Love At First Sight

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Thanks to Angel_Love for editing this for me!

Ok, but this was getting stupid. It was getting late…and dark. Anna didn’t have a clue where she was, but she couldn’t stop now. She’d come so far. She remembered the first time she’d seen Sasha (she knew her name from her badge) working in the coffee house. Anna had been going to the same place for over a year and had never seen her before, so she’d been totally unprepared for what she’d seen last week when she’d gone in as normal for her lunch break. She’d taken a seat as usual on the big leather couch in the corner…

“What can I get for you?”

Anna had looked up and straight into the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. They were slightly almond shaped and almost feline, with thick, dark lashes. Panning out, Anna was faced with shiny, shoulder length hair matching the lashes in its blackness. It hung in a luscious fall to the girl’s collar. That’s when Anna saw the name tag… ‘Sasha.’

“Umm, are you ok?”

Anna was snapped back to reality.

“Oh…sorry. I’ll have a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin please.” And anything else that’s on offer, Anna thought.

“Sure no problem.” Sasha turned and walked quickly across the floor toward the counter. She flicked her hair away from her neck and Anna could see the slightly olive skin underneath. She could imagine feeling the hot pulse of that throat under her lips…

Bringing herself back to reality, she saw Sasha walk around behind the counter. She had a generous arse that wobbled suggestively as she moved, but it had moved out of sight now. Anna consciously felt her face fall.

‘Come on Anna, snap out of it…no one really believes in any of that love at first sight crap,’ she thought to herself.

But there was no point in denying it, there was something about that girl that was intoxicating. Just at that moment, Sasha reappeared, coffee and muffin in hand. She approached Anna, never taking her eyes away from her’s not even for a moment. She bent down and placed the cappuccino and muffin on the low table in front of the couch, presenting Anna with an amazing view of her cleavage.

“There you go, one cappu and one blueberry muffin.”

“Thanks very much.”

And so began the ritual. Everyday since, Anna had gone to the coffee house at lunchtime and made sure she was served by Sasha. By the end of the week, they were exchanging pleasantries. Anna discovered that Sasha had recently moved to the area, and was living in a rented flat just ten minutes from her workplace.

“You’ll have to take me out sometime, I need someone to show me around this town!” said Sasha one lunchtime.

“I’m sure I could manage that, how about Saturday? I haven’t got anything planned…” said Anna.

“Sounds good, but I’m working ’til seven, so how about you meet me here? We can shoot back to my place and I’ll casino şirketleri get changed and we’ll be off.”

“Ok cool. Saturday at seven it is.”

So how had Anna ended up where she was now? It basically came down to the fact that she couldn’t wait until Saturday to see Sasha again, so she had gone back to the coffee house after work and waited for Sasha to come out.

Now she had followed her to her flat and was standing across the road in a bush, feeling like a letch. ‘God if she found out what I was doing she’d never want to see me again’ thought Anna.

At that moment, a face appeared at Sasha’s window. Anna stepped back into the shadows, but kept her eyes fixed on the window, almost falling over in the process. From this distance she could make out the outline of whoever it was, but nothing else. Just then, the figure was joined by another and they slipped their arms around each other…

‘Shit’ thought Anna, as her fantasy disappeared down the drain. It looked as if Sasha already had someone to squeeze. And by the looks of it, it was a guy.

The two figures were crushed together now, so close that they looked like one person. They kissed long and slowly, and then moved away from the window. It seemed to Anna that this was like a road accident…disturbing, but you can’t help but watch. She stayed rooted to the spot as the shadows disappeared and the lights were turned out. She started walking slowly home.

So what was she going to do now? Could she really take Sasha out on Saturday, knowing that she was never going to belong to her? Could she be so close to her but never touch her? It didn’t appear as though she had a choice, because the following day at the coffee house, Sasha made a bee-line for her when she arrived.

“Are we still on for Saturday? I can’t wait to actually see some of this place; I get so bored at home.”

Anna couldn’t imagine how she could be bored after what she’d seen the previous night…

“Of course we’re still on, no problem at all…” Inside, Anna felt crushed.

Saturday arrived, and at 5pm Anna found herself in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her face and attempting to style her hair…and wondering what the point was.

‘She’s not interested…so why bother with it at all?’ But she still styled and fussed and put on make up, taking time to make sure it was perfect.

At 7pm, she was outside the coffee house. It was snowing, so she’d put on a long black coat. Considering it now, she thought it was a good idea with the outfit she’d picked to wear underneath…the tightest jeans she owned, and a cropped top that stopped just below her breasts…as she breathed she could feel it riding up and revealing her bra underneath.

‘Best keep the coat on,’ she thought to herself, feeling more stupid by the second. She knew dressing to impress was pointless casino firmaları but she’d done it anyway. Idiot.

She heard the ‘ring ting’ of the bell above the door of the coffee house, and saw Sasha step out. She was NOT dressed for this weather. It seemed she’d not bought a jacket with her and was freezing in just her blouse and skirt. Anna walked over to her…

“You look really cold; take my coat…” and before Sasha could respond Anna had taken it off and draped it over her shoulders.

