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She was new to the internet, “just looking around,” she said. But she was looking around on adult sites.

“Are you curious,” I asked and she told me she was…told me she married at seventeen… got pregnant and had two more children. She was 47 when we started talking. One daughter was still in college, a senior.

Her husband’s interest in sex had been replaced by reality television shows. He’d never been adventurous … thought the missionary position was the only appropriate way to have sex. When he did, he never stayed in that position for more than a couple minutes. “I’ve only experienced two orgasms with him in thirty years of marriage,” she said. “But, thanks to a very educated finger I would say that I’ve had at least five a week.”

She told me she had overheard her daughter and one of her girlfriends laughing about what went on in the adult sites on yahoo… had surfed for a couple of weeks and got turned on in a few cyber-sex experiences. But that got old when the guys clicked off as soon as they came. “You’re the first here who has treated me like a lady,” she said to me.

She was a joy to chat with and our cyber play became so real that we both experienced orgasms as if we were truly wrapped each other’s flesh, and she was open to just about any sexual suggestion. We exchanged photos, both finding a compelling attraction. But one never knows how long ago a picture might have been taken, or what forces have been at work since the time it was taken. But the excitement of our cyber play led to phone versions. Her voice had the quality of Lauren Bacall…husky and extremely sexy.

Getting together for real was a fantasy we talked about for over a year. And here she was, at the age of 48, walking toward me from her airline gate. She looked like naughty teenager, her face clouded by guilt and expectation. More attractive than her picture had depicted, she stood about 5’2″ and had auburn hair that was done in a flip style that was made famous by Dorothy Hamill, the 1976 Olympic ice skating champion. It was dated but the style was perfect for her face.

She was dressed in a denim skirt that came to about mid thigh (exquisite legs) and a white sleeveless blouse that looked like silk. I had seen her breasts on cam before; they were 36B, still perky for a woman of her age. While she walked toward me I could see her rather substantial nipples pushing through her thin bra, a visual that caused a surge in my groin.

Recognizing me immediately she smiled, blushing at the same time. The look of guilt had vanished when we came together clasping hands and studying each other’s face. She had a button nose on a round face with a small scar just below her left cheek bone; it showed as a dimple when she smiled. Her lips were fuller than her picture showed and her greenish-hazel eyes appeared as clear as a baby’s. The only thing that showed her 48 years was the slight pooch of her tummy, a testament to her three children.

As we hugged I whispered to her that it might not be a good idea to kiss or walk hand-in-hand because you never know who you might run into, even though we were both far away from home. But, as we walked, we quickly forgot and made it the rest of the way holding hands.

Checking into the Black Lion Inn we were both tense with anticipation. In the elevator we were quiet, both looking up at the flashing floor numbers. Walking down the hall was surreal for me, like an out of body experience, our movements reverting to slow motion. When I slid the plastic key into the door slot the symbolism was intensely canlı bahis erotic and made me feel like I would come in my pants, like the time, at 15, when I first touched a breast.

I held the door for Chloe and her mouth curled into a satisfied smile. It was apparent that this was not the kind of treatment she was accustomed to and she quietly said, “It’s nice to be with a gentleman for a change.”

At the airport I was too breathless to fully appreciate her perfume. Now I followed a scented trail made even more vivid by the perception of her female musk. It permeated her path like she was being followed by a spirit. The silky swishing of her skirt brought my eyes to her shapely legs and I imagined her thighs brushing together, causing her hidden lips to slide through the lubrication that was activated by our heavy petting in the rental car.

The door closed behind me and the excitement of our being together made my heart boom like the tympani in the opening phrase of the Brahms 1st Symphony. Taking her hands I gazed into her eyes which stared shamelessly back, her pupils widened in the dimly lit room; we both searched. Her hands, which met mine halfway, were soft and warm. Her grasp was firm and compelling. I pulled her close kissing her forehead and said “Welcome to Seattle Chloe.” She suppressed a whimper and her legs quivered, like a little girl who had to pee.

