Memories of Harry Ch. 05

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I woke up in the morning and Harry was gone. There was a note on the kitchen counter that said Alice, love, I’m off to the hardware store. Back in an hour. Thoughtful of him to tell me where he’d gone. It was Saturday and I wasn’t working today, so I had all day to think about what I might wear to our first public outing.

It would be an outing. Word was getting around that Alice had moved in with some older guy, some really old guy! Some guy who actually retired from the college faculty! Gossip on college campuses is always in vogue and since a few of Harry’s former faculty colleagues were still employed by the place, and a couple of them who knew me as well, were no doubt busily talking about how Harry had snared him a hot young bed mate.

I realized while looking into my closet that I didn’t have enough information to decide what to wear. Business casual? Dressy or maybe slutty? I’d wait until Harry returned. So instead I changed the sheets on our bed and called the furniture company to jack them up a little about our new king-sized playground. I mean the new bed we’d ordered.

Harry waltzed in with a grin on his face two hours late and said, “Sorry, I ran into Leon and couldn’t get rid of him.”

“Do I know Leon?”

“Nope, I don’t believe so because I had to describe you in some detail. He’d heard through the grapevine that I was living in sin with some babe, as he put it. Or maybe it was my daughter who’d come home. I set him straight. Then of course I had to describe you in loving detail.”

“You did, did you.” I was washing and peeling some carrots for salad and didn’t realize he wasn’t entirely serious.

“Sure, I got this hot number in my bed, you don’t think I’m going to keep her a secret, do you? I mean, your nipples are something else.”

I swung around ready to throw something at Harry, but I was met with a broad wink and a huge grin. “And I suppose this Leon wanted to know how many times we’re screwing every day, right?” I went back to carrot peeling.

“I think he did, although he never came right out and asked.” Harry chuckled. “So I finally told him we were so into—if that’s the right word—each other we had to ration the sex to only fucking three times a day and cock-sucking twice a week.”

“Harry! You didn’t!” I smirked at the window. Twenty-three times a week, hey. We’d both be dead in a month or less. “And what did dear Leon say to that?”

Harry roared at his joke. “Leon was speechless. He actually blushed and found reason to depart forthwith. I hope he’ll think about what I said; Leon is a mathematician, you should understand. If he runs the numbers, he’ll figure out I was pulling his leg.”

“Okay, old stud. When we’re through with this lunch salad, we need to decide what to wear tonight.”

Late afternoon we were standing in the wreck of our bedroom watching three big movers struggle to get the new bed frame into the right place. We hadn’t bought the canopy but the big maple frame and headboard for the king-sized mattress set was heavy. Eventually they had success and we declared ourselves satisfied. The mattress guys had showed up while the bed frame was being installed so they helped put the whole thing together. I intercepted a few sidelong glances and a crack or two about the playroom from the guys. They had immediately noticed the disparity in Harry’s and my age and that this was our bed that was being installed.

I’d done some research and made some judicious choices for the this bed. For example, did you know that some beds come with a choice of height? Depending on the mattress thickness, you can get an arrangement that just fits your needs. Makes it easier to get in and out for old folks, as the saleswoman explained. That wasn’t my aim, necessarily, but I let her natter on. I wanted the bed to be of a height so when I lay on the edge, with my legs in the air, and Harry stood on the floor, his pecker could connect with my quim—that’s an English word for pussy, I think—without him having to bend his knees. It also meant if I lay with my head just over the edge of the mattress, my mouth ataşehir escort would be, how you say, conveniently accessible.

I chose a mattress that had good firm edges as well. The bonus for all this finagling was that my fine lover would be able to get in and out of bed with greater ease when the day arrived that he became less mobile than he was at the moment. We snaffled on a set of new sheets and covers for the several pillows we’d bought. I was anxious to try out our new bed. In fact my labia were getting damp. But Harry, being of sterner stuff, pointed out that the party site was an hour away, we still had to shower, dress and have supper. Seemed to me arriving late to Carole and George’s party was no big deal, but Harry explained that George was a scientist and liked things to be precise.

His lectures always started and ended exactly on time and woe to any who turned up late. Faculty meetings at which people came and went and always started late, drove him up the wall. We saved some time by showering together, which led to some intimate groping. But once again, Harry pried my hands off his balls, we dried, dressed, picked up some food to go and drove to the Andersons.

