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It was cold and dark but as I huddled against his chest I felt a warm glow growing inside me. Maybe it was all the drink I’d had or maybe it was feeling his strong arms against me but something was making me stir. As we stood in the queue for the bus I looked up at him and flashed my cheekiest smile, it worked; he took my head in his hands and began to kiss me. I could feel people watching us so I picked up the pace; I plunged my tongue into his mouth and kissed him until I started to feel myself getting damp. As I pulled away I ventured my hand to his crotch and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Thanks to my horny kiss, his cock was rock hard inside his jeans, I could feel it stiffen with my touch and struggle against the denim. I saw a petite red haired girl looking as I massaged his balls through his trousers, I winked at her and she blushed with embarrassment but I could tell she was turned on.

The queue was remarkably small for the night bus on a Saturday, I put that down to the stupid weather but I preferred it quiet. As we filed onto the bus I let him go in front of me so I could canlı bahis slyly catch a glimpse of his peachy arse. Most of the crowd were sat downstairs so I walked up to the top and sat at the back. There were only a handful of people up there but they looked surprisingly alert, unlike the usual zombie passengers that travel on this bus, totally burnt out after a night of drinking. As he walked down the isle towards me I unbuttoned my long coat to reveal my skimpy outfit, a short black skirt and a pink boob tube. As he came closer I spread my legs, just enough to show my bare pussy. Leaving him downstairs to pay the fare must have given him time to cool down but I immediately saw his cock spring back into action.

He slowly sat down in the corner and turned to look at me, I recognised the naughty glint in his eyes; he wouldn’t wait till we got home. I slowly unzipped his jeans, freeing his member from his restrictive pants. He gasped as I brushed my hand over the swollen head and slid it up and down his erect shaft. As his breathing became heavier I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter until bahis siteleri I couldn’t take anymore.

I sat down on his knee facing away from him and lent back so he could kiss my neck. Slyly he slid his hand up my skirt and squeezed my firm arse; I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside my warm pussy. I leant forward and teasingly moved my arse cheeks up and down his erection. He moaned loudly which caused quite a stir in the rows ahead, some people turned around to get a look at what was going on, this drove me wild so I threw back my head and began to play with my tits.

I spun round and deftly wrapped my dripping pussy round his hard cock. After only a few moments of grinding my hips, my hard pink nipples had worked their way out of my top and I could tell he wanted to get his hands on them. Instead I squeezed and pulled at them myself and it felt amazing. I could feel his hands all over me but the fact that no one could tell he had his cock inside me made me feel so wicked. I rolled my hips and ground myself down until he filled me, he reached up and aggressively exposed my tits so he could bahis şirketleri bite and suck them. This nearly sent me over the edge and he could tell. I began to move faster trying to bring myself to orgasm before we reached our stop, in response to this he reached around me and slipped his finger into my arsehole. It was amazing to be sat on a bus and have both my holes filled, I felt like such a dirty bitch. I couldn’t take anymore and fell against his chest and let the waves of pleasure wash over me.

I leaped off him and saw the big smile on his face, he thought that was it. I sat back down next to him and he asked me if it was good. It was, very good, but that wasn’t the end. In reply to his question I leant forward and took his entire cock in my mouth. I massaged his balls with one hand and steadied myself with the other. I sucked and licked his massive shaft like it was the tastiest lolly pop. He held the back of my head and fucked my throat, I loved it! I could feel his cock stiffen in my mouth and I knew he was about to cum so I took it deeper and sucked harder. He let out a stifled moan and I could feel his warm, salty cum hit the top of my tongue. I swallowed it down and went back for more, licking his cock clean. As I sat up he zipped himself back up and pressed the stop button. We missed our stop!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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