Marte’s Challenge Becomes Passion

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After having to wear a shell in public, then having an orgasm in the presence of my friends and watching my friends have an orgasm virtually naked, I didn’t think that any of the challenges could get any worse. I was wrong.

A few weeks later, I was talking to my friend on the Internet and I was telling him about how my friends Terra, Cindy and I had been talking in bed one night and we were discussing our fantasies. I mentioned that Terra’s fantasy was to sleep with another woman to see what it was like. I should have kept my mouth shut. I mentioned to him that I thought she was very good looking (for a woman). He mentioned having sex with her and I immediately shot that idea down. That was not in my realm of thinking or even close to something I would be comfortable with.

So my next challenge was to let Terra give me a full-body massage. Here was the kicker. I had to let her touch my breasts and vagina for at least one minute each. I vetoed the challenge, until I had the right to tell her to stop at any time, if I felt too uncomfortable. At that point I agreed.

Saturday night arrived and I was very nervous, so Terra and I chatted awhile and just hung out. I could tell how excited Terra was to be able to give me a massage, even though she didn’t say it. She had a twinkle in her eyes. We went over the details of the challenge before we got started and I felt somewhat comfortable, was as comfortable as I possibly could at this point. Several times during the night I considered canceling the challenge. “I was too conservative for this,” I told myself. It was only a full-body massage after all and I didn’t have to have sex or anything.

I lay face first on my bed with nothing but black panties on as Terra entered the room. Terra had brought a few candles with her, which she lit to give the room a relaxing aura. Terra was only wearing a t-shirt and panties herself. She slowly climbed onto the bed and gently straddled my hips. I was very tense and nervous, but there was no stopping now.

Terra began by softly massaging my shoulders and my neck. She talked to me while she was giving the massage, which helped relax me a little. She massaged my shoulders and neck for probably five minutes before she began moving her hands down to my shoulder blades. Her soft hands felt very relaxing, though I didn’t want to admit it.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the feeling of her soft, gentle hands working on my upper body. Her hands continued down lower and I tensed a little. Her hand moved down to my hips and she masterfully massaged out the knots. The mixture of my relaxation and the candles helped me drift into an almost trance-like state. As her hands moved down to my butt cheeks I became a little nervous again, wondering if she would go in deeper. She massaged my outer cheeks first and then slowly moved inward. When her hands were to the point they were practically touching each other, Terra began to lift my hips. I instinctively helped as she removed my panties.

I was embarrassed because I knew there was wetness in the crotch area of my panties. Here I lay naked, with a female mounted on my body, massaging me. This was my best friend to boot. I tried to let my mind wander as she slid her hips down onto my upper thighs and massaged my butt. What happened next shocked me.

As she was talking to casino şirketleri me about her visit with Doc at the hospital, she spread my ass cheeks a bit and began massaging my anal opening. I almost cancelled the whole damn thing right there. I had never had anyone touch my butt that way and it was very uncomfortable. After a few seconds passed I was surprised by my body’s reactions. I began to feel my body warm up and wetness form inside my vagina. The problem was that I was enjoying her fingers a little too much. The pleasure of the massage was transferring from relaxing to exciting and I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with that.

I let out a very soft moan and hoped that Terra didn’t hear it as her hands moved down to my legs. Her fingers worked their way down to my feet and then back up to my inner thighs. At this point, she asked me if I was comfortable. I wanted to say no, but I didn’t. For some reason I wanted her to continue, though I thought I would never have felt that way.

Terra’s fingers began delving into my inner thighs. Her fingers simply massaged with the kindest of touch. I spread my legs a bit to give her a little bit more access. I was shocked I noticed how wet I had become from the touch of her fingers on my body as the cold air hit my vagina. I was horrified. I hadn’t noticed how turned on I had become. I hoped that she didn’t see my wetness, but I knew that was just wishful thinking. I knew she would take that as a go ahead sign and take liberties I wasn’t sure I wanted her to take.

Each time Terra’s fingers moved to the inside of my inner thigh a rush of warmth ran up my spine. I could hear my breathing begin to get heavy. Terra moved her hips back onto my butt and worked her hands back up my spine again. The pressure of her hips against mine was torture. Her hips pressed my swelling clit into the bed. I found myself instinctively pressing my hips deeper into the bed for more sensation. I hadn’t realized I was doing it until I felt Terra press her hips forward a bit too. At that point my body locked up.

“What am I doing?” I thought to myself. “Was this going to far and is that really her wetness I felt against my butt?”

I was gathering my courage to stop this challenge when Terra climbed off of me and told me to turn over. I didn’t want to and I hesitated a second before my body defied my mind and rolled over. Terra asked if I wanted to put a pillow to cover my eyes or if I preferred to watch. I took the pillow and put it over my face. Terra climbed back on top of me, but this time something was different. I don’t know when, but it felt like Terra had removed her panties as well. I asked myself, “Why did she do that? Isn’t this just a massage? Does she think this is going farther?”

Her hips were now mounted on top of mine, with her butt cheeks pressing against my swollen throb. I knew this was a liberty she had taken herself and was no coincidence. Her soft fingers began massaging my shoulders when she asked if it was okay to use lotion. I agreed and she began rubbing lotion on my neck and shoulders. I know she could tell how tense I was, but her hands felt so good.

Her fingers stayed on my shoulders until I relaxed again. Her hands then moved down to my chest and she rubbed the oil just above my small breasts. The cold air had made my nipples hard and I know she enjoyed casino firmaları the view. My breathing had become irregular and my mind was drifting as my clit began to throb. I could feel my wetness running between my legs.

