Meeting New Friends in the Sauna

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If you are looking for well-written pros, them my stories are not for you.

They are based on the things I have fantasised about throughout my life so are not meant to be realistic or factual.

They are about good, hardcore sex, not romance and so are meant to be fanciful and raunchy; even ‘raw’.

If it can happen in porn films it can happen in my stories so don’t read them and then leave smart arse comments about what teens do and don’t say or 10-inch cocks being ridiculous (Google Jonah Falcon). Just save yourself time and find a different story to read.


Tom has been working in London and is staying over for the night in an exclusive hotel paid for by his client.

He is running late so doesn’t get there to check in until around 10pm.

He goes to his room to shed his suit and get into a t-shirt, tracky bottoms and a pair of flip flops.

On his way to the sauna he drops in the busy bar to get a bottle of ice cold water.

He doesn’t notice them but they see him. A couple of young girls who have been ‘partying’ the whole evening.

Tom goes to the sauna area, takes off his clothes and puts them in a locker, ties a towel around his waist and heads into the sauna.

The door is at one end with long, built in benches rising 3 high on both sides. The stones and the water bucket are the far end on the floor.

The sauna is quit dry as it has not been used for a while so Tom puts some water on the hot stones to get some steam going and then head to the top seats on to the left.

As he is on his own, he opens up his towel to let the sauna do its work, takes a drink of ice cold water and rests his head on the back wall to chill.

He has only been in there for about ten minutes when the door opens and the two young girls from the bar enter. Tom must have been having a sexy dream as he wakes to see his big cock is erect and standing proud between his legs. He quickly moves his towel to cover himself up to save his embarrassment.

Tom finds it difficult to guess their age but reckons they can’t be more 19 or 20 years old.

They are both only about 5 4, slim, almost skinny even. One has long dark hair and the other has long blonde hair, both have their hair tied up.

“Mind if we join you mister?” asks the blonde, knowing he can’t say no, as they walk to far end where Tom is and sit on the bottom level to the right, opposite Tom.

They sit for a while, and then the blonde leans over to whisper in the ear of her friend. Then she says,

“Hey Mister, would you mind if we took off our towels? It is awfully warm in here!” Asks the blonde, who is obviously the bolder of the two.

What can he say? What should he say? He really would like to see what they have underneath the fluffy white towels.

“That is fine by me.” He responds.

So they both stand up, untuck the folds at the top of their towels that are holding them in place just above their tits and just let the towels drop to the floor around their ankles.

Tom feels the blood surge into his cock instantly.

They are both a bit on the skinny side for his like but they still have good shape. Both have a curved back running into a high, round ass. They have longish legs for their height, with athletic thighs. Surprisingly, to say how thin they are, both have C cup tits. Both are very fuckable!

“Aren’t you going to take your towel back off?” asks the blonde, leading Tom to think that they had been peeping through the window in the door before they came in, whilst he was snoozing. And then this is confirmed when she goes on to say “You haven’t got anything we have not seen already.”

Tom is embarrassed now, and his cheeks go red to show it.

“Come on Mister, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Looked like you are big boy to me?” Come on let’s see how big it actually is,” she says and then she moves to climb up toward Tom as he opens up his towel.

“Jeez, etimesgut escort it looks even bigger close-up Charlie!” she says to her girlfriend, kneeling between Tom’s feet and eying his now semi-hard member which now droops out from the base with the big, swollen head resting between his thighs.

“Can I touch it mister?” She asks. She doesn’t wait for an answer though, she just reaches out with her right hand and curls her long slender fingers, with pink nail extensions, around the middle of his thick shaft. Then she lifts it up and slowly starts to pump it.

The impact is instantaneous. The shaft starts to lengthen and thicken in her hand before their eyes. As she keeps pumping it isn’t long before his cock is fully erect again. She pulls back to admire her handy work.

“Look Charlie, it must be a 10 incher at least and so thick. That would stretch a teen pussy, don’t you think?” She asks her pal, sizing up the cock that is straight in front of her face

“It sure would Millie!” Charlie replies.

And then before anyone can say or do anything else she leans forward, grabs the base if his shaft again with her right hand, pulls back the foreskin and drops her pink, lipstick covered mouth, onto the big purple cockhead to kiss it.

But she doesn’t stop there. As she pulls his cock with her right hand, she takes the big purple head into her mouth to suck on it. Her cheeks are drawn in as she sucks on him hard, sliding her lips back and forth of the fat rim of his cock head.

