In the Telephone Booth

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I live in a small town in Kenya, called Machakos, about sixty kilometers from the national capital, Nairobi. A couple of weeks ago, I went to make a telephone call at around 9:00pm in the evening. Most of the telephone booths in town were not working so I ended up at the G.P.O.

There was only one booth that was working, and a curvaceous, voluptuous nymphet with long braids occupied it – just my type of girl.

She was wearing a tight-fitting miniskirt and one of those tank tops. I stood behind her, waiting for her to finish making her phone call. Apparently, the number she was calling was engaged, so she told me to go ahead and use the phone. I had several phone calls to make, so after my first call, I politely stepped aside so that she could try her number again.

She gave me a dazzling smile, with a twinkle of mischief in her eye. My heart skipped a beat; my stomach tensed in sexual anticipation and I felt the beginnings of a hard-on. As she was putting her coins into the coin slot, she dropped one.

She bent to pick up the coin she had dropped, and what had been the beginnings of a hard-on, became a full erection. I could see all the way up her thighs, to the skimpy bikini panties that she wore. I must have gasped or moaned, for still bend over, she turned to me with a quizzical expression on her face. When she saw where my eyes were glued, she smiled.

She stood up, and put the retrieved coin into the slot. Before she started dialing, she looked at me again. Her eyes traveled down from my face to the very visible bulge in my pants. Our eyes met again, and again she had that smile on her face.

She hesitated and then asked me if I would do a favor for her. I thought she was going to ask me to scratch an itch down south for her, which I would have done gladly. No such luck. She explained that she was calling her boyfriend, a married man with a family. I was to ask for him when the phone was picked up on the other end. When he came to the phone – his name was Joseph Mata, a business executive with a multinational firm, I was to give her the phone.

I would have done anything for this beauty, and even though I felt envious of her boyfriend (or sugardaddy), I was willing to assist her.

When the phone started ringing, she gave it to me. We were both squeezed inside the booth, and the door was open.

As the phone continued ringing, I could not help but notice her proximity. Our eyes were locked in an unblinking stare, and the tension was so high, you could touch it.

“Hello, hello who is that?” a feminine voice answered on the other end.

“Hello is that hum hum hee” Shit! I had forgotten the name!

“Joseph Matta!” She whispered urgently into my ear.

“Yes, hello is that Joseph Matta’s residence?” I asked, feeling foolish for forgetting the name so quickly.

“Yes it is. Who shall I tell him is calling?”

“It’s er, er, tell him it’s a good friend of his”. I improvised.

“One minute please” the person on the other end said.

Our eyes were still locked together. As we waited, she gave me a little anxious smile. She had put her hand on my shoulder, and she squeezed it quickly. I smiled in reply.

“Yes, hello, who is speaking?” A gruff no-nonsense stranded teens porno voice asked.

“Could I please talk to Joseph Matta?” I said, already guessing that it was him.

“Speaking!” the voice on the other end replied, impatiently.

She must have heard his voice because she immediately took the phone from my hand. Her other hand was still on my shoulder.

“Hi Sweetie! It’s Mwende,” she said.

After listening for a moment or two, she said, “ oh, it’s just my cousin. I wouldn’t know what to say if your wife picked up the phone. Besides, I wouldn’t want to put you in a awkward position” she explained.

Obviously he had asked her who had made the call.

As she was on the phone, she had moved so that she was in front in me. Those delectable buns were pressed into my crotch.

“Daddy, you know, I’ve missed you a lot. How come you are so lost?” she whined into the phone.

She laughed as she listened. Apparently he had said something amusing.

“Oh, you know how I miss you when you go away. The scent of your cologne, your hands on my body, the feel of your body, your penis, the way you fill me up, the way you roar as you cum, you know how I miss that so much” her voice was a sexy purr.

Listening to what she was saying on the phone gave me an instant hard-on. My dick was pressed against her buns. Thinking that she might take offence, I surreptitiously moved back a bit. Her buns followed, as she cast a quick glance my way.

“Eeeeeeeee! Ati you want to what? That sounds so sexy and romantic!” she cooed into the phone.

As she continued talking, one hand moved to her chest. I looked over her shoulder and noticed that her nipples were rock hard. That excited me.

“ I wish I could have your cock right now”. I heard her say. “I’d dip it into honey up to your balls and then lick it all up. I’d tease it and nip it and suck it deep into my throat” she husked. Her breathing was getting heavier.

I reached around and started playing with the other breast. Meeting no resistance, I removed her hand from her other tit and started fondling it. This girl had more than a handful of mummeries for me to play with. She was not wearing a bra underneath her top. That excited me even more. As I played with her tits, she rubbed her buns across my hardness, first side to side, then more erotically, like a slow motion Chakacha or Ndombolo dance.

Encouraged, I pulled her top up and now had access to her nipples. I turned her sideways and hungrily started sucking on those nipples.

Her free hand caressed my head and moved steadily down my back.

“Oh! How I wish I could have your lips and tongue on my nipples!” she husked into the phone.

I moved my hands down to squeeze those voluptuous buns. They were firm but soft. My dick was now rock hard. My mouth was still moving from nipple to nipple. Her breathing was heavy, she was panting like someone who has just ran a mile.

I kissed my way up to her neck, her ear, even her eyes. Since she was talking, it would have been imprudent to try and steal a kiss from those lips.

“I adore the way you kiss me all over, my hair, ears, eyes and then slowly down to my lips and student sex parties porno on to my neck” she whispered.

As she listened to his reply, she covered the mouthpiece with her other hand and moved her face towards mine.

