Lunchtime Quickie

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Alex Grey

He always sent her an e-mail right at the middle of the month and it always left her gasping for breath and wet. He had one day, to liven up their sex life had told her to look out for an e-mail from him and she had obediently. He had appeared at home at lunchtime and they had done it in the sitting room of their flat. After that first time it had become a sort of habit though she was now prepared for it, often in her satin nightie waiting for him in their bed and he just threw off his clothes and jumped into bedside her. Both always looked forward to it, as it was exciting since they had a limited amount of time before he should be back at his office, with lunch over.

For once she didn’t want him to find her in the normal place and instead prepared herself a bath, putting in a few drops of oil into the hot water as well as scattering flower petals on the surface. She sank into the water to wait, her hair up so it didn’t get wet. She closed her eyes in expectation as she heard the front door open and then close. She heard her husband call out, “Claire, are you in?”

She remained quiet though she wanted to giggle. She heard his footsteps fade as he headed away from the ajar bathroom door and into their bedroom. She heard then return as well and pause outside the bathroom door.

He pendik escort could smell the bath oils Claire liked to use and he frowned as he peered round the door, asking as he did, “What are you doing in there?”

“I thought we’d do something different, add a twist to it today.” She smiled at him and then she ran a finger down from her lips and down to her cleavage and down to her opening. He closed his eyes for a moment, fantasising about what she was doing under the oily water. Her fingers returned up her body and then she slowly stood. He stared, blinking his eyes only once. Just seeing her rising up out of the water like Adrophite was turning his body on fire. He had forgotten what she had looked like as he stared; sure he wasn’t looking at the right woman, his wife. She looked like she had when they had first married and he only realised that then as normally their bedroom was in darkness or semi for the middle of the month. She smiled lovingly at him.

She reached across once she had stepped out of the bath and undid his trousers so they fell about his ankles. She could see his cock already rising under his pants and to tease it she brushed her mound across it. He closed his eyes and moaned. She smiled and then pushed him down on to the toilet seat where she then maltepe escort drew down his trousers. She knelt in front of him and took a soft hold of his rising cock. She ran her hands down it, and tickled at his balls before running her hand back up it. She could feel the heat rising in it and with a smile bent over it to take it into her warm wet mouth.

He closed his eyes and moaned as he tried to restrain himself. He pushed himself into her mouth, wanting her to take him there and then. She let him in and then as he pushed into her mouth again she tasted his pre-cum and released her suction like hold on his penis.

To get herself ready she rubbed at herself with her fingers. Watching her he gasped for breath, trying to restrain himself still from exploding out all over the floor, though he was already leaking. It had always been him in control but as he watched he knew he was going to have to let Claire have control more often, he was getting more pleasure out of it than he had ever had from just him being in control. Feeling herself soaking her fingers she held her lips open and then lowered herself on to his erect cock, she straddling him. He moaned as she took him as far as she could, wrapping her arms round him and getting his shirt wet from her wet skin.

His kartal escort hands held on to her damp skin, almost clawing at it as he tried to push up into her but she was in control and she was the one doing the work, rising up and down his cock, working it. He kissed her breasts and she closed her eyes and moaned. She arched her neck and he kissed her throat, searching for her lips as well. He pushed into her as hard as he could and she responded by pushing down on him. He moaned into her breasts, rousing her up.

He wasn’t ready to stop and he stood, she slipping off him. He gestured her to lie on her back on the floor and he knelt on the floor between her legs. He drew her up over his penis and rammed into her as she withered in her agony of pleasure. Feeling himself losing his hardness he slowed and then let go of her and stood, wobbling slightly as he sat himself on the toilet seat. He gasped down at her while she lay there gasping straight back. He mumbled, “Woman, why didn’t you tell me you were so good?”

“Never had reason to.”

“You are going to have to take control more often I feel.” He replied with a shake of his head in his disbelief. She smiled and answered, “If you want.”

He nodded and then smiled down at her, feeling himself becoming aroused again as she looked so innocence and helpless lying on the tiled floor of their bathroom. He bent and picked her up and shuffled towards their bedroom as his trousers and pants were still around his ankles. He kissed her softly as he lay her on their bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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