Long Summer Day

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Robby grew up in a large southwestern city. A large army base was there and provided jobs for thousands of the city’s inhabitants. A constant transition of troops meant that people would come and go regularly. This meant that Robby had also seen a parade of various neighbors in his remembered history. Robby’s father was a Lt. Colonel but seldom home. This might have been the reason he and his mother had spent so much time in one place. Their house had undergone many changes such as an extra room, covered patio and swimming pool. His mother took a job, just to keep her busy; but Robby thought it had more to do with increasing her social contacts.

Summers are long and hot in the southwest. Robby was generally an outdoor boy but when the sun was at its zenith, even he had to retreat indoors. His mother’s job kept her away from home during the days and sometimes even at night. When she would be coming home late, she never failed to call Robby and tell him that she would be late.

On one particular day the sun had done its work and driven Robby indoors. He came into the family den and turned on the TV. That was always a good way to help the afternoons moving with a minimum amount of boredom but on this day, nothing was on that caught and held his interest. The sun was starting to interfere with the picture so Robby got up to close the drapes on the glass doors. As he was closing them he noticed his new neighbor in her backyard reading under a parasol. She was wearing a black two-piece swimsuit and from where he stood she looked very sexy. The neighbors had moved in a couple of weeks ago but at the time it didn’t spark any interest in him. Now, the TV was forgotten and he was very interested.

Robby opened the glass door and walked to the edge of the covered patio. He saw that his new neighbor was about twenty-five, red headed and well built. She was reading a thick book and seemed to be oblivious to the hot world around her. Robby noticed that mentally she may have been detached from the world but physically she was still feeling it. Sweat glistened her white skin making her somehow more desirable.

“It’s a real scorcher today,” Robby called over the fence hoping she would hear him and acknowledge his presence.

She looked up with a far-away, slightly dazed look and looked at Robby. As her eyes seemed to come back in focus she answered, “Yes it is. But I love the summer and plan to enjoy it as much as I can; so long as we are here.”

“Where do you originally come from?”

“Boston… I was born and raised in Boston.”

“Does it get this hot in Boston?”

“I’ve known some warm days in my life but I think this one is the hottest.”

With a sudden inspiration Robby asked, “Would you like to come over here and take a dip in our pool?”

The woman suddenly looked interested; she carefully marked her place in the book and set it down on her chair as she came over to the fence to look at the pool. As she walked across her yard on sandaled feet the thought of ‘thoroughbred’ sprang into his head. She moved proudly across the grass and her hips seemed to be moving to unheard music.

She rested her arms on the natural rock fence that separated out yards and looked at the cool waters of the pool. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and wet her full lips before she answered, “Wouldn’t your parents mind strangers using their pool.”

“My name is Robby… Robby McCloud; what is yours?”

“Mindy… Mindy Johnston… sorry, I am now Mindy Reynolds. I haven’t been married very long and am having a hard time breaking the habit of giving my maiden name.”

“I’m glad to meet you Mindy and that takes first of your first problem; we aren’t strangers anymore. As for the second thing, I’m here alone and my parents wouldn’t mind if I invited a friend to swim.”

“Well in that case Robby, I would love to take a swim in your pool.”

“I’ll open the gate for you.”Robby said as he walked across the yard to the gate. He released the deadbolt and waited as Mindy came out of her gate. As she passed him he could smell her scent. She smelled of freshness with a tangy hint of sweat. He felt that her nearness was having a physical effect on him.

She went to the edge of the pool and stepped out of her sandals; lining them neatly along the edge of the pool. With one foot she tested the water. The water was cold. In the southwest few pools were heated as the sun was warm enough to make the pool water very pleasant. She walked around to the shallow end and slowly submerged her body into the water. Once the water engulfed her breasts she pushed off from the bottom and started to swim. She kept her head above water and started to swim easy laps the length of the pool.

