Just Another Trip to the Salon

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Author’s Note: This is based on an actual event that happened to me.


I walked into the nail salon on a seemingly uneventful Tuesday, hoping to kill some time before going home to my gay roommate and his drama. All I really wanted was a pedicure, but I got so much more in the end. I’d never been to this nail salon, but decided to try it after the other Asian salons in my small Oklahoma town kept messing my nails up. As racist as it may sound, I was really hoping for a nice middle-aged southern Republican woman who would do my nails without judging the bright orange polish I brought with me, or the bright pink streaks in my hair and my short skirt.

When I walked into the empty salon, however, a petit Asian girl (couldn’t have been any older than 18) greeted me and asked what she could do for me, all the while eyeing my long legs and pitiful toenails.

“I was hoping to get a pedicure, but I see I came in right at closing. I could come back tomorrow?” I said.

“No, you sit down, Miss. I lock up and then I do pedicure for you,” she replied as she locked the front door, and turned off the neon sign. She led me to the back of the salon, where the spa chairs were lined up, then quickly turned around and said, “We go to back room, so no one want come in.”

So, I followed her innocently enough into the back room of the salon, and kicked off my strappy heels.

“What your name, Miss?” she asked.

“Missy, casino şirketleri actually. Haha,” I replied. “And yours?”

“Umihara, but you call me Umi,” she said, while fidgeting with the spa chair’s faucet.

I went to sit in the chair when I realized I was still wearing the panty hose I’d put on that morning in order to keep a certain amount of respectability in the Cash Advance store where I work.

“Umi, can I use your bathroom?” I asked. “I forgot that I’m wearing panty hose.”

“Second door on left,” she said.

As I walked to the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of her eyeing my legs again, and I smiled to myself. Never fails. I have fantastic legs. After stuffing my panty hose in my purse, another realization hit me: I was also wearing a thong under a mid-thigh legnth pleated skirt. Deciding to myself that it’s happened before, I sucked it up and went back out to where Umi was waiting for me at the spa chair.

After sitting down and getting somewhat comfortable, Umi handed me the remote control to the massaging chair, and it was surprisingly in Japanese. I must’ve giggled a bit to myself, and Umi looked up.

“Haha! I forget this chair different. Let me help you.” She pushed a few buttons and the chair reclined a bit, while lifting the seat up to give her better access to my feet. It also gave her a view of everything under my skirt. Then, I felt a dull hum in the seat of the chair as some casino firmaları really intense vibrations started.

“Get comfortable, cause I gonna take my time!”

“Oh yeah, I could get used to this, Umi.”

“You have very pretty leg, Missy.”

“Thanks! I’m really glad I came in here. I’ve been meaning to for a month, and I’ve never had the time.”

“You have boyfriend?”

“No, I don’t date anymore.”


“Nope, just tired of all the bullshit.”

“I know what you mean.”

“How old are you, Umi? You don’t look like you should have any experience,” I laughed.

“19, and soon 20.”

“Older than I thought! But, I guess you get that a lot, huh?”

“All the time. Just sit back and relax. Let me do your nail, okay?”

I did as I was told and started letting the chair lull me into relaxation, but the vibrations under the seat weren’t letting me relax at all. I know Umi had to have set it up that way because I was certainly squirming. Especially when I could feel her breath on my exposed thighs.

Soon, she was putting lotion on my legs and started to rub them, inching higher with every stroke. When she made her way over my knees, I jumped.

“Cold hand?” She asked.

“No, I just got caught offguard. You don’t have to stop,” I said, hoping she’d get the hint.

She stayed at my knees for what seemed like forever and then I felt lotion being squirted güvenilir casino onto my thighs and my skirt being lifted. For a moment, I forgot where I was, and spread my legs a little to give her access. She took her time, generously massaging my thighs, getting about a centimeter higher with each stroke and it was driving me wild mixed with the vibrating seat. Soon, I felt her hand on my inner thigh. So close to my hot pussy that I knew she couldn’t ignore it.

“Missy, you like my massage?”

“Oh yeah, Umi. You really know how to make me relax.”

“You still so tense, Missy. I keep going.”

Without missing a beat, she took off her lotion-covered gloves and put her hands back on my inner thighs, causing them to inch apart even more. Then, she started rubbing with her thumbs across the V of my bikini line, making me moan a little. She continued with her thumbs over my thong until I was so wet, the seat was slippery.

“Missy, you very pretty girl.”

All I could do was moan as she deftly removed my thong panties and continued to rub my pussy with expert skill. I was so turned on, I started to hump her hand, but she gently told me to let her finish her massage. Soon, I couldn’t help but scream because she was making me cum so hard.

“Missy, you taste good,” she said while sucking on her soaked fingers. Without any breathing time at all, she covered my pussy with her mouth and started to lick it clean, all the while making me cum more and more.

I must’ve passed out because the next thing I knew, she was gently stroking my hair.

“All done, Missy!”

I looked down at my bright orange toenails. Damn. She was good.

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