Into the Blue Ch. 01

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Carefully Jared twisted the rope around the cleats, securing his yacht to the mooring. It wasn’t easy doing this task alone but he had no choice. At their last stop Susan had decided that sailing around the world was not for her. Not with Jared anyway. In his mind Jared thought he should feel empty and sad without her but his heart didn’t think so.

Even looking around the yacht at the places she had liked to sit and the trinkets she had left lying around didn’t seem to affect him. The yacht felt a little empty but it had an expectant air as if she knew that there was someone coming to fill the empty spaces.

Looking around the harbor he saw several yachts like his. Neat and well looked after. This island was a mecca for sailors and divers alike. People came from all over the world to sun themselves on these beaches and explore the coral reefs beneath the blue ocean. He planned to stay here for a while, do some diving, meet some people and maybe even someone who was interested in crewing with him for a while.

Even though he was on a general course around the world Jared had fallen in love with the South Pacific and had lost the urge to move on. Instead he dallied around sailing from island to island exploring beaches, bars and reefs. The warm temperatures and the blue ocean made it feel as if summer would go on forever. He lowered his tender into the water.

“Time to go meet the locals,” he spoke to no-one in particular. Since Susan had left he found himself conversing with the boat. He thought about getting a dog but somehow he just never got around to it.

Once ashore he wandered through the streets of the village, locating all the important things; markets, café’s and bars. It was mid-afternoon and nothing much was happening so he made his way down to the beach.

Crushed coral crunched under his feet as he strolled along. The brilliant white beach rolled gently down to turquoise water. Coconut palms fringed the beach. Jared found a shady spot and sat watching the yachts bobbing against their moorings. In the distance a dive boat made its way towards the jetty. He looked forward to meeting the occupants later and maybe organizing a dive or two over the next few days.

Further down the beach, island children played in the water. Their white teeth glowed against their brown skins. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking that if there ever was a paradise on earth that he had certainly found it. As his eyes opened he noticed a woman making her way out of the water.

With elegant grace she waded through the water. Her hair hung in dark honey colored waves around her face and over her shoulders. For a moment he frowned, wondering where she had come from but his mind was distracted by the sight of her walking up the beach towards him. Beads of water glistened on her tanned skin, trickling down into the bikini that covered her pert breasts. Her nipples pressed against the fabric like two tiny fingers trying to escape. His eyes followed the droplets running down her smooth belly to a line of fine dark hair that protruded from the tiny triangle of fabric between her legs.

As he stared at the bewitching triangle of fabric Jared felt his cock stirring. Thoughts of what he would find if he moved the fabric aside filled his mind. He imagined stroking silky hair as he moved his fingers downwards towards the damp pussy between her smooth thighs. Unconsciously he licked his lips thinking of the sweetness of the juice in her pussy.

The girl walked up the beach and sat down next to him. The spell was broken as her body neatly folded into a sitting position on the beach beside him. Painfully aware of his throbbing cock he was forced to look at her face.

“Hello,” her voice was unusual. It was melodic but strangely, it made him think of the sound of the ocean when he was diving.

“Hello,” he held out his hand to her. “My name is Jared.”

She took his hand solemnly between hers, “My name is Nicola.”

He looked deeply into her eyes. They were a brilliant blue, not the turquoise of the water close to the beach but deeper navy like the ocean further out.

“Nice to meet you Nicola,” he smiled. “You have amazing eyes.” She laughed, he listened intently. Why did everything about this woman remind him of water?

“Well it is nice to meet you too Jared.” She glanced downwards. “You have amazing shorts.”

Normally a comment like that would embarrass him but somehow with this woman everything seemed natural. No matter what she said or he did he felt completely at home.

They chatted for hours about his life and passion for the ocean. She was a keen diver and they enthused about the world below the ocean. He forgot his plans to head back into the village to explore the bar and have an afternoon drink. Almost without him realizing, the whole afternoon had passed by and he found himself watching the sun sinking over the horizon.

