Lost and Abused – The Story of Lisa

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The idea for this story was my first one. It originally started as an incest one. The story line works better this way. Please read my other stories and comment and on all of them. I write them for enjoyment. As always, characters are over 18.

No woman should be abused without mutual consent.

Lost and Abused — The story of Lisa

I was standing at the large window looking at the first snow fall of the year. It had snowed some 5 inches overnight. The day before was almost spring like. The temperature had dropped to the lower teens. Dropping some 20 degrees overnight. The early morning sun was an orange glare upon the surface of the new snow. Suddenly, I felt my dog Rex rub against my leg. I’m no shorty, standing nearly 6 feet 2in, but Rex’s head rubbed against my hip. He is a heavy boned German Shepard, with classical coloring. He has a very large black ‘saddle’ over his back, with tan and silver over the rest of his body. At just over 100 lbs, he is a real brute.

His tail was wagging so fast that I felt a chill from the cool breeze. His tongue was hanging out, and he was prancing in place. I asked him did he have to go out, and he jumped onto my chest, then ran to the door. I put my coat and boots on, and grabbed the keys to the snowmobile. I still had the sled hooked to it, from last year, with my ax, chainsaw and emergency kit on it. I needed to gather more firewood anyway, since this was my first visit this season. It was going to be easier this way, than to go and cut some, then walk it back by hand. Thank goodness for small favors from mother nature.

I have a cabin on 5 acres, which backs up against a state forest, which has a very popular lake. So there is always plenty of firewood. The tourists are gone, which makes my time here very pleasant. I try to get away from the grind of running my computer and software business as much as possible, this time of year. As soon as I opened the garage door, Rex took off like a shot. He dove directly into a pile of snow that had gathered from the blowing wind. He would bite at it, getting some on his tongue. Then repeat his doggy game. It never ceased to amaze me how he could derive so much happiness from so simple a game. I stopped several times along the path to pick up some smaller branches, and twigs for kindling.

We were out about half an hour, about a mile into the forest, when Rex started barking. He stood looking down into a patch of underbrush. I called to him to be quiet, but he continued to bark.

When I reached him, I saw why. A woman was huddled amongst the underbrush, very tightly wrapped in a thin, well worn housecoat. Her ears were red and the toes, sticking out of her torn house slippers, were turning blue. I shut the snowmobile off and approached her. She tried to squeeze herself backwards through the tightly bunched branches. I held my hands up to show that I was not going to hurt her.

“Are you alright? What are you doing out here? Are you lost? Come. Let me take you back to my place and get you warm before you freeze to death,”

It took several minutes more before she allowed me to help her up. I dumped all of the wood on the sled. I keep a blanket on it just in case I get stuck out at night. I wrapped her up and placed her on the sled. I gunned the snowmobile back to the cabin. Rex ran along side of her. His tail continuously wagging. I pulled into the garage, picked her up, and carried her into the living room. Placing her in front of the fireplace. I pulled my coat off and went to get more blankets to wrap her up in. Then I went into the kitchen and made some tea. When ready, I brought it to her and sat down beside her. I checked her ears, but did not find any frostbite. That was a miracle. I asked her if I could check her feet. She shook her head yes.

I slid to the floor in front of her, took a foot in hand and gently rubbed it while inspecting it. Her toes and feet were cold and red, but there was no sign of frostbite. I noticed bruising around her left ankle. It appeared to be from an ankle restraint.

“How long were you out there?”

She was shivering, and her teeth were chattering to the point that they were making clicking noises, so much so that she could not answer verbally, but held one finger up.

“Just last night?”

She shook her head yes. I told her to get warm and we will talk later. I told her that it was a good thing that I was here, for there is no one in this area for at least another 2 months. Not until people come for the holidays. After the lake freezes over, it is used for ice skating. I told her that I still needed to get the firewood, she jumped into my arms, spilling some of the tea. She started to shiver even harder. This was not from the cold. I told her that she is safe here.

“Alright. I will leave Rex with you. He will not harm you. Instead he will protect you. It is apparent that you are running away from someone. You can tell me later after you warm up.”

