Mating Rituals Ch. 17

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Ch. 17

Sophie’s pregnancy

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the 17th and last chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series — it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 16 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


“Mom, I want a baby.”

Cherie heard her daughter make the statement and knew it was time for a woman to woman chat.

“Why?” asked Cherie.

“Because Ryan and I love each other, because you had a baby, me, because I’m an adult and because I want the experiences of making love with Ryan with the intention of making a baby, of being pregnant, of giving birth and of loving and raising a baby. I’d actually have thought the why would have been self-evident to someone who is a mother,” concluded Sophie scornfully.

Cherie took the rebuke without comment, dusted her hands off on her apron, slid the tray of biscuits into the hot oven then turned to her daughter.

“That’s wonderful,” she said, her face lighting up with a radiant smile, “I wondered when my girl would decide to make me a grandmom. Looks like you’re doing it for all the right reasons as well.” She stepped over to Sophie and gave her a hug. “Does Ryan know?”

“No, not yet. I thought I’d run the idea past you before I mentioned it to him.”

“A good idea. Men sometimes get a bit emotional about babies and woman’s stuff like that.” Cherie made two cups of coffee, set the timer on the stove for her biscuits, then they sat at the small table by the window.

“You do know that there are twins in the family, don’t you?” asked Cherie. “My Mom told me that she would have almost expected you to be twins, but you weren’t. I think twins would be a lot more work, but then this would be a wonderful family to raise twins in because you’d receive so much support.”

“I had heard mention of the twin connection. I know Bel’s sister had twins, as well as her grandmother I think. Perhaps it skips generations, in which case I’ll be a sitter for them.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see what happens. There’s one thing about it, we can’t do anything about it so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. When’re you going to start trying?”

“Well, I don’t know. I had thought of just stopping my pills and then see what happened, without telling Ryan. But then I thought he’d probably be annoyed. Maybe guys like to think they’re in control and perhaps try harder if they know they’re trying for a baby. I don’t know; I’m not a guy, obviously.” Sophie pulled a wry face.

“Be up front with Ryan,” advised Cherie, “It’s his baby too so he deserves to be in on the making right from the start. Have you thought what you’ll do if he doesn’t like your plan and maybe doesn’t want the responsibility of being a dad yet?”

“No, I hadn’t given that a thought. Don’t all men want to be dads?”

“Not necessarily; many men fear the commitment of being a dad, having a wife and child to care for and provide for over a long period of time. Then there are all the hormonal changes their wife goes through. It’s certainly not just a walk in the park these days, even for a man.”

“Well, at least he won’t divorce me because we’re not married and probably will never be. So if he wants to just walk off and leave me, he can. There are plenty of men around here who will be only too willing to impregnate me I would think.”

“I certainly don’t think it will come to that. Just have an adult discussion with Ryan; he’s a very lovely and reasonable partner. You chose well, sweetie. But then, I guess you could say he chose well also.”

“Yes, and for the times when I’m like a balloon and can’t stand even the thought of sex, he’ll have Hayley to fill his needs anyway. As you say, this family’s a great place to have a family.”

The timer rang and Cherie gathered the cups and went to tend her biscuits. Sophie heard the front door open and suspected it could be Ryan, so went to check. They hugged and kissed each other, then as they walked to their room Sophie decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Honey, I’ve decided something. I want a baby.”

Ryan stopped in the hallway and swung Sophie around so she was facing him. Initially she feared his rage, but a quick look at his smiling face reassured her as he hugged her to him and kissed her lips, hard and long. Eventually he moved his lips from hers and resumed his smile.

“You’re serious; this isn’t just a joke?”

“No, darling, I wouldn’t joke about this. I’m serious.”

Ryan kissed her again, long and hard, then let out a whoop.

“I’m going atalar escort bayan to be a daddy!” he yelled to nobody in particular. He bent down and scooped Sophie up in his arms, almost running the few steps to their room, shouldering open the door and placing her on their bed. “Do we make him now?” he asked.

“Slow down, darling, we can practise if you wish but I’m still on the pill at present. We need to wait till the end of this cycle, then I need to have a cycle without the pill to get my menstruation working again properly, then we can start. You’re about eight weeks away from having to do the deed for real. So that gives you time to prepare and to get your health in tip top condition.”