The Andersons live on three or four acres outside of town. It’s an old farmhouse that’s been added to, enlarged, improved and fixed up, as Harry explained. He drove. It kept him from showing his increasing nervousness, the closer we got to the driveway. I didn’t show my nervousness near as much as he did. We’d both opted for summer casual conservative. Harry was in tan lightweight slacks and a light blue short-sleeved shirt. He left two of the buttons at the neck open.

I wore open-toed sandals with two-inch solid heels, no stockings, silk panties, a demi-bra that covered my nipples and kept my breasts from swaying all over the place. My frock was a pale yellow slip-dress with straps, a wide square neckline and a hem that hit me at mid-thigh. I thought we made a spiffy-looking couple.

Harry’d been to this place before so he took my elbow and shepherded me around the outside to the patio in back. The patio opened off a big sliding glass door from the dining area. It was a large stone patio that extended right to the edge and then surrounded the Anderson’s big swimming pool.

There was a bar on wheels next to the door and a few tables scattered around. Four couples were already there and four more arrived just after we did. Harry took my hand and introduced me to our hosts. George was a stocky guy about fifty with a tiny goatee and a bald spot. He had a hot penetrating look in his eyes. He looked at me like he wanted to undress me. He looked at all the women there like that. He probably looked at every female of any age he encountered the same way. George was dressed like Harry, except his shirt buttoned down the front and he was wearing it open plan so you could see a lot of his chest.

His wife Carole was a lush buxom good-looking woman, younger by a few years, I judged. She looked at me like she wanted to undress me. She was auburn headed, hair up in a deliberately untidy knot on top of her head held in place by an elaborate pin of some kind. Her dress was white, tight, short with a scooped bodice. The kind that was cut low from each shoulder, then a curve to cover the boob, a low plunge in the middle and repeated on the other side. Her bosom was too large for the bodice. So you saw a lot of breast from the side and I never saw her nipples, but it was a near thing, especially whenever she leaned over. Carole did that a lot that evening. She looked at the men attending the party as if she was eager to undress them. I’d call her predatory.

Once everybody invited was there, George made a little speech welcoming us. Then he explained where the booze was, where the bathrooms were and that the pool heater was broken so the water was cold. He said the snack-food would be delivered shortly and everybody should enjoy themselves.

“Hello, young lady,” said a pleasant male voice. I looked around. It was Max Shell, my thesis advisor. We chatted for a few minutes kadıköy escort about nothing. Then I got tired of never seeing Max’s eyes because he was mostly staring at my boobs. He was like that in the office, too. He never put a move on me, he’d just stare at my chest the whole time we were meeting.

I scanned for Harry and saw him with a couple I didn’t recognize. I sauntered over. Halfway across the patio, Harry saw me coming and smiled. I put a tiny extra bit of hip into my walk, which he saw and gave me a wider smile. “Jack and Mary, this is my good friend, Alice.” We’d discussed how to label each other. I said he could call me his fuck toy if he wanted. Harry laughed but he wasn’t amused. I wanted to call him my best pussy plugger, but that didn’t go over well either. So we settled on good friends.

Mary and Jack seemed like nice folks. Both shared the intimate space around them and after a few minutes they wandered off to the bar and we were accosted by Leon. Leon had his arm draped dangerously around the bare shoulders of a young woman whose name I forget. Time was moving and I was on my third whiskey and soda. He may never have actually introduced us. Leon’s hand swung just over the woman’s right breast. When he curled his fingers in, they touched her tit. He wasn’t quite grabbing her, just brushing over her. She didn’t seem to mind.

“This is Harry and Alice,” Leon said with a big smile. “You remember. The couple I was telling you about on the way here.”

“Oh, sure,” she said. She smiled at Harry and her pink tongue came out and slid over her lower lip. She was modestly dressed, although in a while strapless summer dress, there was something about the way she held herself and looked at men that cried out slut. I stepped slightly away, signaling that while I was with Harry, I wasn’t defending my territory against all attacks. I wanted to see her in a little action. I’m always observing the dance of lust, never too experienced not to pick up some new techniques. The girl stepped closer and smiled up at Harry. She put one slender white hand on his chest, probably gauging how elevated his heart rate was getting. Her fingers curled slightly and I was willing to bet her nails were making an impression on Harry’s skin. I excused myself then to find a bathroom. The nearest one, just off the kitchen was empty and it smelled of recent sex.

