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I want to relate my story directly to you, without dialog or drama. I don’t want to try to recreate the exact words as they were spoken, I just want to create the mental picture of what transpired. I will try to describe the events well enough to convey the scene. I sincerely hope it will cause you to masturbate as you read it.

No names; just understand that I am a woman in my thirties who has had a valuable learning experience that I want to share with other women and any men that might be interested. I am open minded about sex, and I speak plainly about it. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone.

I am in a very good relationship with a man that has just improved even further.

In an intimate moment in bed one night my guy whispered that he wanted to ‘cornhole’ me. I had no idea what he meant since I had never heard that word and my silence must have led him to believe that I refused.

The next day I talked to my best friend about this and she clued me in. I had never had anal sex before but I was intrigued. I had some questions that she couldn’t answer. I think I embarrassed her by asking.

I wondered if your anus would be stretched by anal sex, and if the stretching would be permanent. Then I wondered if that would allow a penis to slide in easier in subsequent episodes.

She just blushed and said she didn’t know. I mentioned that my guy has a large penis, maybe even porn size and much larger than average. I wondered if there was a limit to how much you can take and if he would run into a twist or turn that would prevent him from pushing in all the way up to his balls. That caused her to blush even more. Too much information I guess. Maybe saying “up to his balls” embarrassed her. Or the thought of it turned her on.

In any case I was very interested, and I thought about it constantly for the next few days. I became aroused just imagining what it would be like, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I decided to do some research.

The more I fantasized about it, the more I wanted to experience it. I decided to just do it, like the athletic shoe ads say.

The next night in bed, I went down and started to suck him off which he always enjoys. He just laid back and relaxed while I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I know he expected me to finish him off but I surprised him.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and quietly said that I thought it was hard enough to go up my ass.

The words went through him like electricity, and he quickly moved to help me turn over face-down.

I wanted him to feel welcome and to help him, so I spread my butt cheeks open with both hands, exposing my asshole in plain sight. I was so excited with anticipation for what was about to happen that I had no modesty and I was trembling. I tried to relax my asshole and wait for it.

His cock was straight and long and stiff as a board. The smooth head is always exposed which is good because I don’t like foreskins. I like to see the head, or Glans Penis as it is called in anatomy. I was full of curiosity about what the head would feel like up inside my belly.

I felt the tip of his cock touch my anus, and I tried to consciously make it open for him. That probably didn’t work but it didn’t matter, he pushed the head in and forced it to open and take it. His cock was wet from my mouth and that helped.

I let out a yelp and he paused, but I told him to not stop. He pushed a little farther into me, and I suddenly had a thought; what if I couldn’t take it all?

That was a fine time to think of that, it was too late to turn back now.

He continued to push and it continued to slide in, a little at a time. There was no pain, just a feeling of fullness and some pressure. I surrendered to it and thought if it becomes uncomfortable or it just won’t go in any farther he will have to accept that and fuck me with only that much of it.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. He worked it into me deeper and deeper until his pubic bone came up against my butt. Miraculously, it was all the way in.

I could feel the head of his cock incredibly far up in my abdomen. I was in a state of total acquiescence, and I murmured to him to please fuck me.

He didn’t need directions, he began to slide it in and out of me, slowly and methodically. My asshole was so tight he couldn’t go fast, but the steady in and out was sending me into ecstasy.

Feeling his cock inside me so deep was more intimate than anything I had ever experienced. He poked and probed at my insides. I have always been fascinated by the head of a cock, and I could feel every detail of his, and I thought about the tiny hole in the tip where the cum squirts out.

I wanted that to happen, but at the same time I did not want it to happen because I did not want this to ever end. I could not control that, of course, and I sensed him beginning to tense up.

He pushed every last fraction of an inch of his hard-on into me, and I felt it pulse and twitch as he grunted and groaned. With every twitch a solid steady stream of cum squirted into me forcefully. bahis firmaları I was in reverie as he emptied himself into me.

