Mary, Tim , Mike Ch. 05

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Readers: I have changed my titles so that it will be easier for you to following the sequence of my stories. When I first wrote, it did not occur to me that my titles would not follow in sequence. So, I hope the new numbering system will make a little more sense. And, to all of you who have given me feedback – thank you. It is nice to receive plaudits from one’s readers. I hope you enjoy my future writings.

Saturday Evening

After Mike had cum in Mary’s ass, all three of them just lay on the bed lost in their thoughts. Mike was thinking how great it had been to fuck his own mother – Mary. Tim, his dad, had supervised and helped out with the sexual exploration that had started that Saturday morning. Among other things Mike had learned, Mary and Tim had reveled to him that her dad, Fred, had started fucking her when she was just a teen and the knowledge had really excited Mike.

As he lay on the bed, Mike was thinking about the new sexual freedom that had been presented to him by his parents. He wondered, having explored a number of porn sites on the net, just how far he would be able to push the envelop with his parents. He was also aware that he was very tired.

“Would you guys mind if I went and took a nap?” he asked his parents.

“Honey,” his mom said, “it would probably be to all of our benefits for all of us to take a nap. I know there are a lot of things I want to try and, I am sure, there is a lot you want to try as well and this evening seems to be a great time to resume what we have been doing. I think your dad and I will also take a nap.”

Mike mumbled an ”okay” and then got off the bed.

Mary looked up at him, “Give your mom a kiss before you go,” she commanded.

He turned to his mom, bent down intending to give her a typical “loving son” kind of kiss on the cheek. Instead, she took his face in her hands, tilted her head and then kissed him full on the lips. Mike could feel her tongue probing his mouth and he responded with a deep french kiss. As they were kissing, Mike felt a hand on his cock, he glanced down and saw his dad’s hand fondling Mike’s hardening cock. He broke the kiss with his mom in time for his dad to lean forward and kiss the head of Mike’s cock.

“You take care,” his dad said, “wouldn’t want anything to happen to our friend here now would we?”

Mike smiled at his parents and said, “I will see you guys in a while,” and walked out of the room to his own bedroom.

Mary and Tim moved around on the bed so they were comfortably laying on their pillows. Neither made any effort to cover their nakedness.

Mary leaned up on her elbow and then gave Tim a quick kiss, “Thank you!”

“For what?” Tim asked.

“For agreeing to go along with what we have begun. I was hoping that you would find it exciting and it would not become a problem for you.”

“Sweetie, I have to confess to you that I have wanted this for a more than a few years. I am glad we waited until Mike was older but, I have to admit I would love to have seen this begin a some time ago. I think that by waiting there is less chance of creating issues that Mike would have trouble dealing with in the future. I think it is really important that we talk with Mike and make sure he doesn’t feel like he is being forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do, you know what I mean?”

Mary was quiet for a moment, “Tim, I really doubt that Mike feels like he was forced but I do agree with you, we need to talk with him and make sure he understands that he does not have to join in with us if he doesn’t want to. I will say this though, and I hope you understand, I love, absolutely love the idea of being his slut and yours as well. I want him to know that he can do anything he wants, whenever he wants and probably wherever he wants. I want to become his sex toy and sex slave.”

It was Tim’s turn to be quiet. “Well, I think if we talk with him I am sure he will understand. How would you feel about letting him see our picture collection?”

Their picture collection included more than two hundred pictures. Pictures of the two of them with other sexual partners, doing kinky things, and some that showed them doing things most people would find disturbing.

“I think we can show him some of them now. It would be interesting to watch his reaction. But I don’t think we should show him the pendik escort really kinky ones just yet. You know that if we dump too much information on him at one time, it might create some problems. So, let’s just approach it a little slowly, don’t you agree?” she asked.

“You’re right, we will take it kind of slowly. But let me ask a question.” She nodded to him. “How do you think Fred will react?”

“Daddy?” she asked. “I think it will turn him on to no end. I love the idea of getting fucked by my dad, my husband and my son at the same time and I think it would have an enormous amount of appeal for you and daddy and Mike. You don’t think we should invite him over for tonight, do you?”

“No, not to night,” he replied, “but maybe next weekend? I think we should get Mike used to the idea. What about Ellen?”

Ellen, Mary’s mom, had never enjoyed sex but, had, for some strange reason, encouraged Mary to begin fucking Fred when she was a teenager. Ellen often watched her daughter and husband engage in all kinds of sexual activities but had never participated. Mary had long ago concluded that her mom had a strong voyeuristic tendency.

“I think we should tell Fred to bring her along – maybe they could stay the entire weekend. She is just going to have to understand that we are going to do what we want to do and, if she wants to watch, she is welcome.” Mary observed. Even as she said that, she was envisioning being made “air tight” – her son in her ass, her dad in her pussy and her husband in her mouth – all while her mom watched the proceedings.

