Lesbian Encounter At The Club Ch. 01

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Alex Grey

It was my best friend Amy’s 23rd birthday. She and her boyfriend Kaplan had just broken up the weekend before and she really wanted to go out and get crazy for her birthday. She told me she just wanted us to go out and have fun, get a little wild. But she made me promise her that no matter what, I wouldn’t let her go home with anyone. I promised her the only person she’d be going home with would be me. Little did she know, I have had the biggest crush on her for quite a while now. It started out innocently enough, just friends, but over the past two years I’ve been cultivating some serious sexual fantasies about her. I think of her and only her when I masturbate and I masturbate ALL the time. Which means I pretty much think of her all the time. I wondered what it would feel like to knead her big tits and pinch her big nipples. What would her mouth taste like under mine? How wet would her pussy be when I fingered it? Damn, she drives me crazy. I’ve never really had active fantasies about other women. I’ve always found women attractive, but Amy is the only one I’ve ever considered having sex with. If you could see her, you’d know why! She’s perfect! Tall and thin with long, chestnut brown hair and pale blue eyes. Big, round tits with puffy tan nipples. Long, strong legs and a tight bubble butt. And to top it all off, she’s got a great personality, very outgoing and funny. The whole package. I’ve seen her naked many times and every time I do I get that familiar tingle between my thighs.

We talk about sex a lot, what turns us on and gets us hot, so I know exactly what I’d do to her if I ever got the opportunity. Maybe tonight would be the night. Amy was ready to get loose and have a good time and so was I. I knew I couldn’t make the first move, but I was more than willing to take it to the next level if she instigated things. I checked her out as we got ready in the tiny bathroom of her studio apartment. I used the small space to my advantage and rubbed against her every chance I got. As I reached around her to grab the hairbrush my arm grazed her firm tit. Ahhh, there went that tingle. I had to back up and cool down a little. I didn’t bring any extra undies with me and the ones I was wearing were already a little damp! I wanted to turn her around, drop down on my knees and bury my face in that beautiful V between her thighs. I knew she was shaved… completely bare. I wondered what those velvety lips would feel like as I licked them and sucked them deep into my mouth, sticking my tongue out to separate them and find her big, hard clit… shit, I was going to have to go without underwear. I just creamed my only pair.

We had a couple of drinks while we were getting ready and were already a little buzzed by the time we got to the club. We held hands and talked while we stood in line to get in. Just that innocent contact of her fingers linked with mine made me a little dizzy. When we finally got in, the music was loud and the big open room was full of tight bodies gyrating to the thump of the bass. We pushed our way to the bar and downed two shots of tequila in a row before grabbing our beers and heading to the dance floor. We spent the next hour working up a sweat dancing to the hard house music, only taking short breaks for more shots of tequila. We were sandwiched between two hot jocks, our bodies rubbing against each other when Amy leaned into me and shouted above the music,

“I am so fucking horny.”

I put my hands around her waist and shouted back, “Me too!!”

We smiled at each other and she reached around my waist to rest her hands on my ass. As much as I didn’t want to break that contact, I really needed to visit the little girls room. Amy did too. She grabbed my hand and led me to the line outside the restroom door. We were waiting in line, Amy behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist when a gorgeous blonde walked up behind her. I saw Amy do a double take as the blonde looked us over. Amy whispered something in my ear, but all I could make out was: fucking hot. I had to agree, the girl was beautiful. Almost as tall as Amy with that California girl look. White blonde hair, deeply tanned skin, ocean blue eyes, and big, full, round tits. Even as hot as it was in the club, her nipples were clearly visible through her translucent shirt. They were very long, very pink, and very hard. She started making small talk with Amy about how crowded it was tonight and how ridiculous it was that the club only had one bathroom. I watched as the two of them interacted. Amazingly, I didn’t feel jealous at all. I was so turned on by the way Amy was leaning into this girl and licking her lips as she slid her hand down the girl’s arm.

I leaned in and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Courtney.”

The blonde bent down and brushed her lips against my cheek as she said,

“Hi, Courtney. I’m Jackie. Do you mind if I hang out with the two of you? I was supposed to meet my friend here tonight but she stood me up.”

I looked at Amy and saw the look in her face, she clearly wanted casino şirketleri to spend some time with this girl.

“Sure, Jackie. That sounds like a great idea!” I said.