As it does in the tropics, darkness fell quickly as if someone dropped fuck in traffic porno a blanket over the light. The coral that formed the beach seemed to glow slightly in the darkness and the sound of the unseen waves reached his ears. He thought vaguely about making his way back to the village and finding some dinner but somehow he didn’t want to get up.

Nicola had watched the sun go down quietly and now even though she wasn’t talking he could feel her sitting beside him. Her hair gave off a faint smell of the sea and he could feel the warmth from her body.

Without warning he felt her hand slipping inside the waistband of his board shorts. His cock had been lying quietly as they had talked and watched the sun go down but it sprang instantly to attention at the feeling of her tentative touch.

She pressed against him and he realized that she had slipped out of her bikini top in the darkness. Without thinking he bent down to take her nipple between his lips. It was firm but as his tongue flicked softly over the end he felt it stiffening even more. With his other hand he reached out to tweak the other nipple gently between his fingers. A soft gasp fell from her mouth to his ears. Inside his shorts her hand tightened around his throbbing cock. He pulled her down with him as he lay back on the beach. Her breasts brushed his chest and her hair fell around them as she leaned down and kissed him.

Her lips tasted like the sea, clean and fresh with a little taste of salt. He pulled back and licked the taste from his lips for a moment. Then he wrapped his hand around the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto his. He kissed her deeply probing his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. Her body melted against his; the hard nodes of her nipples pressing into his chest and her legs wrapping around him. He ran his hands down her back and slipped them into her bikini bottoms gripping her tiny, firm butt cheeks in the palms of his hands. She ground her groin against his upper thigh moaning softly against his kissing lips as he pressed her against him.

After what seemed like an eternity she broke free and sat up looking down at him. A half-moon in the sky above them outlined her faintly as she looked down at him. He caught a glimpse of a mischievous smile as she bent down and tugged at the waistband of his shorts. Obligingly he raised his hips and she slipped the garment down, pausing for a moment to untangle it from his cock. The night air slipped around his freed member cooling the heat that had been building up. For a few minutes she looked down at him as she ran her palm over the velvety skin. Shivers ran up his spine and he moaned a little in pleasure at her feathery touch. Then the cool of the night air was dismissed by her lips sliding over the head of his cock.

Involuntarily he thrust his hips upwards into her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the tip. With one hand she cupped his balls moving them sensuously through her fingers as she sucked on him going deeper with each movement.

After several weeks living alone the feeling was intense. His mind reeled to think that the first person he had spoken to, after being alone for this time, was such a beautiful woman who could give this much pleasure. He felt his cock sliding down the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and he stiffened at the pleasure of her throat constricting around him. It didn’t deter her and she moved her head up and down running her lips along his cock. His hands were twisted through her hair as he gently pressed her down onto him.

All too quickly he felt the orgasm coming and he desperately wanted to stop it. He wanted this moment and the pleasure of her to last forever. She sensed the change in him and moved her head faster as he tried to make the moment last. Her whole body undulated as she sucked his cock as if she were craving his cum. With a loud groan he emptied himself into her mouth. Like a starving woman she greedily drank it down, carefully licking the last drops from his softening cock as if she didn’t want to waste any.

When she was satisfied that he was perfectly clean she snuggled against his side tracing her fingers around his nipples.

“Thank you,” his voice was hoarse in the moonlight.

“You’re welcome,” she spoke quietly her whisper blending with the sound of the ocean nearby.

He lay her gently on the sand and sat up.

“My turn now.” He bent to remove the triangle of her bikini from her slender hips. She gave a little giggle as she raised her butt off the beach to allow the scrap of fabric past. He pressed his fingers into the hair between her legs, savoring the texture of it. His finger eased inside the outer folds of her pussy exploring softly and slowly. Her legs fell apart slightly inviting him in further and he responded pressing his fingers between her warm folds to the hard node of her clit.