“Rex. Stay. Protect.”

He laid down next to her and placed his head on her lap. She pulled tuzla escort her hands up to her chest. I told her that he will not hurt her, and that she can pet him, if she chose to. Very tentatively she reached down and ran her hand over his head. He shifted a little further down onto her lap. She relaxed with that. I put my coat back on and left to retrieve my firewood. I returned a little over an hour later. I had enough wood to last a couple of days. She was sitting on the couch when I walked into the living room. Rex was still by her side. He has a very good sense of people.

“Well, I see that you are doing better. Would you like to eat something?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Well, she can speak. Glad to hear that. Is there anything special you would like?”

“No. I have not eaten since yesterday morning. I can eat wood bark about now.”

“I will make you some eggs and toast. Want some more tea?”

“I would prefer coffee, if that is not a bother.”

“Good. I have not had mine yet. Here let me show you how to use my coffee maker. Just in case you want some more later on. I have a rule in my house. I will show you where something is, or make something for you once. After that it is up to you to help yourself.”

I pulled all of the ingredients for our breakfast and started to fry the bacon. Then showed her how to make the coffee. After I finished making our food, we sat down to eat.

“What is your name? Mine is Ed.”

“Lisa. I guess you are wondering how a came to be out there.”

“That would be nice to know.”

“I am married to a very abusive husband. We have been married for a little over a year. He was a perfect gentleman at first. But from the very start of our marriage he wanted to control me. I was to be his submissive slave. I wasn’t allowed to go out by myself. I was not to see anyone. Who ever wanted to see me, he had to approve of them. I was forced to quit my job, wear the clothes he said that I could wear. He even made me wear a dog collar around the house. He slapped me, used a whip on me, called me disgusting names, and even spat in my face. At times he would disappear for a few days at a time. He would only leave enough food to last me a day or two. I was able to finally pick the lock on my ankle restraint and escape.”

As I listened to this, my anger slowly rose to the point that I wanted to find this prick and bury him in an unmarked grave. As I was looking at her face, the redness from the cold had disappeared. In its place was the beginning of a black eye. One the size of which I have not seen since watching a pro boxing match. It must have been hidden by the cold.

“Lisa, you have no worries here. No one will hurt you. In fact I am going to contact my attorney, and have him start divorce proceedings for you. Also, we will contact the local sheriff, who is a friend of mine, and you can file a police report.”

“I’m afraid. He will find me and hurt me even more than before.”

“No he won’t. You will be under my protection. He has to go through a lot of people to get to you.”

“You are the only one out here though?”

“No I am not. You can’t see them, but there are anywhere from 2 to 3 security people around the property at any given time. It just depends on who I have here. My company does sensitive work for the government, at times. Besides, Rex can take care of just about any threat.”

She began to visibly relax at that point. I told her that she needed to get out of those clothes. Mine would be way too big for her. I went and picked up my cell, and called my secretary.

“Beth, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to pick up some clothes for me. Hold on.”

“Let’s see, you are what 5 ft 1? How much do you weigh?”

“I would say about 95 lbs.”

“OK, Beth. She weighs about 95 lbs and stands about 5ft1 in. I need you to pick up everything. From soup to nuts. Make it several outfits. Jeans, undies, winter coat, sweater, boots, sneakers. Her shoe size is small. We can always return them if they don’t fit. I will explain when you get here. Thank you love.”

Lisa looked at me like I was nuts. Her eyes were wide in amazement. Tears had welled up and were slowly running down her cheeks.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because no woman should be treated like you have been.”

“You have had personal experience with that, haven’t you?”

“Yes. My mother was treated very similar to the way you were. She took it for some 15 years before she was killed by him. He is in prison for the rest of his life. I made sure to testify against his parole. The last time I did, I was told that he does not have any more appeals left. He will now rot in there. That him I am referring to, is the sperm donor to my birth.”

“How can you afford to buy all of those clothes for me?”

