting out “Where do you want it?” Wanting him to paint me with his hot cum I replied with “On me.”

He gave me 3 more thrusts that made me moan out loud with each one before pulling out. My legs flopped back down devoid of strength and free from under his body giving him the perfect canvas. Groaning he came like a Gatling gun firing shot after shot of hot cum all over my toned stomach, tits, and face. It felt like it would never end. Finally, he let out one more groan as he fired his last shot straight down the middle of my tits. Looking down I was turned on and amazed by how much he came. “Fuck you covered me,” I said panting out of breath after the fierce orgasm he ripped from me.

He sat back down in his chair recovering from his intense orgasm. Gathering enough strength, I reached down and began to eat his cum getting another taste of bostancı escort his delicious seed and rubbed it into my tits letting him know the dirty girl I was. After a couple of minutes, I had finished cleaning myself up only to see that his dick was hard and throbbing even after cumming twice! “You still hard!” He replied cheekily, “What can I say, you bring out the best in me.” After that last fuck I wasn’t sure if I’d survive another round but at least I’d go out happy. “Hope you’re ready for the next round big boy.” With that, I leaped off the desk turning around, and bent over on his desk making sure to bend my lower back to push out my mouth-watering ass for him. I looked over my shoulder and wagged my ass inviting him to do his worst.


The sight before me was a sight I’d make sure to engrain in my mind forever. Mia was bent over in front of me with that perfect heart-shaped ass that just made me go crazy. Any little movement she did would cause it to bounce and jiggle most seductively. I couldn’t help but lick my lips in hunger as this position flaunted how her slim waist exploded out into those mind-boggling curves. I stood up placed my left hand in the middle of her back while rearing back with my right to deliver a crisp spank on her upturned ass making one of the most satisfying sounds I’ll ever hear. “Fuck” MOAAAAANNNNNING “Again.”


“Fuck” she moaned out as she was pleasured from being spanked like a slut.


“Ohhhhh” as she tensed up biting her lip.


“Mmmmmmmm” as she clenched her pussy in what looked like a mini-orgasm from my hand hitting her well-formed cheeks.


“SHIT! GOD! AHHHHHH!” as she twerked her juicy ass up and down in the air.

God what an ass, I slapped those cheeks to my heart’s content making her moan over and over, and kept at it until both her cheeks took on a rosy shade. Dirty slut. At this point she was squirming her body on my desk and twerking her ass on my dick to get me to fuck her.


“Please Caleb stop teasing me!” as she was gasping.


“Just Fuck me! Mmmmm!” I would make sure to do this again if she ever teased me too much with her bubble-butt.

I massaged her cheeks to ease the pain-causing her to give happy little groans. Then placing the tip of my dick at her pussy, thrust myself to the hilt in one swoop, while keeping a firm grip around her waist. I knew since I just came, I could hard from the get-go since it would take me a while to cum, and since she asked so nicely.


My body was already sensitive as his ass slapping made me uncontrollably wet. He had a field day with my ass and we both knew what a slut I was from having little orgasms from him treating me like his whore.

As he thrust in my eyes went wide as this new position made his already massive dick feel even bigger making me moan “Ohhhhh!” in pleasure. After all the teasing he did to my ass I made a mental note to keep my ass in tip-top shape for him. From just the initial thrust, multiple orgasms, and teasing I felt my orgasm close to the edge. Causing me to gasp out loud he began to thrust faster and faster building up a fast rhythm that had me panting like a dog while he made sure to continue to deliver slap after slap on my upturned ass. My mind turned to mush with all the pleasure that I was experiencing. He let go of my waist with one of his hands to reach down and touch my clit surprising me as I came. “OHH SHIT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!?” I couldn’t believe it. While not as intense as the last one I still felt pleasure coursing through my body as my vision blurred while continued to thrust and smack my ass to prolong it. Cockily he leaned down and whispered in my ear “Someone’s sensitive in this position.” After seeing how fast I came.

Not letting him win I panted “No you uhhhh. Just caught me off guard. Mmmmm.” He laughed and backed away from my face saying “We’ll see about that little lady.” And with that he went back to pound town. He made sure to angle his dick with each thrust to hit my g-spot with pin-point accuracy as he fucked me and oh my god, did I feel it. My orgasm came back with a searing vengeance as all rational thought from my brain faded making me scream out in pleasure again. “Yes, punish me!” The way my pussy began to form around his dick as he stretched me out from his thick girth and never-ending thrusts made me think that he’d fuck me into a coma with his insane stamina. My head began to clear as I could start to somewhat think straight. As he kept up this relentless pace, I felt more pleasure as he messed with my body toying with my clit, ass, and pussy keeping up his powerful thrust.

After a couple of minutes, I felt one of his hands leave my body longer than normal and thought, “Oh God What is he gonna do to me now!”. The answer became clear as I felt his hand wrap around my hair like a reign and with one swift movement pulled my torso up via my hair, thrust hard, grabbed my boob with his other hand, and whispered in my ear the hottest thing he’s said all night “We’re just getting started slut. Keep up!” Making a new orgasm come from nowhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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