Me and Mrs. Jones

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She laughed when she opened the door. Cee was swaying alone in the center of the room, arms above her head, eyes closed. The heavy velvet curtains that made her small studio apartment seem older and more expensive, were drawn, keeping the lights of New Jersey across the river and any watchful eyes away. The overhead light was off; instead the clear Christmas lights that hung where the wall met the ceiling cast a soft light. On the floor, table, and bookshelf, tea candles flickered. Cee seemed to glow in the light cast, the shadow of her curls rippled dramatically on the wall behind her as she swung her head to the music.

Rose slid her winter coat off and hung it on the back of the chair that stood at the tiny table designating Cee’s kitchen. She slid her black-heeled boots off of her feet, then her wool socks, curling her toes against the cool floor. Her glasses had fogged up in the warmth of Cee’s apartment and so she slid the thick black frames off her nose and put them on the table, she wouldn’t be looking at anything far away tonight. Then she strode across the room and wrapped her arms around Cee’s waist, swaying with her.

Cee opened her eyes for the first time since Rose had entered the apartment and smiled, lips parting to reveal a big smile and a crooked bottom tooth that made Rose’s heart beat faster. Her arms floated down from where they had been suspended above her head, resting them on Rose’s shoulders, pulling her against her breasts so Rose could hear her heart beat. They swayed like that for several more long moments, then Cee released Rose’s head, singing along to the music “We got a thing… going on,” before pulling her in for a long kiss.

Rose felt a shot of electricity move from where Cee’s lips connected to her own, traveling down the tips of her fingers to the base of her spine, arms pulling Cee closer to her, feeling her hips move closer to her own. Cee moaned a little into Rose, causing the next beat of her heart to send more blood to her already swollen clit. Then Cee broke the kiss, making it Rose’s turn to groan, which quickly turned to laughter as Cee took Rose’s hand and spun her, first one way and then the other, landing back into Cee’s arms.

“Does it bother you?” Cee asked, then responding to Rose’s questioning look, “That I play this song when you come over?”

Rose laughed, “No, it is perfect; for better or for worse”

Cee smiled in response to this, “Alright Mrs. Jones,”

The last notes of Billy Paul’s voice faded out with a pleading that echoed to the longing filling Rose’s body more and more every moment. Cee smiled at her, the desire shining on Rose’s face, and led her by the hand to the big bed that took up most of the room, piled with duvets and pillows, enveloping anyone who sunk into it. Rose sat on the bed as the next song began, an electronic sound, intermingled with samples of Gladys Knight, singing her broken heart into physical form.

Rose looked up, “This one of yours?” She asked Cee, who was letting her robe drop the ground, standing before Rose in just a tank top and the granny panties she somehow made look sexy.

“It is!” Cee smiled, “I made it for you”

With that she climbed onto Rose’s lap, her strong thighs settling on either side of Rose’s hips. At this angle Cee’s breasts were inches from Rose’s hungry mouth, her nipples hard with desire, straining against the fabric of her tank top.

“Enjoying the view,” Cee quipped. Rose looked up, eyes bright with longing, and pulled Cee’s mouth to her own, one hand at the back of her neck, lightly brushing the curls there, other hand wrapping around the small of her back, moving towards her ass that sat suspended above Rose’s thighs.

Rose felt alive now, lips pressing hungrily into Cee’s, taking her full bottom lip between her teeth and pulling it words her. Cee moaned and began grinding her pussy against the top of Rose’s thighs, making Rose wild. Her hand finished its journey downwards, grabbing one of Cee’s ass cheeks in her hand, encouraging her movements against Rose’s thighs, enjoying the fullness in her palm and the groan of appreciation she got from Cee in response.

Cee slid a hand between their two bodies and reached down, pulling Rose’s button down from where it tucked into her skirt. She slid her hand slowly up Rose’s skin, enjoying the softness of her stomach, tracing well known patterns into the contours of her torso. Her hand finally found it’s way to Rose’s breast, fingers stretching to cradle the handful there. Through the fabric of her bra, Rose’s nipples begin to harden in response to Cee’s touch. She squeezed several times, her desire swelling from the increased heaviness of Rose’s breathing against her lips. Then, unable to wait any longer, she pulled the cup of Rose’s bra to the side and squeezed her nipple between her fingers.

