Maid to Measure

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We’d hired Pina, the new Philipina maid a few weeks ago, my wife was away on a business trip in Thailand, and my twin adopted daughters Arkana and Arianne had been ribbing me that she’d be fired as soon as mum got back, given she was such an exotic goddess. Trouble is, the more my daughters ribbed me, the more my thoughts turned carnal.

We’d adopted Ari and Arkie when they were one from Ghana. They’d grown into incredibly attractive young women, having recently turned 19 and at uni. To say they were ‘fit’ is a screaming understatement. Simply put they were African-Australian goddesses, not Elle Macpherson exactly, but close enough. Being their father basically meant I was on what I called shotgun duties, yet we’d had no boys coming prowling, but by hell, if any fucker did try anything with them, I was more than ready to do the follow up.

My thoughts turned back to Pina. Christ! She even wore a tailor made outfit that only accentuated her goddess form. The all too perfect fantasy of a hot attractive maid. I had taken to watching her casually as she worked on occasion, trying my damnedest not to be obvious, but this time I was seriously busted. Pina arched over the sofa and then looked back over her shoulder, smiling.

“Chu like always to watch you maids when they work Meester Dawson?”

“Umm…sorry…was I watching you Pina?” I offered pathetically.

“Yes you were, but I like for dat, I have no problem wid dis, please watch me if you like?”

“Please call me George Pina, no need for such formality.”

“Eben when you wife is here?” she said cheekily.

“Christ no Pina! I’d be a dead man and you’d be out of a job!”

“I think I am to have no job when she come back anyway…George. She is woman and I am seen as threat no?”

She had been effectively doing a dusting dance in front of me and I was loving it!

“Which asks the question Pina…are you a ‘threat’? You are amazingly attractive yes; Ari and Arkie have been teasing me about you.”

“This I know too, but…George…one thing you must understand por favor?” she hesitated.

“What Pina? Is something wrong? Please tell me if there is?”

“I am…the word you use here…a lesbian…I only love the pussy!”

“Holy fuck Pina! That’s made you fifty times hotter in my books! SHIT! Sorry! I shouldn’t’ve have said that!”

“You really like for me as lesbian? You are a man no? You undress me with your eyes all the time; even now you are doing this.”

At this she bent right over the sofa so now she was arse up and revealing the lowers of her cheek rounds. I almost came right there and then!

“Ooh Meester George! I think I am stuck, may you help me please?”

I as good as bolted over to her; I held her waist in my hands as she pushed back deliberately onto my crotch, pressing her butt against my now hardening boner.

“Pina, for someone that’s supposed to be a lesbian, you certainly know how to put out for a guy!”

She arched back bringing her right arm slowly around my neck and started moaning as she pressed onto my hardness, her other hand sliding down to her pussy.

“But I am lesbian Meester George. I only luff de pussy!” she crooked her head back alongside my neck, moaning.

“And yet you’re letting me press my hardon against your lesbian ass? Which I totally love, don’t get me wrong Pina!”

“I only do cock in my ass, that way I am still lesbian no? But you no touch my pussy OK?”

“I fucking love it you sick twisted woman! I have won the lottery!” I cupped and squeezed her tits as she lifted up the back of her skirt and deftly undid my fly and eased my cock out. She cleaved her butt cheeks and I pushed into her ass.

“Oooh Meester George! You are sooo hard! AAAH!” she slowly pushed back onto my cock til I was full in her.

“You naughty maid! Not wearing panties! Why any boss of yours could all to easily sink their cock into your hot hot ass! MMMM BABY! This is so hot! I’m fucking lesbian ass! OK, seeing as tho we’re doing kinky shit, call me ‘Daddy’ OK?”

“Oooh Daddy! You so hard in my lesbian ass! OOH!!”

“Fuck you play this so well Pina! Your ass is fantastic!” I instinctively went to reach down to her pussy but she stopped me instantly.

“No pussy! Daddy! I give you my ass! You must not want my pussy OK?”