Chloe’s soft body melted into my embrace, her breasts flattening softly against my chest. Her soft abdomen pillowed into mine and her eyes were like a small child’s anticipating a thrilling carousel ride. I kissed her lips and my hands cupped her bottom. Pulling her tight I pushed my hardness against her. I drew back and whispered, “Chloe,” took her left hand in my right and moved it between us.

Through the fabric of my trousers I felt her fingers knead my maleness. I licked her earlobe and heard my quavering voice whisper, “Sweet Chloe,” (kissing the tip of her nose and each eyelid) “unzip me.” The erratic rasp of the zipper being drawn erratically down brought an electric charge and for the third time since we met at the airport I had to squeeze my cheeks together to keep from popping my load.

Raising the hem of her skirt my fingers reached the satin softness of her panties. She shivered at the sensation of my fingers on the soft fabric of her lingerie and winced as they touched her responsive petals.

Her clutching fingers exposed my engorged penis, stroking it lovingly. I responded, “Oh baby,” and she moaned at my pleasure and hers as my fingers parted the cleft of her bottom. Like a child with a new Christmas toy Chloe fondled my erection, stroked the loose skin over my muscled shaft and explored each millimeter of its phallic surface.

I peeled her panties down, took her hand off my penis and brought it to my lips. Kissing her fingertips, I tasted the sweetness of my crystal seep then locked her body in an embrace. My erection slid between her legs, the top of my rigid shaft collecting the sweet nectar of her moisture as I flexed the throbbing organ and flopped it softly against her moist labia. “Do you hear the noise it’s making Chloe?” I whispered.

She nodded, her eyes staring into mine, as her ears registered the sodden flop/click and purred “mmm-huh,” working herself back and forth on my rod. “It’s so exciting Peter.”

The slurpy sounds of my effulgent rod, against Chloe’s ever moistening groove, were augmented by her blissful oohs. Button by button my fingers fumbled down the back of her blouse until it was open. My hands, palming her bare bahis siteleri flesh, groped to unsnap her bra. “Unbutton my shirt Sweetie,” I directed and she complied. Then, we peeled each other’s tops off, dropping them to the floor. Our naked torsos caressed our welcoming flesh and I told her how incredibly feminine she was.

While I unbuttoned her skirt she worked my belt buckle and undid the button on my pants. Moving my cock from beneath her legs I stepped out of my trousers. At the same time I stripped her skirt over her hips and let it drop to the floor. “My underpants too Chloe,” I whispered, and she worked them down, my cock, being caught by the waistband, slapping back against my belly.

Kicking off my loafers I stripped my socks with my toes then, holding Chloe’s hands, I pushed us apart and scanned her body, now naked with the exception of her black, lacy thigh-highs. “You’re beautiful, Chloe,” I said, my cock throbbing to the increasing beat of my heart, waggling to its strong pulsation. “Stroke me,” I said. Her fingers closed around its girth, moving the loose outer skin over its veined hardness and, with closed eyes, I captured the sensation of our naked bodies together, our hands exploring our most intimate parts. It was exhilarating.

Pressing gently I kissed her lips, felt her sensuous response then licked and probed, opening her soft ribbons of flesh. Her breath exited her nostrils in wild snorts as she wriggle and writhed, my finger making sloppy futching sounds as it slid in and out of her lubrous vagina.

With our lips still together my finger explored the walls of her vaginal scabbard and my thumb caressed and circled her swollen clitoris. I had seen her pussy on cam before and found it beautiful and, while it had been apparent that her clit was large, I had no idea it would feel so huge beneath my touch.

Grunting like rutting animals, saliva leaked from the seal of our lips and dribbled down our chins, as Chloe’s hand worked like a portable pussy flailing my erect penis. My finger jack hammered her spongy core and her hips gyrated wildly. Two fingers occupied her pussy and my thumb pressed her clitoris, circling it faster and faster. I knew she was close but, for some reason, was holding back. I broke the kiss, which allowed her to breathe more freely, and rasped into her ear, “Come for me baby.”

