In and Out

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She only has the one dress; he reflects on this while it comes off of her, short and drop-waisted and made in black, skimming over supple skin the color of coffee mixed with creamer. It’s just the dress, she doesn’t wear anything under it. This makes the show better. His cock strains the fly of his slacks when his eyes find her cunt, hairless and tight with her barcode tattooed off to the side, nestled at the crux of her hip. The dress is just brushing her navel when his hands palm her thighs, nose pressing against the bare mons above her smoky pink lips. The tip of his tongue parts them, but it’s the flat surface of it that finds her clit and strokes a saliva-laden caress across the sensitive nub. She breathes out quickly. He can feel her thighs flex and begin to tremble, thick and lean under his calloused fingers.

Her breasts come next. He watches as his tongue circles, running down the length of the slit to taste her when her nipples appear, dark and dense and stiff in the cool air; she’s small enough to cover one tit under each hand. He considers that as his tongue massages the inner lips of her pussy. She’s soaked his tongue, czech harem porno almost sweet, enough to give his cock a pulse while it presses into his zipper.

He doesn’t let her stay on her feet once the dress is off. His hands drag her down onto her bony knees and move from her thighs to her hips, squeezing, pulling, before his fingers are on her tits. One nipple is pinched between the rough pad of his thumb and forefinger, wrist twisting; she sighs her whimper and he eats up the sight of her fat bottom lip quivering. He twists harder. His free hand palms her cunt, two fingers spreading her lips so the middle can crush against her clit, making her hips buck forward. She fucks the air like this once, twice, three times as he grinds the thick middle digit into her. If it hurts, she says nothing.

His hands release her and he forces her down, using her wide hips to control her, putting her on her knees on the floor. While he goes for his fly, he revels in the sight of her ass; she’s bottom heavy, fleshy, spankable. To prove it, his hand comes down against one cheek, and she gasps and humps the air once. His czech mega swingers porno cock springs forward and throbs in the apartment air, eager. Her shoulders are forced to the floor with one hand and she’s drawn back to him, the other hand on her thigh again, pussy soaked and warm between them.

Watching her cunt stretch and spread around the thick head of his cock is a treat. She’s tight. He veritably splits her when he drives forward, velvet walls like a vise on his shaft; he impales her on all nine inches, balls slapping the apex of her lips, crushing against her clit. She whimpers and everything tightens around him. He pulls out, so hard it hurts, covered in her, shaft glossy in the dim light and head beading with precum. Again, he splits her, fucking her with force, driving her knees over the hard floor. It’s almost too much when her cunt shudders around him, but he goes still, enjoying the slick wet warmth while collecting himself.

He moves his hand from her thigh and pinches her clit between his thumb and forefinger, making her fuck him, hips grinding. Her moaning fills the shabby czech pool porno room, breathless and earnest. Her nails dig against the floor. His eyes stay on her cunt; he pulls out, exposing himself once more, watching her lips tighten and waiting. His fingers twist and everything glistens more, lips to thighs. The head of his cock splits her and he drives forward, bottoming out. He groans; she screams and convulses around him, her orgasm drawing her tighter, over and over again. He rides it out, feeling himself quick on her heels.

Before he spills in her, he pulls out, pearly cum splashing over her fat-cheeked ass in stark comparison to her dark skin. He’s still rigid when another wave coats her lower back, still hard when he shoves himself back into the still-coming vise of her sweet pink pussy. Everything heats up when he comes just inside her, spilling out around his shaft and preparing to drip off of her skin. She whimpers. He drives himself forward, leaving the last of it as he bottoms out again. She’s too tired to complain this time, exhausted on the floor, letting him fuck her until he’s spent.

He only drops her when he’s finished, lounging back with his back against the couch, watching her. She’s a mess, but he makes her get up anyways, watching the cum inch over her skin, over her thighs. She doesn’t get to clean up; he sends her to the kitchen, five feet away, swaying on her feet. It’s almost enough to get him hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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