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This is the story that started me on my erotic journey. It was written by my friend Gavin (the hero in my last story). I did edit it for grammar, spelling and readability, but the rest is all his. I hope you enjoy it.


You come home from a day of work at 7:30 in the evening, the moon just coming up over the horizon. As you open the door, you see my smiling face beaming back at you with that boyish wicked grin I always have when I have something up my sleeve, and wearing nothing but a white cooking apron with the Tabasco(TM) emblem on it. You think to yourself, Spicy, sexy, as you enter the doorway.

Your eyes brighten at the sight of me; you had thoughts of waking me up when you came home, wicked thoughts of kissing my entire body, trying to rouse me from my slumber as I napped on the couch.

I take your hand in mine, and quickly whisk you to your chair, and sit you down, making sure you are comfortable; pillows under your head, feet propped up on the ottoman. I hand you a cold glass of wine and start taking your shoes and stockings off, then I lean down and reach for the bottle of massage oil. You finally notice the scent of smoky grilled meat, and a hint of garlic and rosemary. You wonder what I have cooked for dinner.

I look at you with my sheepish/boyish grin and begin to apply the oil to your left foot, lightly adding pressure as my kneading hands release the tension as you lay back and enjoy the pleasure of your aching and tired feet being loved on. As I sit on the ottoman in front of you, slowly easing away the day’s tension of being on your feet all day long, walking up and down the hallways chasing paperwork, you scrunch down into the chair as your body begins to relax.

As you get more comfortable in the chair your suit skirt rides up your luscious thighs a wee bit, exposing your silky white g-string panty you wore under it; you can’t have panties or panty lines showing. I can see you have been thinking of us all day, as your panties are moist with your juices, the fabric of your panties making a crease where your lips meet and I wonder to myself, How many times did she touch herself, fingering her swollen clit in the empty stairwells, thinking of us having fucked in the shower before she went to work?

My thoughts turn to that moment, our bodies slippery and soapy, hands sliding all over each other’s bodies as I pumped your ass from behind. Oh, the joys of sex in the shower! I let out a muffled sigh.

You take a slow sip of the delicious wine and moan softly as your body eases further into relaxation. My hands gently caress and knead your toes one at a time before sliding under your tired arches, fingers underneath and thumbs up above, squeezing gently but firmly. I then take your Achilles tendon between my fingers and press firmly as I slide my hands up along the underside of your strong, muscled calf.

I then slide my hands back down the front of your shin, and giving a gentle squeeze as I cup your heal in my right hand, I slide the left one under your arch, lifting upwards and easing the rest of the tension away. You let out another soft sigh as I begin to work on your other foot. Your mind drifts off to dreamland as I continue to longingly love on your feet and calves, taunting and teasing your thighs with the possible pleasure that they might receive. But then the beep, beep, beep of the timer goes off.

I get up with another boyish grin on my face to finish preparing our dinner. As I swagger into the kitchen you can see my strong muscular thighs and ass peaking out from the apron as I strut to the kitchen, my ass swaying blatantly as I look over my shoulder to see your hand dive between your thighs. You touch yourself as you watch me move across the room, the apron not hiding my muscled body from your eyes.

Unable to hide your need for a quick orgasm, you moan quietly as you touch your swollen clit. The feeling of my hands massaging you has you nearing an explosive orgasm as it is; the sight of my sexy body takes you over the top and you can no longer hold back. You need to cum now. Your moans increase as you make your clit dance against your finger; you shudder and quickly release your juices all over your g-string, suit and recliner, the stain widening as you flood onto the chair. Stars fill your eyes as you continue quivering and shuddering. This orgasm had been building all day long.

Before you left for work you put me back to bed with those special kisses on my manhood. You walked around all day with the sensation of my throbbing exploding cock filling your mouth and lips, and the taste of my cum covering your tongue had you craving, desiring more throughout the day. As you lay on the chair indulging your desire, time passes without realization.

You look up after a number of explosive orgasms and see me standing over you, tray in hand, with a dinner ready for you. You look up at me smiling. Three orgasms and he didn’t say a word, you think to yourself, He must bursa escort have enjoyed the show. Your panties, suit and chair are soaked in your juices. You look up at me sheepishly as you take the tray. You bite your lower lip, hoping I don’t get dissuaded from this evening’s soon-to-be romp.