Grunting, she wriggled wildly and hugged me tight then demanded, “I want your cock Peter. I want it inside me…now!” Condoms weren’t an issue. I knew she’d had her tubes tied and she had accepted that I had only had sex with one woman in the last 35 years. Standing on tiptoes she lustily held the strawberry shaped head of my cock to her threshold and gasped, “Fuck me.” She wriggled as I bent my knees, leaning back and accepting my prominence into her supple vagina, taking it to the depth of her core.

Gravity won and we fell upon the bed, Chloe on top. With her hands on my shoulders and her legs straddling my body she rode my rigid cock, grunting shamelessly, her hair being tossed in all directions. Her ass slapped noisily on my thighs and I told her that I was going to come.

“No Peter,” she blurted, “I want us to come together… in each other’s mouths!”

Her moist scabbard unsheathed my saber with a “pop” and she hurriedly reversed her position. The glistening marvel of her vulva, its glossy lips shimmering, compressed itself against my mouth and I felt the moist warmth of her mouth sucking me deep inside, her taste buds tormenting my energized mons.

It had been years since I felt the excitement bahis şirketleri of another woman’s sexual flesh in my mouth. It was in college, when I had eaten my future wife’s pussy for the first time. At the time it was like my tongue was an archeological probe, touching spots that were new to me, exciting, but not fully understood.

Now uncontrolled, my eager tongue lapped wildly over the soft new world of Chloe’s seeping clam, making sounds similar to the flapping wings of a small bird in flight, accompanied by a hum. Then, having found her clitoris with my tongue tip, I circled her slippery, swelling node.

Chloe’s mouth moved on my cock with greater urgency (She knew what it was all about) and knew I was beyond the verge. Unable to check my explosion, I erupted deep inside her mouth and, like a depleted camel at an oasis; she sucked in labored gulps, milking every drop of my semen, her tongue cleaning every facet of my cock. The excitement of her loud gulps and labored breathing caused another eruption. Chloe tensed.

What followed took me by surprise. I had read about it, seen movies of it on the internet but never expected that it would ever happen to me. Chloe’s muffled cry announced her orgasm and the gush of her ejaculate filled my mouth and washed over my lips and chin. Filled with an ecstasy that caused my balls to clench again, I shot another load which made them ache. She held the residue in her mouth and carried it to my lips, kissing them, allowing her treasure to leak from her mouth into mine. In total abandon we kissed, snorting like pigs, both of us savoring the combination of our taste and smell.

When we had met at the airport we were alive with anticipation, finding it difficult to keep our hands off one another, hoping for privacy so we could express our emotions. When we first got into the rental car we wanted to kiss but knew we would become a sideshow at the rental garage. But, when we pulled into the parking lot at the hotel we were unable to keep our hands off of one another. Sliding to the middle of the seat we kissed wildly. Her lips were soft and warm, like she had been massaging them during the plane trip. Our kisses made us pant like we had just run a hundred yard dash, our hands were wildly massaging each other’s backs. My hand went between her legs and she spread them wide, allowing me access to her holy of holies. There were no preliminaries. We kissed, we hugged and my finger was inside her magnificent pussy. Her walls squeezed my finger which felt the newness of her sheath then slid rapidly in and out. Her orgasm was from the excitement of anticipation, but her pussy produced a copious wetness which soaked my hand, a wetness I had never experienced before. I wanted to be hard when we got to the hotel room so I had to squeeze my cheeks together to keep from losing my load.

In the room, after releasing our animal passions, we were able to relate to one another as two lovers who had been dreaming about this meeting for so long. We lay naked in the bed, our breathing having come down to a normal level, and gloried in the touching of our naked skin, the color of each other’s eyes, the warmth of our bodies having been made warmer by our passionate sex.

We kissed in pecks and told each other how happy we were to be together. My eyes took in the little scar on Chloe’s cheek and she graced me with smiles that turned it into a dimple. There was more kissing, hugging, changing positions, spooning, my hand caressing her plump breasts, my hand exploring and finding the verge of her lips and sliding my finger tip around her still swollen clitoris. With the room exuding the faint urine-smell of Chloe’s ejaculate, I closed my eyes and relived the moment of her pussy gushing in my face, an incredible new experience for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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