Making Work Fun

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Big Tits

Kathy and I had drive to San Diego from LA for a meeting. It was to only be a one-day thing but as it turned out we would need to be there three days. So after the first day of none stop talking we walked out of the boardroom beat and not looking forward to the two or three hour ride home.

“Look you are tired and so am I, so why don’t we just get a room for the next two nights and not drive back and fourth? We can run to the store and pick up a few things then have dinner and I could use a cold beer after this day.” Kathy took my hand as she spoke and we walked to my truck.

We had worked with each other as co managers of a large business and from the first our relation ship had been a touchy feely one with a lot hugs and hand holding. We had grown a very close over the time we spent with each other although neither of us would admit nor would our spouses have liked but hell we were with each other eight to ten hours a day six days a week.

At five feet four and a hundred fifteen pounds Kathy was one of the hottest women I had ever met! She had deep blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. She was a very curve girl with legs that were made in heaven that she delighted in showing off to me knowing that legs were my week spot. She also had a set of thirty-four D with nipples that got hard over any and every thing!

“Well that sound good to me!” I put my arm around her waist pulling her to me, “What’s first food and beer our the store?”

We shopped and then went to dinner. The beer turned into some wine and a nice evening of conversation we went back to the room that we had decided to split to save some money. Her words were “Hell we have both seen each other in a swimsuit and there will be two bed’s. Besides I’m sure not going to tell!” So we had gotten one room, two beds and a hard on. I watched her moving about the room in the bathrobe she had picked up knowing she was nude under it. She let it fall open over her thighs as we watched the news before bed. The smell of her perfume was making me crazy as we went to bed. I went to sleep listening to her soft breathing and not for the first time wishing she was lying next to me!

The next morning I went for coffee and sweet roles and she was showered and dressed when I got back. She had on a mid thigh length skirt with a white blouse she had bought the night before.

“Sam I for got to buy pantyhose does this look to bad? I mean are my leg’s to white?”

I had been getting out the roles and had my back to her. I turned to find her with her standing with her skirt pulled up over her well-tanned thighs to just below her panties! She was grinning from ear to ear knowing how I loved her legs and that I loved for her to show them off for me!

“No! They look good, very good in fact and you know it! Umm, now stop that before you start something you can’t finish! Here take this coffee and let’s get going.”

I held the truck door for her as she slipped in holding her food. Her skirt slipped way up her thighs and she just smiled that funny smile she had when she knew she was showing me a lot more than she should. She opened her legs giving me a glimpse of her white panties.

“You are such a pig!” she laughed, “Now quit trying to look up my skirt and take me to work!”

Kathy had made my day and she knew it! We ate as we drove to our meeting and then the day just blew by. She had that twinkle in her eyes all day after her flashing me that morning and my hard melted every time I looked at her. The next thing I knew the workday was over and we were walking back out to my truck.

“Man I am hungry!” I said.

“Well, let’s go eat then!” Kathy said as she took my hand, “the hotel food isn’t to bad and they are going to have a band later.” This time I didn’t open the door for her and I watched her slip into my truck from my side. She had a slight smile as she watched me looking etlik escort at her and let her skirt slip up very high on her thigh. “Hell I might even get you to dance with me.”

I just smiled back at her as I started the truck, “Well, if that is what you want that is what we will do!”

We went into the restaurant and Kathy spoke to the waiter as I sat down in the waiting room. I watched her walking to me and again was taken by how beautiful this thirty five-year-old lady was! God again my cock grew as she came to set with me while our table was made ready. It was only a few minutes and the waiter came for us.

He took us to a little nook off the back of the room in a dark little corner. The table was small and had a little candle burning on it with a bottle of wine al ready there. I was about to tell the guy we wanted a little bigger and brighter table when Kathy thanked him as he pulled her chair. He then pulled out my char and slid it in so that I was very close to Kathy. In fact our knees touched and she just smiled at me not pulling away at all!

The dinner was nice and quiet neither of us talking much. She touched my hand and laughed at things I said as we enjoyed the wine. After dinner I slipped my arm around her waist as we walked from the restraint and out to the lounge. Again she led me to a dark corner and slid very close to me as we took our seats. Our thighs touched and it seamed like her leg was on fire through my pants. We sat talking about work, kids and our spouses and again she slipped her hand into mine as the band began to play. We had a few more drinks and the band picked a slow song.