By the time I stepped back on the patio, Leon and his companion were gone and Harry was surrounded by several unattached women hanging on his story. He was clearly enjoying the attention so I captured another plastic glass filled with delicious whiskey and stood near the end of the pool. The food had been laid out and there was a good deal of circulation. I discovered that some of these faculty guys had no hesitation about violating others space. There were people talking intimately with heads very close together and more than one guy paused behind me to offer the possible enticements of his crotch by sliding his pants front across my hip in the crowd surge. I was getting a little horny. A woman I didn’t recognize stood with her back half turned to me and reached one hand around behind her to rub my fanny. At first I thought it was a mistake, but when neither of us moved away, she did it again, this time sliding one finger between my cheeks. There were lots of people close by so I don’t think anyone saw her move on me, but you never know.

I was just getting into the moment when her escort took her away. I never saw either of their faces. Harry showed up then and put one friendly paw on my shoulder. I turned my head so I could take his forefinger in my mouth. I only held it for a moment, but I caught a couple of appreciative glances from folks nearby. “Having fun, babe?” I asked him

“Yep. You are doing worlds of good for my maleness quotient,” he said. “Apparently the word that you and I are together is getting around and females of this herd are deciding I must still be able to get it up.”

I laughed out loud and turned into him. I pressed myself full length against Harry and slid one knee up bostancı escort bayan beside his leg. You’ve undoubtedly seen the kind of picture in ads. A happy romantic couple enjoying a quick body contact. Harry automatically reciprocated. I could tell he was startled and I let go. I didn’t yet know how he felt about public displays of affection. But that’s all it was, even though my breasts had raised up so my nipples, now at attention, became unencumbered by my bra and showed nice points through the fabric of my dress.

I saw our host standing nearby with his hand familiarly on the hip of a woman who was definitely not his wife. This woman was taller than George and wore a very revealing floor-length gown. She had long coal black hair that hung straight to her waist. Her hair concealed her breasts which were barely contained in two black straps that ran from the waistband of her skirt up her body and around her neck. The straps gapped dangerously whenever she moved very much and I saw her tuck one nicely shaped boob back behind the fabric. She probably had to do that a lot, when she wore that thing. Not to give a false impression, but she was the most flamboyantly dressed female present.

This was no orgy, although I did see a little mild hanky panky here and there; a man and woman embracing in the shadows. He had a hand on her ass. A woman sitting on a fellow’s lap near the bar. There was a lot of traffic around them and they talked to people in an animated fashion, but I could tell she was being careful to keep his package centered on her butt. I presumed part of his package was pressing up between her cheeks and her animation was in part to keep him excited and attentive. He wasn’t likely to move her off his lap while he was sporting a tent in his jeans, was he.

A great scream and a splash drew my attention to the pool. A woman I didn’t recognize had fallen, been pushed, or jumped into the pool. No problem, apparently, except when she stood up facing the crowd, the water had made her dress totally transparent, along with the wisp of panty under it. There she was, slightly inebriated, with her entire body on display. She wasn’t shaved and she had nice perky tits.

Naturally, some gallant if soused young man threw off most of his clothes and dove in to “rescue” the woman who started giggling with her hands over her face. The guy waded toward her, but his hard-on soon found the opening in his boxers and led the way. He took her from behind by the shoulders and there was little doubt where his erection went. It sort of startled the woman who twisted around and grabbed the guy around his neck. That slapped his erection to one side until she plastered herself against his front with a little side-to-side hip motion and his erection disappeared between them.

Embarrassed sounding giggles and other, even obscene, remarks came from the watchers. I found Harry’s hand in mine as we watched the two struggle to the shallow side of the pool and the ladder. Getting out of the water without revealing more of themselves was going to be a problem, until someone arrived with a large bath towel and wrapped them both as the rose up the ladder. The crowd went back to drinking and talking and discreetly pawing each other. A little while later Harry and I left.

“So, was our first social event a success or a dud?” I asked Harry as we drove home.

“I’m relieved. There were a few comments and I know some of my ex-colleagues made unkind remarks, but I certainly felt as accepted as always. How about you?”

I reached across and unzipped Harry’s pants. “Envy, admiration, acceptance are what I found.” I inserted my hand into Harry’s fly and found his soft penis. I began to stroke it slowly and gently. He shifted slightly to give me more room to work. Some work. Almost the best kind.

“Envy,” he repeated. “Yes there was some of that. You’re a good looker and I have to confess I’m more than a little please to have you by my side.”

“And in your bed,” I murmured. I continued my stroking and added a few touches to the sensitive area just behind his scrotum. Harry never got a full erection before we got home, but he did come, grunting softly and flexing his butt muscles. I got a tissue and cleaned him off just as we reached the driveway.

We went to bed and dreamed of erotic high-jinks to come. At least, I did.

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