In The Backyard

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Summary: Things get hotter when my boyfriend and I continue our sex play in the backyard.

“You ready for round two,” he asks in-between his heavy breathing.

“Yes…can you handle it?” I reply smiling at him as I lay back on his kitchen table with him on top of me. I could feel his cock softening inside me.

“Hmm…Let’s see!” He says a smirk across his face. He takes my hand in his, pulls me up, and leads me out to the backyard. My heart is beating quickly. Even though the sun has just set there is just enough light to reveal our nudity to any of his unfortunate or inquisitive neighbors. We walk steadily toward the gazebo lodged in the corner of his backyard against the fence. Resting my bottom onto the wooden seat he kneels before me. His hand pushes against my body leaning me back into the chair and causing my butt to rise a little. He gently takes my moistened womanhood into his mouth.

“Ooh!” I exclaim. I’m full of sexual tension waiting to be released. I really want to cum. The cool evening breeze is teasing me as I feel it sweep across my skin. This is so amazing laying out in his backyard while he pleases me. Besides, after all the anal play on the couch earlier and then him filling me with his cum on the kitchen table moments earlier he had to know I was ready. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I smiled, and leaned back. “Hmmm, lover…this feels so good.”

He is so patient and slow. Seeming to sense that I am close to cumming. He intuitively backs me away and lets me fall like a fake taxi porno leaf off the climatic edge. Licking me slowly and softly his hands lovingly fondle my sensitive breasts. His gentle kneading of my soft flesh has me squirming and throwing my head back in a manifestation of my pleasure.

Occasionally, his fingers pinch and squeeze my tight, dark brown nipples. I’ve never felt my nipples more sensitive. Looking down between my thighs, I smile. I Smile at the view of my lover skillfully and lovingly pleasing me.

“Oh Chris, your tongue’s so fucking hot!”

His tongue, warm and moist, has my clitoris in its clutches. My clit rests comfortably on his soft bottom lip and he has placed his tongue over the bloated nub like a blanket. Now under its grasp his tongue slowly strokes me back and forth. I run my fingers through his soft black hair and I grab the back of his head. I pull him closer towards the opening of my sex. My breathing picks up and it is getting heavier as I get more and more excited. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice a car pulling into the driveway in the front of his house. It must be his roommate, Steve. I forgot he was going to be here tonight. I’m so close to cumming and I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I need to cum, so bad.

My pussy aches to explode into an orgasmic shock wave. I just need a little more stimulation. I bite down onto my lip to keep from moaning and causing an embarrassing situation. What if he hears my cries?

“I’m going family stroke porno to cum! Make me cum! I need to, please!” I moan in a whisper to Chris as he squats between my raised legs. His only answer to my plea is a more directed pressure against my clit.

“Yes! That’s it – right there. Oh…oh. God yes! Faster Chris – harder, baby!”

I look up towards the house and see a silhouette in the kitchen frozen in its spot. That’s Steve! What if he comes into the backyard? Was he looking for Chris? He’d been out of town for the past week and was just getting back.

Then I feel a charge electrify deep inside of me. I jerk my hips up and down holding tightly onto the wooden chair as I begin to feel the first wave of an orgasm swelling between my legs. I’m about to cum. I know it’s going to be hard one and I know it’s going to be difficult to keep from yelping into the warm, crisp, night air.

I feel him ram his face tighter against my shaved sex and I look up towards the house again. The silhouette in the kitchen has not moved. Is he watching us? After the thought runs through my mind, I suddenly become more concerned with my orgasm.

My climax is growing quickly and I’m about to explode. I look back up to the shadow in the kitchen, and I’m thinking that if he is watching us, then he’s about to get one hell of a show!

With that I swing my head to the side. Just at that moment my first climax hits me like a tight little ball between my legs. It explodes through female agent porno my insides and blooms outward. It rips up through every part of my body. It penetrates my flesh. My hips buck up and down as my orgasm courses through me. I see the silhouette and wonder…is he hard right now? Are we turning him on as he watches us? These thoughts only intensify my climax, and I realize that I haven’t been keeping quiet. I feel like such a bad girl as I realize I want him to see everything.

I come down off my high gently pushing Chris away from my sex as I become too sensitive. He kisses my inner thighs and tells me I’m beautiful.

“Thank you, baby,” I say looking down at him still between legs.

“I hope we didn’t get you into any trouble with the neighbors,” he comments with a smile. “Do you think they heard us?” He ask as he rises up and takes me into his arms.

“I don’t know,” I say looking back at the house. I see the dark figure in the kitchen is gone and I wonder if Chris noticed that Steve had come home. “Let’s go back inside,” I whisper to Chris. Taking my hand again he leads me inside and I see no sign of Steve.

Late that night, wearing only a silk robe, I wander into the kitchen. Steve is there. He avoids making eye contact with me and looks uncomfortable. At that moment I know for sure that he saw the whole thing in the backyard earlier. I poke through the fridge and find something to drink. As I shut the door and turn around I catch him staring at me with a lustful look. He looks a little worried knowing that I caught him. With a smirk across my face I wink at him as I move to walk out of the kitchen. First he looks relieved, then a little stunned. I feel like a naughty girl once more knowing that I only wanted to encourage whatever lustful desires he had for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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