If on an Island a Traveler Pt. 04

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[The final reveal for these two, mostly from his POV. As expected, intended to be read in sequence, but as I always strive for, enjoyable on its own. Happy reading!]


“Damn, Jake. For such a gentleman, you are a very nasty lover. Jesus.”

I smile slyly as I offer her the water glass. “More where that came from.”

“I can only imagine. Your ex sure was silly to let you go. Good for me, though,” as she sits up and knocks back a big gulp of water.

“Mm-hmm, good for me, too.” I grin. When I move my face, I can detect her scent still on my lips and jaw.

She goes quiet. “Can we spend the day together tomorrow?” she asks, almost shyly.

“Am I being dismissed for the night?” I ask teasingly.

“Well, I’m coming out of a 6-month sentence. Need to pace myself.” She smiles wryly.

“Like I said, I am at your disposal.” My cock has simmered back down now, and I’m feeling good. I can’t wait to spend time with her again tomorrow. Not making any presumptions, though. “Are you going to be OK tonight?”

“Yes, I would love to spend the night with you, but I need to rest and process. I hope that doesn’t sound lame.”

“No, it doesn’t. Honestly, I don’t think I can manage a whole night with you right now without breaking my promises.” I grin wolfishly as I stand, wincing slightly at my creaking knees from having been on them for more than half an hour. Every now and then, I’m reminded of my 54 years. “Be right back.”

I step out to the pool area to retrieve my clothes that I had shed before going skinny-dipping with Claire. This feels like eons ago, yet the excitement is still vivid in my mind. I decide I’m not showering tonight and will go to bed with all her flavors on me. Once I’m back and dressed, she’s still on the couch, now with a throw on her. “See me out?”

She gets up and wears the throw to walk me to the door, her sweet ass and smooth pussy lips peeking enticingly from underneath the throw. “Lock up good, OK?” I remind her as I place my hand on her sacrum and bend to dry-kiss the corner of her mouth again. She turns her face to me and gently presses her lips together in a semblance of a return kiss. It’s almost quaint not to kiss for real when just 15 minutes ago, I had my mouth on her pussy and was finger-fucking both her love holes. But no kissing was the stipulation. For tonight, anyway.

“I have an early call in the morning. Knock on my door around 9. I’ll have breakfast for you. And by that, I mean food. And coffee.” I add, referring to her masturbatory tendencies, “And hey, maybe don’t take care of yourself while you’re down here. Let me do that for you.” I flick the tip of her nose playfully as I say this.

She smiles impishly as she turns the dead bolt to open the front door. She says something to me that I don’t catch.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“My handle. On the erotica site. In case you need some bedtime reading.” She flashes a grin and shuts the door behind me.

+ + +

Back on my side of the duplex, I quickly check my work email then repair to the bedroom. I usually sleep in the nude, but I’m still stimulated from the evening’s events and feel like my cock needs something of a barrier, so I change into a fresh pair of boxers.

Once in bed, I set the alarm on my phone, and curious about her erotica writing, I go the site she mentioned and search for her handle. She has about 20 selections in the free section, with references to her subscription-based author site. Having Claire right here, literally next door to me, I don’t feel a great need to read her at the moment, but I do scan the shorter open-access list.

It’s a mouth-watering sampler from a variety of POVs — young professionals, sugar daddies, public sex, barely legal, MILF, voyeur, etc — quite a few of them with an anal bent. Woman after my own heart. Fuck me, what a mind. It’s unbelievable that she had been practicing abstinence for half a year — well, her brand of abstinence, anyway. But a person who can think of all these storylines — and these are only teasers to her main work — surely can’t go without cock forever.

My own cock twitches just thinking about reacquainting Claire with real-time penetration. She can take as long as she needs to come out of her self-imposed house arrest. I can wait. And for sure, it will be explosive. If tonight was any indication, she’s already bursting at the seams.

I click on one selection with a “new” icon next to it, posted just this morning. I read about the young woman on an exotic vacation who lets an older playboy at her villa feel her up by the pool and finger-fuck both her tight passages and work her clit until she orgasms. I feel almost like she’s sending me a message through this story — a wink. Having tasted her charms tonight, I smile to myself, replaying sequences from earlier. Reminiscent of the story, yet so much more involved.

I turn out the light, and with my hand resting on my cock sheltered in the loose boxers, I drift güvenilir bahis off to sleep.