Robby went inside to put on his trunks and get them both large towels. When he removed his shorts he saw that he had a full erection. This caused a little trouble and discomfort as he pulled on his trunks. Before going out to the pool again he went to the kitchen and poured escort bostancı two cold glasses of ice tea. His parents had taught him manners and he wanted to impress Mindy with them. He puts the towels over his arm and the glasses on a tray. With his hands full he went out to the patio and put the tray on the table. He put the towels on the lounge chairs and, with his hands hiding his erection went to join Mindy in the water.

They swim and played for half an hour when Mindy said, “I have to get out of the sun. I was cursed with red hair and delicate skin. If I spend much more time in the sun I will be as red as a beet.”

They got out of the water and Robby was glad to see that the his erection was gone. The cold water had reduced his penis to normal. He offered Mindy a towel and watched her dry off as he did the same. He noticed the hard points of her nipples were showing through her swim top. He tried not to stare at hem and offered her the tea. The tea wasn’t really cold anymore so he offered to get new, cold drinks. She said that the tea was fine as it was; spread the towel on the chair and sat on top of it. Robby sat next to her and they talked for the next few hours.

Late in the afternoon, Mindy said she had to go home to make her husband’s supper. “Johnny will be home in an hour and he likes his food waiting for him, “she said as I walked her to the gate.

“If you want to, we can do it again tomorrow.”

“That would be great… I’ll see how the day goes and call out if I have time to swim.”

The next day Robby didn’t go out to play. He took a book out to the patio about 10 am and waited for Mindy to come over again. He didn’t normally read but thought it would impress Mindy as she seemed to enjoy reading big books. Hours passed and there was no sign of Mindy. Out of utter boredom, Robby actually started reading the book he had brought outside. It was a book his father hated and his mother loved. It was called Catch 22 and was about fliers in the Second World War. Robby was smitten with the strange humor and sarcasm that appealed to Robby.

About two o’clock Robby was brought back to reality by, “hi neighbor… is the invitation still open for the swim?”

“Sure, I’ll open the gate for you.”

They spent the next three hours playing in the pool and under the patio cover hiding from the sun. They talked about everything and were soon privy to knowledge only good friends could know. This became a daily affair. Promptly, for the next two weeks, at two o’clock each afternoon (except for weekends), Mindy would come over for a swim.

On a Tuesday it changed. Robby waited for her on the patio until his mother came home at six. He had even poured ice tea; expecting her to be here as always at two. Both glasses went untouched and he ended up pouring them down the drain. The only positive thing that happened is that he finally finished the book and it changed his feelings about reading. The next day Robby had his swim suit on again and started a vigilant wait for Mindy. After a half hour he gave up on patience and went next door and rang her bell.

He rang twice and waited. The door slowly opened after a few minutes and Mindy peeked out from behind the door. “Hi Robby… I can’t make it to the pool this week.”

“What’s happened? You didn’t come yesterday and after seeing you today, I am really worried about you.”

“Why would you be worried about me?”

“Why would I be worried? I’m you friend and friends worry about each other. I know you and I know that something is wrong. Open the door and let me in. Tell me what is wrong and together we can work it out!”

Mindy hesitated a few seconds and then seemed to collapse a little and opened the door for me. He went into her living room and took a seat on her sofa. She asked if he would like something to drink and went into the kitchen before he could answer. She came back carrying two bottles of beer and mumbled that she didn’t have anything else in the house. She sat next to him and took a long drink of her beer and put it down on the coffee table.

“Tell me what has happened. The last time we say each other you promised to come the next day. I waited for you all day and you never showed up. We’re friends and we can confide in each other.”

Mindy seemed to be digesting what he said and then made several attempts to formulate an answer. She suddenly collapsed and started crying on his shoulder. He could feel her tears as they ran in warm rivulets down his bare chest. She heaved with heart wrenching sobs as she buried her face against him. After fifteen minutes the sobs receded and she started to regain her composure. She finally lifted her head, looked at him and in a monotone repeated what was the cause of her distress. She told him that Johnny had come home drunk and had beaten her up. Robby couldn’t see any evidence of this but accepted it as truth; especially when she explained that her husband was an expert in causing pain without leaving ümraniye escort marks. When she finished he asked, “What can I do?”

