Lusting Ch. 01

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My arms wrapped tight around you I lightly lick a soft trail from the line of your hair to the nape of your neck. My hands are just under your breasts not touching them yet. I can feel their weight and warmth against the tops of my hands. Pulling you closer to me. Your back to my front. My breasts pressing into your back. Slowly my hands turn and skim the bottoms of your full breasts. My mouth goes to the side of your neck and softly sucks the spot where it joins your shoulder. Leaving a small red mark my tongue darts out to lick it soothingly. I can hear your breath catch with that small lick. My hands enclose your breasts just holding them there. I can feel your nipples hard against my palms pressing into them. Hard little points wanting to be touched. My thumbs trace a circle around them brushing lightly so lightly your not even sure I touched you. I moan against your neck as your hips rock back into mine. I lightly pinch your nipples through your shirt and bra. Your head falls back onto my shoulder. I turn my face towards you and our mouths meet hungrily. You gasp into my mouth as my thigh slide between yours pressing into you from casino şirketleri behind. Rubbing against you completely. Our tongues dart against each other quickly taking and giving pleasure to us both. One of my hands slides down your stomach,teasing you. You shiver in my arms in arousal. I can feel your heat on my thigh pressed between your legs. Palm flat against your belly I press you back into me as I snug my thigh higher between your legs pressing into you harder. You rock your pelvis into me slowly again and again.

My hand slides gently into the waist band of your pants skimming your belly teasingly bare skin to bare skin. You squirm in my arms arousal running through your body; anticipation, needing, wanting to be touched. I release you and pull your shirt off leaving you bare from the waist up, the cool air giving you goosebumps.

My hand undoes the buttons on your jeans until they hang off your hips in danger of falling off.. I get a glimpse of your pretty panties and your soft skin under them… Slowly my hands slip inside your jeans sliding them down and off your hips…letting them pool at your feet. My hands at casino firmaları your hips I press you back into me again pressing my thigh into your wetness. God you feel so good against me I whisper to you. I can feel you warm and wet against my thigh ready for my touch.

My hands tease along your panties.. playing with your belly.. rimming your bellybutton… Finally one hand slides under your panties brushing lightly against your mound..skimming your pubic hair. One finger slips between your wet lips..teasing your clit gently.. You buck into my hand and moan in my ear. My hand covers your sweet wet lips pressing against them. Two fingers slide between them parting you softly as my fingers trace lines all over your pussy.

My teeth nip your ear and tug just a bit as 2 fingers slide inside you. Pressing lightly against your opening, I pump my fingers inside your wetness. Opening them I stretch you gently. I keep up that motion as I walk us backwards slowly to the bed. I pull my hand away from you and push you back down onto the bed, sitting you at the edge. I bring my fingers to my mouth to tasting you. I lean down to you and güvenilir casino kiss you deeply, our mouths melting together.

Pressing you back against the bed I kneel between your thighs parting them futher for me. My eyes watching you I kiss your mound thru your panties inhaling your scent.. I moan against you vibrating my chin against your clit. You buck up lightly into my face and moan loudly. you are so wet I can see it on your panties. I tug the waist band on your panties pulling them off of you.. You lift your hips to help me. Finally you are bare to my gaze.

My hand strokes down your pussy slowly from clit to ass and back up again and then down once more.. both hands go under your legs as I lift you off the bed slightly bringing your pussy closer to my mouth. My tongue darts out and licks your pubic hair. Dipping lower it parts your lips and finds your swollen, needy clit. My tongue licks you from your ass to your clit again and again. You taste so good I say against your pussy. My tongue slides inside your pussy flicking in and out… in and out.. lapping up your wetness. My nose pressing lightly into your clit. You give off a soft scream as my mouth envelopes your clit. My teeth lightly bite down and pull out slightly just enough pressure for you to feel it. I grab a pillow and slide it under your ass lifting you…

To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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