Kneaded Relief

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Remember payday. It will all be worth it then. Sharon let the thought repeat in her head like a mantra as she clung to the pole on the train.

Of course, there wasn’t a spare seat, not after a mongrel of a day like today. Her feet ached, her mind reeled and her back was killing her. All she wanted was to sit down and close her eyes. She’d be home soon but until then, she’d just have to endure.

Endurance was the name of the game on stock take day. Sharon had spent the entire day on her feet, and the day had started three hours early and ended an hour late. Twelve hours climbing up and down ladders, counting pens, rulers, boxes of paperclips (thank god she didn’t have to count the contents of each box!). The overtime would be lovely but, right now, her body didn’t care.

At last, she was home. She closed the door against the world and dumped her bag on a chair.

And there he was – a smile on his face, a hug in his arms and a glass in his hand.

“I’m not even going to ask, I can see it in your face.” Greg handed her the glass – white wine with a dash of soda water. “Are you hungry?”

She took a long sip before answering. “No, not at all – the boss organised a Chinese banquet in the loading bay. The food was great. Pity there were no chairs though.”

“Thought it might have been a day like that.” Again Greg smiled, taking her hand and leading her gently to the bedroom.

“Honey, I’m really tired, I don’t want …” Sharon’s protest dried in her mouth at the door. Greg had been busy. The room was bathed in soft candlelight and a soothing aromatic blend of lavender and chamomile filled the air. A towel covered the bed and a large bottle of oil sat on the bedside table.

“A massage, no strings attached. OK?”

A grateful smile answered him. “Can I finish my wine first?”

“Oh, I think so. Now, sit down.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and sipped her wine while he went to work, kneeling in front of her and gently removed her shoes, sliding his hands under her skirt to unclip the stockings and roll them down her legs and off. Then he stood, carefully loosening her hair and letting it fall across her shoulders before turning his attention to her blouse.

He carefully unbuttoned it and eased it off her shoulders, taking her wine glass and setting it on bayındır escort bayan the bedside table as she shrugged out of the sleeves. He reached around her and undid her bra, removing and giving her back the glass.

“OK, baby, stand up for me, please.”

She did, finishing the last of her wine. Again, Greg knelt before her, reached around her, almost resting his head against her stomach as he unclasped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. The garter belt followed and, finally, he slipped his thumbs into the elastic of her panties and slid them down her legs, lifting each foot in turn to free her from the last of her clothing.

For a moment, he sat back on his heels, looking up at his woman; the candlelight playing soft shadows across her body. God, she was beautiful. He rose up, kissing her belly button, sliding his hands across her ass and up, across her waist to her rest at her breasts as he stood up. He kissed each breast and her neck before taking the now empty wine glass from her hand and steering her to lie on the bed.

He had seen the small spark in her eyes but ignored it. He’d promised no strings.

Greg straddled her legs, covering her back with massage oil and kneading the tired, tight muscles gently but firmly. “Relax now, honey.” Her shoulders were so tight, the muscles tensed in big knots. Gradually he felt the tension release under his fingers.

“Is that good, honey?” It certainly looked like it – her eyes were closed, her features relaxed.


Smiling, he kept working; slowly moving down her spine, easing the muscles, watching her relax. Lower and lower he worked until he reached her firm buttocks. Greg loved Sharon’s ass. He really hoped she’d relaxed enough from her busy day to enjoy some fun, but he’d promised no strings and would take his cue from her.

He lightly massaged her ass cheeks and ran his hands full length up her back and down again, coming to rest on her buttocks.

Sharon’s voice had a dreamy quality. “Don’t stop. Mmm, that’s so nice.” She wiggled her ass at him, opening her thighs just a little.

His cock stirred, remembering the look in her eyes. Greg dribbled the massage oil across her cheeks and let a little run down the crack. He began kneading and caressing each cheek and escort bayındır between them, following the trail of oil, his fingers skittering across her pucker, around her pussy and loving her clit.

