Lisa: Story 02

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The following is a work of fiction, and all of the people, places, vehicles and clothing contained within are also totally fictitious. Mostly.


Lisa walked out into her spacious bedroom and began removing clothes from her closet, laying them out carefully on the bed. She took stockings, underwear, and accessories and laid them out on the corresponding outfits. Settling on the dark Armani suit, she returned everything else to their proper places.

Lisa went into the bathroom and carefully shaved her legs and underarms, then delicately shaved her pussy smooth. She walked into her salon and posed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that to make sure everything looked good. Her pedicured toes were painted dark red, matching her manicured nails. She had lovely, shapely legs without a ripple of cellulite and just enough muscle to give them better shape and definition.

Her hips were full, 35 inches, and turning, she had to smile to herself at the perfect shape of her ass — not a bit of droop or sag. Turning again, she ran her hands over her flat stomach, up to her ribs, then over the roundness of her full breasts. She had been a perfect 36C ever since her surgery over a year before, and the constant dieting and body sculpting since then had also rewarded her with her goal of a 23-inch waist. She brought her hands to rest on each side of her long, slender neck, and looked closely at her face.

It was naturally heart-shaped, her lips were full and pouty — also natural. Her nose was thin and straight, with a perfect little button at the tip (her nose had cost $10,000). Her eyes were the purest ice blue, large and almond-shaped, with full thick lashes. Her face showed no lines or creases, and her complexion — and that of her entire body for that matter — was flawless and smooth. Lisa looked like a girl of 20, a full seven years younger than she actually was.

Lisa went back to the bedroom and put her arms through the straps of her black lace bra, pulling it taught and fastening it in the front. She then sat on the bed, and slipped her feet and legs into her sheer, black stockings. She fastened the matching black lace garter belt, then stood and put on her panties, black lace with ties on the sides, with which she made delicate little bows. She stepped into her dark skirt and pulled it up to her waist, zipped and buttoned it. She slipped her arms into the white blouse and buttoned it up the front. Next came the matching suit jacket, which she left unbuttoned for the time being.

Back in the salon, Lisa sat and applied her makeup, a little dark red lipstick and liner, delicate blue eye shadow, slight rouge for her cheeks. Then, after putting on her black framed eyeglasses, Lisa put the finishing touches on her hair, slipped on her Prada sling-backs with the 3″ stiletto heels, picked up her briefcase and headed out.

Lisa closed the door of her Alfa Romeo and set the alarm. She walked through the parking level, crowded with other expensive cars, heading for the elevators to the offices above. She shared the elevator with four people, two men and two women, dressed similarly to her, but maybe not quite so nicely.

Her long black hair was pulled up in the perfectly prim and proper way that declared she was a serious business woman. Her black stockings and Prada shoes, along with her briefcase, were the perfect accessories for her image.

When the doors opened on the 14th floor, Lisa nodded at her companions, pushed her eyeglasses up on her nose, and stepped out into the hallway. There was only one door, decorated with large gold letters. “Wilson, Wilson, Kudrow, and Klein”

She opened the door and stepped inside. A pretty blond receptionist looked up at her with a large, and entirely fake, smile.

“May I help you?” the receptionist asked through her perfect teeth. Keeping her face severe, Lisa strode up to the desk with her briefcase before her.

“I have a two o’clock appointment with Mr. Handlow,” she said, clipping each word precisely.

“Please, have a seat,” the receptionist said, warming visibly. She dialed and extension and spoke quietly as Lisa took a seat in one of the large, overstuffed leather chairs. She stretched her legs out then crossed them at the knee, setting her briefcase across her lap.

“Yes, Sir,” she heard the receptionist pendik escort say into her telephone, then she called out to Lisa. “Mrs. Elliott? May I get you a cup of coffee? Tea perhaps?”

Lisa displayed her perfect teeth in a truly warm and grateful smile. “Tea would be lovely, thank you. Cream, one lump, if you please.”

The receptionist hurried off and returned quickly with Lisa’s tea. It was delightful, and Lisa said so. She had finished half of the cup when the telephone buzzed, and after a brief message, the receptionist rose and walked to a large oak door.

“Mrs. Elliott? If you’ll follow me, please, Mr. Handlow will see you.” Lisa followed her down the hallway, barely noticing the offices she passed because she was watching the way the receptionist’s hips swayed with each step. Lisa could appreciate the work of a professional. Perhaps she would contact this one someday to see if she wanted to earn some real money. She was probably already doing the job for at least one of her bosses, so why not get the pay raise?

The receptionist stopped at an office and knock lightly as she opened the door. “Mr. Handlow? Mrs. Elliott is here to see you now.”

Lisa stepped through the doorway into a sumptuously appointed corner office. The floor appeared to be marble and under the pieces of furniture were the finest oriental rugs. There was a couch with two matching chairs, all red leather, surrounding a marble-topped coffee table. There were two smaller brown leather chairs on this side of the gargantuan wooden desk, and a beautiful old-fashioned wing-back leather chair behind it.

