Journal Entry 167 – 05/15/1984

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Today I took off work so I could go on the tour of Orford Castle I signed up for last week. My boss will be pissed, but what the hell. I’m only here in England for a few years, so I want to see and do all I can in that time. That’s the trouble with being in the military overseas. They want you to be like slaves, bustling to and fro, carrying out the mundane business of fetching, carrying and maintaining. But not today, not for me. I’m off to see the castle!

At the tour office I went in and received my boarding pass for the coach we were taking. It was a very large, very comfortable one with giant windows that allowed one to see all facets of the countryside as it went by.

“Here, Mr. Jones, is your boarding pass,” said the tour guide in her lilting British accent. “The number on the pass correlates to the number on the side of your coach. Match the numbers, and you will be on the proper coach.”

“Thank you,” I said as I left the room.

I found the coach and boarded. I sat there in my seat looking out that giant window at the bustling crowds on the streets.

“Hello, is this seat taken?” said a voice. I looked around and there stood a strikingly beautiful, rather buxom brunette.

“N-no,” I stammered, “it’s perfectly free. Please, take it.” I’d had my small leather bag on the seat and I then lifted it out of her way. There was something about this woman that made me stare at her like an idiot for a few moments.

“Is something the matter, Mr., ah . . . .”

“Jones,” I spoke up abruptly, “Jones is the name. Just call me Jim, please. Everyone does.”

“Well, hi, Jim,” she said, offering her hand, “glad to know you. I’m Peggy.”

We started talking, and before I knew it, I felt like I’d known her forever. We talked about a little of everything, confiding personal secrets even. The time went so fast we were at the castle before türbanlı porno we knew it.

The coach parked and we were all marshalled into the front of the castle. We got the standard briefing about not touching this and that, staying together, etc. Then we went in.

Peggy and I stayed together, talking as we went through the building.

“Could you imagine living in a house this big and drafty?” she asked.

“Frankly,” I said, “I think it might have been pretty neat back then, if you were a person of some importance, that is.”

“Yeah, like the king and queen!” she laughed. We could hear the tour guide’s steady monotone as she gave her practices, memorized oration of all the features of the place.

“Notice the size of this table. Of course, it’s not the same round table of legend in King Arthur’s court, but it served much the same purpose for the sovereign who lived here.”

We then went up a very narrow flight of stone stairs. Arriving at the top, the guide grouped us all up again. Then we went into what was once His Majesty’s bed chamber.

“This little door goes into the kings privy. It was his personal loo. That’s the same as bathroom for our American tourists.”

We all took turns going into the little bathroom and looking around it. Peggy and I were the last of the party to go in the loo. It was quaint, to say the least.

We lingered there as the rest of the group continued the tour. Just looking at her luscious body in those tight fitting pants, perfect in every detail, gave me a visible hardon that showed it size and length down my rather tight trouser leg. She saw it immediately. We looked into each other’s eyes, and we both saw the same thing.

“You know,” Peggy said in a husky voice, “I’ve always wanted to get fucked in a place like this, while on a tour.”

Without uttering another word, türk porno we moved together, kissing, fondling and caressing each other all over as our passion built. We both dropped our trousers and underwear. The little place was so tiny that there was only going to be a limited range of movements for us. Her hand fluttered down to my cock, gently squeezing it, slowly jerking it. I got a handful of soft curly hair as I searched for her slit with my fingers and found it wet, hot and with very generous labia. I was going to really enjoy seeing if the whole twelve inches would fit. While we kissed, my cock stretched out in front of me and Peggy just opened her legs and let it slide between them. It jerked in anticipation as It made contact with her wet slit and I felt the heat from her. She started to slowly saw her pussy along the top of my shaft. Then she turned around and bent over the wash basin table and I came at her from the rear.

“We have to hurry babe, the tour will be back soon.” she said to me.

“Ok,” I said, “but I warn you, I just might want to see you tonight.”

With that I guided the tip of my cock to her spread, waiting vaginal lips. Gently, I entered her and heard her intake of breath. Her vaginal lips seemed to grab on to my cock and squeeze a little. I started to stroke gently, going deeper with each movement.

“UMMmmphf,” she said as I was about 8 inches into her. Her hand reached behind her and she grabbed my cock and held it. Her hand kept me from pushing deeper into her, so I figured she was at her limit.

As time was running out for us, I started stroking faster, faster, and faster. We were both doing our best to suppress the noises of ecstasy that we want to release, but we would have surely been heard.

“Eeeeeich,” she said, “I’m—cum—cumming!”

When she said that I had to go for dumping my load türkçe alt yazı porno too. The only problem was, I couldn’t cum unless I could feel the base of my cock against her pussy. I decided to go for it. I shoved past the 8 inch mark, and all the way into her tight, creamy little snug fitting snatch. There was a harsh intake of breath and then she grasped the table with both hands.

“Ah, haaaaa!” she cried.

Her greedy pussy lips encased the base of my shaft tightly and I emptied my load inside her. We both went limp and helped each other to stand and get dressed, hurriedly. We could hear the tour coming in our direction, and decided to wait and let them pass by the toilet before coming out and bringing up the rear.

Back on the tour coach we took our seats and sat quietly for some moments. Wen we did attempt to speak, we both started at the same time.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, “you go first, please.”

She reached and took my hand in hers. “That was great, back there.” she said as she planted a little kiss on my hand.

Looking deep into her hazel eyes, I replied, “It was mind blowing for me too.” I kissed her hand. We talked more, about different things as the coach wound it’s way through forested roadways filled with scenic treats of unbelievable beauty.

“Still want to see me tonight?” she asked. I did, very much want to see her, and not just tonight.

“Oh, yes,” I answered, “can you? I mean, are you free?”


“Then why don’t we plan on dinner. Seven good for you?”

“Seven will do just fine,” she said, smiling across at me. Reaching into her bag she took out a card and reached it to me.

“Just show up at that address. It’s my home. We’ll have dinner there.” she said.

I put the card in my pocket.

“You know,” she said, leaning her head on my shoulder, “I never took a dick that long before in my life, didn’t think I could.”

“Oh,” I started, “I’m so sorry about that. I hope I didn’t hurt you!”

She just turned her lovely face up to look into my eyes. She gave me a big smile.

“Do you think you could do that again?”

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