Make Me Do for love

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This is a short for my characters Jayden DeMario and Isaac Bridges from the book something About Jayden.


Jayden ran downstairs, coat in hand to meet Isaac in his car. Excited, he picked up his step when he got closer to his building’s exit. His heart thumped against his ribs and his mouth was dry from breathing so hard, he nearly choked on the cold air when he made it outside. Despite this, nothing would deter him from seeing the man he’d come to know as his lover, Isaac Bridges co-president of Bridges, Denton, and Associates. They’d been seeing one another for almost a year now and Jayden had higher aspirations of them taking their relationship to the next level.

Once he arrived at Isaac’s black Lexus, he quickly knocked on the window. The brisk air chilled his bones, but he knew one kiss from his man would instantly warm him from head to toe. Isaac had that kind of effect on him and Jayden didn’t mind saying he was whipped. He’d been enamored with Isaac Bridges from day one when he was an intern at the company and even when they separated for a millisecond, his feelings never waned.

“Hey babe.” Isaac came around the car and pressed his thick lips against Jayden’s. “How was work today?”

Jayden fell into his loving embrace and held on to Isaac’s broad shoulders. Being this close to Isaac stirred feelings of desire inside of Jayden. “All right, but I’m more than ready to enjoy this time with you. It’s been a long week.”

Isaac opened the door and waved Jayden in. “That bad, huh? I told you your job is always open at the firm J. Just say the word.”

“No.” Jayden shook his head vehemently and looked away from Isaac. He refused to give him the satisfaction of being right about the small job at Rosario Furniture. They were running him ragged and not paying him enough for all he had done for them. Despite this, he was closer to his Madre as he’d wanted all along. Still, they’d definitely gotten their money’s worth out of Jayden and more. Good thing his finances weren’t an issue or he would’ve taken Isaac up on his offer.

“You sure? You’re putting in long hours, sweetheart.” Isaac hopped in the driver’s seat and grabbed Jayden’s hand. He frowned and rubbed his face against Jayden’s fingers. “Babe where are your gloves? It’s twenty degrees below freezing out here.”

Jayden sucked in a breath and moistened his lips. Feeling Isaac’s soft skin against his made his erection grow beneath his slacks. “I don’t wear gloves when I’m driving, Isaac. And since I hardly ever leave the house, I actually have them in my closet. I’m fine, believe me. Let’s just go. I’m ready to get our weekend started.”

Isaac softly kissed Jayden’s hands from tips to the knuckles. “So am I. It’s been a week since we made love, babe.” Isaac’s hazel eyes met Jayden’s.

“Yes I… I know.” Jayden got lost in them and the beating in his heart picked up a pace or two. Staring at his man turned him into a puddle of mush, not able to form coherent words or thoughts. “That’s too long if you ask me. I’ve missed you so much, Isaac.”

Isaac smiled at him and pulled him in for another lip lock. “I’ve missed you too, lover. And like I said if you wanna come back…”

“No, Isaac.” Jayden’s brows furrowed and he reluctantly pushed him away. As much as he wanted to enjoy more making out in the front seat, he was ready to get going. Since he worked from his apartment, he desperately needed to get away from it so he wouldn’t go stir crazy. “Drive.”

Isaac chuckled and pecked him quickly on the mouth. “Yes, sir.”

Jayden flashed him a wry smile and rubbed the inside of his thigh, very close to his crotch. “That’s more like it.” Occasionally he liked to talk tough to his man because he knew he could get away with it.

Despite this, Jayden knew who was in charge in bed. Isaac being the more experienced meant Jayden was following Isaac’s lead. He didn’t care because he loved Isaac with all his heart and considered him more than just the man he’d fallen in love with. Isaac was a mentor too, which made Jayden feel more comfortable not only with his sexuality, but also with himself.

* * * *

When the light turned red, Isaac glanced over at Jayden. Instead of the fresh faced young intern he’d come to know and love while he worked at his company, he appeared to be worn out from the position he’d accepted at Rosario. Small dark lines surrounded Jayden’s beautiful eyes and patches of stubble covered certain portions of his cheeks. More than a night of bahis firmaları dancing, dinner, and making love he needed sleep.

