Languid Lovers

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He steps towards me slowly and kisses my lips. I respond in kind, and open my mouth to slip my tongue into his. He takes that as his cue, and his hands eagerly fly up to my breasts and begin massaging. I slip my arms around his neck, and he leads me, still in our lip-lock, into a darkened room…what I assume is a bedroom. I can’t quite see, of course, as my eyes are closed, enjoying myself.

My suspicion is confirmed when the back of my legs collide with a bed, which I’m forced to fall backward on. He lies on top of me, and we continue what we’re doing, kissing and tonguing

Soon he takes my hand in his and guides it between us, puts it on his hard cock through his jeans. I slowly begin massaging through the material…he likes what I’m doing, I can tell, because his breath comes ever so slightly faster.

We continue to kiss, while he massages my full breasts and do the same to his ever hardening member. He then breaks our kiss, so that he can sit back and unzip his jeans.

I take to opportunity to stand, and remove every speck of clothing from my body, wasting no time. He quickly jumps up and does likewise. We admire each other for a moment. His eyes run up and down my body, admiring large, full breasts, the curve of my hip. His hand drifts over to gently caress my round ass. He’s fairly muscular, his pectoral muscles rippling under his skin. I look down to his cock, its jutting straight out in front of him. A small smile comes to my lips.

I sit on the edge of the bed, only to find myself pushed back into our original position, both still bahis firmaları massaging. He then kneels to the side of me, continues kissing and feeling my hand on his cock, but removes a hand from my breast.

He begins to massage the shaven outer lips of my pussy, feeling the heat I’m emitting. He moans his approval, and slides a finger down to part my lips and brush over my clit slowly. He rises up on his knees, and I adjust my position so that I’m up on an elbow and eyelevel with his cock. He slides a finger, then two, into my hot wet pussy. I slowly approach his cock, lips parted, and move my mouth over the end……down the shaft….kept going…..until I feel pubic hair tickle my nose and his balls graze my lower lip.

He moans in surprise and delight to feel the back of my throat. I move my head around, tickling my own tonsils with the end of his cock. I draw back a little, and he takes his unoccupied hand to gingerly touch the back of my head. He thrusts his hips forward, a bit unsure if I can handle it, it seems, but I allow it, I enjoy it. I moan as he moves to hit the back of my throat again and again, all the while his fingers rub in and out of my pussy, working me into a bit of a frenzy.

He seems to be getting a bit overzealous…I don’t want him to cum yet, so I then back off and take his throbbing cock, now slick with my saliva, in my hand once more. I keep my lips closed and sucking around the head, and squeeze with my hand. I remove my mouth and continue to squeeze my fingers around it, and lower my head to lick his balls and take them one kaçak iddaa at a time into my mouth. He moans again, I’m full of pleasant surprises it seems. I lick back up the shaft, and deepthroat his cock once more, then grab him by the arm and pull him down to kiss me, his fingers still buried in my pussy.

He lies on top of me again, and suckles my nipples, while he moves his body in between my legs. He removes his fingers from my pussy, a bit to my dismay…but then he begins to tease my slit with the head of his cock, sliding it around in the dripping wetness.

He finds my opening and slides the head in ever so slowly, then stops to kiss me again, languidly, our tongues massaging each other. He pulls back from me and slides in again, burying himself all the way, moaning from the velvety tight wetness that’s encasing him. He strokes back and forth, in and out, slowly at first. I wrap my legs around him and trail my fingers along his arms and back. I start to moan, quietly… “mmmm”.

He suddenly pulls back from me and plunges in deep, taking me totally by surprise and causing me to yell out. He continues the rougher, faster rhythm, until the sound of our bodies slapping together and our moaning is all that can be heard. I wrap my arms around my own thighs and pull them towards my chest, raising my hips, allowing him to pound into me deeper. “Oh yeah,” I’m breathing…softly at first, then a bit louder.

I reach behind him and grab his round, muscular ass, pushing him down harder into me on each stroke. I dig my nails into his ass, hard. He moans….pleasure kaçak bahis and pain….he’s enjoying that.

He’s still pounding into me, but pulls back onto his knees a bit so that he can watch himself disappear and reappear, going in and out of my pussy. I want to watch too…I raise myself up on my elbows and watch my own skin stretch to accommodate his cock. He strokes faster, and I can feel my own orgasm building, it’s going to be big.

I’m moaning really loud now, with no inhibition, then my breath is coming is gasps, and I’m screaming in between each gasp “oh,… Oh,… OH!” I can hear him under his breath: “mmhmm, cum on.”

My muscles spasm and I let go, screaming “Oh FUCK!” as a flood of wetness squirts from my pussy. The juice from my pussy runs around his cock and down the crack of my ass to pool on the bed. “Oh Goddd” he says when he feels the gush of warm wetness hit him, and he leans back down on me, starts stroking in and out frantically.

I reach between us, I can feel my own juices on his stomach and on me. I put my hand on his balls and start massaging as he pumps in and out, faster and faster. He moans loudly, repeatedly, he says my name “Oh, Dana!” I breathe into his ear “You like that?” He answers with an “ohhhhhh yesss”, then groans loudly.

He pulls out of me and sits back on his knees, stroking his cock lightning fast with his hand. He lets out a thunderous, deep-seated moan and his cum shoots all over me…my stomach, breasts, thighs, neck… I moan loudly…a man cumming on me is almost orgasmic for me. I massage the cum into my skin, moaning all the time.

He stares at me in awe…I look up at him angelicly and say, “Next time, I think you should cum on my face,” and give him a sly wink, while licking his cum from my hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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