Memory Loss Ch. 04

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Boiler plate disclaimers: all characters are 18+, and characters are not based on real people. Please enjoy the fiction.


I woke in the morning, alone again. Kim was gone, and I was thankful that she’d disappeared before we could be caught by her sisters. However, when I lifted the covers off my nude body, I spotted her pink panties that I’d stripped off her last night. I grinned at the thought of Kim darting down the hall, back to her room, completely naked. I think I’d have liked to see that.

My sheets smelled of Kim’s juices. I made a mental note to wash them today. Then I took a shower and headed down for breakfast.

When I got to the table, Katie was just finishing her breakfast and was ready to leave for work. As it was Friday, she was dressed casually, in a white sweater and tight jeans, with her hair in a pony tail. She gave me a peck on the cheek before heading out the door.

Kennedi was working from home again today. She hadn’t dressed yet, she was wearing the shorts from the night before and a loose T-shirt. I remembered her topless hug from last night as she chewed her bagel.

Kim was not around. When I asked, Kennedi said she was working out. I went down the hall to our small workout room and found her on a stationary bike, facing the other way. She was wearing a black sports bra and matching tight shorts. Her hair was up in a bun, and her neck was starting to glisten. She probably would have heard me coming in, but she had headphones in. I could hear the faint sound of workout music from where I stood in the doorway.

She turned her head and saw me, and gave me her naughty smile. “Good morning.”

“Hi. You left me a souvenir.” I pulled a tiny wad of pink out of my pocket.

She stopped pedaling and laughed. “I wondered wear those went.”

I stuffed them back in my pocket. “I think I’ll keep them.”

“No way! I need those back!” She hopped off the bike and came towards me.

I decided to play with her. “What will you do to get them back?”

She bit her lip, looking very sexy. “What would you like me to do?” Then she stopped. “Are Katie and Kennedi still here?”

“Katie just left, but Kennedi said working from home today.”

“Damn,” Kim said. “Maybe I’ll get them back later. Want to go swimming?”

“Maybe later,” I told her. “I still need breakfast, and then I need to wash my sheets. They smell like you.”

Kim’s naughty smile came out again. “You go ahead and do that. I’ll just have to make them smell like me again.” She left the workout room, calling after her, “Don’t forget, it’s my turn to have a date night.”

After lunch, it was time for my follow-up appointment with Dr. Jenkins. I wasn’t sure on the directions to the hospital, but I insisted on driving anyway, with both Kennedi and Kim riding with me. They had wanted to attend the appointment with me. Katie had wanted to come too, but couldn’t take the day off, so she demanded that her sisters provide a full update.

I thought back to Tuesday, the day of my accident where I hit my head, losing my memory. Dave Jenkins had been the doctor on duty, so he helped me try to reacquaint myself to my reality. But with his easy demeanor, I could also see us becoming friends.

I led the girls into his office, and he greeted all three of us with a handshake. “How are you, Jim? Any progress?”

“Well, I still can’t remember much, but I did have a flash of memory a couple days ago,” I told him. I told him about the dream I had about the car accident, how I had it twice, and how I seemed to recall more details about it the second time.

Dave gave a serious look. “Well, it sounds like a memory trying to resurface. And it does sound like a traumatic experience. Is this something you’d want to forget?”

I thought of the fear I felt on that day. “I’d want to forget how afraid I felt. That we’d be killed or paralyzed, because someone drove at us.”

“Why do you think they were driving at you intentionally?”

“The way the wheels turned on the other car, they swerved to hit us head-on.”

Dave frowned. “And you can’t remember anything from that moment until Tuesday?”

I thought hard, and it gave me a headache. “I’m still fuzzy about details that happened before that accident. Like I’m starting to remember my wife Kasidy, how we met and how I loved her, and how she loved me.” I glanced at the girls, who were sitting on a couch nearby. “I remember Kasidy was pregnant with Katie at the time of the car accident. But nothing after that.”

“Sounds like the memory barrier involves that accident, Jim,” Dave said. “Why don’t you do more research about it, and see if that jogs your memory?”

Kennedi piped up, kozyatağı escort “Dad, you can ask Pete about it, right?”