And though Isaac wanted to have wild sex, he’d be content with putting his man in bed after a long, hot bath. Besides, a tired Jayden wouldn’t enjoy everything Isaac had planned and they had the whole weekend to themselves.

“What?” Jayden clicked his teeth and yawned. “Don’t look at me like that and not say anything.”

Isaac tried figuring out the nicest way to put his concerns into words without hurting his man’s feelings. Telling Jayden how his decision to work for a small company would be a mistake and he didn’t want to start their rendezvous on the wrong foot.

“Babe, you-” Isaac spoke then turned to look at Jayden, noticing he was already fast asleep. “You’re exhausted. I told you that damn place was no good for you.” While he drove, he reached over and gripped Jayden’s hand and brought it to his lips. “I love you, Jayden DeMario. As soon as we get back to my place, I’m putting you to bed.”

Jayden’s lips formed into a smile, eyes still closed. A deep sigh escaped his mouth and he squirmed in his seat.

Isaac kept Jayden’s hand in his and rubbed his own face. “We’ll be home soon, love to get some rest. Then in the morning, your pretty ass is mine.”

* * * *

Only moments later, Isaac arrived in front of his suburban home. He put the car in park and killed the engine. “We’re here, babe, but don’t worry about walking.” Isaac jogged around to the other side and opened the passenger door.

“Hmm? Oh dang, Isaac, I’m sorry for falling asleep.” Jayden wiped the corners of his mouth.

Isaac leaned down and slid his hands underneath Jayden’s buttocks. “It’s not a problem, love. You need the rest.” He lifted Jayden from the car seat.

“Isaac, you don’t have to carry me in. I’ve got legs.”

“I know you do, but you’re tired.” Isaac leaned in to Jayden and planted a soft kiss on his head.

“Not too tired to walk, but I have to admit, this is nice.”

“Getting in some practice.” Isaac pressed his lips to Jayden’s cheek. When they arrived at the door, Isaac put Jayden down a moment.

“Hmm? What’s that mean?” Jayden rubbed his own arms and danced in place.

“You know what that means.” Isaac unlocked it and picked Jayden up again.

“Isaac, you can stop carrying me.”

Isaac didn’t listen and strolled to the staircase. “Straight to bed with you.”

Jayden laid his head on Isaac’s shoulder. “Who’s on top tonight? Me or you?”

“No one. We’re going to sleep for the night, then we’ll have fun after breakfast in the morning.” Isaac put Jayden down and removed his coat.

“I suppose you’re right, I… Isaac.” Jayden yawned and stretched his arms.

Isaac yanked Jayden into his body and felt discomfort in his trousers. “Of course I am, love. Daddy knows best.”

* * * *

Jayden shifted in bed and slowly opened his eyes. Feeling his arousal, he rubbed the head of his cock and sighed inwardly.


Hard as rock, Jayden regretted not spending the duration of the night making love to Isaac. Despite being horny, he was very grateful his lover allowed him to relax. He hadn’t gotten such good sleep since his second month at Rosario and he was starting to regret his decision to leave Isaac’s company.

Though both jobs were stressful, he knew Isaac wouldn’t give him more than he could handle. The folks at Rosario didn’t seem to understand that though he did all his work from home, he liked sleeping and enjoying time with his man.

He’d spoken to his boss about it when he made his last trip into the office. When he voiced his concerns, the manager assured him things would let up after a couple of weeks. That was almost three months ago and instead of things slowing down; they heaped more work on his small plate. Not that he didn’t enjoy working, but killing himself by doing too much wasn’t what he had in mind.

Several months ago Isaac offered Jayden a job at Bridges and Denton, he nearly said yes, but his pride and his concern of what people would say got in the way.

Jayden and Isaac were on the brink of making that next step very soon; moving in together and then hopefully marriage since Illinois passed the bill. Jayden refused to let anyone ruin that joy for him and going back to Bridges might cause some unwelcome attention.

Refreshed, Jayden stretched his arms over his head and looked to his left. Nothing but white crumpled kaçak iddaa sheets there and on his right. Isaac must’ve decided to let Jayden sleep and for this, he was extra appreciative.

