Lucky Girl Ch. 02

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I turned off the shower water and walked out with Ashley and Sara. I had never fucked a chick before but today I fucked two of them at the same time. We rubbed each other and fingered each other’s pussies as much as we could. I cummed like so many times and I could not even count the number of time I got Ashley and Sara off. We all went back to our lockers and started to get dressed or at least I did, Sara and Ashley just sat down and continued to kiss and rub each other’s breasts.

“Damn Becca you made me cum so many times in there,” Ashley said.

“I know I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm like that,” Sara added.

While I was putting on my bra I noticed how beautiful both girls where yes both their breasts where so many sizes bigger than mine, but they were just so beautiful in many ways besides how they looked on the outside.

“Hey guys I’m gonna take off what about you two,” I said.

“No I think we might stick around and play more,” Ashley said kissing Sara.

“Okay well I’ll catch up with you guys later,” I said watching Ashley dive into
Sara’s hairy pussy.

I walked out of the locker room to hear Sara moaning at the top of her lungs. As I walked to my car I could not help but think of what we had done in there. I never thought I would be a lesbian, but then again I do not think I am. I sat in my car and I began to think of Ashley and Sara licking my bare pussy. I could feel the orgasm building up inside of me. I took my hand and put it inside of my panties. I moved my other hand and rubbed it against my A cup breast and started to masturbate to the idea of me making love to the two of them all night long. I was about to cum when my cell phone rang. I jumped out of my seat dropping my bahis firmaları phone on the floor. I checked the phone and it was my friend Charlie.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey Becca it’s me Charlie I was hoping you hadn’t forgot about our science project that’s due tomorrow,” he said.

“Oh shit I completely forgot. How much do we have done,” I said.

“Well to be completely honest, nothing. I don’t have any ideas to go on I need you. Is there any way you can come over so we can work on this,” he said.

“Yeah sure I’ll be there in five minutes,” I said

I hung up, composed myself, and started driving to Charlie’s house. I was hoping I would not blurt out what I did in the shower with Ashley and Sara, I just wanted to do this project and get home so I can finger myself to the events of what happened today.

I arrived at Charlie’s house in a matter of minutes. I knocked on the door and Charlie opened the door. He was with out a shirt and I could see that he had been working out. His abs where nice and firm and his chest just stuck out.

“Oh hey Charlie,” I said breathless.

“Hey Becca you sure got here fast, let me just go put a shirt on and we can start,” he said.

“You don’t have to if you want,” I said.

We went into the kitchen where a bunch of materials laid in front of us.

“Well this is what we have and I don’t know where to get started,” he said.

“Neither do I. Do you mind if I use your bathroom,” I said.

“Sure go right ahead it’s just down the hall there,” he replied.

I went down the hall and went in. I immediately locked the door removed my shirt and shorts and started to finger myself about what happened today. Rubbing my fingers against my pussy felt kaçak iddaa so good, I did not realize how loud I was moaning. I was about to cum when I heard a knocking at the door.

“Hey are you okay in there,” Charlie said.

Catching my breath I said:

“Yes I’m fine.”

I put all my clothes on and walked out the door. Charlie was in the kitchen working on the project.

“What happened in there,” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said quickly.

He walked up to me with this look like he knew what I was doing in there. My heart raced as he walked up close to me and kissed my lips.

“I know what you were doing in there Becca. I’ve been crazy about you since Freshman year and now I know its my chance,” he said

“Charlie you’re my best friend I don’t know what this will do to us,” I said.

“Let’s just take this opportunity Becca,” he said.

We kissed more and more until he picked me up and carried me to his room. He shut the door and locked it as each one of our kisses picked up and got more intense. I rubbed his hard chest as he began to kiss my neck. I was in heaven with every kiss that landed on my neck. He removed my shirt and my shorts until I was just in my bra and panties. As I removed his pants I saw that his cock was growing bigger each time we kissed. He removed my bra and gazed upon my little boobs. I was scared he would reject me, but instead he started to fondle them and kiss my nipples until they stood fully erect. His warm saliva against my nipples felt amazing, my pussy was growing wet with every kiss he gave my. We both removed each other’s underwear, and I was fascinated on what I saw. His cock was at a full nine inches, I had never taken on a cock like that and I was not sure kaçak bahis if I was ready. I looked at his cock and began to suck. His cock was amazingly big, I don’t know how I was able to satisfy him, but I did.

“Oh God Becca, don’t stop,” he said.

I looked at him while I was sucking his cock and I could not believe we were doing this. He was my best friend since eighth grade and now we were fucking at his house. I could taste his pre cum in my mouth, it was salty and creamy, but yet it tasted so good.

“Okay Becca let me fuck you now,” he said.

“Okay Charlie,” I said out of breath.

He laid down on the bed and waited for me to get on top of him. I stared at his cock and slowly sat down on it. Each time it got a little deeper I moaned a lot more. Now I was completely on his cock and I rode him. His cock felt so good inside of me, he was fucking me like no other guy could or even Ashley and Sara for that matter.

“Oh shit Charlie, keep fucking me I wanna cum,” I said moaning.

“I’m gonna Becca, I’ve wanted to make you cum for all these years now and I won’t stop until you do,” he said.

I knew I was not gonna last long he was fucking me so good and each thrust was followed by a passionate kiss.

“Becca let me fuck your ass,” he said.

I was kind of shocked at this request because no guy had ever done that to me, but I was willing to try anything new at this point.

“Okay Charlie just be gentle I haven’t done that ever,” I said.

“Okay I will be Becca,” he said.

I got on all fours for him while he lubed up my ass. I felt his cock slowly penetrate my ass. It hurt at first but then it felt really good.

“Oh God Charlie I love that keep fucking it,” I moaned

We fucked for another five minutes until we both cummed all over the bed. He pulled out and kissed me as we fell on the bed and kissed. We may have been best friends for most of our lives, but now we were lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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