London Calling

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When I moved to London it was an unusually warm June. I was twenty-five, nervous, and woefully naive. Friends were getting engaged, married, having babies. Some were finishing doctorates or travelling. And I had long since come to the conclusion that the kind of raw, explosive attraction I had read about or seen on the TV didn’t exist for everyone. At least, up until that point, not for me. I didn’t mind so much, too caught up in the euphoria of moving to a new country and a new job all by myself.

So when I met Benjamin Reece, it completely floored me.


“Yeah, mum its great- a gorgeous place. All hardwood floors and tall ceilings and a kitchen island. It’s going to be hard to give the place back in six months.” I laughed into the phone, scanning my eyes over the plush office I was standing in. Rather than attempt to find a reasonably priced flat somewhere outside of London and far away from my work, I had opted to house sit for a rich couple in Kensington. It had been a last minute gig, found through a girl I knew from back home in Melbourne. The couple were going to Spain for six months and had been understandably thrilled at finding someone to stay at the house.

“The cat comes and goes but he’s quite friendly. He has a cat flap so no need to fuss over him- his name is Dorian- Dorian Grey. That was my ex-husband’s idea.” Lily Emmers was beautiful, and had a broad white toothed smile. She had gestured carelessly to the grey cat licking its paw. “We’ll be back in November, not sure what date yet but I’ll ring you a week in advance. We really appreciate this Grace- it’s been a nightmare trying to find a sitter.”

And then they had left, taking with them my promises to email updates and the like. And then, with no more than an exchange of numbers and keys, I had the place all to myself- well, myself and Dorian. That was yesterday. I had slept like a log through the night, jet-lag not quite gone after only a week.

“I worry about you all alone in a foreign city though, Petal,” my mum said into the receiver, snapping me back to the present “Can’t you get a roommate or something?”

“I have a roommate.” I smiled as Dorian purred and dodged sleekly between my legs.

“I meant of the non-furry variety.”

“I can’t just invite someone to live in a house that isn’t mine, ma. Besides I’m perfectly safe. I keep my phone and a golf club next to my bed while I sleep.”

“Well at least you’re taking the time to yourself. Golfing sounds fun.”

“The club is in case there’s an intruder and I need a weapon, mum.” I said dryly.

“Darling your- hang on, Bill- your father wants a word. Here.”

“Gracie!” my dad had a rough, deep burr. Traces of Scottish could still be heard in his voice but for the most part he sounded Australian.

“Hi, dad.”

“You’re being careful, arentya darling? Not wandering by yourself at night or anything like that, eh?”

“No, dad.”

“Good girl, good girl. How’s the paper? We’ve been reading all your articles on the Ipad.”

“Thanks, dad. The paper is great, I work with some really funny people.”

“They can’t be all that funny, they’re English.”

“Ha ha dad.”

“No really, Gracie darling make lots of friends, okay? And call us in a few days with an update, won’t you?”

“I will dad. I really like it here, but don’t worry I have plans to meet up with Kate in a few weeks.”

Kate was my dad’s sister’s daughter, my cousin. She went to university in Glasgow but was heading to London for a few days to see me.

“Good gel. Don’t forget to go see your Gran soon. She’s excited to not have you all the way across the pond anymore.”

“I promised her I’d get away from work at first chance and come and see her, but this weekend I need to settle in you know?”

“Alright Gracie. Hey, you be safe okay? We love you. Danny says hi, he says he’s sent you a message over FaceBook and that you should reply to it.”

I smiled, my brother Danny loved sending me bursa escort inappropriate and hilarious pictures while I was supposed to be working. Suddenly I felt a bit homesick.

“Ok daddy. I love you too. Talk soon?”

“Talk soon darling.”

I hung up the phone, sighing. A soft meow made me smile and I scooped up Dorian and nuzzled his fur.

“Hungry, are you?” I murmured to the cat, who mewed politely in response.

Setting him down, I took one step towards the door when I heard it.

A man’s soft curse, the back door closing. Footsteps. Not daring to breathe, I blinked slowly and willed my feet to move. Police. I needed the police. And a weapon? Or should I hide? No, I’m not risking a Glenn-Close in the shower type situation. No thank you. The best defense was a good offence. I cautiously crossed from the office to the main bedroom where I had been sleeping, through the door that connected the two rooms. Gently picking up my cellphone and the famous golf club I inched back into the office, clutching my phone to my chest.

The sound of someone’s heavy footsteps up the stairs met my ears and I raised the golf club, before a man walked into the office and gave a strangled yelp of surprise. He immediately jumped back and raised his hands.

“Hey! Whoa! Easy! I’m sorry I’m-”

“Trying to burgle me?” I snapped, phone and club still raised.

