Let’s Play

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When I walked into the house, I wasn’t quiet about it. I had my earbuds in, the music screaming in my ears as I slammed the door behind me. I tossed my keys on the coffee table in front of the couch and my oversized bag that was loaded down with books I’d just checked out at the library thudded to the floor as I headed into the kitchen. After grabbing a clean glass from the cabinet, I slammed the cabinet door shut, then ran some water into the cup. Anyone who was in the house had to know I was there.

When the song I was listening to ended, I unplugged the earbuds from my phone and ripped them from my ears, tossing the buds and the phone on the kitchen counter.

That was when I heard it. It sounded like moans. I paused, taking stock of my surroundings. My roommate’s car wasn’t there. It couldn’t be her and her boyfriend going at it. In fact, it didn’t even sound like her. It sounded like a man. He sounded like he was in pain.

I followed the sounds down the hallway to my opened bedroom door. Not thinking, I pushed the door the rest of the way opened and froze.

Ben Ashley, friend of my roommate’s boyfriend, was naked and bent over in front of the dresser mirror. He had a butt plug in one hand, slowly working the slippery object into his asshole. His other hand was pulling one cheek from the other, trying to make room to slide the toy into him. He was moaning loudly, eyes closed tightly as he slowly pushed the widening plug in. I could see his cock, hard and violently red, proudly standing at attention.

All the noise I’d made when I got home had not alerted him to me. But the soft gasp that escaped my lips certainly drew his eyes to me.

The butt plug fell from his hand and his eyes widened when he saw me. His face turned bright red, redder than it had been from exertion. He ripped the blanket off the bed and wrapped it around himself.

“Mason! What are you doing here?” he exclaimed.

After hesitating for a moment, I replied, “I live here.”

“Don’t tell Lily or Mike,” he pled, speaking of my roommate and her boyfriend.

I shook my head. “Why would I tell them? Whatever gets you off.”

“I’m not gay!” he blurted. His legs collapsed and he plopped onto the bed.

“I didn’t say you are.” I looked around. “Why my room?”

He closed his eyes. “I needed a mirror… It’s just…something I want to try that my ex wasn’t into.”

I remembered Lily mentioning the breakup and asking if I minded it he slept on the couch for a bit until her boyfriend’s roommate moved out so he could move in there. It was hard to concentrate when all I could think about was him with that toy pressed into his ass.

“It seems…” I thought for a moment. “Difficult to do it alone.”

He nodded, opening his eyes and letting them fall to the floor. He was staring at the plug. I slowly walked over and picked it up by the wide base. I glanced over at him and he was looking at me. “You won’t tell them?” he whispered. I shook my head and he held out his hand for the plug. I hesitated.

“I could…help.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, his voice still a whisper.

I looked around and found illegal bahis his open bottle of lube. I walked over and grabbed it, turning the bottle upside down and pouring a hefty amount on the plug. I looked up and he was watching me. I set the bottle back down and started to spread the lube over the plug. “Turn around,” I managed to say, suddenly feeling breathless. He stood, turning away from me and letting the blanket fall. He looked back at me as he bent over the side of the bed. I grabbed the lube and took the few steps to him. He gasped when the cold lube poured from the bottle onto his partially opened asshole. He gripped the sheets in his hands as I nudged his legs apart. I held the plug in one hand, closing the lube bottle and tossing it on the bed with the other. I caught some lube with a finger as it ran towards his balls. I ran a finger around his hole and he arched his back, spreading his cheeks for me. I dipped the tip of my middle finger into his ass and he gasped. I slowly pushed my finger in, shoving the lube in. He moaned, his ass gripping my finger.

“Relax,” I whispered, and he did. I pumped my finger in and out shallowly a few times before retracting it completely.

“No!” he whimpered, pushing his ass out to me.

I pushed two fingers in and he shuddered, gripping the sheets tighter.

“Yes,” he hissed through clenched teeth. I looked up towards his face. His eyes were closed, the side of his face pressed into the mattress.

After a few shallow pumps, I added a third finger while watching his face. His mouth was open, his breath coming out in quick bursts. I slowly pushed my fingers deeper, deeper, until they were all in. “Breathe,” I whispered, and the air he’d been holding came out in a gasp.

“You’ve done this before,” he said a few moments later, after catching his breath.

I couldn’t help smiling. “I have,” I admitted. “Is it how you’ve imagined so far?”

He licked his lips, opening his eyes to look back at me. “Even better.”

I slid my fingers from his ass, holding up the plug. “Ready?” He quickly nodded.

I pulled my eyes from his to concentrate on my mission. I bit my bottom lip as I lined the plug up with his open hole. He wiggled his hips when the plug touched his hole, making it slide in a little.

The tip was the size of the tip of a finger, getting bigger as you went down the four-inch length. At its widest, it was three fingers across all around. I looked back up to his face as it slowly entered him. I was surprised to find him studying my face, his mouth opened and his eyes partially glazed over.

“Is this turning you on?” he asked in a huff of air, then moaned.

I didn’t think before nodding. The plug was halfway in. I pushed deeper and he cried out. I pulled out a little.

“Please please please don’t stop!” He pushed his ass out to me. “Shove it in. I need it all!”

I obliged, shoving it hard in his ass until the widest part popped past and his hole tightened around the thin part attached to the base. He cried out like an animal, humping his cock against the bed. I pressed a palm against the flat part of the base, pushing it into illegal bahis siteleri a circle. I ran my other hand down to softly grip his balls.