We eat our dinner of freshly grilled steak, penne pasta covered in homemade cream sauce with garden peas, and fresh warm biscuits with butter. After taking in this delicious meal, I clear the plates and start a load in the dishwasher, refill your wine glass, and offer you a hand and lead you to the bath I have run for you.

The bathroom is lit by it seems a hundred candles, brightly lit and sweetly scented; cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla fill the air. You see the bubbles floating on the water as I reach around you and begin to unbutton your shirt. You lean back into my arms and kiss my cheek as my hands make quick work of undressing you; my hands and arms brush against your full, voluptuous breasts and extremely sensitive nipples. I reach around and cup your tits in my hands, pushing your nipples upward and out of the bra. I pinch them between two fingers as a tease of what is to come.

Your body is on fire as I slip the shirt over your shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I reach down and wrap my arms around your waist as I kiss along your neck and shoulders, your nipples now exposed, poking out of the top of the sexy white lacey demi-bra. Your chest heaves upward as your body shivers and shudders at my gentle kisses, my touches sending you over the edge with ecstasy. With the ease of a trained professional, I quickly unzip the side zipper to your skirt and it quickly falls to the floor at you feet. I slowly take my hands and slide them to your hips, hooking my fingers into the waistband of your lacey g-string, and quickly rip it from your hips; you let out a startled “Ohhh” as your womanly scent mingles with the others in the room.

I kiss the outer edges of your soft ass as I let your torn panties fall to the floor. My hands now begin their journey back up your luscious legs as my lips kiss along the curves of your lower body. As my hands reach your hips, I grasp them firmly and turn you slowly around, your soft shorn mound at my face. I place one small kiss above your naked bare pussy, where the lips part to expose your hardened clit, starting your thighs quivering. Then I stand up.

I pull you in close to me, kissing you deeply, passionately as my hands slide slowly up your back and unfasten your bra, freeing your voluptuous breasts from their sexy bindings. Your full breasts press against my chest as I let the bra fall next to your panties. I pick you up in my arms and lower you to the warm bath water; a soft sigh escapes from you as the water envelops your body, easing the rest of your tension from your day’s work.

I untie the apron from around my waist, slip it over my head, and toss it across the room. You can see my completely naked body now, your eyes widening with anticipation, my cock only slightly swollen, but throbbing and dancing in the candlelight. You reach out to touch it and bring it to its fullest hardness, but I say “No, no,” and wag my finger at you.

I step into the tub with you, grabbing the loofa sponge and soap. I begin to lather it up in my hands, and you lay back deeper into the water, knowing how it may tickle a wee bit. I take your right hand in mine and begin to lather and wash your arm; as I am doing this, my hands knead and massage you. I continue to your left arm, your shoulders and back, ensuring all the while not to miss one iota of your silky skin.

Your body is on fire, goose bumps covering you entirely as every nerve is standing on end from this sensual bathing. I sit down in the tub behind you, letting you slide down in the water, wetting your hair with my fingers running through the length of its silkiness, then cleaning and conditioning it. My fingers knead and massage your scalp and neck as I continue to run my fingers through your hair. It’s so soft I don’t want to stop, but I must continue before we become prunes.

I gently run the loofa across every inch of your chest and let my other hand lather it in deeper, massaging as my hand feels your soft skin and feels your erect nipples grazing the palm of my hand as I soap up your full, voluptuous breasts. My lips find yours as we kiss and slide and slip against each other, the fire welling up inside us. You roll over, my rock hard cock sliding over your belly, your breasts slipping across my chest, our hands finding each and every one of our erotic spots that drive us crazy with passion and desire.

My hands slide down your back to your ass, cupping it firmly, my fingers slipping between your cheeks, finding your rosebud. It tightens at this soft touch, then releases as I make little circles at its opening, lightly pressing deeper into your very tight hole. As I let my finger penetrate your ass, your tongue dances into my mouth in excitement as the bursa escort bayan waves of pleasure crash over you. My other hand reaches up and firmly grasps your soapy right breast, your pink perky nipple slipping into my hand as I squeeze and knead your beautiful bosom.

