Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

This is the fourth chapter of the story, but the story “While the Wives are Away,” in the Gay Male section, falls in between Chapters 3 and 4.


It’d been almost six weeks since Liz and I had “gotten together” with Rich and Lori, and a couple of weeks since Rich and I had hooked up while Lori and Liz were away in New York. (See “While the Wives are Away,” in the Gay Male section.) Liz told me that she and Lori had talked about our swapping before, but that they hadn’t done anything together while they were away, but while I had kept my mouth shut, Rich went ahead and told Lori what we had done. I wasn’t the first guy Rich had ever fucked, and Lori was OK with that; she had never done a girl before, but she had screwed a lot of guys, and I mean a lot of guys, before she met and married Rich. Naturally, she told Liz what she knew, and Liz was kind of OK with it, but she wasn’t thrilled by any means. She did say that I owed her one now, but never got more specific than that.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and it was sunny and hot out, but the water at the beach was still very cold. Added to that was the act that it was pretty breezy, so we knew that the sand on the beach would be blowing kind of uncomfortably. Liz and I had been members at a nudist resort in Ivor, Virginia, for several years, and we figured that we’d head there. Liz called Lori to see if she’d come with us, and it wasn’t much of a surprise that she said yes; Lori loved being naked. Rich had never gone before, always refusing to go to either the resort or the (very sparsely used) nude beaches in the Outer Banks. Once again, Rich didn’t want to go, when Liz told Lori to put Rich on the phone.

“You know, you owe Lori and me one for fucking my husband while we were out of town. And don’t worry, you’ll definitely have fun: there’ll be plenty of good-looking naked women running around and I might just make it worth your while in other ways. We’ll be over in about fifteen minutes to get you guys, and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

Sure enough, we were at their place fifteen minutes later. We had thrown together a picnic basket to take, along with beach towels and sunscreen, and Lori dragged Rich along with her. When they came out, Liz reached up and gave Rich a hard kiss and said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to make this worth your while.” What she had in mind, I didn’t know, but it seemed obvious to me that Rich was going to get laid, at the very least. You can’t just fuck out in the open at a nudist resort – or, at least not at any I knew about! – but Liz and I had a small camping trailer in the park campground, and we had set it to rocking more than once in the past few years.

The resort was about an hour away, across the James River Bridge and into Ivor, kind of off the beaten path. Bob, the owner, had taken about 40 acres of scrubby land, put a bunch of money into the place, and built up a nice resort. The pool was outdoors – though they’ve since added an indoor pool – and it was heated for use in the spring. We went right through the gate, since, as members, we had a pass card for the gate, and drove straight to our campsite to park. It was at a dead end, so it was more private than some sites.

As soon as we got out of the car, we all started to strip, or at least all of us except for Rich, who was still looking pretty leery at this. Fortunately, since our camp site was on one of the dead ends, there was no one else around at the moment, even though there were plenty of nude people to be seen on the foça escort drive to the site. The general population was mostly in our mid-forties age range, and more physically fit than average. This was in the 1990s, before it was common for women to shave off their pubes, so the couple of women who had shaved them off really caught Rich’s eye. (Mine, too, actually, though I preferred it when women didn’t shave them bare.) Liz really put her foot down, and just flat ordered Rich to strip, and he did, though obviously with some reluctance.

“Now, here’s where we make it worth your while. Everybody in the camper.” Liz had gone into Drill Sergeant mode, even though she’d never been in the service. Once we were all in, and stowed our clothes, Liz continued, “OK, Rich, here’s the deal. I know you’re worried about having a constant hard on, and I said we’d make it worth your while, so you get a blow job, right now, from whichever one of us you want, just to take the edge off. You pick.”

Wow! Rich was kind of dumbfounded, but managed to get out, “You,” as an answer. Liz got down on her knees and took his seven inch cock in her mouth and started to work. Lori had given her lessons on how to deep throat six weeks ago, had been practicing on me ever since, and she’d gotten pretty good at it. A few shallower strokes, a couple of licks down his shaft, and then Liz just grabbed Rich’s ass and slowly pulled him all the way down her throat, until she had her nose buried in his pubes. Rich had to grab the side of the camper to keep from falling down while Liz worked on his cock.

