Long Days Ch. 02

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I step closer to her, quickly grabbing the roll and tossing it back on the shelf. What few inches dividing us is cut to zero when i take hold of her upper arms and draw us into a kiss. slightly tilting my head to my right and planting a kiss firmly onto her soft, full lips. I had betrayed her trust in me and caught her off guard with this kiss. Her body tensed when the situation became clear to her. Frantically her arms pushed and shoved me trying to release my grip. I kissed her deeper. Her body dipped and twisted, working to free itself and still my kiss lingered.

I should of Let her go, and I would of if she had at any point pulled her lips away from mine. While her body fought against me, her kiss did not. The kiss was more satisfying than I could of ever imagined. Her lips caressing mine and mine, hers. The sweet taste of her mouth slowly filling mine made my heart beat out of my chest. It made every nerve in my body tingle to be locked in the first, and maybe only kiss, with the most gorgeous girl I have ever known. I never wanted this kiss to end but I didn’t want to suffocate this poor girl, so I withdrew my lips from hers.

I realized as I pulled away that I hadn’t thought of anything to say or do after I kissed her. There I stood, hands still on her arms, probably looking like a deer in headlights. I couldn’t read the look on her face. “What have I done?” I thought to myself.

Suddenly I couldn’t look at her anymore. I was disgusted with myself for putting her through that. I should probably go.” I managed to mutter. She didn’t say anything. I turned and walked away. I left her standing there in the stock room. I didn’t look back I just retrieved my cart and walked escort bostancı out of the store. On the walk out I couldn’t help but think about what an asshole I was. Katie deserves better than that. ” But why didn’t she pull her lips away from me? Did I imagine that?” I asked myself. It was useless to try to wrap my mind around what just happened.

My heart was still pounding like I had been thrown out of an airplane. Nothing made sense. I have been to this store hundreds of times and as I left I tried pulling the door open instead of pushing. I did manage to figure out the cargo door to my delivery truck but fumbled locking the cart into place. I needed to calm down and collect myself before I got behind the wheel. I sat down on one of the thigh high shelves in the back of the truck to rest. I put my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. I just stared at the floor wondering what was next. Would she call the police to report me molesting her? She had every right to. “Well Nick, was it worth it?” I said aloud to myself.

“Was it?” a soft voice queried. I looked up from the floor and there was Katie. She was standing in the cab holding the clipboard and paperwork I had forgotten inside.

“I am sorry Katie. I shouldn’t of done that to you.” I replied. I stood up to walk over to her to beg for her forgiveness. Katie set the clipboard on the passenger seat and met me halfway through the truck. Before I could continue my apology she kissed me.

She kissed me?! I didn’t think my heart could beat any faster than it already was. I was proven wrong with the hottest kiss to ever grace my lips. A surge of desire struck me and I thought I might ignite. I always ümraniye escort thought spontaneous human combustion was a hoax but if anyone could cause it, Katie could.

I pulled her tight body up to mine so I could feel the rise and fall of her chest. She must of been able to feel my heart beating like mad with the sweet taste of her once again intoxicating me. Our tongues teasing one another slowly flirting deeper and more passionately. Our arms pressing and pulling our bodies closer together, working in sync to make us one.

My left hand moves from her lower back to the bottom of her ribs. My left thumb rubs over the top of her breast and as it crosses over her shirt and bra it brushes past her erect nipple. Her body trembles in my arms and her kiss pauses. I rub back the other way and again a pause and a tremble. This time I press my hand in a bit harder into her breast allowing me to lightly pinch her sensitive nipple through her clothes. A moan escapes from her mouth into mine. Now my body is trembling. I would do anything she asked to bring her pleasure at this point. Her hands are now working down the buttons of my shirt while we take a small break from kissing.

I have the opportunity now to look upon her as I never have before. She had always seemed to be a confident and capable young woman but this girl standing in front of me was a lioness. I felt as prey she was prepping to devour.

I leaned in to kiss her again allowing her to pull my shirt back off my shoulders. Once my arms were free I gripped the bottom of her Polo and pulled it up and off of her beautiful body revealing her glowing skin and black bra. She took the next opportunity to remove my kartal escort bayan under shirt. With our next kiss we felt the warmth of each others skin pressing together. She had to also feel my cock swelling between us. Pressing into her stomach as we held each other close. She stopped kissing me to look down at the head of my cock which was poking up between my stomach and pants now.

She looked back up at me with a little grin and planted another kiss on me with those beautiful, soft lips of hers. I could feel her right hand on my left hip at the waist band of my pants. Her delicate fingers finding their way to my smooth plump head. With her thumb and forefinger she lightly caressed me and I could have burst. She gave it a squeeze causing pre cum to run out and down onto her hand. She used it to ever so lightly stroke what was exposed of my cock. I broke our kiss as a short moan now escaped my throat and my knees melted.

Katie unbuckled my belt. I returned the favor. Katie unbuttoned my pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She unzipped mine allowing my throbbing cock to fall free. She pushed me back down on the shelf and I got a shock from the cold metal on my bare ass.

I reached up to the top of her tight jeans and peeled them down exposing her matching black panties. Katie stepped out of her shoes and pants then straddled my lap. I am lost in her eyes which are locked onto mine. We kiss again deeply as she lowers herself onto my lap. A thin layer of wet cotton is all that separates my hard cock and her soft pussy lips.

Katie’s hips begin to slowly rock, grinding her clit with the rim of my head through her slippery panties. Her arms are draped over my shoulders around my neck while my hands have found a home on each of her toned ass cheeks. We grind and kiss until I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I come to my senses realizing that heaven couldn’t be this good. I kiss her deeper than ever and pull her panties aside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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