Teasingly he gave her clit some feather light strokes making her hips buck in response. full porno He bent down and slipped his tongue into the top of her slit inhaling the salt-sea smell of her as he did so. His fingers, coated by the juice streaming out of her, slipped easily inside of her as his tongue sought out her swelling clit. He pressed inside her, marveling at the way her muscles contracted firmly around him. His tongue swirled around her clit without touching it fully, teasing it out of the hood of skin covering it. With his fingers he pressed firmly against the little ridges of skin over her g-spot.

As she arched and bucked against him he felt her fingers curl around his hair and press his head against her. Juice was streaming out of her and he slipped his tongue in beside his fingers for a moment to taste her salt – sweet juice. He felt a flicker in his cock responding to her arousal. Hungrily he returned his attention to her swollen clit; he wrapped his lips around her hard node and sucked gently. His fingers pumped in and out of her pussy which was clenched tightly around him. Her moans were louder now but they were both past caring. He sucked her clit a little harder, craving her release.

Then he was rewarded. Her body tensed and a small stream of fluid gushed out of her as she came. The muscles of her pussy clenched tightly around his fingers as he drank his fill of her. Juice ran down his chin and covered his hand but he didn’t care. The taste of her was addictive and he longed to pleasure her again just so that he could drink some more of her.

She pushed him away as she lay there almost glowing in her pleasure. Then completely to his surprise she pulled him on top of her.

“I need cock,” she panted. “I need you to fill me up with that gorgeous cock.”

Without hesitation he thrust his hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around him pressing him into her. Even though she was wet he could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing him.

“Fuck me hard,” she spoke through gritted teeth. He obliged grunting with pleasure and effort as he pumped into her. She made small animal sounds in response to his vigorous thrusting squeezing her muscles tightly around him. He felt himself close to coming again but this time he fought it harder. He wanted to enjoy this slippery wet pussy that clamped around his cock for as long as he could.

He pulled out of her and turned her over so that she was bent on all fours with her sweet round ass pointing at him. He had completely forgotten they were on a public beach. Right now all that he was aware of was her; the musky sex smell of her pussy and her smooth toned body.

He slammed his cock into her feeling her juice welling up around him. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Holding her hips he pumped into her, his thighs making a slapping noise against her butt. She cried out and her back arched as she climaxed again and he joined her with a loud groan pumping his cum into her. The world stopped for a moment as he clasped her tightly against him before they collapsed in a heap on the beach.

They washed themselves in the ocean before dressing again. She picked up a sarong that was hung on a tree a little way down the beach. Jared thought hard. He honestly didn’t remember seeing it when he had walked past that tree that afternoon. He tried to think if he had noticed her walking along the beach towards him but he couldn’t remember.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” She linked her arm through his and cuddled up to his side.

“I don’t really know.” Jared was surprised at the familiar gesture but it gave him a warm feeling inside. “I was thinking of finding a bar and having a few drinks and a bite maybe.”

“Mind if I tag along?” she asked casually. “I have been travelling by myself for so long now. It would be nice not to have to walk into a bar by myself for once.”

In his heart Jared couldn’t help but agree. It would be nice not to be the guy sitting by himself at the bar for once.

They found a casual bar that was starting to fill with young people and made their way inside. Within five minutes they were part of a group of divers enthusing about the creatures that they had seen that day. This was what Jared had come here to do. For the first time since Susan had left he felt like he was in the right place.

After a few drinks they ordered food. Jared found himself watching Nicola. Even though they had talked the afternoon away she had been mysterious and evasive about her history and personal details. He wanted to get to know her but somehow she was keeping him out. It enticed him more. Who was this mysterious woman who sounded like water when she spoke and laughed? Where had she come from? Surely she couldn’t have materialized out of the ocean but it seemed like she had.

She ordered a plate of oysters and he watched her eating the slippery morsels. Delicately she lifted each shell to her lips before tipping the gizli çekim porno contents into her mouth with obvious sensual pleasure. The way she closed her eyes when the oyster slipped down her throat reminded him of the way she had closed her eyes when he had penetrated her earlier. His cock stirred at the memory and suddenly he didn’t want to be in this bar with these people. The thing he wanted most in the world was to take her back to his yacht and worship that beautiful body.