I do not have an orgasm every time I have sex, but I sure did this time. Nothing was touching or stimulating my clit but nevertheless I exploded in an intense orgasm. The sensation of his ejaculation way up in my belly set me off.

He stayed in me and almost crushed me while we both breathed heavily and slowly recovered.

After a few minutes he pulled out of me, which took almost as long as it did to go into me. The head popped out and he flopped down on the bed beside me.

He thanked me for letting him ‘cornhole’ me. I am now fond of that word. It has a nasty, raunchy sound to it that perfectly describes taking a cock up your asshole. I insisted it was I who should thank him for the best fuck of my life.

This became our regular way of having sex, and I loved it. On a few occasions one of us would want something different. I would ask him to fuck me in the cunt this time, or he would ask me to suck him off. But most of the time he fucked me in the ass. My asshole was always receptive, but without the lubrication my cunt produces it is tight and exciting for him.

I enjoy sucking his cock and making him cum in my mouth makes me feel like I am in control. Let’s face it, cum has an unpleasant taste, but I would eagerly swallow every mouthful he gave me. I developed a strong craving for his cum. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Our life together became wonderful.

I had coffee with my best friend one day, and I told her I had answered my questions. I told her that your asshole does get stretched out permanently by anal sex, and that after that happens the penis does slide into you easier. I said there didn’t seem to be any limit to how much you can take if you just relax. I told her how good it feels, especially when he shoots his load into you. She blushed with extreme embarrassment, but I could tell she was imagining what it would feel like. I bet she will talk her guy into doing it to her.

A few days later we had coffee again, and I came right out and asked her if she asked her guy to ‘cornhole’ her. I used that slang word because she had explained to me what it meant.

She flinched when I said it and I thought I made a mistake.

I stammered an apology, but she stopped me and admitted that she did ask him. But he refused and lambasted her for being a pervert and a slut. What a fool he must be. I imagine most men would be thrilled with a women’s offer to take it up the ass. In fact, I bet my guy would be more than willing to do it for her.

I didn’t want to promise anything I couldn’t deliver so I said nothing about that. I just offered my sympathy for her being rejected.

When the opportunity seemed right I brought it up with my guy. I told him my BFF wanted to find out what it was like to be cornholed, using his favorite expression. I asked him if he would be willing to do it, as a favor to me.

He got so excited I thought his head would explode. He said yes, sure, of course, anytime, just bring her over.

I told him it would have been a lot more considerate if he had reacted affirmatively but with less obvious enthusiasm. Good thing he doesn’t play poker, if he drew a Full House he would give it away with his boyish glee.

I said it was alright with me on one condition. He waited anxiously for what that was, and I told him I had to be present to watch. Then he was all smiles again.

Now to bring it up to my BFF.

I just blurted it out. I said I was sorry for her that she couldn’t do it with her regular guy, but I had a solution. I told her that my guy and I have an open mind about sex, and he was willing to do it, and I wanted to help her have the experience.

I watched her go through wave after wave of emotions including but not limited to shame, desire, guilt, curiosity, modesty, and finally arousal.

She finally accepted, but only after making me promise that there would be no jealousy on my part, and that it would not harm my relationship.

I called home on my cell phone to make the arrangements for her to come over the following night and it was all set.

That night my guy was so horny I had to calm him down. He wanted to fuck me and eat me and cum in my mouth and I told him no, he had to save himself for the next night’s episode with my good friend.

He finally agreed that it might be a good idea, and we went to bed early with no sex. I wanted him to have a full tank for her.

The next night at the appointed time of 7PM my friend knocked on our door. I introduced her to my guy and they exchanged pleasantries. Despite the small talk I could see the wheels turning in both of their heads as they thought about what they were going to do.

I tried to make things nonchalant and seem like it was perfectly normal and just good clean fun. I was like the moderator telling the two participants what they should do and expect.

I led them into our bedroom and suggested that everyone remove their clothes. I included kaçak iddaa me to try to put her at ease.