Well, this turned Lori and me on no end, and Lori grabbed my head and said, “Eat me.” She sat down on the edge of the bed, I got down on my knees, and started licking her hairy pussy. I don’t know if Liz had given her a clue as to what she had planned or today, but Lori was already dripping wet watching Liz suck her husband’s cock, and it wasn’t long before she was pushing my head tightly down against her while I ate her out. It couldn’t have been a minute before she was tensing up and shaking in her orgasm. Just about that time, we heard Rich start to grunt, and he shot his load into Liz’s mouth. She held it there, stood up, and then kissed Rich hard, forcing his own cum into his mouth. He swallowed it because Liz didn’t give him any other choice.

Then Liz turned to me, and kissed me hard, making sure that I tasted whatever was left of Rich’s load. “OK, you guys, it’s time to hit the pool!

Rich seemed a little bit more at ease with the situation, and we all grabbed our towels, and sunscreen, and walked down the gravel lane toward the common areas of the park. Being Memorial Day weekend, it was the biggest crowd of the year so far, and we were lucky to find a spot big enough for four people by the pool. We spread out our towels as best we could – like I said, it was crowded – when Liz told Rich to sunscreen her back. That should have been my job, but Liz was pretty much taking control of the day. She laid down on her towel, facing the pool, and Rich got on his knees and bent over to comply. He did her back and the backs of her legs, when she turned part way over and said, “I just gave you a blow job; you can at least sunscreen my ass.”

Wow! Liz doesn’t usually want me to sunscreen her butt in public, so she was definitely in a mood. You can’t be too blatant about things in a nudist resort, but Rich did slide a couple of fingers down her slit while he was making sure her butt was sunscreened. foça escort bayan I’m sure that Liz was wet, because he brought his fingers up to his nose to sniff them, but all that he could have smelled at that point was the coconut from the sunscreen. I got the pleasure of sunscreening Lori’s back, but I didn’t get to do her butt the way Rich did Liz’s. There were plenty of people at the resort who knew Liz and me, and not a few of them noticed that it wasn’t me doing Liz’s back.

We spent a couple of hours by the pool, sometimes in it, and the mood lightened up a bit. Liz wasn’t quite as much of a martinet now, as we chatted about different things, as friends do. Our kids were all grown and out of the house, and we could behave like adults among other adults now. Since the pool rules were that everyone had to take a shower before getting in, and the showers were just three open shower heads in public, Rich wound up showering between two young thirtysomething women, and seemed to find the nudist resort experience more to his liking than he had thought. One of the women had a pierced nipple with a fairly large gold ring in it, which fascinated him no end.

Around one o’clock, we decided to head back to the campsite for our picnic lunch. We had packed light fare for lunch, but also had four rib-eyes and baking potatoes for dinner. We each had a sandwich and some cole slaw, and shared a bottle of white wine. Rich seemed fully at ease now.

After lunch, we decided to give Rich and Lori a tour of the resort. There was an all-season pavilion with all sorts of 1990s-era videogames and pinball machines, a steam room, dry sauna and 22-person hot tub. This was where the park held their killer Hallowe’en parties – if you’ve never been to a Hallowe’en party at a nudist resort, you’ve just got to go sometime, because people come up with some absolutely killer costumes – and there was going to be a dance there this evening. There was also something we hadn’t seen before, a kind of craft sales show on the lawns outside of the pavilion, with most of the vendors having gotten naked as well. There was some handmade jewelry that interested Liz, so I sprinted back to the camp site to grab my wallet. When I got back, Rich was trying to talk Lori into some nipple jewelry; the lady selling the jewelry was wearing two nipple rings with a silver chain suspended between them. Liz wound up getting a kind of drape, something worn around the neck which had a braided fringe which went down over the shoulders and to her boobs, but which didn’t conceal anything. Lori agreed to a non-piercing style of nipple pendant, which I paid for since Rich didn’t have his wallet with him.