“Oh, that long. Oh well, I guess it will be fun practising, although I also guess I’d better wear a condom for the month when you’re sorting yourself out.”

“Yes, and yes. There’s also the chance that she will be twins,” said Sophie, emphasising ‘she’.

“Oh, that would be double fun, or double trouble.” He ran his hand gently over her naked belly. “You’d be huge with twins,” he said thoughtfully.

“Yes, I would. No sex for you, mate; not even much room in the bed.” Sophie grinned at him. “However, I guess you’ll have Hayley to look after your needs.”

“I guess so,” he replied absent-mindedly.


It seemed that their love-making took on a new meaning, as though, despite the uncountable number of times they had made love to each other in the past, the next few weeks were the rehearsal for the main event. To Sophie, it was wonderful. Ryan seemed to be completely unable to keep his hands off her and they made love at least twice a day while they waited for the time to drag slowly by until they could do the deed for real and begin a new life.

Initially Hayley had let her displeasure show, blaming first Ryan for ignoring her, then Sophie for monopolizing him. During the first few weeks she spent her nights in the beds of others, satisfying her lust, but not her love for Ryan. Eventually she’d had enough and had a heart to heart talk with Sophie.

“I thought we had an arrangement to share Ryan, but you seem to think you have sole rights to him,” she accused Sophie.

“Well, our relationship does extend back a little longer than yours,” countered Sophie quite reasonably, “Besides, you’re getting fucked by just about all the other guys, so what are you grizzling about? I’d have thought this would be a great opportunity for you to play the field for a while.”

Hayley hung her head, a few tears welling up in her eyes.

“Yes, the fucking’s great, but it’s the love I’m missing. I feel like a whore, used then discarded. Shared around the guys for their enjoyment while I really feel a need for Ryan’s love. Maybe it’s just me; I don’t really know. I know I’m being stupid and immature, but it’s just how I feel.”

Sophie placed her hand gently on Hayley’s arm. Hayley lifted her head and for a few seconds the two women gazed into each other’s eyes.

“I love you, sweetheart,” said Sophie, “And I know Ryan loves you also. I also know that he’s totally over the moon about me wanting him to make a baby in me. Men can only really focus on one thing at a time, unlike us women, so he’s focused on the relationship between his cock and my pussy. Do you think it’s time we changed that?”

Hayley grinned, wondering what Sophie had in mind.

“What’s your solution to his problem?”

“Well, I have two solutions. Firstly I think some time in the play room could be a good idea for all of us. It allows us to release our frustration in a manner which is acceptable to others of our ilk. But also, I know I far prefer sex without a condom and at present that’s what he’s using so I don’t become pregnant until I’m ready. The only guy who can fuck me without a condom and with a guarantee that I won’t become pregnant is Al. So what say we do our thing in the play room, then I spend the remainder of the time until I’m ready in Al’s bed. That’ll leave Ryan able to provide you with the services you seem to need so desperately. Sound like a plan?”

“Sounds great and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work perfectly. When did you have in mind for the play room?”

“This Saturday. You free?”

“Absolutely, but I don’t know what Ryan’s planned. He may be busy.”

“He won’t be, I’ll see to that. So it’s all done, Saturday afternoon is play time.”

“Just remember that it’s only a few weeks until he needs to impregnate you, so we’ll have to take care that we don’t damage him too much.”

“Oh, there’s lots we can do that won’t cause too much damage, at least, not long-term damage.”

Hayley felt a lot better after that; firstly, her problem was shared with a sympathetic listener and secondly a possible solution had been proposed. Now she just had to wait and see what the results would be.


Sophie arranged her sleeping arrangements to share a bed with Al from Saturday ataşehir escort bayan night for the two weeks until she would be ready to be impregnated. She also booked the play room for the three of them for Saturday afternoon and waited until lunchtime that day to break the news to Ryan.

“You’re not busy this afternoon, are you darling?” Sophie asked Ryan as they ate lunch with Hayley beside the pool.

“No, nothing planned,” he replied, “Why?”