And she continues sucking, licking and slurping on it as she tugs him whilst playing with her cute, clean-shaven pussy with her left hand. Tom rests his head back on the wall behind him, his eyes closed and in ecstasy as this wanton teen pleasures his huge member.

Meanwhile, Charlie has climbed up to join them, kneeling to Tom’s right. She leans in and as she brings her cute little mouth toward him, he sticks out his long tongue and she wraps her luscious red lips around it and starts to suck

On it, just like Millie is sucking his on his cock. As she sucks his tongue he moves his right hand across and up between her curvy thighs, sliding it between legs and through her curly dark bush.

First he slides his long middle finger into her wet pussy and she moans as her frigs her with it. Then he goes to work, flicking her now erect clit with his index finger. With his expert touch it is not long before she is tensing and moaning as her first orgasm builds and then she lurches bolt upright, trembling as it hits.

“Yes, yes, yes! She moans as she shudders and shakes.


The three are engrossed in the foreplay when suddenly the door to the sauna opens and in walks another woman who was in the bar earlier to see what was happening. The only thing she is wearing is a pair of black heels. She carries her towel.

Millie stops sucking and looks round to see a mature 30 something, statuesque blonde.

“Don’t mind me!” The woman urges, as she sits on the bottom level just to the right of the door. “I’ve just cum to watch the action!” She adds, draping the towel over her lap.

Millie’s pussy is dripping now and she was just about to try Tom’s cock for size when the voyeur arrived. “Fuck it. I’m not stopping now!” She thinks, as she stands up and moves to straddle Tom’s muscular thighs, before kneeling over him on the top level.

“Hold it for me.” She instructs Charlie, who takes hold of Tom’s engorged shaft at the base, pulls the foreskin back and holds it vertical as Millie positions herself.

Now, directly above his pole, she slowly lowers herself. First, as her pussy touches the tip of his cock, her tender young labia parts and she slips over the head.

“Fuck, it big Charlie!” She tells her friend as she gradually slides down on the thick shaft. “Shit, that is tight!” She adds, as she struggles to cope with the thick girth.

As she finally takes it all, etimesgut escort bayan Tom can’t resist leaning forward to suck on her young tits. As he does so, he can see that their voyeur has her right hand under the towel, rubbing her pussy as she watches the action.

Now Millie sits there for a while, getting used to the biggest cock she has ever had, and then she starts to ride him, bouncing up and down on him, taking his long shaft up to the hilt every time.

She starts slowly at first, but as she juices up, her pace quickens. She is now bouncing faster than Tom has ever seen a girl do before and her pert young tits jiggle ever quicker right in front of his eyes.

“Ride him girl!” Charlie encourages, sitting to Tom’s right with her legs wide apart as she rubs her pussy.

Tom can see that the MILF is enjoying the spectacle too! She is rubbing herself frantically under the towel her fingers gliding frantically form side to side over her erect clit and then she groans loudly and shudders as she cums.

Millie is close too!

“Yes, yes, yes!” She moans, as she gets ever closer. Then, “Oh my god!” she grunts as she starts to shiver and shake.

As her orgasm hits she stops bouncing and settles down onto the full length of Tom’s big rod. Now she starts to slide her small round ass back and forth furiously, grinding her erect clit against his groin and prolonging her spasm.

As the first wave passes she slows her pace but keeps grinding.

“Is it my turn yet? Charlie asks.

“Two more minutes, two more minutes,” Mille begs, as her next orgasm is already starting to build

“Two more minutes, two more minutes,” she whispers this time as she gets ever closer, then “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” she screams as she stops grinding and her whole body goes stiff and starts to shudder.

“Fuck yes,” she moans as the spasm passes. “I needed that!” she adds as she climbs off his cock.

“Jeez, that is some cock!” exclaims the voyeur as Tom’s cock cums in to view for the first time she joined them.

“It’s fuckin huge!” Millie answers.

Meanwhile, Charlie has now positioned herself on all fours next to Tom, inviting him to take her from behind, doggy style. This is one of Tom’s favorite positions as it means he can control pace and depth of each stroke, so he moves in to position on the bench kneeling between her long slender legs.

Before he fucks her, he licks the middle fingers of his left hand and slides then between her thighs again to rub her labia whilst with his right hand he pulls his equine member.

Whilst Tom prepares to mount Charlie, Millie has climbed down to the floor and invited the voyeur to join her, so she is closer to the action. As the woman sits down on the bottom bench, Millie bends over and whispers in her ear. They both giggle and then Millie slips to the floor between the woman’s legs and start to lick her pussy.