“I developed a software program when I was 16, and it was licensed by a major company. Through a very good attorney I only gave them the license to use the software, which allowed me to hold ownership of the program. When the company tuzla escort bayan went bankrupt, for other reasons, I regained the use of it. I formed my own company when I was 20. That was after graduating from college. I only went to further my understanding of the field. This stuff comes naturally to me. Since then, I have developed several more computer programs, phone apps, and software for cars. I also build computer systems for businesses.”

“So, that means you are rich?”

“You could say that. But I don’t flaunt it. I prefer to stay under the radar so to speak.”

With that I called my attorney and told him to retain a very good divorce attorney. He chuckled and said that I was not even married. I told him it was for a good friend of mine. That he, or she, could find me here. He said that he was driving up to see for himself what was going on. I told him to make it tomorrow. That I was not in the mood for company today. He said that he will be here by 10am. I said, see you then, and hung up.

Rex was getting antsy again, So I opened the sliding glass door and he ran out and made several yellow designs in the snow. Lisa and I both laughed as the saying occurred to us both as to not to eat the yellow snow. It was good to see her smile. We talked about other things the rest of the day. This was just to get to know each other. She was not a dumb person. In fact she was quite intelligent. She never went to college, having married at 19. She graduated from high school with honors. Thankfully there were no children from that bastard.

Shortly before 6pm Rex jumped up and ran to the door. His whining told me that it was Beth. That dog absolutely loves her. She knocked and entered. She came into the living room holding several bags of clothes. I introduced her to Lisa. The girls hugged, and I could see a big question mark on Beth’s face. I told Lisa to take the bags and go change. We will burn her clothes after she sees that everything fits. I pointed to a bedroom, and she left.

“Alright Ed. What is going on?”

“I was out gathering firewood, when Rex came across her. She was huddled amongst some underbrush. She was lost. She didn’t know that there would not be anyone here for 2 more months. By then she would be a corpse. I couldn’t just leave her. So I brought her back here. It turns out that she ran away from an abusive husband. Didn’t you see that shiner?”

“I thought that’s what it was. How long has that been going on?”

“She said that they have been married for a year. The abuse started immediately. Everything from beatings to verbal abuse. She was even shackled. No woman should have to go through that”

“I think that you are an old softy. But you also helped me out of a very similar situation. So I know where your heart is. You do know that I love you for it.”

“Yes. But I don’t keep you around because of it. You are a very talented person when it comes to taking care of my professional affairs. You are also a very good friend. I can never replace a friendship like yours. I am truly grateful. “

Lisa came out of the bedroom dressed in a very nice pair of jeans and a sweater, along with socks and sneakers. She said that the sneakers fit perfectly. She went over to Beth and gave her a hug again and said thank you about a dozen times.

“Don’t worry. I will do just about anything for this man. I owe him so much. He helped me get out of a situation similar to yours. So you can believe him when he tells you he knows what you are going through.”

I said that I was hungry, and was going to make dinner. The girls said no I was not, pushed me out of the way, and took off to the kitchen. After dinner we talked some more, and before long our eyes were slowly closing. I showed Lisa to a guest bedroom and told her to sleep safe. I had Rex stay with her. Beth went to the one she uses when she stays over, and I went to mine. I reminded Lisa that my attorney will be here in the morning.

I was awakened during the night by Rex coming to my room. I could hear Lisa moaning and saying no repeatedly. I got up and went to her room. Sat on her bed beside her and gently stroked her face and spoke soothingly to her. I kept telling her it was going to be ok and that she was safe. Rex cuddled right next to her. He was really beginning to become attached to her. She calmed and fell back into a deep sleep. I sat for awhile longer, watching her sleep. She still emitted a low moan from her nightmarish situation. In the short time that I have known this woman, I began to have feelings for her. Not knowing for sure if it was from my mother’s ordeal that was running through my mind or actual affection for her.

I was up at my usual time of 6am. I looked into Lisa’s room to check on her. She was still sleeping peacefully. I asked Rex did he have to go out. He jumped off of the bed and ran to the back. I opened the sliding door, he ran out, made his yellow designs, and dropped a load. He walked around the back checking for any signs of predators and came back in. Going right back to escort tuzla Lisa. I counted my blessings on having such a wonderful dog. I made coffee and restarted the fires. The one in the wood stove was still fairly hot, but there is nothing like one in a fireplace. I soon had one there, giving off its warmth. I still put a couple of logs in the stove anyway.