When the three of us were naked we stood in a small circle and tried to look in each other’s eyes and not at our naked bodies. But my good friend could not help herself, she kept glancing down at my guys stiffening cock. She would avert her eyes modestly, but then she was drawn back to the sight of his magnificent cock.

Just as when I offered to arrange this, she went through wave after wave of conflicting emotions. Shame, modesty, lust, embarrassment, desire, curiosity, fear.

I asked her what was bothering her, and she replied that his was the largest cock she had ever seen.

I tried to reassure her that if I could take it she could too, and it would be alright.

She continued to vacillate and fidget, wringing her hands and trying not to stare at the cock she was dying to have shoved into her.

I asked her if she would like to suck it for a while first.

She blushed bright red, but she whispered yes.

I guided her down on her knees in front of him. Her eyes were as big as saucers inches away from his stiff cock. She kept going back and forth between wanting to suck it and being ashamed of herself for wanting to.

The part of her that wanted to prevailed. She stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked the head. Then she kissed it, and finally took as much as she could into her mouth.

She grasped the base right next to his ball-sack and bobbed her head back and forth. My guess is that she has given a blowjob before, but not with a stranger’s huge tool and not with a friend watching. Her desire to suck it overcame her shame and modesty and she sucked and slurped as it slid in and out of her mouth.

She lost all her reluctance as she enthusiastically took it in her mouth. My guy was so hot I thought smoke might start coming out of his ears.

I interrupted her saying that she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth for two reasons; it would be a challenge to swallow it all, and she should save the finish for her back door.

She got to her feet obediently with his cock glistening with her saliva.

I announced that it was time to move on to the main event.

She was still conflicted about it and she asked me if he was going to shove the entire thing up her ass.

I answered that she should ask him, not me.

He was so anxious to do this that he lied and told her that he would only put as much in as she wanted. I looked at her and rolled my eyes to indicate that she should not believe this.

She nodded her head in resignation. She realized that if she wanted to find out how it would feel up her ass, she was going to have to take it all. Despite her conflicted state she seemed ready to proceed.

I tried to persuade my good friend to lie face down on the bed and relax. She did but only after she fumbled and stumbled and said things like she wasn’t sure if she should, she wasn’t sure if she could do it, she wasn’t sure if it would fit, she didn’t want to act like a slut and she was ashamed.

I told her that since the three of us were standing here naked and my guy had a raging hard-on that she almost sucked the cum out of, it was too late for her to change her mind. She sighed deeply and crawled up on the bed. She was obviously nervous.

I went to the bathroom and retrieved a jar of Vaseline. I didn’t use it on my first time, but I didn’t want it to be difficult and uncomfortable for her.

I smeared some on the head of his cock and stroked it to apply a thin film on the shaft. I signaled him silently to climb on the bed. He did so and hovered over her. Her eyes were closed, and she was in complete submission.

I wiped the excess Vaseline off my hands and spread her soft smooth butt cheeks apart. Her cute little asshole was exposed right above her moist cunt.

I grasped my guys hard-on and guided it to her anus. I was more aroused by this than I expected. I looked in my guys eyes and nodded my head and he understood me.

He began to push, and I tried to help but my hand just slipped due to the Vaseline. I knew he would not need my help shoving it in, but I wanted to be part of the process.

I nodded my head more vigorously and he gave a mighty push.

The head disappeared into her, and she squealed with surprise. When she caught her breath, he began to push again. Slowly but surely it slid up her asshole as I gazed at it transfixed. I had experienced this myself, but I had never seen it happen to someone else, and it was amazing.

Her asshole wasn’t tiny anymore, the entrance ring of muscle surrounded and gripped his thick shaft.

With each push a little bit more went up the hole. She accepted it without complaint. I am sure the Vaseline helped.

At last it was all the way in. Her eyes were still closed in submission as he began to slide in and out.

I knelt on the bed next to them and watched my private porn show as his cock appeared and disappeared in her receptive hole. This was the most erotic scene I had kaçak bahis ever experienced.