“What? No! No. Lily has something I needed to grab and-”

“Oh sure I bet a lot of robbers use that one. Clever of you to learn the owner’s name.”

“Owner? I’m the owner. I’m Lily’s ex-husband.”

The golf club wavered but I didn’t set it down. He saw my hesitation and slowly moved his hands to his pocket.

“Hey!” I moved the club back to its place.

“Wait! Fuck,” he cursed “Let me just ring her. She can confirm it.”

“Okay then maestro. Put it on speaker.”

He grabbed his phone and rang someone, speaking low into it. I watched as he turned the phone on speaker.

“Grace! Grace are you there?”

My mouth dropped as Lily’s voice came through the phone. I slowly lowered the golf club.

“Um. Yes. I’m here.”

“Grace I’m so so sorry, he’s telling the truth… he is my ex-husband. He needs to grab some documents out of the office and… in all the confusion yesterday I completely forgot to mention he might drop by. I’m so sorry Grace! Are… are you really wielding a golf club?”

“One of my father’s golf clubs might I add.” The stranger said dryly. I silently begged the ground to swallow me up.

“Well I didn’t have any of my silver daggers handy so…” I joked weakly. Lily remained silent on the line but I saw the corners of the stranger’s mouth tug upwards slightly. Oh my god, he was laughing at me. Laughing at this ridiculous situation.

“I’ve put it down now and I might go…die…somewhere.” I winced and avoided eye contact with the man standing in front of me. I felt him struggling not to laugh.

“No, Grace don’t be silly! I’m kind of chuffed if I’m honest. We picked a ballsy house sitter.” Lily said over the phone. I winced again.

“That’s me. Ballsy.” I agreed half-heartedly.

Lily’s ex-husband turned off the speaker and spoke into the phone, keeping his amused eyes on me before hanging up. We stood in silence as I awkwardly held up the hand clutching my phone in surrender.

“Sorry.” I said lamely. He continued to study me in silence and I waited for him to say something.

“No harm done,” he finally said smoothly, amusement still dancing in his blue eyes “Would it be okay if I were here for a while? I wouldn’t disturb you.” He said slightly mockingly, raising his hands.

“Ah, yes of course. I was just going to…feed Dorian and… read a book.” I kept finding it difficult to speak to him. Why?

“Grace, is it?” he asked. Just briefly I thought I saw him flicker his eyes over my person, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

“Yes. Grace O’Donoghue.”

“Scottish. And Australian.” He assessed.

“My bursa escort bayan father’s family lives in Aberdeen.” I said meekly. He nodded in response, before extending a hand. I took it hesitantly and we shook hands. I felt my legs go wobbly and I stood a little straighter, ignoring the hitch in my stomach when our hands touched.

“I’m Benjamin Reece.” He gave me a slow smile.

I shivered.


It had been four hours. I had moved downstairs, not wanting to disturb Mr Reece. He had vaguely promised I ‘wouldn’t even know he was there’. A lie. I felt his presence upstairs like nothing else, I had read and reread the same page of my book over and over again. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could pretend I wasn’t completely affected by the man upstairs.

Dorian had long since abandoned me, probably finding my anxious vibes were ruining his Friday evening. It was late now, and I wanted to go to bed for more than one reason. Jet-lag, yes. But I also found myself longing to be alone. I couldn’t remember the last time I had touched myself in the dark, using my fingers to make myself come. Suddenly, I needed the release more than I needed to breathe. Shifting uncomfortably, I could feel the wetness between my thighs and I cast my eyes to the ceiling. What on earth was happening to me?

A polite cough pushed me out of my reverie and I stood up quickly, my book falling to the floor.

“Sorry,” it was Benjamin Reece, watching me intently with a ledger under his arm “didn’t mean to disturb you.”

Christ. Disturb me, he had. I felt my gaze travel over him, from his rich mink-like brown hair cut stylishly, to his sensuous well-formed mouth, the stubble of a 5 o’clock shadow, and a well-defined body noticeable beneath an expensive looking suit. He was mid-thirties, and held a devastating amount of confidence in his stature. Handsome didn’t cover it.

Fuck I wanted him. I wanted him like I was starving and he was a five course meal.

Suddenly I released I was staring.

“No that’s okay. I was planning on going to bed soon…” I couldn’t form an intelligent sentence around him. He probably thought I was an idiot. He smiled like he knew what I was thinking.

“Of course. You must be tired. I have everything I need.”

“Right. Great.”

“It was nice to meet you, Grace O’Donoghue.” He continued to hold me in the arresting gaze. I swallowed.

“Yeah. You too, Mr Reece.”

“Ben.” He said softly.

I smiled and nodded. Oh god, please leave, I silently begged. He smiled in return and I watched as he exited out the front door. My body sagged in relief and I sunk to a nearby armchair, my face in my hands.