Our lips met. Her tongue dived greedily into my mouth like a hungry snake. I pressed my lips to hers so that I could taste as much of that honey as I possibly could.

She broke the kiss with a gasp and turned her face sideways, so that I could not get to her lips.

With an excited giggle, she asked, “What was that you were saying?” into the phone.

While she listened to what he was saying, our eyes were busy kissing. I was rubbing both nipples with my fingers, hoping to be able to get another taste of those lips. I soon realized this would not be possible as she continued talking on the phone.

I returned to kissing, sucking and teasing her nipples with my tongue. By now, I wanted more. I wanted it all! Right there, in the telephone booth!!! I could feel the first drops of precum oozing from my dick. My desire was a taste at the back of my throat!

I kissed my way down from her tits to her stomach and on to her belly button. As I toyed with her belly button, I thought of lifting her miniskirt up and going for her most treasured possession. My hands were on those buns, kneading and squeezing them. I moved my hands under the skirt, waiting to see if I would meet any resistance. When I met none, I decided to go ahead and try.

Moving down so that I was on one knee, I kissed and licked behind her knee, moving up. I caressed her inner thighs as I licked my way up. I moved her miniskirt up. Her legs were slightly parted. As I kissed way up to her womanhood, I looked up to see her reaction. She was looking down at me and our eyes met. I put pressure with the heel of one palm on her knee and she moved it, opening up wider. I had now lifted her miniskirt up so that her bikini panties could be seen. I moved my face up and buried it in her crotch. Her arousal was a musky scent, and her panties were very wet. I moved the bottom part aside and took a lick at her wetness. She gasped and moaned into the phone.

“You know what I’d really love for you to do to me? I would love it if you would lick my pussy. Spread my cunt lips wide and nibble my clit. Stick your tongue deep into my pussy, like a small hard dick and lick it up and down!” She panted.

Without further ado, I slipped her panties down to her ankles and did what the lady wanted. By now her legs were spread so far apart that one foot was almost outside the booth.

I lapped on her clit, and nibbled it until she moaned. I stuck my tongue deep into the depths of her and sucked.

“Oooooh! That would feel so good. I’d love you so much if you sucked my pussy” She told her boyfriend on the phone.

Her pelvis was moving back and forth as she humped my face. I had to grab her hips to stop her from moving.

With one arm around her waist, I put a finger into her pussy and started finger-fucking her as I licked and nibbled her clitoris. I could feel that she was close to climaxing. I rammed my fingers (by now I had two fingers in her snatch) in and out. My mouth submissive cuckolds was still on her clitoris. Above me, I could hear her moaning and groaning.

“Oh I love you so much when you fuck me” she moaned into the phone. “Take good care and keep that cock hard and waiting for my sweet, tight pussy” she said, briskly, and then hang up.

Her moans and gasps increased in intensity. I removed my mouth from her clit so that I could watch this angel cum. Her pelvis thrashed uncontrollably. It was all I could do to keep my fingers in her. Her hand moved down and grabbed mine with incredible force, and pushed it in and out of her as her head swung from side to side.

Suddenly, she went limp and became quiet. She closed her eyes and let her breath out in a long sigh.

I withdrew my hand and stood up.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. The intensity of her gaze startled me. She grabbed me and gave me such a passionate, intimate kiss; I almost climaxed there and then.

Her hand slid down and rubbed my hard-on through my jeans. I pulled her close to me and kissed her long and hard.

Her hand found the zipper to my jeans. Since I normally do not wear underwear, it did not take her long to find what she was looking for. She pulled it out and started stroking it in her petite hand.

Realizing I might cum any second, I quickly picked her up and slowly brought her down onto my dick. Apparently, she knew what I wanted for she put her hips around my waist, locked her ankles above my ass and put her arms around my shoulders.

I lowered her onto my penis, and gasped as I penetrated her. She was so tight that it took several attempts before I entered her completely. Her pussy was snug and hot. It clutched my penis. My dick had found an accommodating home.

As I stroked in and out of her, by rising her and moving my pelvis, I probed deep into her mouth with my tongue. I wanted to possess her completely, make her mine in a way nobody ever had.

I looked sideways, and realized with shock that the door to the booth was still open. Holding her with one arm, I grabbed the booth door and pulled it shut. Not that it would make much difference, in case anybody came along, as it was made of glass.

It did not take me long to cum. Clutching her tightly to me, I started ramming into her like a bull.

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a bitch!” She moaned and panted. Her hips were rotating against my dick, and I could feel her pelvic bone.

“Oh god! Jesus!!” I panted as I shot a load of cum deep inside her. I continued pumping and another and another load of jizz was shot deep into her. I felt my whole existence center on that magnificent cum. If men will ever be capable of multiple orgasms, I felt that I would be the first to claim that I had achieved it.

She was moving up and down on me so fast, rocking from side to side and I could feel her pussy muscles milking my dick.

“AAAAaaaaaaaaaahhh oooooooooooohhhh! Yeeeeesssssss!” she moaned as she climaxed. Her arms locked around my neck in a death grip and her hips were wrapped around my waist like a steel vise.

I felt weak and I held her while she unlocked her ankles and hopped back down onto the floor of the booth.

Quickly, she lowered her top to cover her tits and lowered her miniskirt. The panties were forgotten. Taking the hint, I shoved my deflated dick back into my jeans unceremoniously, and zipped up quickly.

“Hi, I’m Jane” she said, with the same mischievous smile.

“I’m John” I replied. “Glad to be of service”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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