The rhythm of his thrusting made the bed bounce up and down a little. The motion only added to my arousal. He was breathing like a workhorse and he fucked her like he was in love with her. That did make me feel a little jealous, but I reminded myself that I was the one who organized this episode.

He slapped up against her silky-smooth butt cheeks with each thrust, and each time he did she grunted softly. The two of them were in ecstasy, and surprisingly so was I. I was visualizing how far up in her belly the tip of his erection was going with each push.

I mentally timed him, and I knew he was about to finish.

He stopped all the way up her ass and grunted.

Her eyes snapped open with a startled look. My eyes met hers and I knew she was feeling the strong, steady stream of his jism in her belly.

He continued to make animal noises for what seemed like fifteen or twenty seconds, so I knew she was getting a monster load.

She maintained eye contact with me with an expression of surprise and amazement.

When the jism finally stopped gushing into her she closed her eyes again with a bemused smile of satisfaction.

She didn’t have an orgasm from the sensations like I did. That disappointed me, and I wanted to fix it.

He was about to withdraw, and I stopped him. I told him to stay in her and turn over with her on top.

It was an athletic move, but they accomplished it. I asked them both to spread their legs and they complied. I knelt between their legs went down on her crotch.

I swear to you I have never eaten a pussy before, but I wanted to eat hers. It was wet and fragrant, and I wanted to taste it.

I would not want to do it to a cunt that looks like an axe-wound and smells like a fish-market but hers is like a freshly cut bouquet of flowers. Just a slightly musky fragrance and delicate pink lips.

I kissed and licked and sucked it, and occasionally went lower and licked his balls and the base of his cock which was still embedded in her asshole.

I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and that did it. She exploded into a violent orgasm. Her legs flailed around, and I was afraid she was going to kick me.

She settled down and I backed away. He turned over with her underneath and he withdrew his still-hard cock. When the head popped out a rivulet of creamy cum came out of her asshole and ran down over her cunt lips.

I dived back in and licked and slurped up as much of it as I could. I thought about putting my tongue up her asshole to try to get more but I realized that would be too kinky.

I laid on one side of her with him on the other, and we hugged and caressed her.

We finally calmed down and began to discuss our experience.

I said I had been extremely aroused watching them, and that her pussy was delicious.

He said when I made her cum he thought she was going to bite his cock off with her asshole.

She was profoundly moved by the experience. She had a dreamy, far away look in her eyes. She said she has decided to break up with her up-tight and inhibited guy. She looked my guy in the eye and asked if he would be willing to do it to her again someday. I answered for him that of course he would.

She said she had never been fucked like that before and her asshole was sore, but she didn’t regret it. It felt like the tip of his cock went almost to her rib cage, and when he shot his load she expected it to bubble up in her throat and into the back of her mouth.

An exaggeration of course, but it did make me imagine what it would be like if it really happened. I visualized that it was in me instead of her. The imaginary scene was so vivid I swear I got a taste of his cum. Maybe that was residual from what I lapped up from her asshole.

She had never been orally pleased by a woman before, but she didn’t regret that either. She said she didn’t know that I had feelings like that for her. I reassured her that I was not in love, just sexually liberated and adventurous.

So our research was complete. We both had all our questions answered. We knew we could take it in the ass and love it. We acknowledged that eating each other was something that good friends could do without coming out to the world as gay.

My wonderful guy agreed that it is a great idea for us to take turns taking his stiff member anally and receiving his baby-batter in our stomach. Another cute slang term that I had never heard of. Makes sense – if you refer to a pregnant woman as ‘having one in the oven’ then the man must supply the thick, creamy batter.

My friend said the thought of millions of his microscopic tadpoles swimming around inside her was satisfying. I grinned and nodded my head. I understand why condoms are mandatory if you have sex with different people all the time, but we don’t and receiving his DNA was an important conclusion of satisfying sex.

Since I was the only one who didn’t have an orgasm, she offered to eat my pussy. That was considerate, but I had a better idea. I suggested that the three of us should get together on a regular basis, and the next time she could watch him fuck me up the ass and she could eat me then while he was still in me.

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