I stop as you quietly moan, standing us both up, the droplets of water like little stars on your body as they reflect the candlelight. Your beauty has me staring in awe as the water trickles off of us; a chill fills the air. I step out of the tub and reach for the towels, and as I bend down you smack my ass in a playful gesture. I quickly wrap the enormous towel around you, locking your arms at your sides so you can’t move. I pick you up and carry you to the bed. More candles and incense, but now there is more – beautiful white Freesias fill crystal vases and encircle the bed, their aroma filling the room. Your heart skips a beat, fluttering with excitement.

I lay you down gently on the bed; the feather-filled down comforter envelops you, cradling you in its softness. I place light kisses across your brow, then your eyelids, and down to your pouty, soft lips. You hum in delight as I press harder against you, your hips straining against the towel that enfolds you. I move slowly to your feet and start to place butterfly kisses along them, kissing my way up your calves, lifting your legs into the air, I kiss the underside of them, nipping and kissing to that special spot behind your knees.

My hands cup your heels, holding your legs high in the air, the cool air sending shivers over your naked ass and thighs. As I peer down your luscious legs, I can see the wetness forming on your inner pussy lips, her pretty pink lips reddening and swelling with desire. I let my right hand trail down your calf, down the soft underside of your sensuous thigh, making small teasing circles near your bottom.

I tenderly let my middle finger stroke between your precious lips, your wetness easily letting my finger slide deeper inside. Your thighs tighten as I find your hardening clit. It throbs against my finger in heated desire, your moans getting louder as I stroke the length of your pussy, teasing your little hole. I let your legs fall apart, splaying your pussy open for me. I reach down with my left hand and spread your pink lips open further, exposing your clit.

My right index finger slides into your hungry opening, applying pressure upwards as I slide deep inside of you, finding the g-spot along your wall, sending wave after wave of unrelenting pleasure coursing through your inner being. You try to free your arms, but they are clamped too close to your body, the towel not giving. You squirm in hopes of getting free, but I have you pinned to the bed as the delicious pleasure is driving you over the top.

You arch your back, straining against your trappings, as your body explodes and convulses in tortured pleasure; you moan aloud as you feel every nerve in your body set on fire as you quiver uncontrollably. Stars appear across your eyes, or are they tears of joy welling up and dripping down your cheeks, the candlelight dancing in your tears? You moan loudly as your body convulses and climaxes, your juices squirting out of you like a water fountain covering the sheets and floor.

As your body begins to come down from its pleasure ride, I slip another finger deep inside your luscious moist pussy. I let my left thumb begin to encircle your engorged clit, sliding it around and around your hard pinkish-red love button. Your hips react to this soft touch by grinding into the bed, the sensations driving you mad with passion as my fingers inside you find your sweet soft spot again, pressing further inside your deep well of love. Your love juices flow freely as I slowly pump my fingers in and out of your tight hole, my thumb pressing harder, your moans growing louder, your scent intermingling with the flowers and candles.

Faster and harder I pump my fingers in and out of you, your wetness spilling out as my fingers fuck your tight little pussy faster. Your eyes are shut tightly as the pleasure wells up inside you, overtaking your mind and body, your belly quivering as I steadily increase the rhythm of my movements. I quicken the pace of my thumb on your perky clit, and slow down the pace of my fingers, spreading them apart inside you, opening you further.

I bend down and place little kisses where your thighs and ass meet, taking in your sweet aroma. I nip and lick as I kiss my way down to your ass hole, licking small circles around it as I pummel your pussy with my fingers now, the sounds of wet moist skin being fucked by my long fingers is erotic, sleazy, and even enticing. As you cum again on my fingers, I pull them from inside of you, sucking them, tasting your nectar.

I take my hands and press on your inner thighs, spreading them wide. My mouth slowly kisses up to your pussy and quickly licks the length of your plump lips, lapping up all of your sweet wonderful nectar. My tongue escort bursa flickers up to your clit, teasing it as I lick back and forth, then up and down, licking the length of your throbbing clit. Your moans of ecstasy quicken as I flick my tongue faster, massaging and kneading your thighs as I keep them splayed wide.