Her hands began sliding down my sides and back up the middle of my stomach and between my breasts, making a big circle. The softness of her fingers made the hair on my body stand on end and made my nipples grow even harder. I let out a soft moan and told her that felt nice. After making a few large circles, her fingers began tracing the outskirts of my breasts. The lotion seemed to have a calming affect on my body as I no longer felt anxious, even though this was moving towards the part I didn’t want.

I let out a long, soft moan as her fingers began kneading my breasts. My body felt very relaxed, yet intoxicated. I suddenly became aware that Terra’s hips were ever so slightly rocking against my hips. Waves of electricity shot through my clit each time her but rocked back, pressing against my rock hard clit. My breathing was becoming heavier and my body began to sweat. I could feel my hips ever so slightly press back against her butt as my clit demanded more attention.

What happened next blew me away. Terra began massaging my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, rolling my nipples back and forth. Warmth I had never known before shot straight down my body to my clit. My hips bucked up, pressing forcefully against her body. I heard her a moan release her lips.

I found myself enjoying this way too much. We had gone too far and gotten too carried away with these challenges, but I didn’t care. This pleasure was too wonderful and I craved more. I was horny and it had been years since human hands had touched my bare skin. What stuck in the back of my mind though was that this was not only a female giving me pleasure, but also my best friend. How could I let myself be talked into this? To my chagrin, Terra asked if I was okay. I said no, but the words came out “Yes.”

My mouth had betrayed my mind. I wanted her to stop touching me, but she wouldn’t and my mouth wouldn’t tell her to. Her fingers began traveling down to my chest and slid to my hips. She began rubbing the oil around my pubis area, which was shaved bald. I let out a bold moan as my sensitive pubis area reacted to her pleasuring fingers. I wanted her fingers to move down lower and massage my begging clit. I was beginning to gasp for breathes of air as her body slid across my vagina, hitting my clit and down to my upper thighs. I felt her bodily juices spread down me.

I knew she just as turned on as I was. I envisioned myself in her place and knew I would be extremely turned on if I had my hands all over a naked female body. I wondered, had Terra and my friend on the Internet gotten together to plan her seduction of me?

Terra’s fingers moved over my hipbones and down then back up my outer legs before back up before centering the bulk of the attention on my inner thighs. I was now horny as hell and my clit was throbbing. I knew she could tell how excited I was because I could feel my juices gushing out of me. My body felt alive for the first time in a very long time. The feeling of human hands on my body felt wonderful. The sensations of her fingers on my inner groin muscles were driving me crazy. My breathing was short güvenilir casino and heavy. My hips lifted off the bed every few seconds it seemed.

Terra’s hands moved inward and she began circling t my outer lips, which were already pulled back from my excitement. I released a moan that echoed of the bedroom walls as her fingers seemed to be roaming everywhere at once. After a minute or so of agonizing torture, Terra’s fingers disappeared and her body lifted off my legs. I asked her where she was going but go no response. Was she done? Had she decided this was going too far now that I didn’t want her to stop?

I felt her body moving on the bed and I was about to lift the pillow off of my head when I felt her hands spreading my legs. Suddenly, I felt the warmth of something wet and warm against the bottom of my vagina. Thousands of waves of heat rushed towards my vagina. My hips began swaying in the air the wet, warm object slowly slivering up the outside of my slit. It wasn’t her fingers. “Oh my God. She is using her tongue. This wasn’t part of the deal.” I said to myself.

I was in shock, yet working my way to Heaven. I gasp and released a hard moan as my body was overtaken by a wave of warmth indescribable. My hips bucked wanting the tongue to go in deeper, but she pulled back as I lifted my hips. Her tongue circled my clit, careful not to touch it. I felt my juices pouring out of me like a hot spring. What came out of my mouth next was the most shocking thing yet. I began begging her to eat me. I had never begged anyone to do that before, but I had never felt so horny or wanted to be taken this much before. The aroma of sex filled the room.

Her tongue moved slowly and gently circling my clit. My hips began bucking against her face as my body was writhing in pleasure. I was on the brink and felt an orgasm rushing towards my vagina like a freight train. Terra began rolling her tongue around the inside hood of my clit and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh yes, Terra. That feels great. Oh God! Don’t stop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m cummmming!”

Terra continued manipulating my rock hard clit with the tip of her tongue. She slid a finger inside me and began pumping it in and out of my tight womb. Her lips surrounded my clit as she sucked into her mouth sending me over the edge into another orgasm. The second orgasm swept over me and lasted for over a minute.

Out of breath and exhausted, I pulled Terra up to me. Her lips passionately kissed mine and our hips began grinded against each other. Our bodies intertwined and danced, vagina against vagina, until we both exploded. The feeling of her sweaty skin against mine was surreal. There was nothing else that mattered in the world at this time. Her and I and our animal-like desires were all that existed.

We rested a few minutes and then I surprised Terra when I asked her to turn around. She swung her body around and placed her legs over my head. I slid my tongue between her legs and tasted the sweetness of female nectar for the first time in my life. I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue and gently massaged her inner thighs as I felt her begin to moan. To my delight, she slid over into the 69 position and we pleasured each other’s body with our fingers and tongue. It felt like the most unusual, yet the most natural position.

I never dreamed that making love to a woman would be so great. Both exhausted, Terra crawled up and cuddled with me until we fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night still horny as hell and wanting to repay the favor to her…but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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