I was sitting on the couch when Beth came in with her coffee. She sat next to me and placed her head on my shoulder. She sat there looking out of the big sliding glass doors. I placed my hand on her knee and patted it.

“Ed, you are one special person. It makes me proud to be associated with a person like you. Here you are taking in a perfect stranger, not knowing anything about her, and am willing to help her. You are the brother I never had. I love you for it. Just make sure that she does not take you for a ride, or break your heart.”

“Thank you Beth. My little company would not be what it is today without your assistance and guidance. I love you as I would a sister. Just to let you know, I think that I am beginning to have feelings for this woman. But time will tell.”

About 8am Lisa woke up and came out to the living room wearing one of the flannel pj’s that Beth bought for her. I told her that coffee was in the kitchen and to help herself. We all sat in the living room talking about nothing in particular until just after 10am when my attorney showed up. I introduced Lisa to George. He sat down with her and she explained the situation. He took copious notes and pictures of her bruises, filled out some paperwork, and left me with copies, along with a pile of paperwork for the business. So much for spending a relaxing week away from work. He left about 1pm, and Beth left shortly afterwards.

Lisa was kind enough to make us some lunch. We sat on the couch next to each other. After eating she moved closer to me and placed her head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around hers.

“Ed, I want to thank you for all of this. I don’t know what would have happened to me. Most likely I would have frozen to death.”

“Lisa, you deserve to be happy. To live your life without fear of being hurt through violence from your partner. What I am doing is just common human decency.”

“I don’t know if it is survivors gratitude or real affection, but I am beginning to have feelings for you Ed. I hope that it is not out of line.”

“I watched you sleep last night. I came into your room when I heard you moaning and repeating no almost continuously, during what was a nightmare. I started to have feelings for you shortly after I first rescued you.”

We sat there for awhile longer looking out the glass doors, enjoying another cup of coffee. After finishing my coffee, I told Lisa that I needed to get that paperwork finished. She said that she understood. I got up and went to my office. Lisa brought me a sandwich and a drink around 1 pm. It was after 8pm before I was able to finish. We made a light dinner and sat on the couch together until bed time.

Again at 6am I was awake and having my morning much needed starter. Lisa slept in until 9am. I asked her how she slept.

“Alright, I guess. I am still fearful that he will find me.”

“Even if he did, he will still have a very hard time getting to you. Everything possible is being done to alleviate this situation that you are in. Plus, he has to go through my security detail, then get through me and Rex.”

The relief on her face was very evident at that point. We spent the rest of the day taking Rex on a long walk through the woods behind the house. Later I also taught her how to operate the snow mobile. We gathered firewood along the way. The more that this woman talked, the more fascinated and intrigued I became with her. This time together only began to reinforce my initial feelings for her. But, no matter how this turns out between us, I promised myself to make sure that she will have a good life. We returned back to the house close to dinner time. We changed into our sleep ware, then made dinner. Afterwards we watched some TV.

Lisa had placed her head on my shoulder, my arm was around hers. She took her hand and turned my face towards hers. She felt the questions that were running through my head. When I turned towards Lisa I looked her in the eyes and said;

“I am not sure if I am projecting the situations that took place with my mother or Beth’s, but I feel that we need to be careful here on what we say and do. I do not want to compound any of the pain that you have been going through, or do anything that might appear that I am taking advantage of you.”

Lisa leaned over and placed a kiss on my lips. I tentatively returned the kiss. I felt the hunger in her kiss. Then pulling her across my lap, I increased the kiss to one full of the passion that had overtaken me for this woman. Her arms wrapped around my neck, pulling my head deeper into the kiss. Her moans of pleasure intensified. She started to wiggle her ass on my groin. My cock responded in kind. Lisa pulled away and looked into my eyes. I saw nothing but love, built on a desire to love. I placed one arm under her legs and the other around her back and stood up. I carried her to my bedroom. Her arms firmly around my neck.

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