“Sorry Pina, just an instinct thing, you know, me deep in ass and then I love fingering pussy as well. Something my wife never lets me do.

“Aaah! But you have done this before on women yes…DADDY?”

“Yes Pina, when I go to Asia I love fucking whores, no offense.”

“Hah! This I know of you too, I see this in your eyes. I have deal for you Meester George…OOH!! Daddy…I will be your Asian whore until your wife comes back. You can fuck my ass and I will suck your cock but you cannot touch my pussy OK?”

“Christ you drive a hard bargain Pina but OK!”

I building up my rhythm and Pina was moaning louder.

“Fuck my lesbian ass Daddy! AAAH! You so hard in my ass! OOH!!” I was brinking on cumming kurtköy escort at her urging when I heard obvious female moans from the other room.

“HOLY FUCK! My daughters! Oh Christ Pina!” I tried withdrawing but now she had me in deep and hard, holding my butt firmly with her hands. I was amazed at her strength.

“Pina! What the hell are you doing?!” I hissed.

“Stay in my lesbian ass Daddy! AAAH! Yes, your daughter’s haf been leesening to you in my ass! I think dey like very much…Daddy!”

At that, Arianne and Arkana appeared at the open door, arm in arm, and dressed as maids in PVC costumes!

“ARKIE! ARI! What the fuck?!”

“How hot is that sis?” leered Arkie “Daddy’s buttfucking the maid! Like our outfits Pina? We wore them in honour of you. Oh, we got one for you too! Daddy! Stop trying to wriggle out of Pina’s ass, just go with it.” they were both squeezing each other’s tits

“Oh you look so damned hot girls! You do this for me? OOH!! I theenk Daddy like your outfits too, he got super hard in my lesbian ass now!”

“Holy fuck girls! What the hell is going on here?!”

“Well.” said Ari “You have your cock deep in the maid’s ass, and me and sis here are going to help you buttfuck her, though you seem to have part covered. Oh, and if you’re wondering, we’ve fucked Pina too!”

With that Ari turned to Arkie and kissed her deeply and passionately, cupping and squeezing her well endowed tight shiny tits causing Pina to moan deeply and push fully back onto my cock.

“Oooh Meester George! You daughters so hot no?! AAH! Maybe you must ‘punish’ me for fucking your daughters no? OOH!!” she slam fucked me into her ass.

“Holy fucking Christ! Y…you’re doing incest g…girls! Th…that’s so fucking perverse and wrong! AAAH!”

“Absolutely Daddy!” hissed Arkie. “You may not have noticed but me and Ari sis are actually lesbians! We’ve been fucking each other for the last year and now we’ve fucked Pina. Well technically not fucked, she walked in on me and Ari mid fuck yeah, so we invited her to join us!”

“Y…yes girls, but it’s wrong, you’re sisters for Christ’s sake! It’s total incest! Mum will fucking wig out if she ever finds out! OOH!!”

“Says you still butt fucking Pina huh? Which is totally fucking yummy by the way Daddy! But how will she find out hey? Are you gonna tell her? I bet the thought of me and Arkie going all suckie suckie on each other’s pussys is a super turn on for you Daddy!”

“So Daddy, here’s the deal yeah? You keep ‘mum’ about us and we don’t tell Mummy you’ve butt fucked the maid!” they’d moved either side of me and reached down with open palms and squeezed my butt cheeks.

“That’s blackmail you little bitches!” I hissed as I deep thrusted Pina’s ass!

“Get used to it Daddy! You realise though, you are the only man we trust?” moaned Ari “We totally love you Daddy. We totally love each other, me and Arkie; my sister is my girlfriend…and my lover! As wrong as you think our relationship is, we love each other regardless, so to sweeten the deal, we want you to fuck our lesbian pussys too!” Arkie fell to her knees and lapped at my ass as Ari leaned in and kissed me deeply. I jetted deep in Pina’s ass as she moaned loudly and pulled my hips deeper into her. I made good the opportunity and did the old reach around. Instead of hot wet pussy I felt hot hard wet cock and Pina shrieked!