“Grace. You’re a certifiable idiot.” I murmured to myself.

I sat like this for a few moments, before the pulsing ache between my legs became too much to ignore. I leaned against the back of the overstuffed arm chair and hooked my legs over each of the armrests, closing my eyes.

Slowly my hand drifted to the junction between my thighs, and I pressed my fingers firmly against my jean-clad pussy.

I hummed low in my throat while my eyes drifted shut. A pair of blue eyes dancing with amusement flashed beneath my lids and I moaned, slipping my hand beneath my jeans and stroking a finger over my clit. In my mind I saw him pushing my face towards his, claiming my mouth and pressing my body against him. My breathing became shallower as I skated my other hand into my panties, slowly pushing a finger into my wetness. I cried out involuntarily and arched against my fingers as the rush passed through my body. I began to shake, adding another finger and pushing them in at a steady pace. My fingers worked my clit and I picked up the pace of the fingers plunging in and out of my wetness. My cries and moans escalated and at the back of my feverish mind I wondered if I was being too loud. Too late. My body bucked and I gave a hoarse cry as the orgasm washed over me, skating over my clit and making my pussy clench escort bursa against the labors of my fingers. The orgasm extended and my head fell against the back against the armchair.

Once the orgasm had receded and my body sat noodle-like, I gave another small hum and pulled my hands out of my pants. I felt so much better. So relaxed, but invigorated. I felt fantastic. I felt…

“That was quite a show.”

My stomach dropped.

It was his voice behind me, low with arousal and amusement. I slowly turned around and there he stood, leaning against the back door with the ledger still under his arm. I opened my mouth but all that came out was a strangled noise. We stood in silence. His eyes were sharp, like a predator poised to strike. But mixed with the assessing arousal in his eyes was the hint of amusement from before. I opened my mouth again, but shut it again firmly. What the fuck could I say?

“I would apologize for invading your privacy, but if I’m honest I’d be lying. I’m not sorry at all.”

I narrowed my eyes at his arrogance, but felt my body respond to him quickly. His lips were curved into an easy smile but I could see the tension in his body. Had I affected him the same way he had affected me? I unconsciously darted my eyes to the obvious jut of an erection pressing against his pants. I snapped my eyes back up to his face and his eyes darkened with arousal. Oh God. I had gone so far past embarrassment now it was like I was frozen solid. This was my life now. Forever to be a statue. The thought of him standing behind me the whole time… watching…

Fuck. It really turned me on.

I cleared my throat. I needed to say something, this silence was bordering on excruciating.

“I think…” I said breathlessly, pausing “…you should probably leave.”

Benjamin Reece nodded in agreement, his gaze holding my own.


More silence. More staring. This felt ridiculous, but I still couldn’t move. I don’t think I would ever move from this spot unless a hole mercifully swallowed me up.

“I came back to borrow an umbrella…” he paused. I noticed the rain then, falling in sheets outside “I only have a back door key. Front’s missing. I was going to leave but I didn’t want to disturb you. I thought it might be rude not to let you finish.” Slowly his mouth curved into another smile. I kind of wanted to hit him.

“Yeah. Thanks for that.” I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes. Maybe I had passed out in the chair in front of the fire and this wasn’t really happening. I opened them. Nope.

“I’ll leave,” he raked his eyes over my body- this time, I knew it happened. It didn’t feel lecherous, more of a hot assessment. He wanted me, I thought with a jolt. “Or…”

“Or?” I murmured.

“I could stay.”

The breath in my lungs rapidly left and I sucked in air in a small gasp. I recognized the implications of his words and for a moment I allowed the thought, wondering what it would be like. The image of being beneath him on the carpet, his cock roughly pushing into me while his mouth kissed and bit my neck. His hands holding my wrists to the carpet, my legs tangled with his. I swallowed. The temptation filled my body with an intense longing I didn’t know I was capable of. What the hell was happening to me?

“That probably wouldn’t be…appropriate, Mr Reece.” My voice sounded breathless. My mind was in a tizzy, as I thought over and over kiss me, god please kiss me.

“Of course.” He agreed, roughly pushing a hand through his wet hair. He watched me steadily, his eyes still heavy with arousal and his body tense- ready to pounce at my consent. Nodding once, he tightened his grip on the ledger in his hands, turned, and exited into the rain.

Completely forgetting the umbrella.

I closed my eyes once the door had been closed and released a shaky breath. I scrubbed my hand over my face and heard a curious mew at my feet. Looking down, I picked up Dorian and nuzzled my face in his grey fur.

“Dor, why do I have the overwhelming feeling this so isn’t over?” the cat looked up at me blankly. My gaze looked outside to the heavy London rain and I shook my head.

“No. Definitely not over.”


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