Tim smiled almost sure he knew what she was thinking. “Well, let’s get a little nap and get rested up for tonight’s fun and games.”

Mary nodded, moved so that her head was laying on his shoulder and his arm was around her. She sighed a sigh of contentment and pleasure.

It was just a matter of a few moments before they were both sleeping soundly. Down the hall, after thinking about the morning’s events and wondering what other surprises his folks had for him, Mike had also fallen into a sound asleep. The house was quiet for a couple of hours.

Mike slowly roused himself to wakefulness. He felt that familiar pressure on his groin and knew that he had awoken with a piss hard on. He reached down and gingerly felt his cock. Even being in such need to piss, the caresses he was giving to his own dick felt wonderful. He lay in bed for a few moments becoming fully awake before he rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

He started to head to the toilet and then decided that he needed to take a shower so he would kill two birds with one stone. He stepped into the tub, turned on the water, pulled the curtain closed and, while it was warming up, he began to piss. The act of relieving the pressure on his bladder felt very good to Mike. He had discovered that if he stopped his piss in mid stream and then started again, the pleasure actually lasted longer. He had his eyes closed and was just enjoying the sensations.

“Mike? Are you in there?” his mother called.

“Yeah mom, I’m in the shower.”

He thought about stopping the flow of piss from his cock and decided to continue. As he stood there, the curtain was slowly pulled open by his mom. He thought to himself, “I might as well see her reaction to me pissing.”

Mary looked in on her son, standing almost 6 feet tall and his hot, yellow stream of piss arching from his cock and then mingling with the shower water. “Mmmmmm, bet that feels good,” she said as she brought the digital camera up. Before he could object, she had snapped his picture. She pressed the right buttons and was able to see the photo. Mike was standing in the tub, his hands on his hips, water from the showerhead cascading down his chest and his piss stream showing up clearly. “We will have to add this to our collection, that is, if you don’t mind?”

Mike shook his head no. As he started to soap his body, Mary sat down on the toilet. Mike heard her pissing and found the sound strangely exciting. “Mom, you mentioned you have a collection of pictures. Do you suppose I could look at them sometime?”

“Sure, honey, maybe later tonight we can drag them out and let you get an eyeful.”

He was rinsing the soap from his body when he glanced over at Mary in time to see her wad up some üsküdar escort toilet paper and pat her pussy dry.

“Don’t turn off the water when you are done, I want a quick shower too,” she said.

Mike stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel as Mary took his place under the spray of water. As she was washing, Mike decided to himself that turn about was fair play. He picked up the camera, waited until Mary had soap on her body, and then, as she cupped her breasts to rinse the soap, he snapped a picture. She was only a little surprised by the flash of the camera and then smiled at Mike.

“Another one for the collection, huh?” she smiled.

Mike had finished drying himself by the time his mom finished her shower. “Would you like a soda mom? I was going to fix myself one.”

“Sure, that would be great. I should be done in just a moment so I’ll see you in the kitchen.” She smiled at him and then glanced at his crotch.

Mike walked from the bathroom and only then realized that he had started to get hard. He was not sure which stimulus was responsible, having his picture taken, taking one of his mom or the fact that she had pissed in front of him. Either way he really did not care. He reached down and grasped his cock, giving himself a few strokes as he walked into the kitchen.

As he stood fixing her a soda, she walked into the kitchen. The two of them were naked and she went up behind him, put her arms around him and gave him a big hug. He loved the feeling of her tits pressing against his back. He let his head roll back a little, felt her lips on his shoulders and then her hand on his cock. She simply held it, not moving, just feeling the heat from it and the pulse of blood as it coursed through his body.

“I told your dad to get his ass out of bed so he should be down pretty soon. Would you like to go out onto the deck? I think it is dark enough that no one will noticed.”

Mike nodded to her, picked up their drinks and went out onto the deck. He sat down, took a sip of his soda, and waited on Mary.

His mom walked out a moment later. She stood in front of him, reached down for her glass and took a sip. She stared down at her son for a moment.

“Are you okay with what we are doing, I mean sex wise? Your dad and I talked and we don’t want you to feel like you have been forced or pressured into joining in with us.”

“Mom, I don’t feel any pressure. I do know that you both love me and the fact that you are both willing participants means you are not pressuring me. To be honest, I have fantasized about you since I was in the 8th grade”

“Really?” she said, “well your dad and I are going to chat with you over dinner. But, you know what you could do for right now?”

Mike shook his head.

“I would love to feel you in my ass again, I loved the feeling of your dick in my ass earlier.”

Mike nodded. Mary smiled, “Okay, but I want to do it a little differently. Lay down on the floor,” she order him.