“OOH FUCK MEESTER GEORGE!! Please do not be angry wid me!” my daughters pulled away watching for my reaction.

“Are you angry Daddy? We did kind of trick you.” asked Ariane.

“So you two are incestuous lesbians and I’ve got my cock deep in lady boy ass?” I continued butt pumping her.

“Well kind of, it was just that she walked in on us mid fuck and we asked her to join us. She didn’t want to initially, but we could see that she was turned on by what she was seeing. Wow Daddy! You like cock too? You’re really working Pina’s hardon there! That looks so fucking yummy!!”

“OOH!! Meester George! You…you like m…my cock eben tho I am ladyboy? AAAH! You must!”

“Just one thing Pina? Have you actually fucked my lesbian daughters with this cock? Be honest with me! AAAH!”

“No no no Meester George! I do kiss you daughters si? I never kiss girl before eben tho I say I am lesbian. I take a chance dat you no touch me in front if I tell you dat and let you buttfuck me! OOH!! I have to be so careful cos all my bosses want to fuck me, but I never let dem…until now.”

“We found out Pina was ladyboy and she freaked a bit, but we reassured her that it was OK, the only cock action we saw was making her wank for us Daddy! It was so fucking hot!” moaned Ari as Arkie reached her right hand round and squeezed Ari’s fulsome tit, the other hand diving down and working her pussy.

“MMMM! Daddy Pina then fessed up that she actually had the hots for you! AAAH! S…so we asked her if she wanted to actually buttfuck you. MMMM Arkie work my hot little lesbian pussy for Daddy! levent escort OOH YES!”

Ari was shuddering as Ari finger danced her cunt. I was pumping Pina’s cock then stopped and held her still.

“So Arianne, Arkana, you seriously want me to fuck you, even though you are lesbians, AND I am your father? Have either of you even had cock in you before?”

“Well Daddy.” said Ari “It’s perfect for us, we totally love each other, and we totally love you. As we said, you’re the only man we trust, and no offense, but we’re not bio related so technically it’s not incest. And no, we’ve never done cock tho loads of boys have tried it on cos we’re so fucking hot!””

“And anyway Daddy, we thought you might be kind of relieved that we’re dirty lessos, no nasty boys to come a visiting. Hey Pina hun, can you get Daddy to take his cock out of your ass. You both look so fucking yummy!, but the thing is, being the dirty lessos we are, we’ve never actually seen a real hard dick, except for Pina’s of course.”

“MMMM but Daddy feels so good in my ass girls! OOH!! OK Meester George I jus’ realise I not see your cock either; you jus’ stick it in my hot leetle ass when I put out for you! Girls, Meester George, if you wan’ I can suck you to show the girls!”

“Holy fuck this is all so fucking twisted and perverse! Buttfucking my lady boy maid with my two hot lesbian daughters, dressed as fucking whore maids, now wanting to fuck me!”

“MMM! You have a problem with that Daddy? I’m damned sure you’d love some sweet ebony daughter tang!” sighed Ari, as Arkie licked up her neck then sunk her tongue into her mouth in a deliciously twisted kiss.

I withdrew from Pina and moved around into our loose circle, my semi flaccid cock regaining at the sight of my daughters in a tight shiny kiss. Pina reached down and stroked me, smiling widely. I returned the favour, reaching up and squeezing her tit.

“MMMM! Meester George! I need to suck your cock!”

“MMMM Pina! That’s funny, cos I need to suck your’s too!”

“Really Daddy?! You’re gonna blow Pina?” gasped Ari. “Sis! This is so fucking wild! We can take notes!”

“Meester George! You really want to suck my cock?”

“Fuck yeah Pina! Christ I’m about to fuck my daughters, who are rampant incestuous lesbians that want my Daddy cock in them! Work that one out! How much more perverse can we get than that?”

“Hmmm…I can think of something even…perverserer Daddy!” giggled Ari as she winked at a slightly bemused Arkie.

