Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 01

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It was a Friday night and Danni was spending it how she spent most of her Friday nights; sitting in her tiny apartment writing. As a teenager she liked fantasies and fairy tales, now a young woman in her twenties, she mixed her earlier tastes with that of erotica. She had grown up sheltered by her parent’s fear of the world, and had only really experienced her first sexual exploits at the age of twenty-one. Since that enlightening moment she’s been documenting her erotic desires in her writing. Tonight, she decided to concentrate on a story she had been working on for a while now. As with most of her fiction, it was loosely based on imagined encounters with people she actually knew in reality. This particular story centred on a steamy encounter in a lift with a very attractive neighbour.

Danni believed that in order to write sexily you had to first feel sexy yourself. Embodying this belief, she turned the lights down low with the dimmer switch, lit some candles and poured herself some wine. She changed out of her work clothes and into a slinky, silk slip that came mid-thigh. She agreed with herself that one of life’s simplest pleasures was taking off a bra, and it was even better if someone else took it off for you. She ran her hands over the outline of her body, giving her nipples particular attention as she pinched them between her thumb and forefinger. She felt the familiar sense of longing at the apex of her long, golden legs, and she knew she was ready to write.

It was only when she moved to the city that Danni began to understand her hold over men. She was in no way extraordinarily beautiful, like the type you see on magazine covers. But she possessed a girl-next-door charm that was both innocent and endearing at the same time. She had built up a tan over the summer, one that was evenly distributed bursa escort all over her body since she came across a nude beach along the coast. Her body itself was slim, but with curves where they mattered. Ever since her sexual awakening, Danni had begun to pay more attention to her physique and even started working out regularly. This had resulted in a very impressive body. Her long, lean legs led up to a tightly toned ass, flat stomach and perky C cup breasts. Her chest was definitely her best asset, both for her and everyone who enjoyed them. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive to the extent that she once orgasmed from their stimulation alone. In fact, they were still hard from her light pinching of them earlier.

She reached up to loosen her hair from its ponytail, letting her dark wavy locks fall over her shoulders. The story was progressing well. Between the wine and the erotica, Danni was in a state of wanting. She was just about to blow out the candles and go to bed with her vibrator when the buzzer went. It was almost half twelve in the night and she wondered who it could be. She soon found out who it was.

‘Hey, Danni. Sorry, I’m after losing my flippin’ key. And I saw the lights were still on in your apartment. Could you buzz me up and could I get my spare key from you?’

Danni was speechless, she just buzzed him in. It was Mike, her hot neighbour she’d just been writing about and who she intended to think about as she masturbated.

When he eventually got to her door, it became apparent that he had had quite a bit to drink. So much so, that he took no shame in staring unashamedly at her body in her cream, silky lingerie. She tried to cover the outline of her breasts with her hair but it wasn’t working. Trying to avoid any more of his eye contact, she led him inside and sat him bursa escort bayan down where she had just been, whilst she got him some water and tried to find the spare key.

Mike was a ruggedly handsome man of twenty-seven. He soared over Danni’s petite stature, but he shared her love of working out. His broad shoulders and hard abs were a product of the hours he spent sweating in the gym. He wasn’t a man that was overly vain either though, and on this night his two day stubble had given him an unpolished, sexy look. His flannel shirt and jeans fitted him nicely, but Danni knew they did not do what laid underneath them any justice.

As she was still rummaging for the key, Mike made himself at home. He’d been in Danni’s apartment a couple of times before. On one occasion it was one coming to her rescue as he protected her from an overly eager date. Another night, the two of them met each other when they were out socialising and agreed to share a taxi home. He could still remember how he had to hold her to his side as they climbed the steps. His hand was grazing the underside of her ample breasts, and all he wanted to do was reach up higher and get a handful. But he respected Danni and her boundaries. She had his eye from the day she moved in and he met her in the hallway. It was the start of summer and she was wearing tiny denim short shorts that showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks. On top she had on a barely there tank that could hardly contain her beautiful breasts. Had he given into his primitive instincts he would have taken her right there in the moment, against the wall with her thighs clutching him and her moaning his name. But her dear in headlights expression when she noticed him staring changed his mind and instead he found himself wanting to get to know this beautiful creature first. And escort bursa that he did. He found out that not only had she an amazing body, but her mind was equally brilliant. He knew she loved to write, but she never let her read any of her work.

So when he saw her laptop on the coffee table in front of him, he saw the opportunity to finally see her mind in action. He was certainly surprised to read the hot and steamy words she had written. They even started to have an effect on him as he felt his member growing. Just as Danni came back into the sitting room having found the key, it clicked with him. The story was about him and her having sex in the elevator right down the hall. He knew she liked him, but he had always been blinded by her seeming innocence to act on anything. Until now that is.

She sat down beside him and then realised what he was reading and tried to come up with an excuse. But his lips were already on hers, soft at first but then they looked each other in the eye and knew they wanted more. He grabbed her thigh and pulled it across his body so that she was straddling him. She followed his lead and started to grind against his already hard cock. As their kiss deepened, his hands explored her breasts as he slipped the straps of her nightdress off her shoulders. She too, unbuttoned his shirt grasping at his hot flesh. Having exposed her tits, he used his mouth to suck and nibble her nipples, bringing them to attention. She moaned loudly, cradling his head to her chest. He reached between them and slid his hand up her leg, surprised to find that she was wearing no underwear and was dripping wet. He rubbed her clit with his thumb as he fingered her. His other hand was grabbing and playing with her ass. Just as it seemed she was about to cum, he stopped everything and whispered in her ear, ‘I read how the character Danielle gave Mitch a blowjob. But I’ve always been more of a visual person. Care to show me?’

With that, she slid between his legs and unzipped his jeans, taking his raging boner in her capable hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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