Mike took another sip of his soda, stood and noticed that his cock was good and hard. As he lay down, Mary went into the kitchen, retrieved a bottle of cooking oil and then walked back onto the deck. She squatted next to Mike in order to coat his cock with the oil. Her cunt was spread wide and he could see the pink of her pussy. Holding his dick in one hand so that it was pointing straight up, she tilted the bottle of oil and let some cascade over his cock head. She put the bottle down and then used both of her hands to coat his entire cock and balls with the oil. Once she had them coated, she bent over, facing away from Mike and slipped first one, then two and then three fingers into her asshole – both to coat and stretch her asshole.

Mike grasped his cock as his mom straddled his body, turned to face away from him and slowly lowered her body. As her squat deepened, Mike could see the brown rose bud of her asshole stretching out. Once the head of his dick was touching her asshole, she reached between her legs, held his cock and then lowered her ass until she had gotten the head of his dick inside her. She paused for a moment. Then she sat all the way down. Mike watched his entire length disappeared into her asshole. With her feet flat on the floor, her hands resting on Mike’s thighs, her pussy was wide open. She slowly moved anadolu yakası escort her butt up and down. Mike was fascinated watching his dick disappear into and then reappear from her asshole. Mary was moving her ass up and down slowly fucking him. He lay there doing nothing, nothing that is except enjoying what she was doing to him and then he saw his dad standing in the doorway.

Tim looked at him and smiled. “Getting started with out me, huh?”

Mary was caught up in the moment and only nodded. Mike was laying on the floor enjoying her ministrations and nodded as well.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt. I’ll be back in a moment.” Tim walked from the room only to reappear a moment later with camera in hand. “I need to get a picture of this.”

Tim sat on the floor in front of his wife. “Can you hold yourself with just your legs, you know, put your hands on your knees and spread them wide?”

Mary complied with his request, realizing that her cunt was really wide open.

“Now,” Tim Directed, “lift your ass up just a little, I want to be able to see about an inch or so of Mike’s cock in your ass.”

Mary lifted her ass a little and then Tim said, “Perfect, hold it right there.” The camera flashed catching the action perfectly.

“Let me take another one, this time from Mike’s perspective.” Tim moved around so he was sitting on the floor near Mike’s head. “Honey, kneel on your knees and then lean way forward!”

As she moved into position, she felt her asshole being stretched in a way she had not felt for some time. She liked the idea of a cock pushing hard into her ass at this odd angle and she felt her pussy starting to drip with her wetness.

“Okay, lift your ass a bit.”

She did and then the camera flashed again. “Boy,” Tim said, “those are going to be some great pics. I wonder if we should email them to Fred. He looked at Mike, “How would you feel about having your grand dad looking at you with your cock up your mom’s ass?”

“Go for it, I am willing to do anything you guys want me to do. Do you suppose he and grandma would get a kick out of it?” Mike asked.

“Okay, you two, let’s quit talking and get to fucking. I want some cum in my ass and some in my mouth and then we have to think about dinner,” Mary said in an exasperated voice.

She moved back so her feet were flat on the floor, leaned forward with her hands on Mike’s thighs and she began to move her ass up and down. Mike could feel the tightness of her asshole and when her ass gripped his cock, he was sure if it had not been oiled, his mom’s ass would have pulled his cock right off his body.

As she was fucking Mike, Tim pulled a stool up between Mike’s legs. “Okay baby, suck my cock and swallow my cum, I want you to taste me.”

Mary opened her mouth and sucked Tim’s cock. She found that as she moved her ass up this caused her son’s cock to almost come out of her ass while at the same time her head went down on her husband’s cock. Sitting back down on Mike’s dick let him slip in deep inside her and also caused her mouth to lift off Tim’s cock. She got herself into a rhythm and could tell both of her men were getting read to cum. She hoped they would cum at the same time but doubted that that would happen. As she was moving her ass, she felt Mike’s hands on her ass cheeks – squeezing hard. He suddenly pulled her down so that his dick was fully inside her ass. He lifted his hips up, thrusting into her, lifting her up and forcing her mouth down on her husband’s cock. Mike shoved up two more time and then, “Angggggghhhh, god, I am coming.” Mary swore that she could feel his jets of cum shooting into her bowels. She felt her own orgasm building but could not focus on it as Tim grasped her head and began to fuck her mouth hard. He came right as Mary’s ass squeezed Mike’s cock out. Mary felt him slide out from under her and then gave a little start as she felt his head between her legs. He began licking her pussy, sucking on her clit, and fingering her stretched ass hole. Tim’s cock finally finished spurting and she let it fall from her mouth and then her own orgasm washed over her body. Mike felt her legs quivering as her orgasm coursed its way throughout her body. After several moments, she settled down and then knelt forward on her hands and knees.

“God, I love it, it feels so damned good. You two guys have to be the worlds best lovers.”

Tim remained sitting on the stool, Mike remained laying on the floor and Mary finally managed to find her way to a deck chair.

“I don’t think we made too much noise, do you?” she asked. Mike and Tim smiled at her and then asked about dinner.

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