Julie and Clint

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Adriana Chechik

As tears rolled down Julie’s face, she texted her longtime friend, Clint. “He’s married Clint! I can’t believe he’s fucking married! I’m such an idiot…”

Clint responded with, “Who? Dan?”

“Yes. I had to find out on Facebook of all things! When I asked him about it, he acted annoyed like I was somehow in the wrong, not him. Why would he lie to me over and over when he knows how much I love him?”

“Because some guys are selfish, lying douche bags, Julie. I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this. Want me to bring a movie over tonight?” Clint texted back.

“No, I want to crawl into a cave and die…alone.”

“See you after volleyball practice :* “

Julie went through her day like a zombie. She was alive but empty inside. She needed a distraction and she was hoping Clint could be that distraction. He was so easy to be with. He never made her feel stupid or inadequate. And he always knew the right things to say to Julie, no matter what the situation.

Julie was curled up on her couch, sleepy from crying when Clint knocked on the door. She stood up too quickly and felt lightheaded. She opened the door and immediately had to sit back down. Clint was obviously worried for his friend and rushed to her, dropping a bag on the floor next to them.

“Are you ok, Julie?!”

“Yeah, I just stood up too fast. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Clint put his hand across her forehead to make sure she didn’t have a fever.

“Clint! I’m not sick! I just stood up too fast!” Julie giggled at how worried he was about her. “You’re so funny!” Julie grabbed his hand and held it to reassure him that she was truly ok. “What movie did you bring? If you brought a romantic one, I will murder you.”

“I brought Pulp Fiction. There’s pretty much zero romance, so no need to murder me!” Clint winked at her as he pulled out the movie and tossed her the bag of popcorn and chocolate.

“You are so awesome!”

“I try.”

Julie microwaved the popcorn while Clint put the dvd in the player. She grabbed a beer for him and a Seagram’s Escapes, aka girly beer, for herself and headed back into the living room where Clint was waiting for her. He looked so sweet sitting on her couch. His blue eyes were so inviting that she thought she would get lost in them. He was a true friend, and she couldn’t help but realize how lucky she was to have him. She also couldn’t help but notice how attractive Clint was. Over 6 feet tall, which next to her 5 foot 3 inches was like a giant, Clint had brown hair and a sexy body from all of the volleyball he played.

Julie had naturally light brown hair but was always changing the color. Presently, it was black with dark purple highlights, quite a contrast to her pale skin. Her light brown eyes were usually big and happy. Her body was curvy in all of the right places with D cup breasts which were accentuated by her small waist and nice hips.

As the movie played, Julie and Clint snuggled on the couch eating snacks, drinking beers, and giggling at the funny parts. Towards the end of the movie, Julie was lying with her head in Clint’s lap. He absentmindedly ran his fingers through her hair and stroked the back of her neck softly. She realized he was unintentionally hitting one of her erogenous zones behind her ear. She felt a rush flow through her entire body. Her heart raced, and she stopped breathing. She hoped he would stop soon. But he didn’t. He kept it up. Julie could feel warmth coming from her pussy and knew she was wet. She felt horribly guilty since this was a good friend who was trying to comfort her. She needed him to stop before she attacked him!

She turned onto her back and looked up at him from his lap. He looked down at her and smiled. “Are you getting uncomfortable?” he asked.

“What do you mean? It’s fine. You’re fine. You’re not uncomfortable. I mean, I’m not uncomfortable.” She stumbled through her response like a nervous idiot. He looked confused but didn’t say anything else. Since she was now lying face up, not watching the movie, Clint started massaging her temples. She closed her eyes and let herself relax into the motions. She let out a moan, and her breathing changed. Neither of these things went unnoticed by Clint, who was doing a very good job of hiding his hard-on. Her breasts were trying to jump out of her tight pink tank top! He knew he shouldn’t be looking, but they were so close that he couldn’t help it. He backroom casting porno let his hands move from her temples to her shoulders.

She didn’t dare open her eyes. She didn’t want to wake up from this dream. She arched her back and moaned louder this time. Just watching her body react to his touch was turning him on like crazy. He wanted to rip her clothes off, but he didn’t. Instead he quickly readjusted his throbbing cock and continued to massage the soft skin of her shoulders and neck. Her nipples were poking up begging to be touched. Clint “accidentally” brushed his hand against one nipple, and Julie gasped and moaned at his touch. She didn’t know or care if it was on purpose. She just wanted more.

Clint whispered in her ear, “Lie on your stomach so I can massage your back.” His warm breath in her ear stoked the fire that was already burning inside of her. With a bold move, Julie sat up, pulled her tank top over her head showing her bra-covered breasts to her friend before doing what he asked. As soon as she was flat against the couch, Clint unclasped her bra and before she could react, began to massage her back and shoulders.

