Librarian’s Hot Moves Ch. 3

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The following is a work of FICTION.

Copyright (c) 2001, by DiscipleN. All rights reserved.

This work may not be used for any commercial purposes without prior, documented consent from the owner.

* * * * *

“We’re here. I’ll try and be quick, but I have to go to the bathroom. Tell the lady, her name is Mrs. Jenkins, to begin loading the van. Here are the keys. I’ll be right back.” Alice almost raced out of the van and into the building. She showed her librarian pass to the guard and asked where the closest bathroom was.

It was a one room toilet for both men and women, located in the back of the small technical library. She rushed in and in front of the mirror pulled her skirt up. Her hand reached in between her legs and she fingered her cunt rapidly. She saw her reflection and asked herself silently, “What is happening to me?” The reflection said nothing, but she could see the hand jamming between the reflection’s legs and she wondered if the Alice in the mirror was as horny as she was. Had she touched a black boy’s cock today? Had one man fucked her and another forced her to suck his cock? Had a disgusting old man extort her to reveal herself in front of him while he masturbated? Then she saw herself finger fucking herself and she could feel a new rush of need pour into her cunt. In only moments she would cum. She knew.

The bathroom door, she had forgotten to lock, opened behind her. In the mirror, she saw an gray suited, older businessman walk in and stop in amazement as the door swung shut behind him. Alice turned to face him and clamped her legs together. Her hand grabbed the top of her skirt and with one feeble tug attempted to cover her dripping cunt.

They stood for almost a minute staring at each other. The man was slightly bald and graying. His gold rimmed glasses steamed slightly, and he acted as if he couldn’t catch his breath. His eyes bulged and his face was bright purple. Alice was about to burst out with a loud apology when the man suddenly sunk to his knees.

“Oh, my god!” He sounded in pain.

“Are you okay?” Alice suddenly worried for him and her self-consciousness fled her.

“Yes, no!” He looked strangely at her. “Who are you?”


“Don’t tell me. Just, if you believe in God and heaven, don’t move.” He pleaded.

“I-I have to go.” Alice clutched her hands into her skirt.

“Please, I’ll give you anything. This is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Oh pity me and open your legs again.” The man crawled on his knees a step closer.

“You’re kidding! I’ve got to get out of here.”

“No, anything. Tell me anything and I’ll do it. This is like miracle.” He continued to plead and stare.

“Watch it mister. Don’t get so close.”

“Then let me watch.”

“Watch what?”

“You fuck yourself. I’m a married man for twenty some years, and I have never been unfaithful to my wife, but I’ve always dreamed about meeting a beautiful young woman and seeing her get fucked. This is a dream come true. Don’t desert me. I’d do anything.”

Alice felt the truth in his words. The man had stumbled upon his one dream of infidelity, and he probably would do anything to her. Alice didn’t want anything, she told herself. She wanted to cum – her body reminded. Somehow from staring into the man’s sincere eyes she wanted him to finally see his fantasy come true.

Still she hesitated.

“Are you just going to watch? Nothing else?”

“I promise.” He spoke solemnly.

Alice’s cunt jerked at the thought the polite man was going to watch her stuff her finger in her pussy and fuck it. Why were these thing happening to her?

“Mr. I just gotta get off. Don’t think I’m usually like this. I’m a good girl.”

“You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She said automatically. Still fixing her gaze on the man she said. “Well, okay, but move away from that door, over by the trash bin.”

“Whatever you say miss, I’ll do.” He moved away from the door.

Alice creeped around opposite him and further, still clutching at her skirt and covering her cunt, until her back was against the door. She locked it staring at the man who waited eagerly for her to begin.

Her cunt ached, why was she taking so long? The man too, seemed worried. Would she would back down? Well, she had promised. With new courage and incredible need she opened her legs wider, letting her skirt slip to the floor again and then forcing herself to look away from the curious man she began to run her fingers back and forth along the groove of her pussy. It was incredible! Her pussy sucked her fingers begging for more, faster. The man gasp and gulped. A total stranger was watching her finger-fuck her cunt just for him. The sight, sound, and smell of him drove Alice crazy for fucking. She jammed her hand in and out of her hot mound and wailed lightly as her cunt rumbled with delight and sent shivers of pleasure rattling into her limbs.

“Th-that feels good lady?” The man was rubbing his trousers. His erection was visible behind them.

“Yes. Oh, yes. I need to bahis firmaları be fucked so bad.”

“You look like your finger-fucking yourself pretty good.”

