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Thank you for the love and comments. While I’m editing and revising chapter 2 of Meeting Jessica, I hope you will enjoy the following submission. It was actually the first full story I wrote for Jessica. Yes, she is real, and our first meeting has yet to occur, but we hope you embark on our journey of fantasies with us. It makes it so much more enjoyable when others come along for the ride. Love you all!



“Show me your puckered little bunghole. I want to give it a long wet rimjob.” You bend over, and I tell you to grab your ankles. I work a couple fingers into your sphincter, while I’m rubbing your lovebutton. Using a couple of my silk ties, I tie your wrists to your shins, and I make sure your legs are spread wide. I start diddling your clit with my left hand, while stroking the length of my cock with the right. I say, “Don’t move from this spot. If you move, I will have no choice, but to punish you.”

I leave, without saying anything more, and you have to wonder where I’ve gone. I’m gone for what seems like an eternity, and you start getting nervous and you’re really uncomfortable, without anything to support you. Being bent in half is making your back ache. Your shoulders are getting tired and your legs are beginning to shake. You’d like to sit down, but you don’t know whether that was implied by my ambiguous instructions, so you crouch, with your legs spread wide. That gives some relief, but you realize that it doesn’t help your aching shoulders. You roll your shoulders and your head to relieve the strain. Then you hear a noise from in the next room, and you straighten your legs and feel the tension pulling at the muscles in your thighs. It’s been so long and you feel like crying out, but you just whimper.

The door bursts open, and you strain to look around to see if I’m really coming back. I stroll in carrying a black satchel. I set it on the floor behind you. I step up and shove my hand under your crotch and pinch your clit, and you let out a stifled cry, then I softly rub your labia, massaging slowly. “Did you move?”

You shake your head emphatically and gasp, “No!”

“Looks to me like you did.”. You shake your head again and whimper. I stand up and run my hand over the soft pale skin of your ass. “That’s alright. We can let a little transgression like this go. This time. Understand?” You nod your head quickly to indicate your comprehension. But you don’t understand! How do I know whether you move or not? You didn’t see any video equipment when I brought you in here. You look around as much as you can to see if there is anything you… I slap your ass. Hard! You cry out. I grab your hips, and say,”Stop moving around!”

You freeze. Slowly, you let yourself relax a bit, as I massage the hot red welt I left on your cheek. You hear me unzip my fly and unbuckle my belt, and you think, “Finally!” But then as my pants fall, you here the soft sliding sound of leather being freed from the belt loops. A look of horrified panic flashes across your face, and you softly say, “Please.”

“Please? Please, what?”

“P p pplease, don’t,” You almost sob.

“Oh. I’m not going to hit you with this.” I swat you lightly across each cheek, with the folded belt.

I toss the belt away from us, and you try nervously to see where I threw it, hoping it’s far enough bahis firmaları away. I grab your ass and rub both hands over your sweet spread asscheeks. I step up behind you and you feel the long rigidness of my cock rubbing against the crack of your ass. I push your ass up, making you just about lose your balance, but I have a firm grip on you, keeping you from falling forward. Every muscle, tendon and nerve in your back, legs, and shoulders, as well as your neck, are screaming for relief. But no relief is coming. At least not for those areas; not now. You can feel the tears welling in your eyes.

You feel me pull back, just slightly, and as I guide the head of my cock to your soaked opening, my middle finger works at the little opening of your sphincter. As the head of my thick, stiff member parts your pretty pussy lips, I wriggle my finger into your asshole, up to the first joint. I let my dick and my middle finger settle in their respective places, driving you to try to push back against me. “Motherfucker, I wish he would just slam that thing home,” is what is going through your mind. But you know, I’m not ready to do that. I ease a little bit more of my finger into your ass, and another I inch or so of my hard dick into your close. I hear you growl in frustration, knowing I’m pushing you to a level of crazy you’d only read about in old pulp porn books. Again I force my finger a little further into your bunghole, this time up to the point my other finger are laying snugly in your crack. You can feel my large knuckle rubbing on the tissue in there, rough and hard.

My dick, on the other hand, has only made it another inch or so into your cooch, and that’s giving you fits. You clench your teeth and growl under your breath. I start wiggling my finger around inside your anus, and it makes us move some and you try again to push your wet pussy back against my hard dick. You felt it slide just a scosh further into you, and you had hope that you would get it all, but I resettle it back where it was. I pull my middle finger back, just so the pucker of you brownish pink hole is under the tip. I bring my index finger alongside the middle and as I work it and the middle finger in, I grace you with another few mere centimeters of my engorged phallus. “Aahh, rrrgh! Nnn!” You grouse. “Fuck me! You motherf…!”

“We’re getting there. Patience, wench!”

I give you just a little bit more of my meat as I force my two fingers in to the next joint, stretching your asshole some more. Now about this time, my dick is aching for the last few inches to be covers in your juicy sluice, but I want this to be memorable for you, so I hold back. Next, I slowly start twisting my finger inside of you, making your knees buckle. I hold you up by the strength in my fingers, causing some pulling on the muscles of your puckerhole. I begin to move the two fingers in and out, slowly at first, then as I shove them into you with more force, I shove the rest of my cock into your cunt, up to the hilt. You squeal. Then as I pull my fingers back to the finger tips again, I alternate thrusts of my cock with the thrusts of my digits. When my cock hits its target, I pull back and jam my fingers in until they can’t penetrate further.