“Who’s Pete?” asked Dave.

“He’s my business partner, and my friend from way back. He would know more about it.” I smiled at Kennedi. “Thanks, I’ll ask him about it later.”

Dave continued. “You could probably also find out more from the police. I’m betting they’d have a record of the accident, and who was driving the other car.” He stood up and said, “I’m not really I psychologist, but it sounds like you’re repressing something about this memory. Maybe if you remember more about that, you’ll remember more about other things, too.”

When we got home, Kennedi went back to her work, but she said she’d look into getting more details from the policy database about the car accident. Kim and I went into my office to contact Pete.

I still couldn’t remember my password. Kim had to sign in, and contact Pete for me. I grinned when his face appeared on the screen again. “Hey, Pete!”

“Hey Jimmy! Any news?” He grinned back.

I shook my head. “I’m still having memory issues, but I remembered something about a car accident.”

Pete’s eyes got wide. “Oh. Yeah. You never liked to talk about that before.”

“That’s what my mom said, when I talked to her a couple days ago. Did you know I had a scar on my back?”

“Umm, yeah, yeah I did.” Pete said. He seemed apprehensive to talk about it.

“Pete, everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course. I just… I’d rather talk about it in person, if it’s all the same to you.”

That didn’t sound good. “Pete, is this a big deal?”

He looked odd when he responded. I saw he was looking over my shoulder, at Kim. I got the impression that whatever it was, he didn’t want Kim to hear it. “Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. Let’s talk tomorrow morning. I’ll come over to your house around 10:00, okay?”

“Okay. See you soon.”

If Kim noticed his uneasiness about her standing there, she didn’t let on. “That was weird,” was all she said after Pete hung up.

“Yeah, he’s usually pretty chatty.” I said, still wondering. If it was really something that significant, maybe it held the key to remembering everything.

Katie got home early from work, and I was filling her in on my day so far. I told her about Pete coming tomorrow, but I didn’t mention how awkward he looked in his call. Kennedi came down to join us, holding a couple of print-outs in her hand.

“So I found some details about the accident.” She sat at on the couch next to me, showing me the pages. They showed a police report, with the date and location, and there was a description of the cars involved. I also saw a picture of my car, the car I remembered buying after college, very smashed in.

“So this says the car that hit you and mom was a black sedan,” Kennedi pointed at the page. “License plate BB69SLZ, one man inside, but he was never identified.”

“Why not?”

“Looks like his car caught fire when the cars collided, and his face was too badly burned.”

“No ID? No way to tell from the license plate?”

Kennedi frowned. “If there was, it’s not in here.”

I closed my eyes. I could see the oncoming car in my mind, the black sedan, saw it turn toward us. I opened my eyes again. “Is there anything about how the accident happened?”

“The description just says the other car lost control, went left of center, and smashed into your car.”

I was irritated. “That’s not what happened! That car intentionally steered at us. Why isn’t that in there?”

Kennedi and Katie both looked frightened at my outburst. Admittedly, it was the loudest I’d been in the last three days. Kennedi spoke first, “Maybe the police had no proof of that?”

Katie added, “And since that guy died in the accident, there’s no way to prove it now.”

I took a deep breath, and settled myself. “I’m sorry. I got too riled up.” Katie moved from her chair to the couch, on the other side of me from Kennedi. They both hugged me close, and it helped me calm down.

Just then, Kim came into the room and saw our positions. She smirked, saying, “Hey now, he’s mine tonight, you two had your turn!”

She was smoking hot in a silver cocktail dress that was cut above the knees. She had curled her hair a bit, and done her makeup. She was amazing.

Kennedi was the first to speak. “Oh my God, Kim.”

Katie joined in with the same shocked tone. “Where’d you get that dress? You look like… like…”

I whispered, when she paused, “Kasidy. You look like your mom.” My eyes teared up. “You look so much like her.”

She wrapped her arms around me, saying, “Thank you Daddy.”

I küçükyalı escort looked back at the older two sisters. They also had tears in their eyes. “You do look like mom, Kimmy,” said Katie. “Is that her dress?”