+ + +

After my early morning conference call, I make a fresh pot of coffee and chop up some fruit, preparing for Claire to arrive as agreed around 9am. I relish the tingle of excitement, like a first date. Or like a second date after you got to first base on the first date. Or in our case, third base!

Right at 9am, the doorbell chimes. Already feeling a low-buzz excitement for what the day will bring, I open the door for her. She looks literally good enough to eat. Freshly showered, her hair slightly damp, her lips moistened with some tinted balm. God, I love natural women.

She’s wearing a long caftan-like garment which sounds dowdy, except that it’s semi-transparent and I can see she already has her bikini on that she was wearing the first day I saw her, complete with her sassy nipples lightly pressing through the thin fabric. I really want to kiss her, and hell, make love to her. Right now. I’m always horny in the morning, and even more so today, after last night with Claire and retaining my semen.

“Hey, beautiful. You’re a sight for weary eyes.” I say instead.

“Hey, yourself, hot stuff.” She gives me a light hug and a peck on the cheek, lingering her body against mine lightly. “I’m starved. And is that coffee?!” I hold the door open for her and admire her form as she sashays inside.

We share a leisurely breakfast and chat about the day. She tells me she wants to take us to Bottom Bay today, a secluded beach on the east coast of the island. I’m thinking I’d like to get to the bottom of her, but I would go with her anywhere. I know she knows what I’m thinking and what I’d like to do with her, and to her, but I stay relaxed. I want her to be really hungry for my cock, maybe beg for it.

It’s really hard to concentrate on her words, though. I look at her moving lips and keep going over the images of last night in my mind — nibbling on her fantastic perky tits, eating her out, rimming her, finger-fuck her pussy and her tight ass. Fucckkk, I do love playing with a pretty woman’s ass.

By 10:30am, we are headed over to Bottom Bay, with her driving this time. The remote beach is exactly as beautiful as advertised, and barely occupied except for some Brits. We choose a spot towards the far end near the cliffs, beneath some coconut trees to shield ourselves from the encroaching midday sun, and from prying eyes.

Once situated, Claire pulls off her caftan overhead and sets up to apply sunscreen on her sexy self.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for,” as I hold out my hand for the bottle. We both know it’s a pretext for me to put my hands on her. She hands me the SPF with a teasing smirk. She’s seated with her back to me, her legs folded to one side in mermaid pose. I proceed to cover her with the cream, neck to toe. I don’t miss a single spot.

I start with her lovely shoulders, arms, hands, lingering my fingers in the crook of her neck where I know she’s very sensitive. I spend a little time on her hands, pressing my fingertips between the delicate bones of the backs and between her fingers. People always forget how sensitive hands are. She sighs deeply and I can see her nipples perk up in profile.

Then just like in her little story, I dip my hands to her front and rub some cream in the shallow valley between her small breasts, allowing my fingers to slip a little beneath the seams of the fabric triangles of the skimpy bikini top. And just like in the story, my fingers graze her nipples. I can hear her gently suck in her breath. I am reminded that her nipples communicate with her clit, which is likely already throbbing.

“I read somewhere that some women enjoy this,” I say teasingly. She laughs gently.

I let my fingers slide lower to smooth some cream on her toned torso and belly, taking care to smear a bit under the seam of her waistband, just grazing the top of her pussy cleft. She moans lightly and notches her head back to rest it on my shoulder. I lean down and lightly bite into her shoulder, as I allow my fingers to visit her clit with just one flick. She coos her approval, and her accordioned legs slip a bit farther apart. I don’t go further though. Today will be a slow seduction. I want her reduced to a puddle of molten lust by the evening.

I add more cream to my hands to smooth on her thighs and calves and eventually the tops of her pretty feet, massaging my fingertips in the cleft between her toes, admiring her delicious toe cleavage. She sighs deeply and leans more heavily back into my body as she turns her head slightly and gives me a lazy smile with half-closed eyes.

“Hmmmm, baby, lie down on your belly so I can get the backs of your legs.” I say as I nibble on her neck and lightly rub my palms across her nipples once more.

Whimpering slightly, she extends her legs and rolls forward to lie down on her front. Using a steady pressure, I slowly work sun cream onto her back, türkçe bahis slipping under the bikini strap as needed. Barbados is a conservative country. No public nude sunbathing, or else I would have unclasped her top already. Lastly, I apply the cream to the backs of her legs, not forgetting the sensitive spots behind the knees and Achilles tendons.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she purrs.