Their eyes met across the table. He felt her feet stroking his leg under the table. A sly smile played across the table as her foot travelled past his knee and with great skill massaged his cock into a throbbing erection. He watched as she slid down in her seat disappearing under the table. Around them people talked and laughed. A tiny woman beside him started an animated conversation about the dive spot she had discovered today. Automatically he nodded and agreed with her, asking details about fish species he was not familiar with.

It was all he could do not to gasp out loud when he felt lips clamped around his cock. He gripped the edge of the table as he forced himself to concentrate on the conversation with the woman beside him. Surprisingly he found himself looking at her body. Little details like the rise and fall of her breasts became obvious to him. He noticed her full round lips and wondered what it would be like to kiss her. What was he doing?

Underneath the table he felt a tongue stroking his cock in long slow licks. The lips slid down his shaft slowly and sensuously. He took a deep breath fighting the urge to reach under the table and shove the unknown head right down onto his belly. All he wanted to do was lean back in his chair and enjoy the pleasure being given to him. He desperately wanted to focus on the warm sensation of this mouth and give in to the urge to fill it full of his cum.

Suddenly the sucking stopped. A stab of disappointment went through him but he shook his head to clear it and refocused on the woman beside him. She seemed a little perturbed by him and he remembered staring at her breasts earlier.

He yawned and stretched his arms above his head, “Man I am tired. It is so good to be anchored tonight so that I can get a good night’s sleep.”

“It must be hard sailing all by yourself like that,” she smiled at him and put her hand on his knee. Jared looked into her eyes and wondered. She was cute. Those tits would look hot bouncing up and down on her as she rode him.

Nicola popped back up on the other side of the table, “Found it,” she brandished a fork. Jared looked over at her and she gave him a sly wink. Casually she patted her belly, “I am so full. I think I might go take a walk.”

“I think I might come with you.” Jared stood up from the table. He reached down and placed his hand on his companion’s shoulder. “I will see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes,” she smiled up at him. “We leave around 8.30. You should have time to organize your tanks and stuff before that.”

“OK, see you then.”

He made his way towards the door, following Nicola. Her antics under the table had enticed him. But then so had the woman sitting beside him. This wasn’t like him at all. Normally he was too shy and awkward to approach any women but somehow, here in this magical place of endless summer, the women were all throwing themselves at him.

He studied Nicola’s back as she walked. She had this liquid kind of grace that he had never seen before. Her tiny butt seemed to beckon to him, making promises of exotic pleasures hidden within. With a couple of quick steps he caught up to her,

“You wanna come back to the yacht with me?” he nuzzled at her neck and slipped his hand inside her bikini.

She turned to him and kissed him fully on the lips sucking his tongue into her mouth. “I thought you would never ask,” She whispered against him.

They made their way down to the jetty. As he piloted the tender across the water she sat beside him, kissing his neck and teasing his nipples with her fingernails. It was all he could do to focus on steering the boat. He felt as if his cock was going to split his shorts.

At the yacht she scampered nimbly up the side in front of him. He caught a slight scent of her musky arousal as he followed her up the ladder. They shed their few items of clothing as they made their short way across the deck into his cabin. In the doorway he paused as he took in the sight of her sitting naked on the edge of the bed. A dim light gleamed on her skin making her look ethereal. He stepped up to her and kneeled between her legs.

With one finger he stroked her pussy feeling the wetness coating his finger. The musky scent of her was stronger. He rested the head of his cock against the entrance to her pussy as she lay back on the bed. Her legs were wrapped around his waist pressing him against her. He resisted sliding himself into her slowly aching to pound her hard, knowing that she wanted the same thing but resisting as much as he could. When his cock was buried deep inside her he paused, looking down at her perfect breasts and her wild blonde hair spread around her. He felt her clenching her pussy around his cock willing him to pump into her but he resisted for as long as he could.

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