Kim nodded. “I know we donated a bunch of her stuff, but I couldn’t let go of this dress. It’s amazing.” She gave a turn, and she was right, it flattered her figure perfectly.

I cleared the tears from my eyes, and told her, “You look gorgeous, Kimmy, Now you stay right here, I’ll go change and be back in just a minute.”

Kim gave me directions to her favorite restaurant, a high-end Italian place called Bruno’s. Apparently my family had been regulars there, because right after we were seated, Bruno himself came over to welcome us back.

Over dinner, I told Kim about the police report that Kennedi had found. She was flabbergasted on my behalf. “It didn’t say the other car was at fault?”

“It said the other car lost control, but it was clearly being controlled at us.”

“Why would someone steer their car at you?”

I certainly couldn’t think of anyone who’d hate me so much, they’d want me dead. I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

After we ate, Kim took my keys, insisting that she drive. When I asked where we were going, she just winked at me and said, “It’s a surprise.”

She drove us downtown, and pulled into the parking garage of a large building. “We’re at the company headquarters, aren’t we?” I guessed.

She nodded. “Yup. We’re going to your office. I’ve always loved the view, and at night, we’ll be able to see the whole city lit up.”

The corner office on the 38th floor was amazing. We kept the office lights off so we could see the stars in the sky, and the lights on the buildings. I was astounded by the magnificence of it all.

Kim stood next to me by the windows. I put my arm around her shoulders. “Thanks for bringing me here. You’re right, the view is fantastic.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said, still looking out over the city. “Does it bring back any memories here?”

I turned and looked around the office. I spotted a two picture frames on the desk. One held myself and the three girls. It must have been recent, since they all looked more or less the same as now.

The other frame held an older picture, and it made me tear up a bit. It showed myself, Kasidy, and Pete, all holding up a banner with the WD Inc. logo on it. It must have been right when Pete and I were getting our corporation started, with Kasidy as our first major backer. I looked at her hand in the picture, and on it was an engagement ring with no wedding band. That placed the picture around 2001, possibly early 2002, before we were married.

Then I noticed what we were wearing. Pete and I were wearing suits with ties, but Kasidy was wearing a sparkling silver dress, smiling so widely.

I held up the picture to Kim. “You’re wearing this dress.”

Kim nodded, smiling. “I know. That’s why I wore it tonight, and brought you here. I don’t think we have this picture at home, but I remember you kept it here.”

I pulled her in for a hug. Then I whispered in her ear, “Can I ask you something?” She nodded. “Katie told me you girls tried to set me up on a date with another woman, about a year ago.” Another nod. “She didn’t know why I didn’t seem to care for her, but I think you know, don’t you?” Another nod. “Why didn’t I see her again?”

“I hated her.” She said, muffled into my shoulder.


Kim broke our hug and looked at me, tears in her eyes. “Because she wasn’t Mom!” she yelled.

“Kimmy, no one can be your mom…”

“I know! But she wasn’t anything like her! You deserve better than that! You deserve someone else like Mom.”

I started getting a clearer image of what was going on here. Her hair style. Her dress. Her watching the DVDs. Her showing up in my bed. “Kimmy,” I started, trying to be very delicate, “are you trying to be your mom?”

She hung her head down, tears on her cheeks. “I want you to be happy. And you were happiest with Mom.” She looked back up at me, and my heart broke. “And I love you. Not just as a daughter. I want to be yours.”

Things clicked into place. She idolized her mother, and loved her father, so much that she wanted to fill the void in her life. She could take over where her mom left off. “Kimmy, I love you too, but I want you to be yourself. I don’t need you to become your mother.”

“I know.” She wiped her face. “But I brought you here to help you remember. Remember your life. With Mom.”

I pulled her in for another hug. We stood there for a long time, until she relaxed in my arms.

“I also brought you here for another anadolu yakası escort reason.” She finally broke the silence. “I love you, and I wanted you to be with me. Here,” she gestured to the stars and the lit-up skyline, “away from home. Away from my sisters.” Then she took my chin in her hand, and tilted her head up to kiss me.

