International Arrival

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This story was originally written for my girlfriend who lives overseas. The distance can be difficult at times and I took this up as a means of maintaining a physical connection between us.

I told her one day ‘I’m going to make you come with my words.’ So that is exactly the format of my writing.

Please feel free to provide feedback. If you have ideas about how I can improve, let me know. And if you would like to see more, please say so. I have other stories in reserve.

The ride from LAX is a relief after 11 and a half hours on the airplane. You’re waiting on the international arrivals curb when I pull up. It’s a beautiful day out, just as your phone’s weather app promised. You’re glad to have worn your light sun dress (which was rightly covered by my old college sweater on the airplane).

I step out of the car and say nothing. Instead I move to you quickly and wrap my arms around you. It’s been a long time since we’ve touched each other and there isn’t much to say. I kiss you while my car idles behind me.


“Hey, honey.”

I grab your bag and throw it in the trunk of my red convertible. The top is down already so once you’re inside, I select first gear and pull away.

We don’t have any plans for the day except to spend it in each other’s company. I ask you what you want to do and the shitty airplane food you’ve been avoiding has made up your mind for you. I’ve been thinking about this day for months and had plenty of ideas prepared. We head for a new restaurant I know in Santa Monica.

I keep stealing glances in your direction. Your hair, dark brown at the roots, and sunshine-stained blonde at the very tips, flows beautifully as my car speeds on to the freeway. The whipping wind tosses your skirt as well, and you catch me looking down at your increasingly exposed thighs. You shift in the leather seat and let me look. After countless hours of Skype conversations and gigabytes worth of text messages, you feel another hunger building now that we’re together.

But first, food.

We park along the ocean and step inside. The restaurant has huge windows that showcase its commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s divided in to a main dining area and a smaller separate room. The layout is probably a holdover from when there were smoking sections allowed in California restaurants. Our waiter seats us in the smaller section and leaves us to ourselves.

Another couple sits on the far side of the room but we’re more or less lost in our own world. Almost 20 minutes of conversation goes by before we even realize the waiter hasn’t come back yet.

We czech streets porno take advantage of the slight privacy and start hinting at what’s really on our minds.

“I almost can’t believe you’re actually, physically here,” I tell you.

“Now that you have my physically, what are you going to do with me?” A sly, sensual smile grows on your lips, and I can’t help but mirror the expression.

” I was hoping you wanted to head to the apartment straight from the airport…”

“Hunger is the best spice…” It’s my expression you’ve thrown back at me. I’m amused but it’s not going to make me any more patient.

“I don’t need any spices, I need you.”

“Well I need some food or I swear I’m going to pass out.”

As if on cue, our waiter finally returns to take our drink orders and give us our menus. He looks like he doesn’t want to be at work and isn’t really paying attention. As he turns to leave, he knocks a place setting to the ground.

We laugh and I bend down to retrieve it. The bundle fell completely under the table so I lift the white tablecloth and reach inside.

While I’m down there I get a reward for my effort. Your legs are parted slightly and I’m treated to a glimpse up your sun dress. Is it on purpose? Are you messing with me? I grab the utensils and lean forward to kiss you lightly on the knee. You part your legs a hair more and I kiss your leg again.

Without thinking, I move further under the table and let the cloth fall back to the ground. Aside from a half-inch gap at the bottom, I’m concealed from the rest of the restaurant.

The situation escalates quickly and and shift in your seat as I start kissing up your thighs. You whisper my name, about to tell me ‘That’s enough’ but I move up you thigh kissing more deeply as I near the fire that’s building between your legs.

You can’t protest any more and slouch down in your chair. It’s all the permission I need and I kiss the wet spot on your underwear.

You steal a glance around the room. It’s calm, normal. No sign that just behind a thin piece of white cotton I’m pulling your panties to the side and starting to lick you.

I run one hand up and down the inside of your thigh and can feel you moving with me, but suddenly you shut your thighs and I jerk my head back. I glance out from under the table and find the waiter’s feet just inches away from where I’m kneeling.

“Did your friend leave?” he asks.

“He just went to the bathroom,” you reply coolly, not missing a beat.

You order for me and my heart is pounding. The area under the table is hot and czech taxi porno the smell of sex is everywhere. I toy with you, teasing as he takes down your request. You order for the both of us and I bite your thigh when you try to slip in a side salad instead of the fries you knew I’d want.