We took our turn in the restroom, made another quick trip to the bar, then hit the dance floor again. This time there were no jocks around, it was just the three of us. Amy in the middle and Jackie and I on either side. The music was pounding and we were in our own world. My hands were around Amy’s waist and I slid them down her thighs and around to her front and cupped her crotch, boldy pressing down on her mound with the palm of my hand. She leaned her head back on my shoulder, turned her head and licked my neck. Jackie put her arms around both of us to grab my ass and bent forward to join Amy. I was so hot. My hand rubbing Amy through her tight shorts and both of them kissing my neck. Amy leaned up and she and Jackie started kissing. I watched as their tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. Jackie grabbed Amy’s lower lip and sucked it into her mouth. Amy sagged against me and I felt the wetness between her legs.

“Do you girls want to take this somewhere a little more private?” Jackie asked.

Amy looked at me, “Well Courtney, what do you think? Do we want to go somewhere a little more private?”

I grabbed Jackie by the back of the neck and kissed her forcefully.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought” Amy grinned at me as Jackie grabbed her hand and she grabbed mine. We wound our way around the club to the back steps that led up to the landing.

There was a burly bouncer at the top of the steps and for a moment I thought we were going to have to find another spot. But Jackie apparently knew the guy because she talked with him for a minute and he smiled at her then unhooked the velvet rope to let us pass.

“Have fun ladies” he said as we walked onto the landing.

There were about half a dozen couples and several groups on the landing. Most of them in various states of copulation. We walked by a tiny Asian girl on her knees sucking the biggest black cock I’d ever seen, then by two girls sitting on a plush couch, their legs spread wide, one guy going between them, frantically trying to please them both. I shouted to Jackie,

“I had no idea this is what went on up here!”

She winked at me over her shoulder, “Now that you do, you’ll never want to go to another club, huh?”

She was right about that one! We found a chaise lounge at the end of the landing that was far enough from the rest of the action that we could have a little bit of privacy but still see what was going on. I sat down and watched the two girls on the couch kissing each other while the guy licked one and fingered the other. When I looked back, Amy was leaning over the railing and Jackie was behind her with her hands up Amy’s shirt. I settled back onto the chaise lounge and watched my best friend with the gorgeous blonde.

Jackie’s hands were all over Amy, rubbing her big nipples under her shirt then sliding down to toy with the button on her shorts. Amy turned around and Jackie pulled her shirt up and over her head. She tossed it on the ground and began sucking Amy’s tits through her lacy bra, nipping and pinching Amy’s hard nipples. The whole time, Amy was looking directly at me. I was so turned on watching her that I opened my legs and started rubbing myself over my tight shorts. I pushed the seam up into my crotch and felt the rough fabric against my bare pussy.

“Yeah, Courtney, rub yourself for me” Amy moaned.

I felt the wetness spreading over my shorts and making my fingers sticky through the fabric. Jackie had Amy’s bra off now and was working her large, puffy nipples into stiff peaks while her hand had disappeared inside the waistband of Amy’s shorts. I watched as her hand moved up and down inside the tight fabric. Jackie tore her mouth away from Amy’s tits and got down on her knees in front of her. She pulled down Amy’s shorts and thong underwear together and they dropped in a pool at her feet. Amy kicked them my direction and I scooped them up. I pulled the undies up to my mouth and licked the wet crotch. Jackie put one of Amy’s legs up on the railing and sat back to admire the beautiful pussy in front of her.

She looked back at me and said, “Damn, that’s a mouthful!”

I smiled at her and nodded my head in agreement. Like I said, I’d seen Amy naked before and I knew what her pussy looked like, but it was a thrill to get to see someone else’s reaction to it for the first time. Amy has, what she refers to as a butterfly pussy. Her long, thick inner lips hang and jiggle and look like butterfly wings when they’re spread wide open. She has a big, beautiful, bulbous clit that sticks out like a tiny erection when she’s turned on. Right now, she was obviously very turned on. Jackie watched as she rubbed herself and squeezed the big clit between her fingers. Jackie took over for her, rubbing and stroking and massaging her hard organ. Amy leaned back and casino firmaları squeezed her nipples as she watched Jackie explore with her fingers, then she moaned and threw her head back when Jackie’s tongue took over for the fingers. I moved off the chaise and got on my knees beside Jackie for a better look. I watched in fascination as Amy’s clit disappeared into Jackie’s wet mouth. Jackie sucked it like a tiny cock, slurping it into her mouth then letting it slide back out, stroking it with her tongue then flicking it from side to side. She moved to the long lips, pulling them into her mouth and stretching them downward with long, hard pulls. Finally, she opened her mouth wide and covered Amy’s whole pussy.

