Mary Ch. 2

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Mary looked up at Andy’s smiling face and very eager cock and decided to tease him a little also. “Up on the massage table ” she ordered. He got up and obediently lay face down on the plinth. “Just relax,” she told him “this is going to take a while.” Mary covered him in warm towels and he settled down while she organised some music, candles and some musky smelling burning oils. The scene was set to her liking.

Soon he felt a towel being removed and her warm oiled hands stroked his body, beginning at his foot and working their way up his leg and onto his thigh. As she did each leg in turn, he felt his body becoming more and more relaxed he would have forgotten his earlier excitement except for the fact that occasionally her thumbs and fingers lightly touched his balls as they firmly made their way up the inside of his thighs. After some time the second towel was removed and once again Andy was naked. Mary now began to massage his back and he became more and more relaxed as she expertly worked on every inch of his back and neck. He felt fantastic and was almost asleep when he heard her whisper “turn over now please.”

Andy again obeyed but was instantly jolted from his relaxed state when he realised that someone else had joined them. “This is Lisa” Mary said with a smile,” I asked her to come and help me”

“Pleased to meet you” was all Andy could manage as he held out his hand to a stunning dark haired, dark skinned exotic looking girl . Her short dress clung to her large firm breasts like a second skin and her greeting was tinged with a slightly foreign accent that he could not quite place. He barely had time to take it all in because Mary took complete bahis firmaları control and told Lisa that Andy was a very special client. “I know exactly what he likes” he heard her say ” I will give you instructions as we go along.”

Soon Andy felt two sets of expert hands massaging him, beginning at his ankles and moving slowly and sensually up to his thighs, his excitement was rising rapidly. One of the women, he wasn’t quite sure which one went to the top of the plinth and began stroking his chest downwards as the other continued to work up his legs. With each stroke their hands almost met at his cock but both of them avoided touching it. Instead they teasingly worked around his hips and stomach until he could bear it no longer. He wanted to scream for one of them even just to brush over his hard penis as it was throbbing and aching to be touched.

Just as he thought he could bear it no more he heard movement and opened his eyes to see one on either side of him, he eased himself up to watch as Mary took his penis in her hand and held it while Lisa bent over him and surrounded the tip with her full lips. Soon she was flicking her tongue over the top and licking the sides while Mary caressed his hard balls. They then changed places and now Mary had his cock in her mouth swallowing it right down the back of her throat while running her tongue up and down the sides. Lisa massaged his balls and gently bit his thighs.

He could feel the come rising but each time he was about to shoot the women changed again, soon he didn’t know who was doing what he just lay back and experienced ecstasy as the licking, sucking, stroking and kissing went on and on for what seemed kaçak iddaa like forever. He completely surrendered control, just as he peaked one of them squeezed the base of his cock, held it for a few seconds and then began again.

He wasn’t sure how long this went on when he heard Mary say “we will let him come now” and within seconds with both of them working on him he exploded into Mary’s mouth, it was heaven. His cock was tingling pleasantly when he heard Mary instruct Lisa to finish him off. Lisa’s long tongue gently licked his cock and balls until he was completely clean. When he looked up he saw two smiling faces with raw, swollen lips that were covered in his come. Tenderly they covered him over in warm towels as he heard the foreign accent say, “Just relax.”

He wasn’t sure how long he dozed but again rustlings awakened him, he looked over and saw Mary and Lisa, bodies entwined on the large bed. Lisa still had the short clinging dress on and he strained to catch a glimpse of her pussy as she moved seductively over Mary’s naked body. He didn’t have long to wait because soon she stood up and lifted her arms above her head for Mary to remove her dress. Her body was everything he had imagined and more, firm athletic with smooth golden skin. The only surprise was that her pussy was completely clean-shaven and he could clearly see her hard clit protruding through the full dark lips. They both seemed oblivious to his presence and he watched as they touched and stroked each other’s breasts, sucked on each other’s nipples and kissed passionately. They were having a ball. Despite the fact that he had just come Andy’s cock began to rise again, he just had to join them. kaçak bahis

He stood beside the bed and watched as Mary’s fingers gently stroked Lisa’s smooth cunt lips, he could see the wetness dripping down her firm thighs as Mary’s finger slid back and forward over her huge clit. She arched her back and opened her legs wide – “what a view” he thought, he was just centimetres away from her pussy. Mary continued stroking rhythmically and Andy couldn’t resist sticking his fingers up inside her, he felt her tighten and clench as she came screaming and moaning with pleasure.

They both lay back laughing and pulled Andy down between them. His cock was ready again and he wanted to continue. Mary lay back on the bed, legs wide apart and quite demurely asked him “would you fuck my mouth please.” He was only too happy to oblige. He knelt over her and lifted her head to insert his throbbing penis into her eager mouth, she sucked hard as Lisa adjusted herself between Mary’s legs, pulled her cunt lips apart and began to lick and suck her clit. Andy could clearly see her tongue flicking and darting as Mary’s body writhed in pleasure. He put one hand on Mary’s shoulder and held her down while he pumped his cock hard into her welcoming mouth.

He could feel her gagging but he continued to pump harder and harder until he could feel himself coming right down the back of her throat. She too began to come and he felt her body harden in spasm as her mouth tightened around his spurting cock. He stayed in her mouth and watched as his come dribbled out of her and ran down onto her tits. Lisa slowly and tenderly began massaging the thick creamy liquid into her body until Andy removed his cock. All three of them lay back with Andy in the middle, each of the women entwined around his exhausted body. He and Mary were just about to fall asleep but Lisa had other ideas…

To Be Continued…

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