“Ok big boy I think it is time for that dance!” Kathy said as she pulled my by the hand.

It was a funny thing I realized as I pulled her into my arms. I had touched her a lot over the years with out ever really touching her. She fit into my arms like we were made for each other and she held me as closely as I held her. I could feel the heat of her breast as they pushed into my chest making my cock lengthen in my pants. I let my hand slip down over her ass cupping a cheek. She just pulled tighter to me as I held her and my cock grew even harder! I knew there was no way she could not feel it as it pushed into her tummy! The song ended and we went to our table I put my arm around her shoulders pulling her to me, enjoying her warmth as we had a few more drinks again just making small talk.

“I’m a little buzzed.” She said, “What time is it?”

“It’s about midnight.”

“Umm, well Prince Charming I think you need to take Cinderella to her room.”

I stood pulling her up to me. She stumbled just a little and I caught her in my arms holding her closely as she put her head on my chest. She looked up at me.

“Yep! I’m buzzed all right, but like always you were there to catch me.”

We walked to the room holding hands. I opened the door for her and she moved to the bed. She tripped on her heals and fell laughing face first onto her bed. Her legs flew up and her little skirt flipped up to her hips fully exposing her thong covered ass to me to me! Kathy laid like that for a minuet while she tried to stop laughing. I again felt my cock lengthen in my pants as I got the view if a lifetime of her bottom!

“Here let me take off your heals.” I said to her.

She kept her arms at her side as she bent her right knee lifting her foot up to me. I undid the buckles in her shoe letting it drop to the floor. Kathy shifted a little opening her legs as she lifted her other foot to me. That was when I saw it! Her clit was pierced and she had a little silver ring in it! I was seeing it through her panties and it was all I could do not to touch it!

My hands were shaking as I took off the other shoe. My cock was now fully hard and I thought what the hell I might as well go for it! “Kathy honey do you want me etlik escort bayan to loosen your skirt?”

“Um, yes please.” Was all she said.

I undid the snap then pulled down the little zipper. “Turn over and I will help you get it off.”

She did as I ask, then she watched me looking at her as she lifted her bottom off of the bed to help me pull the skirt down and over her feet. She pulled one foot up to her butt and let it open just a little still watching me as I moved to get a better look at her pussy through her panties.

I looked up at her, “You never told me you were pierced.”

She smiled “You never asked.” Then not sounding near as drunk she asked, “Do you want to see it?”

I could feel precum leaking into my pants. “Yes! Very much!”

“Welllll, if I show it to you,” she put her hand over her panty crotch panel as she spoke to me. “You will have to kiss it!”

I thought I would cum in my pants! “I think you have a deal! I know I would want to look at it very close any way.”

Kathy smiled at me as she slipped the thin crotch panel of her panties to the side. She opened her legs wide as I moved between them putting my face inches from her now open pussy! I could smell her sex and as she pulled her vagina lips open to show me her ring I could see a trickle of her milky white juices as they ran down over her wrinkled little ass hole. Kathy put her free hand behind my head pulling my face into her waiting pussy!

I just went for it hoping she was not to drunk and that she knew what she was doing. I sucked her clit into my mouth pulling gently on the clit ring. I licked down to her sweet open hole sucking some of the juice out of her then down to ream her back hole with my tong. I slipped back up sticking it as deep into her pussy as I could then fucked her with it before going back to suck on her now very hard clit! She started moving her hips as she pulled my face tighter into her pussy and suddenly she came! The spasms ran through so that whole her whole body shook with her climax!

“OH GOD SAM YES SUCK IT OHHhhhhh god yes! Umm ohh I love I love you so much oh!”

I moved back down drinking her fluid as it leaked out of her then back up to suck on her again. “UMM OH YES AGAIN I’m CUMMING AaaAGaAAAAAAAAAA AGAIN OHHHHHHHHH!”

I sucked her throughout her cum then moved up to hold her in my arms kissing her softly on the lips. She kissed me back sticking her tong deep into my mouth then snuggled down putting her head on my chest. We lay like that for a long time until sleep took over.

I woke in the morning to find Kathy with one leg over mine and her arm across my chest. I ran my hand over her back through the blouse she had on the day before hoping that she didn’t freak out when she woke up. I opened my eyes to find she was awake and looking at me.