It was a beautiful kiss, and in it I felt my love for my daughter, my passion for my wife, and my need to love this woman. It was like a kiss from a movie.

She stood back from me, and reached behind her. She slowly unzipped the sparkling silver dress, and shook it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She hadn’t bothered with undergarments beneath it, so she now stood before me, fully nude, her pretty body lit by the night’s lights outside.

“Daddy, I want you to take me. I want you to be my first.”

I stepped to her and kissed her again, mad with desire. She could never replace her mother, but in that moment, I wanted to make love to this beautiful girl, to claim her as mine. My arms lifted her from the floor, and I carried her over to the leather sofa on the wall. I laid her there, and she looked so small on the large piece of furniture.

I stripped out of my clothes while she sat and watched with wide, hopeful eyes. Then I knelt on the floor, taking in all of her beauty. I leaned in and kissed her neck, and she sighed in my ear, “Yes, yes daddy.”

I kissed down her chest, paying attention to each of her small breasts along the way. My hands held her sides, and her hands went to my head, fingers in my hair. I stuck my tongue out and licked at her navel a little, and she giggled.

Then I was at her flower, licking her lips gently and slowly. It was driving her mad. I felt her writhing around, trying to get more of my mouth on her. Her pussy was so wet, I put a finger inside in one motion, and she gasped out loud.

I realized that the advantage to being here was that no one was around to hear her pleasurable noises. It was past 10:00 by now, so even the cleaning staff would have gone home. I moved my finger more rapidly, and attacked her clit with my tongue, and made her squeal loudly, “Oh! OH! Oh yes Daddy!” I didn’t let up, and she kept going, “Oh! Oh yes! Oh I’m coming! I’m coming DADDY, DADDY OH!” Her body tensed up, and she shook under me. I sat back and let her come down from her euphoria, watching her breathing rapidly. “Oh my God, that was good.”

Then I guided her little teen body so she was in the center of the sofa, rear end just at its edge. I lined myself up and pointed my dick at her still-wet pussy. “Is this what you want, Kimmy?” I rubbed her lips with the small head. “Do you want this inside you?”

“Yes, Daddy, please fuck me. Please put your dick in me, please fuck your little girl.”

I pushed forward slowly. She was so tight, and her face scrunched up. “Am I hurting you?”

“No, Daddy, it’s just big, keep going!”

I pulled out a little bit, then pushed forward more, then again, and again. It took several big pushes to get myself in as far as I could, then I started slowly fucking her. She was so tight, I used all my will power not to explode right away. But when I looked up from her pussy to her face, she was staring back at me, biting her lip. She made a small “mmm” sound with each thrust.

As her vagina loosened a bit, a was able to give more motion, and I started fucking her harder. I eventually got myself all the way inside her, and felt it was a perfect fit.

But we kept eye contact, and her moaning gradually got louder. Without stopping, I slowed down, just enough to ask her, “Kimmy, are you on birth control?”

She nodded. “Yes Daddy.”

“Can I come inside you?”

Her eyes lit up. “Oh yes, please come inside me Daddy, I want to feel it.”

I picked up the speed then, trying to make her get her second orgasm before I got to my first. With each thrust, she exclaimed a different word, “Oh! Oh! Daddy! Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Daddy! Oh! Fuck! Me!”

I felt her breathing change and knew she was close. I picked up more speed and drove her over the edge, and she screamed, “YES OH GOD! OH DADDY!” Her pussy squeezed me, and that was enough to make me hit my climax. I thrust all the way inside of her and exploded, spurt after spurt, filling up my youngest daughter.

When I was done, I collapsed to the floor, breathing so hard, and she fell from the couch and landed on me. She kissed me, rubbing her naked body against mine, both of us covered in sweat and the jizz that was now leaking from between her legs.

After we had both recovered, I whispered to her, “I love you so much, sweetie.”

“I love you too, Daddy. Thank you.”

I sat up and we both got on our feet. “Come on, Kimmy, let’s get dressed and try to clean up after ourselves.” I grabbed some tissues from the desk to wipe up some of the excess semen from the rug. “I’m sure your sisters are wondering where we are so late.”

Thanks everyone for sticking with the story! More coming soon!

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