“Mmm that feels so good, Clint. Don’t stop.” Clint imagined her saying those words under different circumstances. He straddled her for better access and inadvertently placed his rock hard cock between her ass cheeks. “Mmm ohh my goddd.” Julie was breathing loudly now, and Clint was playing with fire, hoping he wouldn’t get burned. He stopped massaging her shoulders and slid his hands down her body and grabbed her hips. He began to rock his hips softly, sliding his cock up and down her ass. “Oh my god mmmm yeahh,” Julie responded to Clint’s movements with movements of her own. She was arching her back up and down to slide her ass against his cock.

Clint moved her hair and assaulted her neck with his mouth. He kissed and sucked on her sensitive skin while still grinding into her ass. She let out a huge sigh of relief and tilted her head to encourage the kisses he had given her. He kissed his way from her neck to her plump lips, flicking his expert tongue against her skin and lips. She opened her mouth to let his tongue inside, and when their tongues slid against each other’s, it was like a shock wave through her entire body.

He stood up just enough to let her flip over onto her back under him. He threw her bra to the floor, kissed her on the lips, and grabbed her left breast. He paid special attention to her dark pink nipple, pinching and pulling it until it was swollen and super-sensitive. He matched his movements on the other nipple until Julie was panting in pleasure and grinding her pussy onto his cock through their clothes. He kissed her lips, then her neck, then licked the valley between her big round tits as she pushed them into his face. He kissed and licked her tits until they were completely covered in his hot saliva. Then he bit one nipple, soothing it with his kisses after. He did the same to the other nipple, as she all but screamed beneath him. He kissed down her body towards her belly button, flicking his tongue teasingly inside before heading further south.

Clint unbuttoned Julie’s capris and effortlessly slid them off of her and onto the floor. He revealed a nice wet spot on the front of her black thong. He dove in with his tongue, licking her through the thin fabric. He pressed into her clit with his hot tongue and his nose, driving her wild with anticipation.

Julie was on the verge of cumming from the initial contact with her most sensitive spot. She was moaning loudly and pushing his head into her pussy. She was taken to a new level of ecstasy when Clint moved her thong over and shoved his tongue inside her dripping wet pussy! He tongue fucked her for a couple of minutes before returning to her swollen clit. He took it into his mouth and sucked it hard. Julie could no longer hold in her impending orgasm! She felt her entire body tighten. She subconsciously squeezed Clint’s head with her legs. She gripped his hair tightly in her right hand while digging her nails into the couch with her left hand. Julie screamed involuntarily at the incredible sensations between her legs. She was holding Clint’s head so tightly with her legs that he could not move. Her clit was sending wave after wave of pure, intense pleasure throughout her entire body. As she came down from her high, she realized Clint bangbros porno was in a death grip between her legs. She loosened her grip slightly until he flicked his tongue against her clit, sending another wave throughout her body. She gripped his head tightly again until it passed. She was trying to catch her breath, but every time she came close, Clint would flick her clit again with his tongue. He was prolonging her orgasm in a way that she had never experienced before.

When Julie squeezed him and moaned or screamed at his touch, Clint got even more excited. He loved giving her pleasure and knowing that he was the one making her scream. His cock was throbbing for attention but he wanted to focus on her first. The taste of her cum in his mouth was driving him crazy! He wanted to fuck her pussy hard, but didn’t want to be selfish. When he felt her body relax and her moans had quieted to a normal volume, he slid one finger into her sopping wet pussy. He was surprised at how tight she was! She screamed and squeezed the shit out of him again. He was still sucking hard on her clit when he began to finger fuck her tight little pussy. Clint could only imagine how good his thick cock would feel inside her. Once he got into a nice rhythm with one finger, he slipped a second one inside her. He stretched her pink wetness until both fingers fit, and Julie’s moans were very encouraging.

“Fuck me, Clint! Please? I need your cock inside me!” He didn’t answer her but went deeper with his fingers while flicking his tongue all over her very sensitive clit again. “Ohh myyy godddd! Yeahh! Mmmmm I’m gonna cum again Clint!! Fuck!!” She felt the waves crashing all over her body at the same time. She screamed and screamed and pumped her hips into his hand and face to get all the pleasure possible. When her orgasm subsided, Clint slowly removed his fingers from inside her. She moaned in disappointment when her pussy was empty. He kissed up her body to her mouth, shoving his tongue inside. She could taste her cum, and it was intoxicating. She felt his very hard cock through his shorts against her pussy. As he kissed her mouth, she pressed into his cock with her hips and pussy, wanting him to feel as good as she did. When their kissing got more intense, Julie reached down between them and got her hand inside his shorts. She ran her small hand along the length of his thick cock. He moaned into her mouth at her touch. She had to have his cock right now. She pushed Clint back until they were both sitting and then pushed him flat on his back. She slid her thong off and onto the floor, then pulled his shorts and underwear down and off.