“Oh, fuck yes!” he cried out. “Oh god I wanna come so bad!”

I removed my palm from the plug, leaning over him and putting my hand on the bed to hold myself up, letting the tips of my hair brush against his back and cheeks. “Stand up,” I whispered. He ceased all movement, giving a small nod. I stood up, letting my hands fall away and stepping back. I watched him slowly push himself to stand, turning to face me. I had to force myself to look away from his cock. It was red, engorged, and begging to be relieved. His hands were shaking but his eyes were unwavering on me. I forced myself to avoid his eyes as well.

I walked around behind him, turning him towards the mirror on the dresser. “Look at how hot you look,” I whispered in his ear. I pushed my hand against the base of the plug, making him jump. He pushed his ass back onto the plug. “Look at that cock. Begging to be touched. Touch it.” One of his shaky hands wrapped around his cock. I pushed against the plug and his grip tightened. He slowly started stroking his cock. I pushed at the plug in time with his strokes and he sped up. His moaning got louder the faster we both moved.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I’m going to come!” he cried out.

With my free hand, I knocked his hand away from his cock and gripped tightly around the base of his cock, keeping him from coming. He screamed, his body twitching as a partial orgasm washed over him. When he came back down, his cock was still hard. He looked down and whimpered.

“Again,” he whined. I let my hand drop away and he quickly grabbed it. “Please, Mason, please!” He turned around, tightly holding my hand. He kissed my cheek, my chin, my other cheek, my neck, pressing his shaking body against mine. His cock pressed into my thigh. His hips thrust involuntarily, his cock rubbing against my jeans. I tried not to think about how much I liked that. “Touch me,” he whimpered, pleading. I lifted the hand he wasn’t gripping, letting a finger trail up his arm. He shivered. He continued to kiss my neck, alternating between licks, nips, and sucks. It was hard pretending that didn’t affect me. I ran my fingers through his hair and grabbed a handful, pulling him away from my neck.

“Touch your cock,” I said. He wrapped one hand around it. “Both,” I said. “Hand over hand. Fuck your hands slowly. Squeeze your cock tight.” I watched as he did exactly as I said. His breath was shallow, his pumps into his hands slow. I could tell it was tough for him not to move faster. I let my hand drop from his hair as I stepped towards the bed. “I know what’s missing,” I snapped my fingers. “Moisture.” I grabbed the lube and walked back to him. “Open your hands.” He did. Of course, he did. He wanted to come and I had his cock wrapped around my finger. I poured lube in his hands and told him to resume. He was louder then. He fucked his hands with more determination. He wanted to fuck them faster. “That feel good?” I asked, trailing a finger around one of his nipples.

“Yes,” he hissed.

“Better than a canlı bahis siteleri pussy?” I asked.

“I doubt it’s anything like yours.”

It took me a moment to realize what he’d said. It took me by surprise. “You imagining you’re fucking me?” I asked, pinching a nipple between two fingers. He moaned.

“Yes,” he hissed. “I want to bury myself in you!”

I let my hand fall and step back. He moans and falls to his knees. With him watching me, I slowly start to undress myself. I lift my shirt over my head and toss it across the room, my bra following closely behind. I kick my shoes off, unbuttoning my pants and letting them fall at my feet. I stand there in my panties for a moment, feeling his eyes roaming all over me. I let them drop to my feet, but bend down to pick them up. I drop to my knees before him.

“Open your mouth.” He does. I shove the panties in his mouth. His eyes close and he moans. I crawl closer, moving his hands from his cock. I aim his cock at my pussy, letting him push between my closed legs. His cock rubbed against me and he moaned through the panties. I ran my hands up his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body to his as he thrust into me. His hands were on my back, pulling me tightly to him. My lips parted and I jumped when I felt his cock rub against my clit. I pushed myself against him and felt what I knew was going to be a big orgasm. I was unaware of the panting coming from my mouth. He wasn’t though. He dug his fingers into my ass and pushed me just right against his cock.

“Fuck fuck fuck I’m coming!” I cried out. He did not stop. He went faster. My body felt like it seized up, holding his cock tightly against me. He whimpered as he fucked harder and harder. As my orgasm ended, I spread my legs and arched my back just right, letting the head of his cock burrow into me. He screamed behind my panties, his eyes rolling shut. I lifted a leg, putting my foot on the floor to open myself wider. He sunk even more into me. But still not completely. I pulled myself off him and turned around, backing onto his cock. His fingers dug into my hips and he slowly sank into me. He was taking his time. I reached back between my legs until I felt the base of the butt plug. I pushed it up and he slammed into me. I cried out.

“Fuck me!” I begged. He did. He fucked me hard. I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk properly the next day. I didn’t care. I just needed to come again. That’s all I wanted.

I tugged on his balls and he pushed deep into me. It was my turn to scream.

He pulled out of me, flipped me over onto my back, spread my legs and shoved his cock in me. I was seeing stars. I reached up and pulled my panties out of his mouth, tossing them aside, and his mouth was on mine. He did not let up with his fucking until I had managed three more orgasms. Only then did he mention him coming. I pushed against his chest and had him lay down on the floor. I spread his legs and crawled between them. He watched as I stroked his cock once, twice, then swallowed as much of it as I could. As my head bobbed up and down on him, I pushed against the butt plug at the same speed. It wasn’t long before he was thrusting into my mouth, his cock sliding into my throat. I adjusted and easily take it, tugging his balls to urge his orgasm on.

He was noisy. He kept saying my name. He begged. He pleaded. And when he came, all he did was scream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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