“Isaac?” Jayden frowned and jumped out of bed. “Isaac, I wanna take a shower. Come and join me.”

Once he stepped in front of the full length mirror, Jayden removed the ponytail holder from his hair and shook it out. A five o’clock shadow and bags under his eyes greeted Jayden and told him he needed about a week of doing nothing to recover fully. “Damn, I need to shave and to get my hair trimmed. It’s going down my back.”

“Hey sweetheart. You sure you don’t need more sleep?” Isaac walked in, clothed in a housecoat with two cups of coffee in hand.

“No, I don’t. Thank you for letting me rest, though. It’s been a while since I got that much sleep. Well, except for after we made love last time that is.” Jayden flashed his lover a wry smile.

Isaac handed him the mug and pressed a light kiss against his head. “I know, which is why I didn’t disturb you. The minute you fell asleep in the car, I knew making love wasn’t going to happen.”

“You could’ve anyway. I wouldn’t have minded.” Jayden blew on his drink and sipped. “Mhmm, hazelnut, one of my favorite flavors. Oh, I’m sorry, after sweet caramel,” he chuckled.

“Uh huh. You’ve been listening to that dirty talk I been pouring on you, hmm?” Isaac moved in closer and slinked an arm around Jayden’s waist.

Jayden bit his lip and quickly set his cup on the dresser before he dropped it on his bare body. He sucked in a breath and leaned on Isaac’s broad shoulder. “Yeah, and I’ve been learning some of my own.” Jayden lifted Isaac’s chin and planted a light peck there. “Come on into the shower with me. I mean, you see I’m raring to go, right?”

Isaac looked down and nodded, “Yeah, you are but I wanted to talk with you about our plans this evening. I wanna take you out dancing.”

Jayden wrapped his arms around Isaac’s neck, resting his elbows on his shoulders. “Oh, that would be awesome. You know I love to samba.”

“Yeah, but, I thought about taking you to another place so we can step. Though I love taking you to salsa clubs, I wanted you to get a taste of what I do. Debra’s been a trooper going with me all these years and now that I finally have a real partner, I wanna go even more.”

Jayden cocked an eyebrow. “Really, Isaac? I don’t know how to step though, and I don’t wanna embarrass you or me out there on the floor.”

“You won’t, sweetheart and it’s very similar to salsa. It’s mostly in the feet and the turns. Before we take a shower, I’m gonna teach you a little, okay?”

Jayden shrugged, “Okay, but go slow so I can follow along. And, wait, am I going to be the youngest one there?”

Isaac laughed, “Probably, unless there’s some cougars or old fogies’ like me chatting it up with some young men.”

Jayden joined him in the chuckle and kissed Isaac before he pulled away from him. “Hey where are you going?”

“Turning on the music, of course.” Isaac turned some dials and in about a minute, some horns and a very simple beat sounded from the speakers. He’d never heard this tune, but he presumed Isaac did so he went along with it. “Hey, sounds good.”

“I know.” Isaac wrapped his arm around Jayden’s waist and took his right hand. “Now you’re a good dancer, so I know you can follow my lead.”

“Of course I will.” Jayden looked at Isaac’s feet and how he simply did a step, then two in place before he went forwards then back again.

Jayden got excited watching his man move with such grace and ease. More than intrigued, he was aroused and desired Isaac to dance him over to the mattress. “Oh, this is similar to the salsa. Just five minutes of this right?” Jayden picked it up and watched Isaac’s feet a couple more times. “I can do this dance, but you gotta do it naked like me.”

* * * *

Isaac moistened his lips, enjoying watching Jayden step without effort. Even more, his cock bobbing against his belly while he was in motion. “Oh is that the stipulation?” Isaac kept moving while he shed his robe and tossed it aside. He moved closer to Jayden and met his brown gaze. “How’s that?”

“Perfect.” Jayden continued to follow the steps exactly and put a little of his own rhythm into the dance. He moved his shoulders to the beat and took Isaac’s hand, leading him instead of the other way around.

“Wow, look at you. You got it, babe.” Isaac kept his eyes on Jayden’s kaçak bahis for them to continue dancing. It was one of his favorite songs and the lyrics described his relationship with Jayden to a tee.

