Lockdown Massage

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Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, we hadn’t had intimacy in weeks.

It was now 01:00 am, and as agreed I’d turned up at your house, and entered via the back entrance.

If you’d followed all of my instructions, you would have bathed, had a glass of wine to relax, and made a bed den. Almost just like sliding your head under the duvet.

We hadn’t had any intimacy in over a month, as we live in separate houses, and it was driving us both crazy. We’d tried to motivate each other’s wank opportunities with sexy stories, nude selfies etc, but with long working days, and busy minds, not a lot of self love was happening.

The plan was simple…glass of wine, bath, and get under the covers, and leave your back end protruding. In such a way that only your head was covered, so I could access your body.

I would rub your back, ease some tension, followed by some fucking. Not love making, but maybe some foreplay, bring you off with my fingers or tongue, then fuck you

For my part, you’d just asked me to stay hard long enough for you to cum.

You had arranged the lube, cock ring etc and left them on ‘my side’ of your bed.

However, Unbeknown to you, I had something a bit special planned. Something you’d like, but never consent to.

‘We’ both got naked downstairs, and left our shoes and all our clothes downstairs and slowly crept towards your bedroom, in sync, so you only heard one set of footsteps creaking on the floor.

You called out “evening lover!” letting me know that you knew I was here.

I responded, asking you to confirm you’re under the covers, in the safe position we had agreed, and you responded that you were. After all, we’re both scared of covid but needed to scratch our itches.

When I reached the top stair I turned off the light, to hide anyone from view, and enter your bedroom first, and ‘he’ stays just outside the bedroom, naked.

I hadn’t seen him naked before we both undressed downstairs, and I suppose cock size, his was similar to mine, maybe a touch longer and thicker in its flaccid state, but nothing to make me jealous or feel inferior.

I climb on the bed behind you, my penis is already erect, from the anticipation of my plan. Your head is under the duvet, and you’re body is exposed from the shoulders.

I scoot right up behind you, kiss your back softly, and put my hands on you. Gently I start to slide my hands over your skin and you’re loving the physical touch.

I lean forward, and kiss your back, and my hard shaft lays between your bum cheeks and not far from your bum hole, and you giggle a little at that.

After a few minutes of back kissing and rubbing I move to the side, to that I can kiss your back, and stimulate your pussy with my fingers. You’re already dripping with anticipation so there’s no need for lube.

I insert two fingers into you, and curl my fingers down over due to your prone position. bursa escort This way I can touch your special place.

Slowly but surely I can sense you rocking against me, so I increase the speed of my fingering. You warn me straight away that you’re going to cum. I hush you at this point, as I want no talking. The background noise from the TV is enough to drown out the silence, but I wanted no conversation. Just full attention on what I / or we were about to do to you

Your hips started going back and forth, riding my hand to get the best feeling you could, and sure enough you cum really hard, trying to stifle your cries so as not to alert your neighbours to your visitor. Sometimes after our lengthy vocal fucking sessions, we have heard them talking through the thin semi-detached walls, so they will have heard everything.

You really squirted when you came, your juices soaked the bed, and at that point you’re glad of my instructions to have placed a towel under you.

I gently squirt some lube onto my finger, and some onto your bum hole and you start to protest, wanting more pussy attention. This protest is met with an instant slap across your arse cheeks, followed by another a little lower so it was felt by your wet pussy too.

I knelt behind you, and with my left thumb lightly brushing over the outside of your bum hole, entered my hard cock inside you. I loved the feeling of your tightness, the heat from your pussy, it was awesome.

The thick end of my penis rubbed over that special place you like, that little ridge about two inches inside your pussy. You never last long in this position.

I never put all of my penis in, I was going to savour this, after all, we had took a blue pill each and intended staying hard until you couldn’t take any more. Back and forth I gently rocked my cock into you.

You were wanting more and faster, and begun pushing back against me impatiently to get more cock inside you. Within a few minutes of this, your spot had been prodded by my thick cock, just enough to put you on the edge of a second orgasm.

Sensing this, I entered as deeply as my cock would allow, and just held my thumb against your bum hole, stimulating that part you love to be rubbed, but struggle with the thought of it’s dirtyness. After about 50 very fast, full depth thrusts you came again, followed by me. The feeling when I came inside you was fantastic. I felt your pussy clamp tight on my cock, and Milk a fortnights worth of cum from me.

In keeping with my plan, I made excuses to get off the bed by saying I needed a quick wee, and told you not to move. I told you that I felt I could go another round, and I would rub your back while I recovered.

I went to the bathroom and had a wee, and came back. This time, in the darkness, I was able to stand to the side whilst he climbed onto the bed behind you, and we were both hoping you wouldn’t notice the weight difference, bursa escort bayan as he was taller and broader than me.

