Just in Lust

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Today you told me you were in lust with me. Lust can be more powerful than lust. I am flattered and blush from your words. So why am I so scared? I sit here dreamy eyed, thinking about your words. I have not had anyone tell me they had any feelings for me let alone to be the first say it out loud. You have always stirred my blood to. Now that you have told me I am even more intimidated. Still I want you all the more too. I know once we copulate it will only intensify what we can’t have.

I have always thought about us being sexual. When you are near me I feel like a school girl. I am all nervous and unsure of how to behave. We have always teased each other, pinching when no one is looking, holding hands, and even a one time, a quick dry hump. It was all in big fun and we hid our true passions well. Or so I thought. The last time I saw you we sat at my kitchen table and shared family photos and your hand rested on my thigh. I felt a little odd but also very good. I told myself that although it was a boost to my ego it really meant nothing.

I even remembered you fucking someone else on the living room floor. They way she took your mass in so easily, the way she moaned. I wanted to watch you and her but I was embarrassed. You are the only man who ever made me feel uncomfortable. I saw you go into her never knowing you even thought about me much less wanted me.

You have a big female fan base. What in the world would you want with me? Your have and can have any woman you want and you chase me around like a love sick puppy.

You asked me if I ever thought about what I wanted you to do to me sexually. I had to confess that yes I had. You asked for details so I began my novella.

I love to be kissed and asked if you like to kiss to my happiness you said you would kiss me all over. My exact thought. You begin at my neck with a combination of kisses, nibbles, tongue twirls and sucking. Yes, I want you to give me a hickee like some teen age girl wearing her badge of honor. Never ceasing on the action you continue all the way down my body. I remember how it felt when you tweaked my nipples, how you made me feel electrified. The way your huge cock felt through your pants when fake agents porno I rubbed it with my hand. I had never felt anything so big before. I want to feel my hand against your flesh, stroking all of your 12 inches up and down. I tell you we have to take our time as I have not been experienced with such a gifted man. The length and girth of your penis scares me. When you dry humped me I so wanted you to just take me then and there but we had to be discreet.

Play time is over lover I want you now and I have to have all of you. Working very slowly to ease every inch of your dick into my tight opening I expand to accept the monster. A mutual friend once called it “the python.” When you finally get all of your cock inside me you begin to thrust slowly at first allowing me time to learn your beat. I am wet and it does not take long for you to get me to cum. My pussy clenches down on your staff, tightening and milking your jism from your penis. You maintain yourself to keep from climaxing. As my orgasm subsides you learn my pussy tightens for the next round of love making. As your cock rocks in and out of my tight pussy walls, feeling the friction that is being created, we have to add a little lube to prolong our passions.

Your manhood engorges even more making it painful to take yet the pain is exquisite. The tip of the head is reaching all the way to the back to a spot I have never felt being touched before. Each time the tip touches that spot, I go crazy and seem to have little quakes of pleasure. Mini orgasms if that is even possible course through my body. Over and over you plunge into me and I thrust upward to meet your movements. I feel your cock pulse but instead of picking up your pace you slow down.

Perplexed, I question you and you respond saying you had promised to lick me or fuck me into submission. I am not the submissive type so the challenge was set. So you pull your length out of me. I am disappointed but know it is only temporary as I can see in your eyes how you want back inside. You lay next to me kissing me again. I feel your dick on my leg still throbbing, begging for release. I try to reach down for your cock but you fake angets porno won’t let me. You said I have to wait a little now like you waited to get inside of me.

My pussy is still convulsing from pleasure and anticipation of more.

You kiss my breast and suck hard on my tits, biting on my nipples. Each act sending me into tremors. One hand reaches across to hug me and grab my hips. Kneading my buttocks gently you pull me close. Your hand slides languidly down my side to my crotch. I am shaven bare. The smoothness makes everything more sensitive. You rub your palm against my wet cunt lips. I moan, sigh, and cry for more. My eyes are glazed over with dreaminess. Your index finger grazes my clit. There is magic in your touch. Your finger parts my pussy lips slightly and your finger flicks over and over on my clit. I buck harder and harder, my hips reaching the sky — or so it would seem. You see how much I love this and I am definitely having many orgasms one right after the other. They are all powerful and very unique. My mind is a blur of complex pleasures.

You begin to kiss me lower down my chest. Even my belly that I hate you kiss tenderly and lovingly. You lips reach my pubic area and you breathe in deeply. At first, I am not sure why you do that but then I realize you are taking in my scent. You lips part and your flick your tongue the same way your finger has been flicking. I can’t believe it you are going to take me into your mouth.

Just as I complete the thought in my mind your tongue circles my clitoris. The circles are maddening. You continue your assault on me. I submit, is all I can think. I submit. I cum harder than I have all night. Then you lower your mouth to totally engulf my pussy and you suck hard, as you do your tongue flicks up and down over and over, faster and faster. I cum again still harder. I can’t believe I have cum so much and so intensely. My pussy is soaking wet, and my fingers are in your hair. I am in heaven. You don’t stop. Instead, you slide two fingers into my pussy.

Oh my gosh, it is all I need to be sent over the edge again. Then your fingers wiggle in opposite directions still deep inside fake cop porno my love cavern. My pussy squeezes around your fingers and I cum all over your mouth and face. You lick up my juice. I can hardly open my eyes but I force myself to do so.

“I lust you Steve,” I whisper, “Oh baby, I do.”

You smile down at me.

“Honey, I have to have you back inside me please. I want you to cum inside me now.”

“Are you sure?” you ask tenderly.

“I give up. I have to have your cum inside me. Make yours tonight please.”

You bend me over to take me from behind. I am nervous as this position always makes a penis go in deeper. You rub the head of your cock on my pussy a few times checking to see that I am wet enough to enter. Slowly, you push your hips forward. Your white cock goes into my brown sugar cave. You watch it descend into my depths. As expected, it goes deeper than it did before. I yelp from the pain and pleasure. But I push back; I don’t want you to stop.

Both of your hands grab each side of my hips. You begin to thrust in and out of me. You like to watch your pale shaft going in between my tanned thighs. You pick up speed and ferocity. Each thrust becoming rougher. I hear your breath becoming huskier. I toss my head back and moan loudly without reservation. It feels so good. Suddenly, I feel a sting on my ass and your hand is immediately massaging the area. Oh yes, you remembered. I always wanted to try some light spankings. Wow, it is magnificent. Your hands hold me as your thrust into my vagina, every fifth thrust you spank my ass. My buttock reddens from your playfulness. Soon I am cumming again but now it is my turn to withhold. I want us to cum in unison. When I voice my idea you grin telling me that it was good I said something as you are ready to bust a nut soon.

This time neither of us slows down, as a matter of fact we increase our tempo. I feel your cock pulsating and your body language is starting to stiffen up. I moan again.

“I am cumming baby, ooooo I am going to explode. Steve, please let feel your squirt your cum inside me.”

Your breath deepens, you moan and your body shakes as your spend your seed deep in me. You bend down to kiss the back of my neck still having your cock inside of me to let me get every drop of your cum. A hand reaches around to hug me and play with my cunt, still I feel you kissing me. Then I hear your manly voice whisper into my ear.

“I am just in lust with you; nothing more and nothing less.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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