I hum lightly as I suck your throbbing clit into my mouth, my tongue dancing along its entire length, from where it is exposed to the tip of your outer lips and back down again. Your body begins to spasm in rapture as I bring you closer to the explosive climax you have been waiting for. Moaning and grunting as I enfold your pussy with my warm mouth, your hips grind against my lips as I hum louder, vibrating your inner lips within my hot moist mouth. Your hands finally break free from the towel; you grasp my head firmly, holding it against your mound as you scream, “Oh fuck, faster, baby, faster” in heated passion and rapture. Your hips buck uncontrollably; your love nectar flows freely as I press my tongue firmly onto your clit.

You grunt and moan out my name as your body’s explosions rock you, wave after awesomely shocking wave cascading through you. After your explosive release, we lay there, my head on your still quivering belly, feeling your body coming down from its ecstatic high. Your breath heaves your beautiful breasts into the candlelit night, your nipples standing erect and full, your beating heart causing them to dance in the candlelight.

I crawl tiger-like up to your chest, kissing your soft belly, chest, then the underside of your breasts. I begin nipping at your taut nipples, licking at the droplets of sweat that have formed from the heat of our loving sexcapade. My hard cock is throbbing against your thigh as I cup and squeeze your breasts, suckling and nipping at your pert tits.

My left hand reaches up and cups your right breast as my mouth teasingly plays with your left. My lips form an “O” around your pink perky nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth, my tongue lapping it to and fro as I suck harder, my left hand pinching and squeezing your right breast and nipple, tugging upwards as I flick my tongue faster. Your sighs tell me I am going to bring you to another climactic crescendo. “Oh, fuck, baby, I love you” is all you can utter as I lightly pinch your areola that surrounds your right nipple, while taking your left one between my lower lip and teeth, delicately pulling it as if biting my lower lip.

Your chest rises from the bed, “Oh yes he’s gone and done it,” you think to yourself as another wave crashes through you, curling your toes to the bed. Your thighs quiver in response to my touches, rubbing against my throbbing cock. You quickly roll on top of me, surprising me as you do so, quickly grasping my dick and slipping him between your moist lips and moving the tip to your clit, rubbing him onto her.

Your breasts sway to your hips’ grinding rhythm as your hand squeezes tightly around the throbbing man-flesh you’ve enveloped with your fingers. You raise yourself off the bed and slowly lower your wet pussy onto my fully engorged cock, filling your tight pussy with its entire length, the tip reaching the very end of your well. A loud moan escapes from your lips “Oh, God yes,” as you feel completely and utterly filled to capacity. Your hands quickly grasp for my chest as the sweetest gratifying sensation sweeps through you.

Your head tips down toward mine, your hair falling around your face as our lips meet, fervent kissing as our excitement ignites another explosion throughout your body. The walls of your quivering pussy wrap tightly around my thick rod, squeezing and releasing as the fiery waves again overtake you. I cup your swaying breasts as you ride the length of my shaft, your juices flowing down around the base of my cock and balls. You open your thighs further, letting your pussy juices flow more easily, the swollen head of my throbbing cock nestled deep inside you, your eyes shut tightly as you continue to ride out each slowing wave of pleasure, your hips gyrating in time and rhythm of your waves.

You have never cum so much or as often as this, “When will it end?” you quietly mutter. Your chest, breasts, and pussy lips are reddened from your racing heart, your heartbeat thunders through your entire body, and beads of sweat glisten in the candlelight. “Oh, God,” is muttered through your parted lips. You lift your body up, supported by your arms pressing into my muscular chest. You smile down at me with the wicked little smile that tells me you have been sated once more, but that you want more. The sheets are damp from our little romp, my spasms from the cool air causing my hips to thrust upwards, coaxing a little whimper from you.

Your pussy is on fire, heated as she squeezes around my thick tool. You run your fingers down my chest, across my belly, through my hair, teasing, taunting, wanting more. I quickly roll you onto your back, legs wrapped around my waist, keeping my throbbing rod deep inside you. You begin to toy with me, rolling your hips around as you tighten your grip around my waist. Your muscled thighs ripple in the candlelight as you squeeze them, your belly moving up and down as you ride on my hips.

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