“Just hold me…”she answered in a small defeated voice.

He gently held her and suddenly she started to kiss his neck. The kiss caused an instant physical reaction by him. Her lips and breath in his neck tickled and started to excite him. Slowly he turned his head toward her and found their lips together. First it was just a light touching of the lips but soon he started to explore her mouth with his tongue. She started exploring his body with her hands. He did the same but she was at a definite advantage as he only had tennis shoes and swim trunks on. He cupped one of her breasts and gently squeezed. When he tried to run his hand from her armpit down her side she winced in pain and broke off the kiss. She looked into his eyes with a dreamy haze and said, : let me take off these clothes for you.”

Robby was dumbstruck. He watched as she stood up unbuttoning her blouse. When it was loose she removed it and dropped it on the floor. She reached behind her and her bra followed suit. With her breasts free, Robby was mesmerized by their creamy fullness. The nipples that he had, until this minute, seen hidden behind clothing; were now out and begging for his attention. She undid her jeans and wiggled out of them; leaving her with only her sheer underpants before she would be completely naked. Robbie could see red pubic hair both behind and in tuffs around the edges sticking out. She took a deep breath and pealed her last remaining piece of clothing; depositing it on the floor with her other garments.

She stood before him and he thought she was a goddess. He beckoned her with his open arms but instead of responding she grabbed his trunks and pulled them down and off his legs. Robby shucked his shoes and sat waiting for her completely naked. She finally took off her sandals and joined him on the couch. It didn’t take long for them to resume their passion but before it got too far, Mindy pulled them onto the living room carpet. “I don’t want to do this with you in the bed I have to share with Johnny,” she said as she crushed her mouth and naked body against him.

She worked her lips down his body and after pausing momentarily at his groin, engulfed his pulsating penis. She worked diligently and soon felt his hot sperm filling her mouth.

They were lying on her living room carpet basking in the afterglow when Robby suggested they both go over to his house as it was much more comfortable and neither of them had any problems with Robby’s bed. “Just put on a housecoat because I expect to have it off of you as soon as the door is closed…”

Mindy got up, put on her sandals, picked up her discarded clothes and disappeared down the hall to the bedroom. Robby pulled his trunks on and sat down to put on his shoes. By the time he had them on, Mindy was back, dressed in a very unbecoming housedress covered with little white daisies. Robby didn’t comment because he knew what was beneath that ugly garment and he would soon rid her of it.

Before they opened her front door they shared a long passionate kiss that got them both started again. They cut across the front yards and Robby opened his front door. When he had closed the door he saw that Mindy was already working on the buttons of her dress. Robbie pulled his shoes and trunks in three fast movements. He stood waiting for Mindy to finish with the buttons but lost his patience almost immediately and tore the garment off of her naked body; scattering three buttons across the floor.

They ran as two children down the hall and into Robby’s room; jumping into his bed. The bed wasn’t made yet as he usually waited until his mother comes home and makes it before supper. Mindy didn’t seem to notice it as they immediately began fondling each other and hungrily kissing. The passion brought Robby back to life and he trailed licks and kisses over Mindy’s breasts and past her muscular stomach. He paused to admire and sniff her prominent bush of red pubic curls and could still smell the soap she had used the last time she had showered or bathed. He used both of his thumbs to spread her nether lips and explored with his tong. His manipulations caused Mindy to squirm and moan. She spread her knees ever farther apart to give him freer access. Robby nibbled at her clit and created a steady flow of juices from her depths. The fluids flowed out of her hole and disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. He spread them and licked up the flow that hadn’t yet disappeared into the sheets. As his tong tried to force its way through her sphincter muscle, she groaned again and had another orgasm.

Robby raised his head up and turned her around on her stomach. He lifted her hips and brought her into a kneeling position. He guided his penis to the entrance of her womb and slowly pushed it in to the hilt. This seemed to push all the air out of Mindy’s lungs and she had to fight to regain it. With kartal escort bayan long steady strokes he moved in and out of her vagina; its walls tugging at it with every movement.