I continue this action, working over your openings, without mercy, for some time. Then as I sense that I am getting kaçak iddaa close to losing my load, I pull out, cock and fingers, all at once. You feel cheated and you whine,”No! Don’t stop! Finish it!” You deflate and almost tumble to the floor, but I stop you by gripping your hips again. I smack you painfully hard, on the ass! “Owwww!”

“No bitching, bitch!”

I crouch down and rummage in the leather bag, and pull out a gag ball. I squat behind you and hang the ball with the elastic strap over my member. Then I grab your head and pull it between your legs. As I do so, your twat is planted against my face. By feel, I guide the head of my dick to your lips, forcing it past your pursed, powty lips. I shove the motherfucker all the way in, causing a slight gag reaction. But you’re a champ. You relax your throat and I easily get it all in. I hold you there, for about half a minute, as you struggle to make a way for you to gasp.

While all of this is happening, your snatch is pressed against my nose and mouth, and I’ve started slithering my tongue into you as far as I can make it reach. You shake from the strain of all your different senses being assaulted. You try to pull your head back, but for a few seconds longer, I hold you in place. As I give you room to catch your breath, I reach down and position the ball, just so, as I slip my cock out of your mouth, I stretch the strap over the back of your head. When I release you completely, the ball pops shut, over your mouth. I give your cunt one last, lingering lick, pulling into my mouth all of the tangy juice I can seize.

Before I stand up, I reach in the bag again, this time, extracting a long, heavy dildo, about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Your eyes get big, as you see this monster. I also bring out a can. Now this can you see, has a tip on it, in the shape of a penis. Now, your look changes from surprise to one of perplexity. The tip is not very big at all, about the size and diameter of your index finger, and in the place where a human penis has the little opening, there is a hole.

I stand and instantly, you feel the cold tip of the little penis penetrate your anus. It slips right in and you give a little jump, almost losing balance. As I move it, ever so slightly, inside of you, you become aware of slight pressure building up in your asshole, and it’s cold! Fucking cold! Then you realize it has all melted. As you take hold of what is happening back there, I have pulled the can with the penis-shaped nozzle from your asshole and l’ve covered your pussy with a thick layer of whipped cream. You can smell the sweetness of the whipped cream and you feel me touch your clitoris with the nozzle of the can, sending spears of pure pleasure through your nervous system. The cream coming out of the can is not as frigid as it had been so it has really just melted and combined with your pussy cream. I stick my face against your frothy mound and slide my hot tongue over your slippery clit. You bounce a little at the hot tingle it causes. I give your slit a good working over, licking all the way from the little area of skin between the wall of your cunt and your backdoor, to the tip of your clit. I suck on your labia and lick them inside and out to get every bit of pussy juice I can find.

At his point, I stand up and grab a hold of you with a thumb rammed up your ass kaçak bahis and two fingers stuffed in your hot pocket. I bring my cock up to the slippery opening of your honeypot and start softly rubbing the tip against your feathered opening. I slide my fingers out and slowly enters you from behind, but you’ve never felt getting fuked from behind could ever feel like this.

I slowly build the rate and force until the slapping sound drowns out your cries, weak as they are. I pound your sweet, utterly edible, completely fuckable fuckhole for several minutes, my dong reaching to your deepest depths, and my thumb cramming into your bum. I grind my crotch against yours, deep-stroking, so that I am stimulating your hot little button with the base of my cock.

When I reach the point that I feel I am getting close, I pull out in a long, slow stroke, when my head pops out and bounces against your aft side. I’m still holding to you with my left hand on you lower back, and the right thumb torquing your anus. I reach down with the left hand and shove my left thumb in your ass, and I start working it in and out, in the opposite direction of the right thumb.

After I’ve loosened you up a bit, I nestle the thick head of my rock hard prick against the loosened opening in back.

I ease it past the entrance to your ass, and wiggle it a little, just enough to force a tiny bit of the shaft in. You whimper, and I tell you to relax your anal muscles.

You do your best to comply, and when I see that you have your breathing under some control, I push about three inches into your asshole. Again you whimper, and I pull my dick out until the head is the only part of me inside of you. Then I reapply pressure, and my thick cock slips in a little easier, so I push it in till I feel the resistance and your anal muscles try to clamp down on me. I pull back, just a bit this time and I give another little push, until I feel you push back. I ease off for a second then I push forward one more time, except this time I don’t let up. You cry out, but the cry is stifled by the ball in your mouth. With your muscles trying to stop my entry, I stuff the entire length of my 8 1/2 inches dick up your asshole. You scream, but with a snatch of your boulder length hair, you stop.

Now, I pull about halfway out and slam my thighs against yours, forcing my cock to the hilt into your bunghole. I pull back the whole way and once more bang against, burying myself in you again. Then I start really getting up a little speed and by this time, my balls are going to burst. It doesn’t take too many fast, deep thrusts, before I feel the pressure build and at that moment, my gonads explode a huge load of cum into your backdoor. I keep stroking a few more times, until my dick is spent, and the tight squeeze that my member had been experiencing, dissipates.My softening cock slides limply out of your wide, cream filled sphincter. I bend over and poke my tongue into it, and start soothing your beat up anal entrance with the entirety of my mouth. I lick all around your opening and slide my tongue in, sucking my own cum out of your anus. I leave off with a single last probe, with the tip of my tongue.

I reach down and untie one tie from around your wrist and ankle, upon which, your knees give out and you topple to the floor. I unbind the other limbs and you slump sideways, like a rag doll. I move up to look at you, push a sweat-soaked lock of hair from your face. You open your eyes and they have a satisfied gleam in them, and tiniest grin, lights up your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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