“What could be more …’perverserer’ than this Ari darling? So glad all that money on your schooling was wasted!”

“Well Daddy…you butt fucking me for a start! You up for that sis?”

“Wow! You sick bitch Ari! You really want Daddy to ass fuck you as well?”

“Hell yeah! Didn’t he look so hot fucking Pina’s ass, and she’s a lady boy! No offence Pina.”

“Ooh yeah, you’re right! Daddy, you did look so fucking hot in Pina’s ass, and now you’re going to suck her cock too?”

“You really want me to buttfuck you Ari?’s cool if you don’t want in on that.”

“Well…you go first then Ari, I’m just super horny that Daddy’s gonna fuck us, and we’re lesbians sis! I gotta say Daddy, you have got a seriously beautiful cock, I can’t wait to suck it!”

“Mmm! Is beautiful cock Meester George!”

“Holy fuck! This is all so super twisted! Hey Pina, have you ever fucked a woman before?”

“No Meester George, I have never fucked pussy.”

“Girls, hear me out here, if Pina agrees, would you like her to fuck you, but only on the condition I fuck you first? It’s a boy thing, conquest and all that, which is probably part of the reason you are lesbian actually, and I am your father after all.”

“Wow Daddy! You’re as sick and twisted as we are!” blurted Arkana. “I am wet at the idea, Ari, are you in on that? I mean sorry, the very person we should be asking is Pina! Sorry Pina, would you like to fuck us?”

“Ay ay ay! Dis is so kinky! I get Daddy to fuck me and now he is going to have incest fucking wid his daughters who also want me to fuck dem. I never have pussy before, but I am willing to learn!”

“That’s the spirit Pina! Now girls, at the risk of sounding politically correct, I have this overweening urge to fuck some hot lesbian cunt, and I have to say, dressed as you currently are, you two are uber fuckable, even if you are my daughters!”

“MMMM Daddy! Are you going to nasty talk us as well?” asked Ari. “Because that only makes us wetter! Let me guess, you want us to be your hot little incestuous lesbian whores yeah?”

“OK, enough of this! Hell! Let me get my kit off here, I’ve buttfucked Pina on the fly so the least I can do is buff up for my daughters.” I pulled off my shoes and as Arkie unpeeled my pants as Pina helped me get my shirt off. Ari and Arkie were now knelt at me as I ran my hands through their hair. “

“On your knees the pair of you, you filthy lesbian sluts! Show Daddy some true respect and suck him mahmutbey escort off!”

“Ooh Daddy! We’ve never sucked cock before, we’ve only sucked each other’s sister cunts!” cooed Arkie as she and Ari took position, looking up at me. They each reached a cupped palm around and squeezed my ass cheeks, running their free hands up my inner thigh. I moaned accordingly.

“MMM, I might well be a sister fucking lesbian Daddy, but I have to say you have a gorgeous cock!” moaned Ari.

“We totally fucking love you Daddy!” added Arkie.

“OK…one of you on the shaft, the other on the balls! SUCK ME OFF YOU LESBIAN WHORES! PINA! Kiss me you hot little bitch!”

Pina was a little shocked at my aggro, but complied as Ari open swallowed my cock, with Arkie giving me sweet sweet suction to my balls.

“Wow sis! We’re finally actually doing it! We’re blowing Daddy! Does he taste nice?” asked Arkie.

Ari gasped as I deep throated her and pulled off momentarily.

“He’s yummy Arkie! Here, have a suck!” she pulled Arkie onto my cock as she hungrily swallowed.

“Mmm Daddy! You like your lesbian daughters sucking your gorgeous Daddy cock huh?”

“AAAH! I fucking love it girls! Holy Christ! I’m fucking committing incest with my daughters!”

“Well it’s not fully and proper incest til that yummy cock is deep in our daughter cunts Daddy!” moaned Ari as she leant over and started sucking a rather surprised Pina.