She moaned and spread her thighs further, allowing him greater access. Teasing, he moved his hands away, kneading her buttocks and caressing the small of her back. She writhed and moaned, arching her back. Her pussy glistened wetly, and not all of it was oil.

“Oh, god, don’t stop now.” Sharon groaned as she felt his weight leave the bed. She turned to protest, only to see him tearing off his t-shirt and shorts.

She rose up onto her knees, pushing her legs far apart and her ass high, and began rubbing her clit with her hand, humping her fingers, rocking her ass at him and moaning.

Listening to her, watching her body move, shimmering as the light reflecting off the oil, Greg held himself in iron control His cock was rock hard and straining. More than anything, he wanted to bury it in her. Her ass was shiny with oil, pointing at him.

“Oh god, baby.” His voice was thick, lusty. She shivered at the tone of it. He poured more oil on the top of her crack, following it down with his finger, circling the pucker, pressing against it.

She pushed back against his finger, jamming her ass onto it. “Yes, baby. Fuck my ass with your fingers. Open me up.”

He eased his finger out and poured more oil over her now slightly open pucker, then eased the finger back in, spreading the oil as deep as he could reach, sliding in and out as she rocked on his hand, panting and moaning, strumming her clit.

Again, he eased away, this time to coat his throbbing cock with oil. He guided it to her ass, sliding it up and down along her crack. Now Sharon was still – no rocking, no strumming – waiting.

Greg pressed the head against her, leaning into her. He felt the resistance as he pushed, despite the oil. He watched, amazed as the head sank and the muscle ring snapped behind it, gripping him in that tight, tight hole. He heard Sharon’s sharp intake of breath.

He paused. He wanted to ram his entire length into that incredibly tight, warm space. But he knew better.

Sharon started strumming her clit again, breathe coming in little gasps as she tried to bayındır escort adjust to the size of him. Slowly she began leaning back against him, impaling herself on him, moaning at his size, his heat as he stretched her, filling her until she felt his balls resting against her pussy.

Her groan matched his. So big. So tight. They rested, each marvelling at the feel of the other. Then it became too much, but not enough.

“Need to move.” Greg began to withdraw.

“Yes. God.” Only the head of Greg’s cock remained inside her.

She moaned, empty, and then hissed as he pulled back further, his cock head flaring her sphincter. Greg groaned. She was silky inside, but so very tight, almost painfully tight. He pushed steadily back into her, filling her again with rock hard heat. Her walls gripped his cock so firmly, her sphincter held his head in place on the outstrokes. Sharon moaned and writhed beneath him as he moved within her, pushing him deeper.

Each stroke sent more sparks of sensation pulsing through her. She rubbed her clit with fierce determination and the feeling grew, filling her, taking control of her nervous system, releasing little twitches as it soared ever higher.

He was close, very close, but this was her time. He pulled back, holding her by the hips, fighting to hold back the mounting orgasm. She drove herself back onto him, battling his grip.

“Baby, no.” The words were forced through gritted teeth. “Steady please.” She felt so good. Not yet, dammit! “I’m too close.”

Sharon barely heard him, almost mindless now, on the edge of her own orgasm. “Me too. Come on. Fuck me.”

Her words shattered the veneer of control and he drove hard into her, again and again, finally shouting as the tension exploded out with his seed, deep into her.

Even after he came, he kept pumping, feeling her still teetering on the edge. She was wound impossibly high and tight, almost sobbing for release, her hand a blur on her clit. He reached under her and shoved two fingers deep into her pussy, thrusting them in time with his cock in her ass.

That did it. The balloon inside her burst, shooting sparks through her, making her body twitch and shake, her mind engulfed by the force of her release. Her muscles clenched tight, imprisoning Greg’s cock in her ass, mind numbingly tight on his sensitive organ.

Together they collapsed on the bed, Greg rolling off Sharon as soon as her muscles allowed and then scooping her up in a gentle cuddle.

“OK, now I’ll ask. How was your day, honey?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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