“Thanks, but now you’re going to freeze to death!”

“I’ll be fine,” said Anna, but already she could feel her nipples going hard (and not just from the cold.)

They walked on for another five minutes, talking about what Anna’s plans were for the both of them that evening, when Sasha stopped in her tracks.

“This is silly Anna, you’re freezing…come here.”

Sasha took Anna’s hands in her own, pulled her closer and put them in the pockets of the coat.They were so close now that Anna could feel Sasha’s breath on her face…she could lean forward and kiss her right now…But she held back. ‘There’s a man in her life remember?!’

Anna didn’t have time to think anything else, because Sasha already had her lips pressed against her’s. They stayed like that for a split second, with Anna wrestling in her mind if this was REALLY a good idea.Then she felt Sasha’s tongue sliding across her lips, and she opened them just enough for it to slip into her mouth. It moved between her teeth and as it touched the end of her own tongue, a jolt of electricity jumped up her spine. She pulled away…

“What about your boyfriend?”

“What boyfriend?”

“I saw…well, it doesn’t matter what I saw. The point is, I thought you were kinda taken…”

“No way! I mean, I haven’t had a guy anywhere near me since I was sixteen. First and last time that happened! Not really my thing, if you know what I mean…?”

“Oh, ok.”

“Come on, it’s cold.”Sasha took Anna’s hand and led her down the street toward her flat.

As soon as they reached Sasha’s front door, she pushed Anna against it and pressed herself close against Anna’s body.

“I can’t wait another minute for you to kiss me, so I’m going to try, again, to kiss you…is that ok?!”

“Umm, I guess so. I mean, sure.”

Anna was lost in the sensation of having Sasha’s body up against her own, her warmth and the musk of her perfume transferring between them. She felt Sasha’s long eyelashes brushing her cheek as she kissed around her neck and around her ears. Sasha had removed her door keys from her pocket and was struggling to try and open the door without stopping the kisses.

Suddenly the door gave way, and they both stumbled into the narrow hallway. Anna fell back onto the stairs and Sasha fell over her, bracing herself on her elbows. Immediately, their güvenilir casino lips were on each other again, exploring each other’s mouths and skin, tasting and touching.

Their hands searched for gaps in each other’s clothes, scrabbling to remove them. The buttons from Sasha’s blouse flew from it as Anna tore it open, desperate to see what was underneath. She was greeted with the sight of a white lacy bra with Sasha’s breasts spilling over the top of it. Anna grabbed both sides and pulled down hard. The front of the bra ripped in the middle, and Sasha’s breasts fell loose.

Now her nipples were only inches away from Anna’s mouth. She lifted her head and took one between her teeth, rolling the other between her thumb and forefinger and pinching it lightly. She sucked the nipple further into her mouth and began licking vigorously, feeling the hardness of it against her tongue.

Sasha was panting, one hand wrapped in Anna’s hair, the other holding her up on the stairs. She had shifted her groin so that it was resting on Anna’s knee, and was rocking back and forth. The friction was intense. Anna sat upright, and bent her leg so that Sash was sitting on her knee, at the same moving from one nipple to the other.

Sasha’s skirt had moved up around her waist, and Anna moved her right hand between Sasha’s legs and began circling her clit through her knickers.Sasha was moaning now, and grinding onto Anna’s hand, so Anna moved her knickers to one side and tucked 2 fingers inside her. She was soaking wet.

As she felt Sasha’s warmth envelop her fingers, she groaned.She’d been dreaming about this for so long…every minute of everyday since she’d met Sasha, and now it was actually happening! She moved her thumb to rest on Sasha’s clitoris and started to rub it slowly. Sasha’s grinding increased in pace; she was now rocking furiously on Anna’s fingers.

She suddenly threw her head back and Anna bit down on her nipple, and thrust her fingers further inside at the same time.Sasha let out an animal-like growl from the back of her throat and pulled Anna’s mouth further onto her nipple. She bucked onto Anna’s hand, whimpering and moaning softly. Her movements slowed and she pulled Anna’s face away from her chest and kissed her hard on the lips.

Anna slipped her fingers out of Sasha, and bought them up to her mouth.She ran them across her lips, and then kissed Sasha again. Sharing her own taste with her.

Anna sighed:, “So who was the guy?”

“What guy?”

“I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I saw a guy…I was outside; I saw a man in your window…”

“You don’t mean…?Oh my god! You didn’t really see ME…it was my flatmate and her boyfriend! He stayed here this week!”

“Oh Sash’,” said Anna, “I feel so bloody stupid.. I was freaking out about wanting to be with you and not thinking I could because I thought you had a man. I’m soooo sorry for jumping to conclusions…” ‘ “Hey,” said Sasha, “I have only one thing to say…they’re both away for the weekend…”

She pulled Anna to her feet and led her up the stairs…

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