“Oooh yeah! Suck her off you filthy little slut! You like that Pina? You’re being blown by a lesbian! Fuck that’s hot!”

“Oooh Mees Ari! OOH!! Oh god is sooo good!”

“Suck you dirty slut suck it! Suck that hot Pina cock bitch!” I then felt Arkie draw off me and stand up look at me conspiratorially. Without a word she raised the hem of her pleather nurse halter showing me her brazilled pussy, pulling my cock to her. She looked over to make sure Arianne was fully indulging Pina, and held me close, drawing me into her cunt.

“Aah! Now let’s do this incest thing properly Daddy! Holy fuck you’re so damned hard!” she moaned as I gently pushed into her. “AAH! Daddy! Wow!” I felt my hardness move in on her hot wet pussy lips and we both moaned at the initial ingress. “Take my virgin cunt Daddy!” she sighed and pushed fully onto me. She tight clamped my butt to secure our forbidden union as Ari realising turned around and blurted “Arkana you cheating fucking whore! I was meant to be first! I am the eldest!”

“Oooh whatever sis! AAH! God this is fantastic! It’s official sis, I am no longer a cock virgin! AAH! You are gonna love this Daddy cock in your cunt! OOH!! Give it to me Daddy! Ahuh ahuh!”

This was pure wild heaven, Arkie’s hot tight shiny body pressed against my bare flesh as I sunk her cunt. We kissed deeply and passionately as she moaned into my mouth. I could barely make out what Arianne was saying but she wasn’t happy.

“Pina! I want you to fuck me! Like Daddy’s fucking my cheating sister! Put your cock in me baby! NOW!”

“Oooh no Mees Ari! Daddy will be angry! It is not right, for he must have you before I have you, like he is having Arkana!”

“Do you wanna fuck me or not Pina?”

“Yes I do, but I must wait for Daddy!”

“Well I wanna fuck you Pina!” Ari ripped open Pina’s blouse exposing her lovely tits as she gasped.

“Oooh Mees Ari! My god! AAAH!”

“I’m suckin’ your tits bitch!” Pina pressed against Ari’s mouth, then pushed her down to her tits, one of her arms embracing her head, the other squeezing Ari’s tits through the tight shiny pleather.

“Meester George I sorry, your daughter want to fuck me bad. I never have pussy before. I think I like!”

Arkie was holding onto me for dear life as I was pumping her. I was actually turned on at the idea of Pina fucking Arianne.

“Aah! Well you’re all mine now Daddy! We’re actually doing the incest thing and I fucking love it! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me real good! OOH!!” moaned Arkie.

“Holy fuck I love you Arkie! And I love you too Ari, Pina…fuck her if you want! I actually want to see that!”

Pina was locked with Ari who was working her hardon.

“Daddy! It’s not fair! I was meant to be first!” pouted Arianne, like a spoilt brat. “I need your cock in my lesbian cunt!”

“Deal with it you dirty little incestuous slut! Of course I wanted first fuck on you, but Arkie got the jump on you! Pina, do me a fave hun, keep the whore occupied and face fuck her for me please! I need to fill this beautiful Arkie slut with my Daddy cum!” I thrust deep into her and she squeal moaned.

“Aaah! Cum in my lesbian cunt Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!” she sucked and licked at my face as I jetted deep in her. Ari and Pina moved in closer to us, embracing us both. Ari grabbed Arkie’s head and passionately kissed her as Pina nuzzled into me and softy kissed me. Ari then wedged in pushing Arkie off my cock, taking her position pressing against my body, grabbing my cock and squeezing hard.

“Now fuck ME you incestuous cunt! Think you’re ‘man’ enough to penetrate MY lesbian pussy Daddy? You sick ladyboy fucking cocksucker!”

“OK bitch! I’m doing you doggy style!” I reached down and groped her pussy and she moaned. “Now you can either suck your sister’s pussy as I’m doing you, or you can suck Pina’s cock! Mind you, the latter option would be more in keeping with our super twisted fuck fest!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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