“Oh, if only I could cum.” Alice felt her cum building as the man talked.

“You gotta make yourself cum, you gotta.” He had reached inside his pants desperately trying to comfort his hardened cock.

“God, are you watching me fuck myself and trying to jack yourself off?

“Yes, damnit. I’m as hard as a rock. I can’t take it anymore. I just have to stroke my cock. Oh, please let me take it out and jerk it some. Please!”

The man was going to open his pants and free his cock, but only if Alice let him. Suddenly she wanted to see his cock so bad. “Yes take it out.” Her fingers raced across her cunt and she leaned back against the door and spread her legs wider so she could stick her hand into her pussy as far as she could.

She stared fascinated as the man rushed to unzip his pants and pull out his dick. It was incredible! It looked like a giant balloon cock. It jerked out of his pants like a fat walrus loping on a beach. Her hand slowed its fucking in and out of her wanting cunt as she stared in amazement. The stranger must not have had any blood left in him while supporting his gigantic organ. His hand barely reached around its girth, but he stroked it boldly.

“Oh, yes, that feels so good!” He pumped his hand and closed his eyes momentarily. He opened them and stared at Alice. “Are you going to stop? Please don’t leave me.”

“No.” Alice spoke absently, unable to take her eyes off his massive meat. Her hand moved slowly inside her now tense cunt. How does your wife take that thing? I mean, how could anybody?”

The man looked confused. “What do you mean? I just put it in her. She’s never complained.”

“I-I wouldn’t either.” Alice realizing what she said corrected herself. “I mean, who would? That’s incredible.” Suddenly her cunt spoke to her. It was no longer going to be satisfied with her hand. Alice licked her lips and tried to imagine the stranger’s submarine sized cock stuffed inside her and she continued to try fingering herself to an orgasm. It was no use.

The man pumped away earnestly, but seemed to make no better progress. “God, I wish you would come. I need to come so badly now. Why are you stopping?”

Alice took her hand from her cunt and walked over to the kneeling man. “Mr. I gotta touch that. Stand up and lean against the wall.” Alice found herself commanding the polite man.

“Uh, okay, but I don’t know what my wife would say about that.” He got up and stopped his hand job.

“You should have thought about that before you took your prick out to beat it off in front of another woman.”

“Oh, dear me. I couldn’t help myself.” He looked scared.

“Neither can I.” She reached for his cock and felt its searing heat.

“Unnnggh.” The man groaned.

“Does that feel good?” She asked.


“God, I want to fuck this.”

“What? No!”

“We already agreed its too late mister.” Alice bent down and opened her mouth as wide as she could to get just the fat head of it inside her.

“Oh my!” He gulped.

Alice licked her tongue up and down his cum slit. Her cunt was on fire. She fondled his balls which she found where average size, hidden behind his behemoth prick. Then she stuffed her hand back into her cunt to ravage it while she sucked on the huge tip of his cock.

“Oooohh, my wife never did that!” The stranger swooned.

Alice continued sucking as she brought her cunt to a full boil before she smacked her mouth loose from his prick and stood up again. “Then next time you can show her how.” Alice leaned over the bathroom counter and put her hands on the mirror.

“Wh-what are you going to do now?” The man watching her asked timidly.

“You, are going to stick your cock into my pussy and fuck me.”

“Oh please, my wife will never forgive me.”

“To hell with her. I’m the woman you promised to do anything for, and I just have to get fucked by that cock. Now hop to it!” She ordered him with her searing eyes as her searing cunt demanded of her. Waving her demanding butt, she indicated just how she would take his incredible meat.

“Oh my goodness!” He said nervously, but he moved around behind her and shakily touched Alice’s firm, smooth ass cheeks.

“Fuck me!” She ordered.

“Okay, okay.” As she leaned over with her ass confronting him, he spread her buttocks with one hand, and with the other he slowly wedged his cock between them.

Alice felt the huge head of flesh at her pussy lips. If they had possessed the appropriate muscles they would have gulped it down like an avocado, choking on every inch. “Put it inside, now!”

The man struggled mightily, stretching her cunt entrance to capacity. He panted like a dog, and wriggled like a fish. His cock inched inside.

“Ooooowww!” Alice sucked in her breath. It was too much. It was too much! She wasn’t sure it was even in her pussy. It felt so big, it might have been filling her kaçak iddaa cunt and her ass at the same time.