Back up top, once he is happy that she is juiced up, Tom pushes his shaft down, pulls back the foreskin and moves forward until the tip of his big, bulbous cockhead touch the labia of her perfect peach-shaped vulva. He slides it up and down an inch or two, feeling for the opening and when he feels it, he eases his hips forward.

The big bulbous head easily parts her labia, but her chute is even tighter than Millie’s, even though she is really wet. He is not to be deterred though, so with the tip of his cock safely lodged he takes hold of her hips with both hands and as he pushes forward with his hips, he pulls her backward toward him gradually forcing his huge cock into her.

“Fuck, that is big!” she moans, looking back at Tom as he manages to only get 2 or 3 inches into her.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asks

“Are you kidding? Not likely, if she can take it I can!” says Charlie, referring to Millie.

“Ok, if you are sure.” Says Tom as he holds her steady by the hips and starts escort etimesgut to fuck her slowly with just the end of his cock, planning to feed more into her, as her vagina gets juicier and relaxes. With each stroke he pulls it nearly out before sliding it back in. He is so big that as he does so her labia is pulled out as if reluctant to let his shaft go. The sight makes him even more horny.


Down below, Millie is really going to town on the MILF, licking her labia and sucking on her erect clit. The woman is moaning and groaning as her second orgasm builds. She has her eyes closed and she is shaking her head from side to side as if to deny the climax and prolong the ecstasy!

She can’t though and her face contorts and her body shudders as the pleasure from her pussy rips through her whole body. As it does so, she grabs the back of Milli’s head with both hands and pulls it forward, burying it in her minge. Millie shakes her head form side to side in response.

Yes, yes, yes!” the woman screams as the second wave of her orgasm peaks!


Tom’s persistence is being rewarded and he has now worked 6 or 7 inches into Charlie, as he continues to fuck her with short strokes moving just 3 or 4 in and out as her fucks her at a steady pace.

“Is there much more to go?” asks Charlie looking around=d again and hoping the answer is no!

“About 3 or 4 more inches!” Is the bad news form Tom.

“Fuck girl, how did you manage to take all of this monster?” she shouts to Millie, who is not being eaten out by the MILF who is returning the favour.

“Stick with it Charlie. Not much more to go now and then you will love it.” Answers Millie.

“I hope you are right!”

Tom is sensing that he can give her the lot now so on the next up stroke he stops and bends forward on top her back, reaching underneath with both hands taking hold of her tiny, teen tits. As he rubs them he bends his head forward next to her left ear.

“Here you go Charlie!” he whispers as, squeezing her tits hard he slowly eases his hips forward pushing the last 4 inches of thick shaft into her chute until the big, bulbous head butts up against her cervix.

“Holy shit! Thank fuck for that!” she cries as she feels her ass hit against his taught torso and knows he is ball deep and there is no more to come. “Hurry up and fuck me now.” She pleads. So, Tom straightens back up, takes hold of her by the hips again, pulls out 3 or 4 inches for later and then begins to fucker with long strokes.

He starts at a steady pace, but her chute is now well lubricated, and he is sliding in and out with ease, so he quickens it up. With each stroke he is pulling back until just the head remains inside and at this slightly downward angle due to his greater height, the rim of his cockhead is catching her G-Spot on the front of her vulva.

As he continues to rock back and forth, she is becoming increasing agitated as the pleasure surges out from her pussy through the whole of her body.

“Yes., fuck me, fuck me!” She pleads,” I am going to cum, I am going to cum!” and then she goes silent and stiff as she reaches her first climax of the evening.

As soon as she goes stiff, with the very next stroke Tom ram’s the whole 10 inch into her, up to the hilt and holding her steady by the hips he starts to fuck her hard and deep, her ass slapping against his groin with every length!

Charlie can’t cope! Her arms collapse under her as she continues to cum and Tom continues to slap it into her.

He is close too now, so his pace is relentless as he fucks her long, hard and deep until he suddenly pulls out, grabs his shaft and pulls it vigorously.

Then “Arrgh!” he yells as with the next stroke he pulls it back hard and squirts, sending a jet of spunk upwards and over her back. Another long stroke and another squirt and another and another until he has shot is load!

“Blimey, that is some cum shot mister says Millie and the MILF agree.

“Look,” says the MILF, I have the penthouse sweet to myself. Why don’t we gather up our things and go back there for drinks and little more fun?”

“Sounds like a plan,” responds Tom, hoping he might get to fuck her later. And unbeknownst to him, that is exactly what she is hoping to!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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