“Oh yes!” Amy moaned, “suck my big clit, eat my pussy Jackie! ”

And eat she did. Jackie definitely had a mouthful! I worked my hand inside my shorts and slid my fingers between my wet folds as I watched Jackie’s mouth work my best friend’s cunt. Although I couldn’t see it, I imagined Jackie’s tongue making long licks up and down the length of Amy’s clit while her mouth kept constant suction on her pussy. I looked up to find Amy staring directly at me.

“Oh yeah, ohhhh, yes, yes, yes. Courtney, this feels so good. I’m gonna cum. Watch me cum Courtney! Watch me cum in her mouth!”

I looked back just in time to see Amy’s legs start to shake and watched as she grabbed Jackie’s head and shoved it even deeper into her crotch. She bucked and pumped her pelvis against Jackie’s face and I saw the clear fluid running down the blonde’s chin. Jackie kept sucking and only let go when Amy’s legs went limp and she had to hold herself up on the railing. Even then, she continued to lick Amy’s over sensitive nub. Jackie turned to me and I saw her face glistening with Amy’s juice.

“Come here Courtney, taste your best friend’s pussy” and she kissed me, long and deep.

I cleaned her face off with my tongue, getting every last bit of Amy’s wetness. It was tart and tangy and I wanted more!

Jackie layed back on the chaise and looked at me. “So did you like that? Watching your best friend with another girl?” She already knew the answer to that question!

“That was fucking incredible!” I said, my fingers still rubbing my own pussy.

“Hey Amy, do you think Courtney would like to watch you return the favor? Eating your hot cunt got me all worked up!”

Amy smiled at me and crawled over to Jackie. “What do you need, Jackie? Do you need to feel my mouth on you? My tongue working your clit and sliding up inside you? Do you want my fingers up there, too?”

I couldn’t believe the dirty talk coming out of Amy’s mouth! What a fucking turn on! Obviously Jackie thought so, too.

“Yeah, baby. I want you to use me like I used you. I want you to fuck me and make me cum.”

Amy didn’t need any more encouragement. She slid her hands up Jackie’s long, tan legs then up and under her flimsy shirt. Her fingers locked onto Jackie’s erect nipples and pinched.

“Oh yes, baby. I love that. Pinch my nipples, suck and bite on them. They’re so sensitive.”

Amy did as she was told, licking the long pink nipples. Sucking them into her mouth and biting them gently, then not so gently. Jackie squirmed and moaned.

Amy raised her head and asked Jackie, “Can I try something? Your nipples are so long and hard, I wonder if I can feel them in my pussy. Can I squat over your tit and see if I can fuck myself with your nipple?”

Jackie didn’t say anything, she just pulled Amy up to her chest and pushed her tits together. Amy positioned herself over one of the erect nubs and used her fingers to spread herself. I slowly pushed two fingers in and out of my aching twat as I watched Jackie’s oversized nipple disappear into Amy’s wet hole. They both moaned at the same time and Amy began to rock gently back and forth, then side to side, and then around in circles, impaled on Jackie’s big nip. Amy sunk down further and let go of her pussy lips. Jackie’s breast was surrounded by Amy’s steamy, wet cunt. She went back and forth from one tit to the other until Jackie reached up and started rubbing her throbbing nub. Amy let loose and I watched as her liquid leaked out and coated Jackie’s left tit. Amy stood up and I heard the slurpy suction of her wet pussy as it came off of Jackie’s tit.

“There you go Courtney, want some more?” Jackie asked as Amy scooted up to her mouth to take a ride on her tongue.

I didn’t hesitate to lean over and clean all the juicy cum off of her breast. My second taste of the night.

“Wow, that was hot” Jackie said when she finished tongue fucking my best friend. “I’ve never done that before. But as good as it felt, I still haven’t cum yet. Are you gonna make me cum, Amy? Are you gonna lick my pussy?”

Amy looked over at me and said, “Courtney, I’ve never done this before. I’ve wanted to, but I never have. You know that. I want you to stay right here, really close and watch while I do it. I want to look güvenilir casino at you while I eat her pussy.”

I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of my cunt and put them up to her mouth. She looked at me and stuck her tongue out and licked them one at a time. She took her time sucking all the cream off and I felt myself start to throb. Then, without even touching myself, I felt my cunt start to pulsate and felt the hot cum spill out and run down my thighs.