The first sight of his cock was shocking! She could tell he was big when she grabbed it but seeing it was a completely different thing. He was so big around that she knew it was going to hurt her tight pussy. But she couldn’t wait! She licked up and down the shaft and head until it was wet. Then she wrapped her mouth around the entire thing and slid down as far as she could go. When his cock head hit the back of her throat, she relaxed and tried not to gag. She had never sucked a cock this big before but she was loving the experience! Clint moaned loudly and grabbed Julie’s hair. She slid her mouth up and down his shaft, each time going a little farther down. Even though Clint didn’t ask her to suck him, she could tell he was very much enjoying it. She knew from previous conversations that he was more focused on giving pleasure than receiving it. Soon, Clint was pumping his cock into Julie’s mouth, fucking it. She wanted to make him cum like he had done for her. She let him go even deeper into her throat while quickening her pace. All of a sudden, Clint pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Mmm you feel so good but I don’t wanna cum yet!” He pulled his shirt over his head, threw it into the pile and took her by the hand leading her to her bedroom. She was disappointed because she wanted to taste his cum so badly. At the same time, she was hoping he would fuck her hard and fast like she needed him to. Clint closed the door and pushed Julie up against it. He kissed her hard and pulled her legs up around him.

He pushed his throbbing, wet cock inside of her pussy. Only the head went in and Julie was already screaming from both pain and pleasure. As wet as she was, she would think it would have gone in easily. But Clint was very thick ,and she was so tight! He slowly beurette tour porno began to pump just the head in and out of her little pussy as she screamed. He was moaning loudly as her pussy gripped his cock head and sucked it inside of her. His cock went in deeper despite her screams, and he felt like he could cum right then! He stopped pumping and let them both relax for a minute before continuing to push his huge cock into her. Her pussy finally stretched enough that he could fuck her continuously. She loved that he was taking her against the door. It was so hot! Her nails were digging into his skin as she bucked against him as hard as she could knowing they would both cum soon. Clint adjusted his position slightly and managed to get his cock even deeper inside her pussy. She could immediately feel the orgasm hit her. Her entire body clenched and the waves of pleasure hit her hard. She screamed and her pussy tightened around Clint and an intense orgasm began for her. She was cutting his back with her nails, and he had never felt anything so tight around his cock before. The sensations were too much for him.

“Julie I’m gonna cum!! Oh fuck! You feel so fucking good! Fuck yeahhh!” He began to shoot inside of her pussy. Hot cum hit the inside of her pussy walls and her orgasm was intensified instantly. She was screaming loudly and fucking him hard until the spasms slowed and she could breathe again. When both orgasms slowed to a stop, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him sweetly.

“So this is what I’ve been missing while I was wasting my time with someone else?” Julie said.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you miss anything else from now on.” Clint responded before kissing her. He could feel himself getting hard again, still inside her pussy that was now dripping with his cum and hers. He pulled out of her and guided her to the bed, bending her over the side of it. He reached between her legs from behind and slid his fingers inside her.

Julie was already sore from fucking him but she definitely wanted more. She arched her back to give him better access, and he replaced his fingers with his cock. He went in easier now that he had already stretched her pussy to accommodate his size. She let him fuck her hard from behind as he held onto her hips slamming into her over and over again. She could feel the familiar rise of an orgasm as he pumped harder and faster. She raised her hips so he could go in deeper and that sent her over the edge! Clint reached around and assaulted her clit as she came on his cock.

“Cum for me Julie! Squeeze my cock with your tight little pussy!” His words combined with all of the physical sensations made her scream into orgasm, bucking against him hard and fast. As soon as reality hit her again, she realized he was about to cum again too. She pushed him off of her, whipped around and wrapped her mouth around his slippery cock. He was shocked but let his cum hit her throat since that was obviously what she wanted. Spurt after spurt went into her mouth and throat, and Julie sucked it all down. When he was done, she playfully sucked the head of his cock giving him extra little waves of pleasure.

They kissed each other passionately, and crawled onto the bed to lie down. The next thing Julie knew, it was morning ,and Clint was sleeping next to her. She watched him for a moment before reaching down and pulling on his morning wood. He stirred but didn’t completely wake up. She moved her head down and sucked his cock until it was fully erect and wet with her saliva. He moaned slightly but she couldn’t tell if he was still sleeping or not. She slid her fingers inside her wet pussy and spread her wetness all over her lips and clit before climbing on top of Clint. She was careful not to put all of her weight on him until his cock was inside of her. The feeling of a tight pussy swallowing his cock was enough to wake him fully! His eyes opened and he smiled and moaned at her.

“Mmm good morning.”

“Yes it is a good morning.” Julie said as she winked at him. She rode his cock slowly, quite enjoying herself. He pulled at her nipples and played with her clit as she fucked him. She started to moan steadily and loudly. “Ahh Clint mmmm I’m gonna cum!” He grabbed her hips and pumped into her faster, wanting her to cum all over him.

“Mmm do it baby! Cum on my cock! Yeah mmm I love your pussy squeezing me.”

Julie threw her head back, arching her back into him and rode him harder until she screamed, clenched her body, and fell on top of him. He let her rest for only a couple of seconds before ramming his cock into her spent pussy until he came inside of her.

“Nice way to wake up.” He said to her before kissing her lips.

“Agreed.” She said, kissing him back.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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