Rose broke the kiss in surprise, gasping with delight at the unexpected pain. She looked up at Cee who giggled at the shock on Rose’s face. Her giggle quickly changed casino şirketleri to a moan of pleasure and pain. Rose had pulled her hand back and slapped Cee’s perky ass. Grabbing the place she had just spanked, she resumed her encouragement of Cee’s pussy against her thighs. Her other hand left the nape of Cee’s neck and pulled her tank top up. Cee’s large breasts sprung into view. Rose paused for a moment to admire them as they bounced slightly to Cee’s movement. They hung heavy against her chest, full and inviting. Her areoles did not end in neat circles but instead blended into her skin, almost freckled in the low light. Rose couldn’t resist their enticing nature and bent her head, taking one of Cee’s nipples into her mouth.

Cee felt a heat rising from her chest, spreading down her stomach and up across her cheeks. The wetness of her pussy began to seep through the fabric of her panties. She forced her eyes to focus, wanting to remember the image of Rose sucking her nipple. Rose felt her eyes on her, looked up, and smiled, teeth sinking into Cee’s already swelling nipple. Cee’s body bucked in response to the pleasure coursing through her, her breast pressing further into Rose’s mouth, who tightened her grip on Cee’s ass.

“I can’t wait,” Cee said, pulling her breast from Rose’s mouth and standing up. Hips swaying to yet another of her own modern Motown mixes, Cee pulled her tank top over her head, her curls bouncing as they came through. Rose didn’t have nearly enough time to take in the beauty of the candlelight on her breasts before Cee turned around, fingers hooking into the tops of her panties. She bent in half, ass stretching towards Rose as she slid her panties over the moon of her ass.

Rose couldn’t help but reach her hands to slide over her skin, loving the feel of every bump and divot that made up that made up the fullness of her ass, of her thighs, tapering into her waist. Directing her gaze a little further down, she gasped with desire. Cee’s pussy peeked from between her thighs, swollen and glistening wet.

Rose slid a hand down, resting her fingers against Cee’s pussy, feeling the wetness. “Want me to help you with this?” She purred

“Yes,” breathed Cee. She gasped as Rose straightened her back and twirled her back to face her, tits bouncing with the sudden movement in a way that sent Rose’s head spinning.

“Come sit on my face then,” Rose said with a fire that made it clear she would not need to ask twice. Cee bent, unsmiling now, fixed now with desire, and hungrily pressed her lips against Rose’s. The force of her kiss pushed Rose back into the billowing duvet. Cee climbed onto the bed, on top of Rose. Her tongue flitted out from between her lips, brushing Rose’s top lip, causing Rose to open her mouth against her own. Rose opened her mouth, welcoming Cee’s tongue into her mouth, sucking it gently.

With one hand propping her above Rose, Cee’s other hand began searching downward, curious if Rose’s wetness matched her own. Just as her hand began to make its way up Rose’s skirt, Rose caught Cee’s hand in her own. “You can play later, stop distracting me and come sit on my face.”

Cee laughed, throwing her head back, breasts bouncing. “Yes ma’am!” She moved still further upward placing her shins on either side of Rose’s head, reaching behind her to give Rose’s breast one last squeeze before lowering herself so her pussy hovered just above Rose’s open mouth.

Rose could not imagine happiness or desire stronger than this. Cee’s pussy was all she could see and all she could ever want to see. She glistened even in the low light with the wetness dripping from her. Her lips were swollen and dark with a building orgasm. Rose reached a hand up, parting Cee’s inner lips from where they peaked out with welcome. She smiled at the strands of wetness that stretched as she parted Cee’s lips and tilted her chin to lick them before they broke, tongue running briefly the length of Cee’s pussy. Cee gasped with delight, breathing heavily in anticipation but enjoying the tease, hands against the wall, bracing.

Rose wiggled her fingers forward, listening to Cee’s breath, working fingers to open her inner lips still wider, watching Cee’s clit pop out from behind its hood as it swelled still larger. Rose licked Cee’s clit lightly, enjoying the spasm that traveled down Cee’s thighs, just enough to remove the wetness that coated it. Without stopping, she moved the tip of her tongue down the length of Cee’s pussy, cleaning her as she went, tongue traveling up and down each lip, before coming to the hole the wetness spilled from. Rose took her time here, first circling her tongue around the circumference until she felt Cee begin to move her hips, unable to contain her desire. She then extended her tongue into Cee, hands leaving her lips and moving up to cup Cee’s ass. She rocked Cee back and forth on her tongue as Cee squealed with delight at the sensation of being licked from the inside out.