Claire has her face resting on folded forearms, with her lovely face turned to me. I can tell she is very turned on by the tiny furrow in her brow and the sensuous slight parting of her lips. I lean down to give her a light dry kiss on the corner of her mouth as I place my hand on her sacrum, with my pinky resting right where the curve of her buttocks begins. She half puckers her full lips to dry kiss me back. I can’t wait to kiss her for real. With any luck, later today.

I languorously rub my hand on the small of her back, gradually allowing my strokes to extend down to her ass, half covered by the bikini bottom. The next time my hand is on her back, I let my pinky slip underneath her back waistband. I take a very long time to progress, but after about five minutes, my hand is on her ass underneath her swim bottom, my middle finger nestled in the cleft of her ass, moist from light perspiration and the pussy juice that’s bathing her crotch.

By now, she is slowly gyrating her hips in response to my movements. Fuck, I would love to slip my tongue into that dewy pussy and ass. The mixture of her fresh sweat and pussy juice has got to taste amazing. My cock is hard in my trunks just imagining it. I swab my finger right where I would lick her and bring my finger to my mouth. She half opens her eyes to watch me suck off her moisture off my finger. She tastes absolutely divine.

I do this a few more times. Finally, looks like she can’t bear to look at me any longer because she closes her eyes. I snuggle my middle finger back where it was but slide it further down so I can finger-fuck her pussy a little bit. We would probably get a citation if caught, but I’m way past caring.

Again, I’m astounded by how wet her little pussy gets. I collect some of her natural lube and carry it up along her perineum towards her anus. I draw small circles on her tight star, using her viscous pussy juice as ass lube. I repeat this over and over, each time the interval of massaging her anus getting longer and longer, my finger more insistent. Soon enough, my gooey finger easily slips into the small mouth of her ass hole as I slowly finger-fuck it. She gently undulates her hips, meeting my subtle thrusts. Goddamn, her ass is hot. Again, I wish I could lay eyes and tongue on it right now.

“Can anyone see us?” She asks.

I cast another look around. “I think not. Unless they’re lurking.”

“Let them see if they’re lurking.” She groans as she lifts her hips just enough to slip one slim hand inside the front of her swim bottom to play with her clit.

I continue alternating my finger between the dripping mouth of her pussy and the maddeningly tight wink of her ass, gradually accelerating my movements. Fuccckkk, I can’t wait to fuck her, whenever that will be. Her hand is now working furiously, and she finally pushes up slightly and rolls on to her side, facing away from me. This gives her hand more room to maneuver, and mine as well. I go back to munching on her neck as I now work two fingers in her ass, adding pussy cream as needed.

She turns her face to me, her fine features tight with intense lust and the need to cum. “Kiss me, Jake. Fill my mouth with your tongue.”

I don’t hesitate and bring my mouth to hers. After all the things we’ve done together, this wasn’t how I envisioned our first real kiss, but fuck, yes, I want to stuff my tongue in her mouth… or any of her cavities. Fucking her yet harder with my index and middle fingers, alternating between pussy and ass, I take firm hold of her long neck and plunge my horndog tongue into Claire’s mouth. She sucks my tongue greedily into her hot mouth as our hands get her off to her first orgasm of the day. She grunts unintelligibly into my mouth as she cums hard, her ass squeezing and clutching the base of my fingers. Fuck, I love this. So gooood.

As the waves of her orgasm subsides, our kisses become softer. She removes her hand from her crotch and offers her fingers to me. The first knuckles of my fingertips still in her ass, I suck her fingers one by one, holding her gaze. I gently slip my fingers from inside her and suck them clean myself, as she looks at me from under half-hooded eyes. Finally, as a chaser, I kiss her one more time, sharing the tangy, musky taste of her privates with her.

Bottom Bay, indeed.

+ + +

Mmmmm, what a yummy, yummy man. I thought we would have a carefree day exploring a new beach, but next thing I knew, his hands were on me, and eventually inside me, skillfully bringing me to yet another toe-curling orgasm. Fuck. I know now my flirtation with abstinence güvenilir bahis siteleri is coming to its coda on this trip, with Jake. Probably today.