And stepping around from behind the desk was Mr. Thomas Handlow, Attorney at Law. He was at least 6’3”, and unless his tailor was a master illusionist, he had the body of a real athlete. His skin was tan, his hair blond, and his eyes blue. He looked about 40, so Lisa placed his true age at closer to 50. He wore no jewelry other than a large gold band on the left hand ring finger.

“Good to finally meet you in person, Mrs. Elliott,” he said warmly, shaking her hand. He escorted her to one of the brown leather chairs. “I see you have a cup of tea, thank you Heather.” Heather, the receptionist, nodded and closed the door.

Handlow took his seat and let his eyes roam over her for just a moment. Lisa knew he was a player then, but your average woman wouldn’t have noticed the inspection.

“And what can I do for you today, Mrs. Elliott?” he said, his eyes actually glinting. Lisa set her briefcase onto the floor next to her chair, leaned back, and crossed her legs. She smiled and said, “Why, I’m here about the job.”

She took such delight in the shock that ran over his face. He shook his head slightly and his mouth formed questions faster than he could get them out. Finally he sat back and let his mouth fall open in resignation. “How?” was all he could say.

“Let me just say that you have been taking very good care of my legal matters for the last two years, and I am very pleased that we finally have the chance to meet.” She uncrossed her legs then recrossed them the other way, stopping momentarily to smooth the dark silk on her right thigh.

“Unfortunately, our business paths have crossed and you now wish to be my client as well, so I am going to have to sever that part of our relationship.” She allowed a smile to cross her lips and eyes. “I am, however, very happy to begin our new relationship. In fact, I’m very much looking forward to our impending merger.”

Handlow leaned back in his chair and stared at her through steepled fingers, considering. Finally he said, “Stand up.”

Lisa stood and waited expectantly, her hands to her sides. “Go and get up on the table,” he said, and she did, her heels clicking sharply on the marble surface.

“Take down your hair,” he ordered, and Lisa put her hands up and loosed her raven tresses, letting them fall around her shoulders.

“Take off your jacket,” he said, and Lisa slipped the Armani from her shoulders slowly, then tossed it onto the couch. She let desire begin to smolder in her eyes as she met his stare.

“Now your skirt,” he said, actually surprising her. She had expected him to say her blouse next. She unfastened her skirt, pulled down the short zipper, and removed her hands, letting the skirt slip down her legs to the table-top. She stepped escort pendik over it, bent down and retrieved it, then tossed it onto her jacket on the couch. She stood with her feet about a foot apart, posing for his pleasure. Her blouse hung low enough that he couldn’t see her panties, but the straps of her garter belt and her pale thighs above the tops of her black stockings were visible enough. He has style, Lisa thought to herself. This could be fun.

“Now your panties,” he said, his voice growing deep, “and toss them to me.” Lisa lifted her blouse on the right side, enough to expose the delicate bow there. She untied it and let the strings hang loose. Then she lifted her blouse on the left and untied that bow, pulled her panties from between her legs, and tossed them across the room to Handlow.

He caught them and held them up, examining the fine embroidery — then crushed them to his mouth and nose and breathed deeply. “Excellent,” he murmured, eyes closed. Then he stood. “Come over here.”

Lisa stepped off of the table and walked over to him as he stepped around the desk toward her. She met him and he crushed her in his powerful arms and kissed her with a ferocious passion. She let him kiss her for long minutes before she tentatively began to kiss him back. Her passion escalated with each kiss until they were savagely attacking each other’s mouths.

Then he turned his head and began kissing blow her left ear. Kissing, then sucking gently, and finally biting gently at the tender skin on her neck. Had he been in any position to see, he would have seen her eyes widen and roll as they slowly closed. Lisa’s talent was letting a man believe that his every move was her greatest pleasure, but this one had found one of her very real weaknesses and was beginning to drive her wild. By the time he had kissed and nibbled his way to her collarbone, Lisa was ready to throw him down and fuck his brains out.

“Get rid of the shoes,’ he moaned. Lisa quickly stepped out of her sling-backed stilettos and instantly regretted it since the change in her height put her neck out of his easy reach. Handlow turned her away from him and leaned her over his desk. He lifted the back of her blouse to expose her flawless, pale ass.

Lisa leaned on her hands facing away from him, anticipating his approach and entry — and wanted it very much. But Handlow surprised her once again with a hot, stinging backhanded slap across her bottom. Lisa squeaked from the shock, but had to grit her teeth moments later when the deep stinging, burning pain set in. She set her feet apart again and braced for another slap — and got one.

This time an open palm that rocked her forward and sent exploding stars through her ass. A tear formed in the corner on her clenched eyes, when the third slap struck and sent it splattering on the desk. The third slap was the most unexpected. It was open-palmed like before, but from below, and make a wet slapping sound as it stung her tender and exposed pussy.