Another two inches found space, and then a third inch pressed them tight. She felt as if she was being packed with warm clay. Her clit stretched over the pliable flesh like plastic wrapping over a watermelon. Sensations so different from simple rubbing shocked her just enough to distract her from the pain of it’s entrance.

Suddenly, he stopped.

“Oh god, mister. Is that it? I was going to split in half!” At that moment she realized it was still filling with blood, clay turning to rock inside of her belly.

“Aaaaggghhh!! Pull it out! Pull it out!” She cried, and the man complied at once. He was truly obedient.

Halfway out, and covered in cunt slime sucked from her clit Alice begged. “Put it back, put it back!”

“I was hurting you.”

“Yeah, but I need it too much. FUCK ME, damn you!”

The cock plunged back in. Without lubrication it would have torn a hole right through her guts.


Then the fucking began. The submissive man humped his ass as he pumped his massive prick in and out of her.

“Gez, your cunt is so tight. My wife is like a cave compared to you. I can feel every inch of my cock drag into your puss. It’s a wonderful pussy!”

“I’ve never been so full. Yes. There, UNNG!”

He rammed a full stroke in and quickly pulled back.

“OOooohhhhh, I’M CUMMINGGGG!” Alice was surprised by her swift reaction. Juice poured out of her, only to be absorbed into the giant mound of skin frictioning like a band saw. Alice clenched the sink and screamed into it.

My my, you are so wet now. I’m fucking a river of pussy juice!

Alice didn’t climax. She hung on, orgasming with every stroke. Her brain disintegrated. Somehow her mouth was the only part other than her cunt that she was aware of. She could still taste the prick that stuffed and pummeled her body.


“UNH, UNG, UNG…” The man lost his reserve. He grunted and swore. “Fuck DAMN, Jesus FUCKING CHRIST! FUCK FUCK, DAMN FUCK!!!!!!”


“Don’t, don’t STOP!!!” Alice howled again. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!”

His titan rammed her, again and again. It’s pert cock lips began to quiver, and the man knew he was finally going to join her in ecstasy. Deep inside his groin he felt the rumble begin. Muscles convulsed and sperm swirled into a maelstrom. It blasted forth and jetted through yards of cock in under a millisecond. Fiery cum shot out his prick lips and packed into every crevice not crammed with with cock.


“You’re comming like a four alarm fire hydrant! My guts are swimming in sperm!”

“I’m filling you like a ditch, you bitch!”

“God, oh god, keep fucking me and keep cumming!” Alice commanded.

The raving lunatic couldn’t stop. His meat was thunder. Her pit was all consuming, all embracing, all sucking! It sucked at his sperm like whore.


“IT’S A COCK CUNT YOU FUCKING COCK!!!” Alice shouted one more time.

Her body exhausted and her arms folded, sending her face into a sink of warm water.

The cock inside began to deflate as her momentary slave kept trying to fuck it up her pussy. Eventually he was only mashing her clit with soft flesh. After a moment, it stopped touching her completely.

Alice sputtered and turned around, wiping her face with her sleeve.

“Jesus, mister you sure….”

When her eyes cleared, all she could see was the heavy door swinging closed.

Alice reappeared before young Norman like a battle worn soldier. Her clothes thoroughly rumpled. It was wet in places and her stockings were spotted with drying, white cum stains.

The boy was waiting for her, holding out the keys. “PLEASE, now can we go back? I don’t want to be late for my last class.”

Alice was still dizzy from her monstrous orgasm.

“School isn’t everything kiddo.”


“Never mind. Let’s go.”

Once more the awkward boy stayed right next to Alice as she drove the van back to its home, to the library. Already she worried about what Mrs. Beacon would do, and she didn’t hear the light sound of fabric rubbing over skin.

It seemed traffic was easier on the return trip, and they arrived in good time. As she halted the vehicle in it’s reserved space, she finally glanced over her shoulder and suddenly caught her breath.

The boy had his hand on his crotch and was slowly massaging his hard cock through his worn jeans. He wasn’t even aware of it. His eyes were still glued to her cleavage.

“Oh my!” He jumped up, startled that she had looked amused at his worrying palm.

Alice laughed, gently. “Silly boy. You’re only human.” She grinned.

Norman needed her smile like he needed life itself to reassure him that all was okay, and he was safe.

He blushed deep red and looked away.

“Well, would you like a little help kaçak bahis with that?”

“Huh?” His eyes flew open, in new panic.

“Tell you what. If I help you then maybe you can help me unload all these books.”

“But what about school?”