We hiked around a bit, then hit the pool again around four o’clock, as a little bit of the crowd disappeared. By six, we were all hungry again, so we went back to the camp site, and I started a camp-fire to cook our dinner. The ladies wrapped up the potatoes for baking, and after they were mostly done I started grilling the rib-eyes.

We hadn’t been aware of the dance tonight, but Liz decided that we were going, and that we’d all spend the night in the camper. Hey, we didn’t have any kids or pets at home that needed attention, so we could do that on a whim. Liz said, “And I want you all to know that I am planning on getting seriously fucked tonight.” We all smiled at that one.

Dinner was good, and the dance that evening got our motors really running. An evening dance at a nude resort normally means escort foça that some people come in a show-myself-off clubwear, while others are completely naked. Women you normally see barefoot or in just flip-flops will show up nude but wearing killer high heels, and all sorts of ‘interesting’ jewelry gets worn; a fit woman wearing nothing but a waist-chain can look hot, hot, hot! One woman I knew by sight, but not by name, showed up in a pair of completely transparent pajamas, and another woman was quite visibly shaving her pussy in the showers next to the hot tub. I danced with Liz, I danced with Lori, and I danced with one woman I knew only by sight, who was about sixty years old, but had the killer toned body and V-tapered back of a girl half her age. About every fourth dance was a ‘slow’ dance, and those I danced only with Liz.

It must’ve been around eleven when we finally got back to the campsite. Late May in Virginia can be hot during the day, but it cools off quite a bit in the evening. A few more glasses of wine around the dying embers of the campfire, and we were all ready to go inside for the evening. Liz was pulling on my hand, while Lori was tugging her husband in by his dick!

As soon as we were inside, I pulled out the beds: there were two double sized beds in the camper, but they couldn’t be pulled together to make one king size. I couldn’t really see what Rich and Lori were doing, but Liz and I were in a really nice 69, with her on top, and it wasn’t long before we were both getting our rocks off. I could hear our friends, and they were both having a lot of fun. We were starting to come down just a bit from orgasmic highs when Liz told us what she wanted: “Now that both of the guys have gotten off, and can last a good, long time, Lori, you need to get Rich’s dick hard again, because I want what you got a couple of months ago: I want both cocks, I want both cocks now! I want one in my pussy, and one in my ass!” She pulled a tube of lube out of a drawer – I hadn’t known that it was there – and started working on my cock again. With what she had said, it wasn’t taking long for my cock to start stirring again. Liz stopped sucking my cock, got on top of me, and guided me into her drenched pussy. Lori had not only gotten Rich ready for her, but was even putting the lube on her husband’s cock so that he could fuck my wife up the butt. A couple of Lori’s greased fingers got Liz’s ass lubed up – what a good friend to provide such a service! – and then Rich got behind her and eased his seven inches into her butt.

Holy fucking wow, was this awesome! Liz and I weren’t moving while Rich got himself in, and then we started slowly double-fucking Liz. It took a couple of minutes to find the right rhythm, but soon we were going at it, with Liz doing most of the work herself. Rich and I were good for a while yet, having both cum just a few minutes ago, and we weren’t wanting to rush things.

Not Liz, though! “Oh my God, I’m so filled up! This is so fucking awesome! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard! Fuck my ass hard!” She sped up her motions, and Rich started to ram her ass. I was doing as much as I could, though being on the bottom gave me less freedom of motion than I’d have liked. Still, I was able to hold my hips tense and tight, and help Liz slam her pussy down on me hard. She was screaming and cumming and cumming and cumming. Finally as I was feeling my own nut boiling up in my balls, Rich yelled something completely incoherent and erupted in my wife’s ass, and that was all it took to put me over the edge, and I filled her pussy.

God, I love my wife. There wasn’t really enough room for three people to sleep in that bed, so Rich got up to bunk with his own wife for the night, while I held Liz in my arms. We were softly kissing as we drifted off to sleep for the night.

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