After our sexy oceanfront interlude, we head back to the house. The sun was too hot by then, anyway. The afternoon traffic was worse than in the morning and required all of my attention. It was almost a welcome distraction from the sexual tension between us.

Once we got back, Jake had calls to make, and I needed to connect with my publisher, so we agreed to meet after 4pm at the pool. Where it all started. We’ve only just started kissing this morning, so he gave me a lingering so-long kiss. Good God, what a good kisser. He left me so turned on that once back in my rental, I debated rubbing out another one, but I had kind of promised not to, not without him there, anyway. That’s OK — let the pressure build. But let’s not pretend. I definitely want to do the nasty with him, sooner than later.

Come 4pm, I’m still wearing my bikini and my vintage caftan. I was going to wear that to the pool then reconsidered and took off the bikini top, so that I’m only wearing the bottom and my tits are clearing visibly through the thin veil of the caftan fabric. I know how much Jake loves my perky tits.

+ + +

I was glad to be busy for a couple of hours, but I couldn’t wait to see Claire again. Right at 4pm, I look out my window and see her walking out to the pool deck at the same time, with two rocks glasses in hand. Say what you will, the woman is punctual. I’m already in my trunks and grab my shades to go meet her — possibly the woman of my dreams.

Once I’m outside, she’s already installed in the second lounge chair on my side. I love that she came to me. I notice right away she’s topless beneath her caftan, her nipples fully erect. My cock stiffens immediately.

I bend down to give her a soft, dry kiss on the lips. She hooks her arm behind my neck and kisses me back, offering a hint of her tongue. I pull away and smile at her. She’s so sexy, either I pull away or I’d have to jump her bones.

“Thanks for the drink this time.” I take one of the cold glasses. “What’s in it?”

“Rum and pineapple. For your fruit serving.” She grins as she clinks glasses with me.

We make small talk while sipping our drinks. The air is buzzing with our lust for each other. Once again, I can barely concentrate on what she’s saying. Behind my shades, I can only focus on her lips, the deep split down the front of her caftan, her perky tits, her beautiful feet. My head feels a little hot. Maybe it’s the drink, but somehow I doubt it.

“Ready for a swim?” She asks.

“Am I ever. I’m about to pass out from this heat, among other things.” I smile mischievously at her as I take off my shades. We walk to the edge of the pool, the deep end being on this end. Without pausing, she doffs her caftan and gracefully dives into the pool. I watch her swim a few strokes then follow her.

We swim in quiet companionship alongside each other for a couple of laps. I don’t go as fast as I usually do, keeping pace with Claire. After three and a half laps, I pause for a break at her end, the shallow end, and stand on the shady side of the pool. Echoing yesterday evening, she swims underwater towards me and resurfaces right up to me, nose to nose. She wraps her arms around my neck, encircle her legs around my waist, and lifts her face to kiss me deeply. No more waiting.

My hands land naturally on her rib cage, my thumbs finding their way like homing pigeons to her stiff nipples. We kiss wetly for a few minutes, before I slide my hands to cup her ass and boost her up my body to nibble on her tasty tits. I love on them for a while before nudging her all the way up to the concrete lip of the pool. She looks at me, questioningly. I guide her to swivel around so that she’s sitting on the dry tiles with her feet in the water.

I hold her gaze as I slip her swim bottom down her hips and legs and past her feet. Leaving the bikini on the tiles, I nudge her legs apart, sling her knees over my shoulders, and start lapping at her slick pussy. I’ve waited many hours to get back to this place. She tastes of chlorine, but I don’t even care. Soon enough, her juices will overtake and overwhelm any other taste.

Claire is already moaning and tweaking her nipples. After the morning of playing with her ass, I want to focus on her beautiful pussy right now. Who knows when we’ll see each other again after this trip. I aim to commit every curve, fold, and crevice to memory. I let my tongue get really wet and lick all over her box, admiring how shiny it’s getting between her juices and my spit.

“Mmmmm, Jake, fuck, that feels amazing. Goddamn, you have a talented tongue…” She moans, her hands in my hair.

I continue for a while longer, introducing two fingertips into her gooey tunnel while flicking her clit with the broadened tip of my tongue. I can tell it wouldn’t take much to make her cum, but I just want to take her to the edge and keep her there, making her balance on that tightrope for as long as possible before she cums.

“Oh fuck, Jake, I’m close, but I want to make it last… Please. Let’s go inside.” As if she could read my mind.

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