“Oh, I’m sure it won’t be going anywhere soon.” Alice unbuckled her seat belt and stood up, bending slightly at the short roof of the van.

“I-I don’t… ww-wh-what should I do?”

“Oh, you don’t have to do anything at all.” She backed the timid boy into the vehicle’s darker end. For an added smile, she began to unbutton her blouse. “I think these are what you were looking for?”

“Th-they’re spec-spectacular!” The boy’s interest reengaged as the older woman’s voluptuous breasts fell into the open air.

“Even better than books?”


Alice stopped and let the boy collected his thoughts. There was no doubt in her mind what he was going to decide. She began to kneel in the metal floored crawl-space.

“Come to mommy.” She opened her arms.

With a surprising rush Norman fell into her embrace. Her arms circled his ass and she turned her ear against his crotch and she could hear the blood pound inside his turgid penis. He hugged her head and shoulders for a only a minute before carefully reaching down to her warm tits. His hands closed about each nipple.

Alice’s hands were gently peeling the narrow flap from his zipper. Soon, she was ziddding it’s minute handle down to reveal white briefs. That second barrier that lasted shorter than his jeans had.

A narrow but hard cock, six inches long, poked out and greeted Alice’s eager eyes.

“It’s beautiful!” She gasped, delighted at the boy’s moderate size. She’d had enough super cock for the next six weeks.

“Oh, Ms. Pierpoint, you’re so hot!”

Indeed, her nipples were on fire! Alice wasted not one second more. She opened wide and plunged her face over the pale hunk of manhood.

“Mmmmmmm..” She sighed. Everything seemed as it should be. Her steaming mouth closed around it and she tasted it full.

“OOOOOHHHHHH!” Normal yelled.

Just as she started sucking it in and out, the van’s passenger door slammed open and light streamed in. A tall, ominous shadow stepped boldly in front of the light.

“ALICE PIERPOINT!” Mrs. Beacon commanded. “Stop that at once!”

“OH MY GOD!” Norman shouted. He turned, popping his suddenly wilting dick out of Alice’s mouth, and he ran two steps right into the steel, closed, rear door, knocking himself out cold. He collapsed into a terrified heap.

Alice jerked up and gulped her cock flavored saliva. It was the end.

“You will follow me immediately young woman!”

“But the boy…”

“Never mind that. He’s not the one in trouble.”

“Yes ma-am.” Alice picked herself up and rebuttoned her blouse.

The prim, head librarian lead her into the back of the library through its narrow hallway and she pointed resolutely at her open office.

Alice shrank as she walked past her livid supervisor.

They entered the tiny room filled with filing cabinets, books, and piles of paper.

“Sit!” Mrs. Beacon whispered fiercely. She was nearly bursting with pent up fury.

Alice hurried into the polished oak chair. It’s wheels squeaked fretfully under her sudden weight.

For long seconds silence scraped at the four papered walls, a scrolled ceiling, and the hardwood floor. Someone’s foot began to tap.

tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, Tap, TAP!

“You aught to be ashamed of yourself.” The older woman’s voice crackled with electricity.

“Yes, ma-am. I-I am. I don’t know what came…”


Mrs. Beacon picked up a wide wooden ruler, once used to teach little boys not to tug at little girl’s hair.

“I don’t care what you don’t know. Being a librarian is a solemn duty, requiring the respect of the community. You have destroyed this high trust.” She spoke like heaven itself would open up and blast poor Alice into purgatory. “A library is like a church where man, woman, and child can find answers to all the world’s questions. Outside of race, creed, color, whatever differences people have, they all seek truth in the world, and we are the guardians of truth.”

Okay, Alice thought, Enough with the preaching. Just fire me or worse. Stop glaring at me and lecturing like I was some little girl.

“You’re no better than a naughty little girl.”

“Yes ma-am.”

“When I hired you, I was given the finest assurances of your skills and dedication to accept the duty of a librarian. And I have never before had reason to doubt them. Only yesterday I was ready to nominate you to take my place…”

“You’re leaving?” Alice was surprised into speaking out of turn.

“SILENCE!” Her voice was like God’s mother.

“I’ve keep this library operating for twenty four years. A week ago I was offered to administer the governor’s personal library. It would have been a high honor to fulfill that position.”

“I’m sure you will do an excellent job.” Alice looked up and smiled hopefully.

The head librarian smashed the ruler upon her desk. SWACK!

“Do you think I would dare leave until my own house was fully in order?”

The young woman darted her eyes down to her feet once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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