“Is there any turns in this? Forget it, I’m making my own.” Jayden did just that, twirling and still keeping in step with Isaac.

“Whoa baby. I did have a turn, but I wanted to make sure you had it first.”

“Why? If anything you know I’m a good dancer. Momma Lydia and I used to dance together at the Mexican parades when I was younger. Even with diabetes and all her ailments, she taught me how to move properly.”

“So I see.” Isaac twirled Jayden around and brought him close to his body. The song was ending and once again, Isaac’s glances slipped down below Jayden’s waistline. “So, you been like that since I came in here.”

“Before that, Papi.” Jayden was still moving even with the tune coming to a close. “Song is over, right? Time for us to dance between the sheets now, eh, amante?

“Si, si.” Isaac caressed Jayden’s shoulders and let his hands drag down to Jayden’s buttocks. He rubbed the underside of Jayden’s ass then traveled back upwards to the crease. Wanting more, he spread Jayden’s thighs wider and pressed his finger on Jayden’s tight pucker.

“Oh, yes, there.” Jayden threw his head back and pulled Isaac backwards towards the bed. “Come on, Isaac. I want you inside me.”

“Mhmm.” Isaac placed light nips on Jayden’s neck until he reached his adam’s apple. He swiped his tongue over the bulge and sucked while he plunged his finger further inside Jayden’s anus.

“Oh fu… ck. Isaac.” Jayden moved against his finger and gripped onto Isaac’s shoulders. “More… yeah, more.”

Isaac responded with more kisses on Jayden’s neckline down to his collarbone. He inhaled the scent of body wash on his skin and sampled a taste. Desiring Jayden, he gently pushed him back on top of the bed. Meeting Jayden’s lustful gaze, Isaac inhaled sharply and rubbed his swollen cock.

What Jayden did to Isaac made him wish he hadn’t waited so long to fall in real love. In a way it was a good thing because if he’d tried sooner, he might not have met Jayden Demario. “You ready for me?”

Jayden leaned back on the pillows and reached in the side table drawer. With his long black hair splayed across both, Jayden truly was a beautiful sight to behold. “I am, but I wanna ride you, Isaac. I wanna lead this part of our dance.”

“I’m more than okay with that, lover.” Isaac caught the lube Jayden tossed in his direction and squeezed some on his fingertips without breaking their connection. He smoothed the slick from the head down to the base and moistened his lips. Watching Jayden finger his own ass made his erection swell even more. He loved watching his young lover play with himself. “Damn babe, you’re so…”

“Horny and ready for you.” Jayden removed his hand from his own dick and patted the space next to him. “Come on, babe. The shower and coffee will wait. I gotta have you now, Isaac. It’s been a week.”

Isaac obeyed and lay down on the mattress. “Yes, one very long week, but if you came back-“

Jayden breathed in and hovered over Isaac, palming his own cock with Isaac’s. “Yes… Yes, I will, but only if you promise me…”

Isaac’s breath caught in his chest from what Jayden was doing. He was so distracted, he almost missed Jayden’s response. “You will? Oh babe. What is it you want? Anything for you to be back with me at Bridges.”

Jayden sucked in a breath and arched his body against Isaac’s still holding their dicks together in his hand. “No doing me special favors or telling me I told you so.” Jayden leaned in and kissed Isaac’s lips. “I want to be treated like everyone else.”

“And?” Isaac gasped and continued to watch. The pleasure in his groin increased with Jayden’s stroking.

“And…” Jayden released Isaac’s cock and moved slightly until he aligned it with his ass. He reached behind himself and slowly sank downward on it. “And, I wanna take that next step.”

Isaac sighed inwardly from the sensation of Jayden’s flesh surrounding his cock. He grabbed Jayden’s hips, holding on to both tightly. “Yes, baby. I-” Isaac closed his eyes a moment. Drops of perspiration ran down the side of his face. “I do too. We’re living and working together, right?”

“Mhmm.” Jayden bounced on his dick and he swiped his tongue across his lips. “Isaac, I wanna do everything together.”

“So do I.” Isaac did want that and more with Jayden. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the love of his life and having Jayden close like he was in the beginning would make working with Silas Denton Junior a little more than tolerable.

* * * *

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