It’s All Good

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They had enjoyed a fulfilling dinner. Sharing great conversation, laughs, flirts and playfulness under the table. The anticipation of Renee and Warren being alone grew, but they knew they had a long drive home and fucking would have to wait. Warren’s hand lay on the outside of Renee’s skirt, feeling the outside of her pussy, gently teasing it with his finger under the table. He had a look of wanting in his eyes and Renee wanted to feel his hard cock in her.

They paid their bill, grabbed each other’s hands and left the restaurant. Warren playfully grabbing Renee’s ass as she passed through the open door, making her giggle with delight. Once in the car, Warren turned on the radio and started to sing. Renee laughed and joined along. Neither could carry a tune but they enjoyed singing together.

It was dark, just past 9:00 pm and the roads were getting quiet. Renee looked over at Warren and was taken by how handsome he was, how much she loved him, needed him, desired him, and wanted him. She leaned over and kissed his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder. He reached up with his hand and caressed her face. She loved how he touched her. He always gave her goose pimples and an aching in her pussy. Her hand rested on his chest and slowly slid down to his crotch. She could feel through his pants his cock starting to grow.

Renee undid his belt buckle, button and unzipped his pants, sliding her hand into his underwear. Her hand felt his cock growing and throbbing, she needed it. She leaned over and using both hands, slid his pants down and pulled out his cock. Warren moaned with anticipation of Renee putting his cock into her warm mouth. She teased the tip of his cock with her tongue, licking the head, under the rim and flicking that special spot he has that drives him insane. Warren moaned again. Renee then opened canlı bahis her mouth wide and slid her mouth down his cock, taking it all in, her nose brushing his stomach.

She loved feeling his cock in her mouth, tasting his pre-cum. Renee slid her mouth up and down his cock, it grew harder and throbbed more. Warren grabbed the back of her head, wrapping his fingers into her hair. Barely managing control of the car, he moaned and moved his hips with the rhythm of her sucks. Renee could feel her pussy getting wet and aching for him. Warren seemed to sense this too. He removed his hand from her head and slid it down to her ass, pulling up her short skirt and finding that she had no panties on with her skirt and thigh highs. This made him even more excited. He loved it when he found these little surprises that she always did for him. His hand slid around her ass and in between her legs. He felt the wetness, almost dripping out of her and shoved his finger into her pussy. Renee gasped, moved her hips welcoming him there and continued to suck harder.

Warren couldn’t wait any longer to be in her, driving his tongue in her pussy first, tasting her and then fucking her. He spotted a parking lot where there were no cars and the lights were minimal. He pulled into the parking lot and parked the car in an area overcast with shadows. He looked down at Renee still sucking his cock, moaning he grabbed her head and pulled her off. She gave him a look of “Why?” He told her not to move. She sat there while he got out of the car and walked around to her side. He opened the door and told her to get out. She loved it when he took charge.

Warren grabbed her forcefully, pulling her into him and kissed her deeply. His tongue exploring her mouth, tasting himself on her lips. He pushed her onto the car, forcing her to lie back onto the bahis siteleri hood. With one hand he grabbed her breast, fondled it, pinching the nipple, feeling it grow hard. With his other hand, he slid it under her skirt and up her thighs, feeling her wetness once again. Warren pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, causing Renee to gasp. He looked down at her and noticed that her beautiful blue eyes were changing to a shade of emerald. He knew she was close to cumming. Her eyes always changed color when she came.

Warren pulled her up off the car and turned her around, pushing her to the hood, her large breasts popping out of her low cut top. He pulled up her skirt to reveal the roundest, firmest ass he ever saw. He loved her ass. He spread her legs apart, wide enough for him to enter. He dropped to his knees and shoved his face deep into her wet pussy. “MMMMMMMMM” he thought. She always tastes so good. Always sweet. He could never get enough of her pussy. He aggressively took her pussy. His tongue teased her clit, causing her legs to quiver, ran it along her lips that were swelling with anticipation, and shoved his tongue deep into her pussy causing her to gasp again and moan with pleasure. He fucked her slow with his tongue, her hips moving to the rhythm. Warren felt his cock grow larger, throb harder and couldn’t wait any longer to plunge himself deep into her.

Warren stood up and pulled out his cock, it wanted her and he was going to take her, there in the shadow of the parking lot. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deeply into her. Renee’s pussy seemed to grab his cock and pull it in deeper. Her pussy was tight and he could feel every muscle in it. He let out a deep moan as he began to fuck her. He started slow, just enjoying the feeling of her pussy around his cock. Renee moaned with pleasure, letting out bahis şirketleri little gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

She pushed herself up a little and turned her head to him, looking at him, loving him. “Fuck me harder baby, please,” she begged. He obliged. Grabbing her hips firmly her began fucking her hard. Her body moved back and forth on the hood of the car. His cock going in and out of her wet pussy. “Baby, baby, baby,” she cried. Warren knew she was getting ready to cum. He pulled out and dropped to his knees again, wanting to taste her. His mouth was full with her juices. He moved his tongue up to her ass, bringing her juices with him. He wanted to fuck that ass and knew he needed to get it real wet. Up and down he ran his tongue as she came more.

Renee reached around with both hands grasping the cheeks of her ass and opening them, revealing that tight hole that Warren wanted so badly. Warren gently pushed the tip of his head into her tight ass. With each inch that he pushed in, Renee’s body shook. Finally his cock was deep into her ass. With one hand Warren grabbed her hip, with the other he wrapped her hair into his fingers, slowly moving his cock in and out of her ass.

Renee felt every muscle in her body shake with pleasure. He always took her to another level when fucking her ass. She wanted it harder, faster so she begged him yet again, “Fuck me harder baby, slam your cock into me.” That was all she had to say. He grabbed her hips firmly and thrust himself in and out of her ass, feeling the tightness, feeling her body shake. He couldn’t take it anymore; he had to cum and fill her ass. His hands grabbed her more firmly on her hips as he began to cum. Renee could feel his cock throb harder in her ass, knowing what was to come. Warren came, Renee came.

Keeping his cock still in her ass, Warren laid on top of Renee on the hood of the car, kissing her gently, loving her. “Baby, was it good?” Renee asked, needing reassurance.

Warren with a smile on his face said, “It’s all good baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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