Once Rose had her fill, she moved casino firmaları her arms back down, one hand remaining on Cee’s ass to help stabilize her as she began to shake with desire and the other sneaking a finger inside Cee to replace her tongue. With the same slow deliberance, Rose began sucking on Cee’s lips; first one and then the other. Cee was beginning to lose herself in pleasure, moving her hips up and down on Rose’s finger with her encouragement, groans coming at intervals. Rose sucked both Cee’s lips into her mouth near where they met her finger, and quickly moved her mouth up, sucking the length of her lips, ending with her clit, concealed from the intense pressure in layers of swollen pussy. Cee nearly screamed with pleasure, the sensation so intense and pleasurable. Rose repeated the motion several times, varying the duration and intensity of her sucking, keeping Cee on her toes, rewarded with several haphazard swear words of disbelief at the level of pleasure.

In spite of Rose’s recent cleanup Cee was absolutely soaking wet again. Her pussy slick with desire, against Rose’s fingers and mouth. Rose slid another finger into Cee’s pussy. She hissed at the unexpected addition and then sighed in pleasure, bouncing up and down on Rose’s fingers with renewed vigor. Rose pushed the length of her tongue flat against Cee’s pussy, spreading her lips in the motion and then moved up to find Cee’s clit. Her normally tiny clit had swollen to two or three times its normal size, nearly bursting. Rose, knowing Cee was close, took it into her mouth and began to suck.

Rose, in spite of herself, couldn’t resist. She let go of Cee’s ass, who barely missed a beat, continuing to bounce up and down on Rose’s fingers, and reaching underneath her skirt, began rubbing her own clit in rhythm with Cee’s bounces. She was soaking wet and so sensitive that she could feel it through her panties. She groaned in relief into Cee’s pussy as her fingers made contact with her throbbing clit.

Cee gasped, hands against the wall, nails mindlessly digging in, looking for something to cling to. She felt an orgasm building as she bounced up and down, stretched around Rose’s fingers, held open by Rose’s tongue. She felt Rose suck her clitoris into her mouth and swore again with pleasure. Rose began rolling her clit back and forth in her mouth. She felt her toes curl involuntarily on either side of Rose’s head as her nipples began to ache, needing relief.

They didn’t last much longer. Cee came first. Her orgasm took her breath out of her, gasping for air as pleasure rolled through her body like lightening. She felt herself gushing as she practically collapsed onto Rose’s face with the strength of her orgasm.

Rose came as soon as she felt Cee’s wetness on her face. Tongue lapping, Rose came with a need that shook her, feeling relief flood her body, as she tasted the fruits of her efforts. She shrieked with pleasure against Cee’s pussy, sucking eagerly.

After a few moments, Cee dismounted with shaky legs. Her skin glowed, the heat obvious in her chest and neck, pussy still dripping.

“I see you couldn’t help yourself,” she whispered in Rose’s ear as she slid down the bed to rest next to her. “Let me see if I can help you now,”

With hands still shaking from her orgasm, Cee reached her hand to the top button of Rose’s shirt, eyes sparkling with wanting. As her hands worked their way down, exposing Rose’s skin inch by inch, Cee bent to taste herself on Rose’s mouth. Rose moaned overcome with sexiness of Cee, lips frantic, finding Cee’s and biting her bottom lip until Cee pulled away in a shriek of pleasure.

Cee looked down, pushing Rose’s button up off her shoulders to reveal Rose’s breasts for the first time. They lay encased in thin black lace, the hint of her large areolas just visible through the weave of the fabric. Cee bent and began to trace the outline with the tip of her tongue. Rose arched her back, proving Cee with the opportunity to slide her fingers behind Rose and unhook her bra. Flinging it to the side, Cee dipped her head and began to suck greedily at Rose’s nipple.

Rose arched her back again, losing herself in pleasure. She grasped Cee’s curly head and pressed it closer into her, wanting Cee to take more of her inside her mouth, feeling Cee’s lips part further. She looked down, and meeting Cee’s dark, warm eyes, came again, surprising herself and Cee. It was a small orgasm but it left her panting, fingers falling to the side.

“Well isn’t somebody eager tonight!” Said Cee, swatting Rose’s breast playfully, and then, more seriously, “Can I fuck you?” Her eyes met Rose’s again whose mouth opened wordlessly, nodding furiously, “Then take this fucking skirt off for me,”

Rose laughed, hopping to her feet to finish undressing as Cee bent into the drawer beside her bedside table. Cee pulled a mess of twisted harness straps from the drawer, fingers working quickly to de tangle it. Rose smiled down at her breasts, nipples hard. Unzipping güvenilir casino her skirt, she wriggled out. She stretched in the glowing yellow lights and smiled still bigger, she felt freer than she had all week. Turning back to Cee, she smiled at Cee’s ample ass, now framed by thin black straps, and spanked her playfully.