“There” I said, “now you’ve tasted pussy. Go ahead and make Jackie feel good. She needs a hard cum. I know she gave you two good orgasms. Time for a little payback, don’t you think?”

Amy looked up at Jackie who had been watching us patiently. “I’m gonna make you cum so hard. I want you to cum all over me!” Amy told her.

“Be careful what you wish for, baby. You just might get it” Jackie said, with a smile on her face.

No longer hesitant, Amy went to work. She peeled Jackie’s pants off and rubbed her through her saturated panties. She leaned forward and ground her face into the blonde’s crotch, then pulled the black lace panties to the side to reveal Jackie’s twat. It was very pink, like her nipples, and very wet. Amy looked over at me, stuck her tongue out and smiled. I quickly stripped off my shorts, shoved my fingers back inside myself and began pumping as I watched Amy take her first lick.

“Oh my God, that tastes so good” Amy groaned as she proceeded to run her tongue up and down Jackie’s long, juicy slit.

“Yeah, Amy. That’s it. Lick it harder. Get me all wet” Jackie said as she laced her fingers through Amy’s hair.

She raised her pelvis up and ground her cunt into Amy’s open mouth. I felt myself building up and pushed another finger inside. My whole body shook as I came for the second time that night. Amy had seen my release and she pried her mouth away from Jackie just long enough to lick my fingers again.

“Mmmmmm, yummy Court” she grinned as she went back to work on Jackie.

“Lets try another position, Amy. I think you’ll like this” Jackie told her.

She got up off the chaise and layed down on the floor with her butt resting on the couch. She directed Amy to sit on the edge. Jackie’s pussy was pointed straight up and Amy spread her new lover’s thin lips, bent her head and shoved her tongue straight down into the waiting cunt.

“Ohhhh baby, that’s it, tongue fuck me. Put your finger in my ass while you work that pussy” Jackie demanded.

Amy gave me her finger and I sucked on it, getting it nice and wet. She spit on the little pink rosebud and pushed the finger in.

“Deeper, Amy. Fuck my ass! Use two fingers” Jackie said.

Amy pushed her fingers in and out, stretching Jackie’s ass while her tongue lapped at the wet cunt.

“Now use your fingers on my pussy and put your tongue in my ass” Jackie demanded while she tweaked her hard nipples.

I moved closer and rubbed my wet snatch on Amy’s leg while I watched her tongue dart in and out of Jackie’s rear, two of her fingers pumping into the wet gash between Jackie’s legs. Amy kept looking at me and smiling and telling me how good both of her holes tasted.

“Ride my leg Courtney. I want to feel your wet cunt on me” Amy pleaded.

I lifted myself up all the way and spread my lips to rest my throbbing clit on Amy’s thigh. I slid back and forth on her toned leg, occasionally bouncing lightly to further stimulate my clit as Amy put two more fingers inside Jackie’s hot hole. I slid down to her knee and pushed hard, rocked back and forth and exploded for the third time.

I leaned back to let my still spasming cunt relax. Jackie had slipped two of her own fingers inside her pussy and Amy was licking around her stretched lips.

“Yeah, Amy. That’s how I like it. I wanna feel full and stretched. Open me up. Push harder. It feels so good.”

I watched as six fingers slipped wetly in and out of Jackie’s vag. Amy looked at me in amazement.

“This is incredible Courtney. She’s opened up so wide. Her hole is so deep. I think I can put my whole hand in!”

Jackie moaned and told Amy that was exactly what she wanted.

“Do it Amy. Put your hand inside me. I want it all the way to the wrist.”

Amy tucked her thumb inside her palm and slowly pushed, inch by inch. We both watched as Jackie’s hole opened up to accommodate Amy’s hand. Then, with one last small push, Amy’s entire hand disappeared into Jackie’s pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh, fuck yes. That’s it Amy. That feels so good. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me and make me cum. I’m gonna give you what you asked for, I’m gonna cum all over you.”

Amy worked the blonde over, pushing her hand in and out of the gaping hole while Jackie rubbed her own clit, faster and faster.

“Holy shit, Court. She’s gonna cum. I can feel her tightening up!” Amy said.

“Fuck me Amy, do it, fuck me. Oh yes, here it comes baby…..aaaaahhhhhhh yes….. pull your hand out!!!” Jackie screamed.

Amy’s hand came out with a pop and Jackie’s cunt began to spew. Like a fireman’s hose, the watery cum shot out of the gaping hole between her legs and covered Amy’s face. I thought Amy would have backed up, but to my surprise, she leaned in closer and opened her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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