“Oh, we just thought you might like a session in the play room with us girls,” replied Sophie, “I know for a fact that Hayley’s feeling a bit left out and horny so I thought you may be able to do something about that. Of course, she also might want to let you know how she feels about you spending all your nights with me.”

“Oh, Ok, I hadn’t realized that you felt like that, Hayley,” he replied, “I’m sorry, sweetheart, it’s just that now I’m going to become a daddy I sort of feel the need to spend more time with my child’s mommy. But I certainly didn’t mean you to feel left out.”


Al ran his fingers over Sophie’s ass cheeks as she lay on him in bed. He felt the ridges left by the cane that Hayley must have wielded with enthusiasm.

“So tell me exactly what you guys did in the play room this afternoon.”

Cherie propped herself up on one elbow and ran her hand down her daughter’s back, feeling the raised welts left by the whip this afternoon. She reached for the healing cream on her dresser and began gently rubbing it into her wounds as Sophie told her story.

“Well, we went into the room and I could tell that Hayley was real mad with us both. I’d never seen her like that before. She was all over Ryan like a rash, I guess just wanting him to love her on the couch and for me to just disappear somehow. But that didn’t happen. I suggested to her that we tie Ryan up and torture his balls for a while but she turned on me and accused me of being the problem. Then she suggested to Ryan that they should both teach me a lesson.

“Ryan was reluctant at the start and stood up for me, telling Hayley that it was not my fault and that we were all to blame, if blaming anyone was necessary. That seemed to provoke Hayley even more and she told Ryan that if he wouldn’t help her, she’d just have to do it all herself. And she did. I was standing beside a whipping frame and quick as a flash Hayley grabbed my wrist and slipped the cuff around it, clipping it shut. It was then quite easy for her to grab my other flailing arm and fasten that to the other side, effectively placing me at her mercy, although she didn’t seem to have much of that. She then selected the cat o’ nine tails and swished it in the air a few times. I became extremely fearful, dreading the thought of what she could do to me with that weapon in her current mood.

“Ryan came to my rescue, stepping close to Hayley so she could not strike him effectively, then disarming her. He firmly grabbed her wrist and almost dragged her away from me. He spoke quietly to her on the other side of the room and when she returned she seemed to be a little more rational. She told me that Ryan had agreed to her caning me and then whipping me with a single tailed whip, twenty strokes of each. I still recall shuddering as he told me the sentence, knowing that Hayley would not be gentle on me. Mmmm, Daddy, that’s nice what you’re doing to my ass, and my whip lines don’t sting as much either, thanks, Mom.

“Hayley swung the single tailed whip a few times than began striking me, my back first with about ten hard blows, each one stinging badly. I’ve been whipped many times before but never like that. She must have been feeling so vindictive. Then she whipped me on my belly, pussy and breasts with the remaining strokes and they hurt really badly. I’m sure she would just have continued but Ryan was counting and stopped her. By the end I was sobbing hard from the stinging pain. Ryan soothed me a little, then helped position me over a bar and Hayley selected the heaviest cane for my ass.”

“Yes, I can see from the bruising that a heavy cane was used,” said Al, “Hayley obviously needs some of her own medicine.”

“Anyway, she gave me twenty strokes of the cane on my ass. I shrieked with each stroke and sobbed between. My ass has never been so mistreated. Your gentle touches are very soothing though; keep that up and I’ll want something else up soon.” Sophie raised herself off Al a little and grinned down at him. “Is that something hardening I feel between my thighs?” she asked.

“Yes, honey, it sure is. Anyway, carry on; I really want to hear what’s next.”

“Well, after the twenty strokes Ryan grabbed the cane from Hayley and they untied me. Hayley seemed to be a bit more reasonable now and strange as it may seem, I felt horny as hell. My juices were running down my legs. I looked at Hayley’s thighs and they also were shiny from her juices. I commented to her about this and she said she felt really horny. Ryan suggested that avcılar escort he and Hayley make love and I could be tied to the Sybian and be fucked by that for the time they took to make love.