He felt the sperm forming in his testicles and moaned as it shot through his penis and gushed deep in her womb. The steady spurting flow of sperm felt like it would never end. When it finally did, Robby collapsed on Mindy; with his penis still deeply buried inside of her.

When they recovered sufficiently to move, Robby led Mindy to the bathroom where they took a shower to wash off some of the juices that had dried on their bodies. Robby had gotten his mothers shower cap to keep Mindy’s long red hair relative dry. Her statement: “I don’t want to spend the whole afternoon in bed with wet hair getting in our way.” Was enough to get him scampering off to find the cap.

When they were clean, fresh and dried again they went back to bed. As they idly played with each other, Mandy told Robby about her childhood, youth and marriage and how she finally got to where she was today. Robby was a good listener and only interrupted her commentary to ask a few questions. When she finally ended her story with: “I don’t know now why I married Johnny. He has changed and isn’t the person I once knew.” With this said they started kissing again.

“Are you hungry?” Robby asked as he broke away from their kiss to catch a breath.

“Yes, I could eat.”

“Do you want anything particular?”

“No, just something we can enjoy here in bed.”

Robby went to the kitchen and scoured the refrigerator, cabinets and pantry but could only find half a chocolate cake, whipped cream in a can and peanut butter and jelly in jars. He put all of these on a tray and carried them to his bedroom. When he entered Mindy was still spread over his bed. She laughed at the offered menu and commented, “You’re not very concerned with me losing my figure…”

“Definitely not, the way I see it is the more of you there is; the more there is to love…”

His last word caused an instant change in the atmosphere of the room. A short but pressing silence seemed to engulf the room. They both searched desperately to find a way out of this unexpected impasse. Mindy finally said, “Let me spread some of that food on you. It looks good and I am starving. Robby put the tray down and got in next to her. Mindy sat up and selected a piece of cake. She put it between her lips and offered to share it by putting his lips to hers. They fought over the cake as they kissed. She went back to the tray and took another piece of cake. This she smeared over his chest, leaving deposits of chocolate icing on each of his nipples. She then took the peanut butter and made a winding trail down his body to his dark pubic bush and retraced her trail with the grape jelly. When this task was completed she looked at her work and then once more reached for the tray. With the can of whipped cream she built a pyramid of cream around his now erect penis.

Starting with the cake she licked and nibbled his chest clean. She moved down his body and licked everything she encountered along the way. The culinary manipulations didn’t leave Robby unaffected; his desire for her was increasing by the minute. At last she was ready for dissert and carefully and deliberately licked the cream from around his penis. When the base was clean she engulfed the rod and sucked it clean too. She continued to suck, long after the cream had vanished. Robby had to pull her off as he was close to climaxing again.

“Now it is my turn,” he said as he sat up and coaxed her back into a prone position. She lay with her arms slightly spread and her legs slightly raised at the knees and extremely spread. He molded balls of peanut butter and put them on her nipples. Around each breast he spiraled lines of jelly and extended it down to her beautiful naval. The naval was filled with peanut butter and topped off with a dot of whipped cream. He then completely covered her red pubic bush and then put the can between her spread legs.

“You’ve created a real work of art,” Mindy said as she surveyed her body.

“I think you’re right!” He got off the bed and got an Instantmatic camera and started taking pictures of his handy work. They both laughed as he photographed her from all angles. When the film ran out and the pictures were developed he came back to her and started with her lips and the chocolate cake that rested on them. The cake crumbled and the icing smeared over their faces and they licked each other clean. He then proceeded with one breast and then the other. With the balls of peanut butter in his mouth he followed the spiraling lines of jelly a around his breasts. He licked up both lines of jelly and finally ate her bellybutton filling. Robby pulled back and winked at Mindy. She giggled in anticipation of what she knew was coming. He moved his position slightly lower and attacked her snow capped bush. He slowly and deliberately cleared the whipped cream from her pubis; when he was finished the hair was soaked with his saliva.

They both took a deep breath, bracing themselves for the next act. Robbie knew what he was going to do but Mindy was completely in the dark. The suspense added to her increasingly building passion.

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