The waiter is barely a step away when I move my head back between your legs. I plunge my tongue deep inside you then lick your lips before I start rhythmically lapping at your clit.

You shoot your hand under the table and grab the hairs on the back of my head. Nothing else matters now. You just have a second to hope the waiter doesn’t return before giving in to the sensation.

You’re breathing deeply now. Holding in any sounds as best you can. I lick you with the full length of my tongue and go back to your juicy mound. You let out a little squeal.

Your hips start to rock and I pick up the pace. Your fist clenches tightly on my hair and I can feel your orgasm coming.

I plunge my tongue back inside you and let you squeeze down on it with your pussy. A wave of euphoria rolls through your body and a little noise escapes your mouth as you come.

You body quakes with spasms that you try to keep under control.

You start to reclaim your composure and take a look around. Nobody seems to have figured out what I just did to you. I give the length of your little slit one last lick before I put your underwear back in place. The sensation makes you shake again. You sit up straight, and drink a sip of the ice water the waiter left behind, hoping it will flush some of the heat out of your face.

I re-take my seat and take a long sip of some white wine that washes your juices down my throat. We can’t stop smiling at one another, especially as the waiter returns with our food, bored and unaware.

We leave the restaurant after a delicious lunch.

You head for the car, but the scene at the restaurant put ideas in my head. I can’t stand the time it would take to drive home. I grab your hand and pull you after me. We hop down some boulders and on to the beach.

There’s almost nobody there and I run you over towards the underside of the restaurant.

In the typical Pacific Coast Highway fashion, it hangs over the beach on wooden planks. We climb through the dense forest of supports until we find a concrete slab at the back.

The air is filled with the musk of old rotting wood and salt water. The area is dark but clean from the daily washing it receives at high tide.

I grab you at the waist and lift you on to the cement. I kiss you forcefully and lay you down. digitalplayground porno

My hands reach under your dress and slip your panties off your legs. I ball them up and place them next to you on the concrete.

A wave crashes into the restaurants supports and the sea mist tingles on the bare skin of your thighs and exposed sex.

You lay back on to the concrete and take your breast into your hand as I start to undo my belt.

I undo my button and fly. I see you bite your lip intently as I take my pants down. I lower my boxers and you notice a pool of pre-come has collected on the tip of my already hard penis.

I place both hands on your hips and anchor you down. Waves roll in the background as I enter you. Our juices mix to make the entry easy. Your lips spread to take in my hardness.

You breathe in sharply at the sensation. Then exhaling you let out a moan. It’s nice after the restaurant to not have to hold it in. Our area is private and you don’t hold back.

I slide my forearm under the small of your back and lift you from the concrete slab. You wrap your arms around my shoulders and I plunge deeper inside you. You kiss my neck and we move together. A pang of pleasure quickly shoots through your body, a sign of the storm about to hit.

We’ve done this dance before. You know my body and I know yours. The experience is there, but the excitement is as fresh as the first time.

You rest your head on my shoulder and my lips graze against your smooth skin. Hot, lustful air from my lungs hits your neck each time I exhale. Deeper and deeper, I plunge in to you. The waves of ecstasy keep coming in. Stronger and stronger, they build.

I lower you back down on to the concrete gently, not missing a beat in my ever increasing rhythm.

You wrap your legs around my waist, locking your feet behind my back. Pulling me further inside of you.

You close your eyes and get ready.

The orgasm comes quickly, you unlock your feet and rock your hips against my thrusts. Your body tightens and let out a loud moan.

But I’m not easing up. You look up into my eyes and see something animal. I’m not finished and I thrust harder. The orgasm continues and increases somehow in intensity. Your moans turn to screams as the sensation takes over your whole body.

You have no choice but to give in and you go into submission as I take you. Your lungs have emptied of air and you can’t make any more noise. Your body goes limp.

I grunt as I come deep into your pussy. The feeling of each pulse shooting inside sends one more pang of pleasure to through your overwhelmed body.

Guttural sounds escape my mouth with each breath I exhale.

I remain inside you and kiss you deeply on the lips.

After a few minutes, we crawl out from the concealment of the restaurant’s supports and we lay together on the beach. Our needs fulfilled, we let the sun warm our pleasure-wracked bodies.

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