This time the stars exploded behind her eyes and Lisa went weak in the knees. She let her head roll forward, brushing the desktop with her hair. Oh, the delicious agony of it. Not a fan of abuse, Lisa enjoyed a good spanking. This was a great spanking.

As the shock subsided, she realized his hands were running over her smooth, hot ass. Over, around, then down low between her legs, stroking her inflamed pussy. His spread her pussy open with his fingers and knelt down. He pressed his face into her hot, wet pussy and drove his tongue into her. He would jab it in, then lick his way out. Again and again he repeated this while Lisa quietly clawed the desktop with her manicured nails.

He shifted, and began running his tongue over her little anal opening, sending shivers down her spine. He teased her for a minute or two, then started to push his tongue into her, a little, then back out, then a little further, and back out. Lisa reached back and grabbed her own ass, spreading her cheeks for him, and pressed her face down on the cool desk.

Then, either tiring of this or just anxious for more, Handlow stood and dropped his pants. He rubbed his cock over her pussy and teasingly against her ass, and then slipped it inside her pussy easily. He entered her fully and slowly, and then pulled out completely. He entered her again, but didn’t pull out this time as he pendik escort bayan began to pump his cock into her more and more forcefully.

His cock slid in and out of her pussy like a piston, hammering deep, then withdrawing almost completely. Again and again he plumbed her deepest reaches and moans and closed mouth squeals were too telling of her real state. As she clamped down on his cock and felt the orgasm roll through her, crushing her guts and taking the strength from her legs, Lisa realized she was out of control. She was enjoying this far too much. She needed to clean up her act and be a professional, but it was so good!

Handlow wrapped her hair around his right hand and pulled back like a rider on a horse’s reigns. His left hand went beneath her and cupped and kneaded her breast. All the while his cock hammered away, leaving her breathless and helpless in her ecstasy.

Lisa reached down under herself and rubbed her clit as another powerful orgasm sent her slamming down against the desk. A yelp of pleasure escaped her lips, and she hoped the office was at least partially sound-proof.

His breath was coming in ragged gasps, and the even measure of his deep strokes was becoming faster and more desperate. A smile came to Lisa’s lips as she realized she could still come out on top of this power-struggle.

She continued to rub her clit and counted the time of his slams into her. Each slam stayed inside longer, the pulls-out faster, and the penetration harder. Finally, he buried himself inside her, clutched at her hair and tit, and threw back his head in a whispery howl. Lisa slipped her hand a little further and grabbed his hair-covered balls in her delicate little hand. As the first spurts of his ejaculation began, she squeezed. He fell against her as she squeezed him, his legs having no strength. He moaned and squealed like a little girl as he came. His cum spurted inside her, his cock jumping, and Lisa tightened down, with her pussy and her hand.

When she let go, Handlow fell to the floor, staggering back a few paces. His sweat covered body, muscles rigid, prone on the floor with his slick cock still erect and spectacular — Lisa pulled her sweat soaked body from the desk and let herself fall to the floor at his feet. She crawled up his legs and took his engorged member into her mouth.

She sucked and licked his cock, tasting their mixed cum. She licked and sucked his hair-covered scrotum, savoring. Handlow lay on the floor, his left arm thrown up and over his face, and moaned and shivered as Lisa worked on his sensitive member.

She pulled off of his cock and was about to take it into her mouth again when a stream of cum lanced out and splashed against her nose and mouth. Lisa began to stroke his cock quickly and firmly as two more spurts erupted, then she felt him softening in her hand.

Lisa used Handlow’s shirt to wipe cum from her face and hands, then walked over to the couch and retrieved her skirt. She stepped into it and pulled it up, taking her time to fasten it. She watched Handlow panting on the floor, not moving other than to breathe. She put on her jacket and walked over to the desk where she stepped into her Pradas.

Handlow got up on one elbow and looked at her, watching as she put her hair back up in the style she had come in with. Lisa stood for a moment, then raised her eyebrows at him. He seemed confused for a moment, then laughed and said, “Top drawer.”

She opened the drawer and retrieved an envelope, which she held up for his inspection. He nodded and she went over and placed it into her briefcase.

When she reached the door, she turned. “Mr. Handlow, I am sorry we have to end our previous business arrangement, but I do so hope that we can continue this new arrangement, which hopefully will be just as rewarding for us both.” Without waiting for an answer, Lisa walked out of the office and closed the door.

She said goodbye to Heather and rode the elevator to the parking level alone. She paid the attendant and pulled out into the afternoon traffic. While stopped at a light, Lisa opened her briefcase and counted the money in the envelope. One thousand dollars, as promised. When the light turned green, she straightened the mirror and began to drive, reminding herself that she would need to hire a new lawyer.


The writer of this story would like to know if you are interested in more stories about Lisa. If so, or not, please let me know through your feedback. PS – Please feel free to suggest future clients for Lisa to visit. Thanks!

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