“When he suggested that my heart sank; they could be hours, I thought, and I’d be strapped on the machine cumming uncontrollably. However, Hayley agreed so that was what happened. I was tied by the knee straps onto the floor with my hands tied in front of me, pulling me forward so my clit was in full contact with the vibrating pad. Hayley had grinned at me as she fitted the ten-inch dildo and I felt that right up inside me, pressing against the end of my cunt with no possibility of lifting off. As a parting gesture, Hayley clamped my nipples with powerful clips, which sent pulses of pain through my body while at the same time sending erotic sensations directly to my clit.

“As I watched, Hayley lowered herself onto Ryan’s erect pole and as she sat down hard I felt the Sybian come to life at about half speed. Immediately I began to climb towards my orgasm. I hadn’t known how aroused I was but I was well on the way within a very few seconds. I remember vaguely hearing the two lovers on the couch, but my focus was on my own arousal. I found I was able to move a little and did so, pushing my clit into the pad, seeking as much stimulation as possible as I felt the end of my cunt lengthen to take the enormous dildo more comfortably.

“Aroused as I was, I hadn’t quite cum when I heard Hayley give a shriek and saw her stiffen, leaning backwards as her orgasm struck her, then leaning forwards again to milk all the sensations possible. She bent forwards and lay on Ryan, her back rising and falling as she breathed heavily. Then I came. My body shuddered and writhed as I moved as much as possible on the machine, waves of ecstasy poured through me for a long time then slowly abated until all I felt like was lying down and sleeping. But the machine continued. In fact, I felt it increase in speed and looked over to see Hayley holding the control with a grin on her face.

“The increase in speed brought my pussy back to life. Once again I felt myself being pushed up the slope, faster this time, more insistently as the vibrations combined with the rotating dildo to stimulate me more and more. I noticed I was thrusting my hips back and forth, grinding my clit into the vibrating pad. It took a far shorter time this time until I came, my scream of ecstasy being echoed by Hayley as she now lay beneath Ryan, his cock pummelling her pussy. Gradually the feelings eased and I became aware once again where I was and what was happening. I cursed myself for having kept Ryan so well-drained; had he been less well-drained he would have cum by now and it would all be over, possibly.”

“I don’t know about Ryan, but I know this has me aroused,” said Al, “Spread your legs a bit, honey and let me into your wet love tunnel.”

Sophie spread her legs and felt Al’s huge, hard cock slide into her well-lubed tunnel, right to the end, just as the Sybian dildo had been. He must be all of ten inches, she thought. He began thrusting in and out very gently, his hips rotating. Sophie lay on him, her still tender nipples pressing into his chest as she slid slowly back and forth on her father. Cherie had now stopped rubbing cream into her back and was watching her husband and daughter making tender sweet love to each other. As she watched, Sophie began moving faster, thrusting her hips forwards to gain more friction from her father’s pubic bone. She lifted herself off his chest, increasing the pressure on her hips, gasping for her breath as she fucked Al faster and faster until she arched her back and let out a stifled shriek, then held still, her body shuddering as her orgasm washed over her. A few moments later she lay back down and snuggled into her beloved father.

“Mmmm, that was wonderful,” she murmured, “You’re such a good lover, Daddy, Mommy’s trained you really well.”

They lay together like that for a few more minutes, then Sophie propped herself upon her elbows.

“Anyway, I continued to be stimulated on the Sybian for a while longer, cumming a couple more times I think. It was really all a blur due to the sensations rushing through me. Then I heard Hayley scream again and heard Ryan moan as he released his cum inside her. I looked over and saw him collapsed on top of her, as he does after he’s cum. A few moments later he reached for the remote and turned the Sybian off. I sat there, panting from exertion, recovering from my releases until Ryan climbed off Hayley and released my bonds. I stood up and shakily went over to them, cuddling them both. Hayley was weeping uncontrollably. She said she was sorry to have been such a bitch and examined my wounds, kissing them and apologizing again and again for beating me so hard.

“I told her that was fine and that everything was good now, and I’d be sleeping with Al and Cherie until I needed Ryan for impregnation duties. After that we left the room and that’s about the end of the story.”

“It’s amazing how much affect jealousy can have on a person,” commented Cherie. “I know in the past I’ve felt the green-eyed monster and it’s made me totally irrational. It’s really important for everyone to know that you can never own another person; they only stay with you for a while, maybe a long while, maybe not, but they always simply remain their own selves, they are never yours.”

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