Cee yelped in surprised and turned, smiling. From the harness, now tight around her hips, extended a navy blue dildo, small flecks of silver glitter sparkled in the silicone. “Oooo!” Rose cooed, feeling herself get wet in preparation for what was to come, “That is new!”

Cee smiled, “I thought it might be nice to switch it up,” she reached a hand down, stroking the slight curve upwards of the dildo, “and I know you like it hard, right on that spot inside you,”

Rose sat on the bed quickly, knees suddenly weak, panting slightly, a faint flush rising along her cheekbones. Cee smiled and stepped towards the bed, dropping the bottle of lubricant on the bed next to Rose as she knelt in front of her. As she reached for Rose’s knees, Rose suddenly grabbed her and pulled Cee towards her, kissing her as if she were trying to say something she didn’t quite have the words for. She kissed her with the wish that the circumstances could be different, the desire that their song was not ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’. Cee broke the kiss gently, and reached her hand forward to caress Rose’s face, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. Wordlessly she looked at Rose, returning her desire but also not daring to break the bubble of escape they had made around them.

After a moment, Rose smiled, unable to dwell too long on anything but the way she felt with Cee. She bent, kissing Cee again, this time with passion, nibbling on her bottom lip and reaching a hand down to grasp Cee’s breasts, enjoying the hardness rising between her fingers as she squeezed. Cee returned the kiss, the hand still resting on the back of Rose’s head sliding down, tracing over Rose’s collarbone, breasts, belly, finally reaching Rose’s legs.

Cee returned to what she had started. She spread Rose’s legs and moved her hands in synchronicity along them. Her fingers moved softly and quickly along Rose’s slightly prickly legs. She traced circles, spirals and figure-eights along Rose’s inner thighs, inching closer and closer to her pussy.

Rose moaned into Cee’s mouth as her fingers finally found Rose’s clit, peaking out of its hood and through her lips. One hand continued to make circles, now on her clit, making Rose positively pant. The other hand crept further downwards, searching, until it found Rose’s opening. Feeling the wetness there, Cee smiled, and slid first one finger and then another inside of Rose. Rose, unable to hold herself up any longer, fell back against the bed with a moan. Cee stood up, fingers still working as she grabbed the bottle of lube with one hand, flipped the top with her fingers, and squirted some onto the dildo. Rose was soaking now, her eyes flickering as she watched Cee spread the lube across the dildo until it as almost as soaked as Rose.

Cee bent and whispered into Rose’s ear “You want it?”

Rose moaned affirmative, squirming with the increasing pressure in her clit.

Cee shook her head, smiling, “I want to hear you say it,”

“Yes!” Rose nearly shouted.

Laughing, Cee bent again, this time placing her knees between Rose’s open thighs. She guiding the tip of the dildo into Rose’s waiting pussy. With just the tip spreading Rose’s lips, Cee looked up through the curls that had fallen gently around her face and took her fingers, wet and sticky with Rose, and sucked them. Rose’s back bucked at this, unable to take her eyes off of Cee and the vision of her parted lips and tongue cleaning every inch of her wet fingers, tasting her.

Cee smiled and then, slowly, moved forward towards Rose, sliding the dildo inside her. Faces an inch apart Rose let out a gasp as the dildo slid the rest of the way in, resting directly on that spot. Panting slightly she looked up at Cee who still smiled.

“It is perfect,” Rose breathed.

Cee kissed her briefly in response and then began to move rhythmically to the pounding bassline in and out of Rose. Rose’s heart rate began to increase steadily as she felt every inch of the dildo move in and out of her. Her eyes roamed from Cee’s seductive gaze, to her red-bitten lips, to her swinging breasts, and back. She reached up, grasping one of Cee’s breasts in her hand, and began playing with her nipple. Cee moaned, leaning her head back, which quickly turned into a throaty chuckle at the level of pleasure she was feeling.

“Come here,” she said, causing goosebumps to appear on Rose’s arms and stomach.

She pulled Rose into a sitting position, Rose’s mouth replaced her fingers on Cee’s nipple. Her mouth detached briefly to gasp. In this position Cee could only move an inch or two in and out of her, meaning she was pounding into Rose’s spot. The pleasure made Rose’s eyes close, nearly rolling back in her head. Unlike her orgasms from earlier in the night this would be enormous, coming slowly, she could feel it building. Her mouth returned to Cee’s nipple, fingers clawing into her back, wanting to bring her ever closer.

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