You didn’t seem to notice, or you didn’t acknowledge any difference and quickly settled back giggling with your bum in the air and your head under the covers.

His hands rested on your back, flat palms down over , and the rubbing and massage to relax you again commenced.

You were loving the feel of “my hands” and tried to wiggle back against “me”

He never allowed that, and you giggled, enjoying the build up of tension again.

By now I could see he was hard, and because of the physical differences in our bodies, such as height, weight, penis sizes and even subtle things like body hair and smell, I was happy for you to be face down, but still paranoid you’d realise and freak out.

With his left hand rubbing your back, he used his right hand to finger your pussy. I could see a little bit of my cum had trickled out, but it didn’t bother him.

Quite roughly, he started finger fucking you, with two, then three fingers, getting you ready for his penetration.

I could see his wedding band on his left hand, rubbing your back, as he successfully brought you to another orgasm with his right hand.

Maybe it was the size of his bigger hands and thicker fingers, or the fact that you’d cum twice already, but you made a noise I’d only heard when you’d been fucked all day.

Moving to the side of the bed for a better view, I saw him stroke his cock a few times, pull his foreskin back so his helmet was showing, and slowly rub that against your pussy lips. You were aching and ready for more cock.

You love taking cock, sometimes more than I can give, so I thought this night would be perfect. His erect cock looked only about an inch longer than mine, but it was much thicker around, and with its foreskin, it looked quite menacing. I was hoping you wouldn’t freak out when you felt the difference in girth.

He lined himself up, with his left hand on your back, and slowly slides the thick tip of his cock inside you.

You moan something into the pillow, but I can’t make it out.

He goes in a bit further, then out again. You start rocking your hips wanting more penetration, but he holds you off.

He’s taller than me so his cock enters from a Different angle – I’m thinking ‘she’s got to feel the difference’, but you don’t say anything has been noticed.

He shuffled closer to you, and grabbed your hips with both hands. Looking directly at me, he thrusts very hard and fully penetrates you. His cock really stretches you and you squeal and shout “fuck , yes “

He continues to stare at me as he starts to thrust into you with very deliberate hard thrusts, marvelling at how tight your pussy feels around his thickness. Inbetween strokes I can see the shaft of his cock is soaked in your juices.

With him slamming brutally escort bursa home, you cum again on his cock, and soak his hairy legs and your bed underneath you both.

At this point I panic and realise how hairy his legs are compared to mine, but you don’t seem to acknowledge it. His hairy legs continue to smash into the back of your smooth soft ones.

His massive cock is just constantly rubbing over your special spot, and you seem to be constantly cumming now, and never seem to stop cumming.

You’re starting to make loud noises, which I hush.

You reach back with your left hand, and kind of pull on his thigh, encouraging him into you harder and faster. I also notice your hand stroking his hairy legs and thighs, and I’m starting to wonder if you’ve noticed. You’re so aware of things around you normally, sights, smells, noises that I’m convinced you’d already realised and were just playing along.

Between us, we make sure that only two hands were ever In contact with you at any one one time

He let’s go with one hand, And I squirt lube against your bum hole again

I gently rub around your bum hole again as he continues his solid deep thrusts. His girth seems to have you on another level.

I slide a finger just into your bum and this makes you clamp your pussy more, which in turn increases your sensations. I can actually feel his cock sliding in and out of your pussy through the thin membrane of skin between your pussy and bum hole.

He roughly swipes my hand out of the way, and jams his own thicker finger from his right hand up your arse. Not just inside, but right in and very roughly. This pushed you over the edge, and you started to cum again.

This time he wants to cum himself, so he holds onto your hips, and fucks you like a man possessed. Nasty, rough deep thrusts, looking me in the eye with each one. After about three minutes you both came hard. You first, which seemed to go on for about 30 seconds, and then him. He pulled his girthy cock out, and jacked off over your back, with 3 solid ropes of cum hitting your back.

After about a minute of silence I tried to make excuses for another wee, so that we both could leave the room. As we left he took his mobile phone out and took a photo of your cum soaked back and another of your sopping pussy lips. You heard the noise of the phone clicks but weren’t bothered at all.

That was no doubt for his wank bank. He’d ogled you a lot over the years, and this opportunity was his dream come true.

Instead of having a wee we both sneak out, go downstairs and get dressed.

We leave you there and after a minute or so you hear your neighbours door shut and my car start up and drive off.

A few minutes after I arrive home I get a text from you that says, “naughty, but Thankyou” You also ask if i saw anyone out the front when I left

And I said yeah just Jon, he’s just finished work.

To this day, you still don’t acknowledge you knew you had a threesome that night, and you’re not sure if the other guy who’d fucked you either arrived in the car with me, or if you’d actually been fucked by your neighbour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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