Massage Choices in Houston Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I have too many options… Ok, if you have read any of my other entries you will see that I have written about how I got hooked on massage parlors. I have decided to jump ahead to the present and explain my dilemma of the last six months. Once again, these stories may not have the intricate details of other stories you may read. I am relaying my actual experiences, and while I briefly describe the looks and body of the masseuse, I typically leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks to your own preference… That’s what I do when I read your stories

When my stories started I would visit Houston on business trips. Now I have lived here for the last five years. While I have been in massage parlors in numerous states (NJ, NC, California, Michigan, etc.) Texas holds the dubious title of the center of illicit massage parlors. My problem is that I have three, and I can’t figure out which is the best.

I have written about my original favorite in the story of my first erotic massage. Unfortunately that one is still shut down. It was great because your visit followed a four step process. First 10 minutes in a steam room. Then 10 minutes in a hot tub. You are naked during this time, with a very attractive attendant taking care of you. Next is a table shower where they make sure they make sure to take care to clean all the important parts. You then get a short, often a relatively lackadaisical massage. However when they flip you over they quickly put on a condom and fuck you without any extra negotiating for money. They also never pushed for big tips.

If you are educated on Asian massage parlors, or AMPs, you would expect the service they give, based on the details on their website. You should be able to read between bahis firmaları the lines of the ads to understand what is actually offered:

1. Look at the hours of operation. If they stay open late, like 10 or later, you will at least get a happy ending. If they close at 6 pm, there is no chance.

2. Look at the price. This last place was is $180. This is high for a massage, even if you have the spa and steam room. If you are paying that much you will probably get full service.

3. Also if the price is too low, it could be full service. One place I will detail here only cost $40 for one masseuse, and $80 for a four hand massage. This is very cheap. Places like this will typically push for additional money in order to get extras. These places are dangerous, because once a pretty, topless, masseuse has your hard cock in her hand, you have very little leverage to negotiate.

4. There are some other rules. As an example, the services they offer typically tip their hand. If they are giving a table shower you should at least get a hand job. Also, look at the neighborhood. You may get a hand job in an upscale neighborhood, but you typically won’t get full service.

Of course the exception makes the rule. So sit back and I will explain my current dilemma in choosing my favorite local massage parlor. I will go in order of price.

The first place I will describe offers table showers and has the option of four hand massage. It also has a steam room. If you have read my other stories you will know that I love massages, but I also really have learned to like to be naked in the presence of these pretty masseuses. Also, I am typically happy with a hand job, I rarely go to places where they will have sex with you. I assumed kaçak iddaa this was a full service spa because of the price and services. Also their website has photos of hot girls in lingerie, (however I have never seen them there).

I went for the first time when I was really horny and wanted a full service spa. I was sure that the $40 entrance fee meant they would negotiate for more. My first visit I had the four hand massage. One very pretty young masseuse, and one a little more curvy than I typically like, but she had big tits, and I am always a fan of that. I requested to use the sauna first. This way they would give me the table shower before the massage, just because I would be sweaty. Typically they do the table shower at the end, but I personally like to do it first, as an opportunity to be more naked for a longer time with the girls.

So the table shower was ok, but they really steered clear of the good spots. I am laying there naked, on my back, and they don’t even wash my dick. Not even with the loofah. They even handed me the sprayer at the end, so I could wash it myself. This was a surprise. But once we got back to the room they massaged my back with no draping. The hotter girl was massaging my lower half, and she didn’t shy away from bumping and rubbing my balls from behind. When they flipped me over I expected to get the hard sell for more money – but it didn’t happen.

On my back they did drape me, but in the most minimal way imaginable. A small towel covered just my cock and balls. The towel was so small that the slightest move would make it fall off. They would eventually put it back on.

The busty girl stayed at the top of the table. She massaged me a few times since this and has a few signature moves. kaçak bahis She would take both of your arms and stretch them out. They would wind up right behind her, and you found yourself grabbing her ass. She also would massage your chest and belly from the top, and bump her tits in your face during each pass. Girls have to feel this right? There is no way they are brushing their tits in your face without knowing it, is there?

She did this nonchalantly, like she didn’t notice my lips were trying to grab her shirt (and bra encased) nipples each time she passed.

So, now is the time I should probably explain myself a little more. I am over 50, and have found that the reduction of natural testosterone makes intimacy a little harder. So long story short, I took a blue pill before I came in so knew I would have no problems performing. I was expecting a 3 way…

She practically put my hands on her ass, and I found myself grabbing firmly, while mouthing her tits through her shirt. I had a cute girl massaging very high up on my inner thighs. I started getting hard and making a tent out of the small towel covering my junk. It was going well until I took my hands off her ass and grabbed her tits.

At that point they quickly shut me down. They moved out of my reach and finished up the massage. They then lifted up the hand towel covering my raging hard on (giving me one more hope for at least a hand job) and left the room.

I was shocked that it ended there. I grabbed by cock and blew my load in about 30 seconds into the one of the towels they used. On the way out I gave them each $20, and told them I was surprised that there was no happy ending, and pointed out that if there was the tip would be much larger.

They laughed and said “no, no, only massage here”.

Needless to say I was very disappointed. However, for some reason I have been back at least 10 times since then… More about that later. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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