Lust Is Fulfilled

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I have been married for 10 years. My married life is okay. Husband is handsome and nice. But that hasn’t been able to reduce my desire for my father-in-law. Maybe I like older men. Maybe I dislike younger ones. But the way I feel when my tall, dark, father-in-law walks into the room is amazing. I feel very wet. I feel dizzy. And I start to day-dream of endless nights of sex with him.

In any case, for the longest time, I’ve been a good girl and done nothing about it. But alas, since my husband has been posted to the war, I feel my guard slipping away.

First it was the more frequent visits to check on his health. He’s a widower, lives by himself in the same town, dates no one I know of, and counts on me to do the odd housework.

He’s able. But I do it anyway, if not to be around him more, than hoping something will happen, if only once.

Since my husband has gone the kids like to visit grandpa too. It makes it possible for me to dress up and carry a basket of goodies to his home whenever I want.

Once when I went over, however, things got a bit steamy and this is the story of ataşehir escort that day.

It was summer. I was cooking some pot pie for him at my own home, with the kids at school and wishing what it would be like to have his large wand inside me. I say wand because it really is this large thing. How do I know? I walked in on him one day while he was masturbating with porn. He likes young girls. Who wouldn’t at 60, right?

But feeling surprised more than anything, I hadn’t made a sound, and walked off. But today, I was feeling rather horny and just couldn’t take it. There’s no one within a mile of my home. Thinking of nothing else I pushed my skirt and shirt off and jumped into the pool.

It was nice and cool in the water, and so good to be naked that I began to get adventurous. I started to day-dream, pretend he was with me, and started fingering myself.

“What are you doing?” I heard a his voice and jumped up.

There was my father-in-law standing with his jaws open, looking at my naked body.

“Oh…I didn’t see you coming.” avcılar escort I yelled out swimming to the edge of the pool to collect my clothes.

He walked over to the edge, and looked down at me with a heavy set face. It was as though he wanted to be sure of what I was doing.

“Don’t put them on,” I heard his voice teasingly say, and for a moment I felt my legs begin to moisten with something else.

Leaning forward, he picked me up from the water and put me down. Watching me drip from head to toe, and wiping of the water from my ass, he drew me close to his body.

“The children might see us,” I hesitated, enjoying his warm body pressed against mine with the need of a lion.

“Then come to my house.” he rubbed his hardness against my pelvis and laughed.

I really wanted to so I put on my clothes and followed him to the car. It was 1pm and it would be a whole three hours before the kids would come home.

As I got into the car, my father-in-law, Jacob, unzipped his pants and showed me his hard wand.

I was avrupa yakası escort mesmerized. It was a long one. About 11 inches and 1 inch wide. His balls were red, throbbing, moist.

“Rub it,” he said, putting a hand inside my pussy as he drove the car down the dirt road.

No one would see us. The road went from my house to his, a good four miles, and towards the lake.

“Ahhh….good girl,” he said gasping as I wet my hands and massaged him until he could no longer sit in one place.

His own movements in my pussy became more erratic and I had to hold back from taking off my clothes and doing him right there.

Finally when we got to his house he was very restless. Pushing my bra open, he bit into my nipples and began to talk dirty.

“Nice pink titties…making me hungry,” he kept saying rubbing them like he were angry with me for teasing him so long.

My legs were getting awfully weak too. I resisted his control but he pushed my legs back in the seat and put his wand inside me.

It was a good thirty minutes until he came, filling me with his hot juices and making me drink every sip of what dripped out.

“Have my baby,” he said, like he was my man. “I want you every night…like nothing ever I felt.”

Inside, I took a quick shower and thought about what had just happened. It was beautiful and yet I felt a pang of guilt. Not towards my husband who had been with other women, but to my kids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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