She pinched my nipple through my shirt, “Sam why didn’t you fuck me last night?” she asked.

I pulled her tighter to me, “Because I didn’t know how drunk you really were and I didn’t want to do it if there was any chance it might not be what you want.”

She pulled away from me setting up. She started undoing the buttons on her blouse. “I thought so. Come on and wash my back. I think we could both use a shower.”

I watched her drop her top and then her bra. She walked nude into the bathroom and turned on the water. I stripped off naked and went in to find her with her head back and water running over her lush full body. I stepped in with her and she opened her eyes smiling at me as she took the soap and began to wash my body. There was another bar there and I did the same rubbing her all over as she touched me every wear! I cupped her big breasts pulling on her soft brown nipples. For the first time in two years I was seeing them fully exposed for the first time and marveled at how hard they got as I played with escort etlik them. She never flinched as I ran my hand down into the crack of her ass with the soap washing her there as well. We kissed under the water as I pulled her to me mashing those sweet tits into me. I was aching hard as she moved back from me.

“Go dry while I wash my hair.” She stepped up on tiptoe kissing me softly.

I dried and slipped on a try robe. I went and sat on the couch wondering where it was going to go from here as I looked at the clock. I was about to say something about being very late for work when she walked into the room.

Her hair was still wet but pulled back into a ponytail. She had slipped on the other robe and tied it loosely around her waist. Kathy walked over to stand in front of me as she finished patting her face with a towel. Her robe was open just enough for me to look at her bush and pussy lips as she stood there not saying any thing just watching me look at her. She bent over letting her tits fall almost into my face.

“I didn’t think you would ever take the hint last night!” she pulled open my robe then she pulled open her own “You have no idea how badly I wanted you to fuck me!”

“Well you have no idea how badly I wanted it! God it was so hard not to just take you!”

Kathy took my hard dick in her hand as she moved over me so that a leg was on either side of me, she kissed me at the same time. She pulled back, “Slip down a little Sam.” I did as she asked slipping down between her thighs and she ran my cock up and down over her pussy. She moved it slowly watching my face the whole time. She let it slip between her worm vagina lips and over the little ring in her clit. Her eyes never left mine as she moved my cock back to her back hole and swirled it around. She then pulled it back to her now very open pussy and slowly set down on me!
She still never took her eyes off of my eyes or my face as she took all of my nine inches deep into her soft wet hole and deep into her belly. God she was hot inside as she leaned into to kiss me as she slowly rocked back and forth on me.

“Oh god Kathy honey I wont last long like this!”

She kissed me, “I know sweet hart.” She whispered to me, “Its ok just relax and let it happen. I want it in me! I want to feel it when you let it shoot all hot and wet up into me!”

I cupped her tits in my hand as she leaned back and I felt her own hand move to her clit. She never picked up the pace at all as she slowly fucked herself on me, talking to me the whole time.

“That’s it Sam! I can feel you growing in me! Oh god yes I can feel it oh shit cum with me Sam! OHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh yesssss!”

I came at the same time she did knowing that she really did feel it when I started to cum!
“O Kathy fuck oho umm oh god!”

I held her tight to me as I shot off rope after white-hot rope deep into the girl. She was shaking in my arms as she finished her cum and we held each other. I began to soften and Kathy slipped down taking my cock into her mouth to suck me clean. She then climbed back up into my lap and I held her like that for a long time as she rested her head on my shoulder. We sat that way for a long time just holding each other.

“Baby we need to get going.” I said.

“I know but it is so nice to be held after and I feel so safe with you, but ok let get going.”

We dressed and went out to my truck holding hands. I opened the door for her and ran my hand over her ass in her tight pants. She smiled and kissed me.

“Feeling a little freer with those hand are you?”

“Do you mind?”

“No I like it when you touch me. I like it a lot!” I got into my side of the truck, “You know I was thinking of getting my nipples pierced to. What would you think of that? Would you take me to have it done?”

Kathy slipped over next to me; “Well I guess this is going to be another fun day at work for me! Sure let’s go!”

I ran my hand over her thigh as we drove off to get it done!

“Oh and by the way Kathy, “ I looked at her then gave her a fast kiss, “I love you to!”

“I know you do. I just didn’t know if you knew it!” she just smiled as we drove on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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