I Live to Serve Him

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I love my master’s cock. In fact, I worship it, and him. I am in love with him. I will do anything to please him, including kneeling before him, showering his cock with my love.

He loves to have me suck his huge, beautiful uncut cock everyday. He always makes me take his sweet, salty semen on my face, in my asshole, or in my mouth. It is never wasted. In the time we have been together as Master/Husband and Slave/Mistress/Slut, I have taken gallons of his sperm into or onto my body. If I were a woman, he would have made me pregnant with his child dozens of times.

I am completely submissive with him, and he is more than just my Master. He is my lover and my protector. I live to serve and please him. If I do not please him fully, I am disciplined. If I am not behaving correctly, I am disciplined. I take care of his sexual needs and urges, and anything else he requires me to do.

I live in his home with him. He allows me full run of the house while he is at work, but I must complete my chores, and be showered and waiting for him at the front door when he arrives home, dressed in whichever outfit he has ordered me to be wearing. It is always something sexy, erotic, or feminine, or it may be nothing but my black patent leather 5″ spiked heels. My Master loves me in high heels, so I am always required to wear them, never taking them off except to shower or bathe.

If I unintentionally break one of Master’s rules, I am always punished in some way. He is very creative in his choice of punishments, and while he is fair, he is very stern. He does not like to be challenged, questioned, or disobeyed. Punishment may consist of only a spanking with his hand, all the way up to confinement in the Cage.

The Cage is the strictest punishment. It is just tall enough for me to kneel or sit in. A small stool is bolted in the center. Attached to it is a very, very large butt plug, which I am forced to sit on completely. My ankles are then pulled back and tied securely to the sides of the Cage with ropes. Leather straps are places around my thighs, which are then pulled apart and tied to the Cage walls. My arms are pulled to the top of the Cage with my elbows and forearms touching the cage ceiling, my hands pointing behind me. Ropes are used to bind my wrists and elbows tightly to the bars. A thick leather garter belt is placed around my waist, and chains attached to it are pulled down behind me and fastened to the Cage. If I have not correctly pushed myself firmly onto the Plug, it is now forced deeply into my asshole. Then my Master gags me with either a ball gag or penis gag. Then he attaches nipple clamps to me, which are pulled forward and up, attached to the bars in front.

I am now in a very uncomfortable position, but if I had not disobeyed Master, I would not be in this situation. My back is very erect, my rectum is stretched and filled completely, and my nipples are tightly protruding from my chest. The bindings allow only very slight movement, but doing so sends waves of pain shooting through my nipples or my asshole.

Master may leave me here for anywhere from two hours up to a full day, payment for the worst infractions.

Master likes me to act and look feminine. I am not allowed to wear jeans or pants. If he wishes me to be fully clothed so we may go out, I am required to wear one of many dresses or skirts that he has purchased for me, or Daisy Duke shorts and halter tops. I sometimes am required to wear these at home, but usually I am wearing lingerie, bikini bathing suits, a French Maid’s uniform, or just my high heels. Master likes me to wear lipstick and eye shadow, and other types of makeup according to his whims. He regularly shaves me, because he likes me smooth. Mecidiyeköy Escort When I am told it is time to be shaven, I must quickly strip and assume the position.

He often brings guests home. Depending on their purpose, I may be chained in the Dungeon, or required to serve or service them.

Master’s cock is very beautiful. It is nine and one-half inches long and five and three-quarters around. It is uncut, and one of my chores is to wash his foreskin each day. It is topped by a bulbous, blunt, purple mushroom head. His balls are about the size of golf balls, and are contained in a thick, hairy sac. I adore his cock, and I love to suck it for him. I would suck it all day long if I were allowed. My Master will let me suck it gently, just taking a few inches into my mouth so I can flick my tongue across the head, or he may hold me by my hair and force-fuck all the way down my throat.

Master owns my asshole. He has said so. It is his asshole to do with as he pleases, when he pleases. Sometimes he makes love to me gently, slowly, and tenderly, holding and caressing my body as if we were newlyweds. Other times he is abusive, forceful, and demanding. He may fuck me in all sorts of positions, or tie me up and fuck me over and over for hours until my (His) asshole is raw.

We live in the suburbs of a big city. There are several wooded acres behind the house, and we have good neighbors. None of them suspect that we are anything more than a quiet, reserved couple. If the weather is nice, we go for a nightly walk in the woods after dinner, holding hands and kissing, or just talking. Sometimes he doesn’t fuck me, but usually he wants me to suck him off, or bend over a fallen log and take his cock up my asshole. We sometimes play bondage games in the woods. I can usually tell what to expect from him during our walks based on the clothing he wants me to wear, but not always. He is very careful to keep me guessing. If I am wearing only lingerie, leather, or a nightgown, I am to be fucked. If I am wearing a sundress or shorts, I will likely only be required to suck his long, hard penis until his jizz explodes in my mouth. Either way, whenever we walk in the woods, I am wearing my high heeled shoes.

At bedtime, after we have finished having sex, I remove whatever clothing I have been wearing, except for my heels, and he helps me fit into a black leather corset with an attached cock-and-ball cage. I give my Master a massage until he falls asleep. Then, I am allowed to go to sleep also.

In the morning, I am to be awake before him, and have his breakfast ready when he comes downstairs. Before he leaves for work, he removes the corset and cock cage, and gives me my instructions for the day. He gives me a goodbye kiss, and I go about my chores.

On weekends, we may go out, invite friends over, or stay home alone. I almost always get fucked on weekends, sometimes many times, by many men. Master often brings black men home to sample me. They are always extremely well hung, sometimes longer and thicker than Master, and are very aggressive and demanding in bed. They do not tolerate mistakes.

They do not like foreplay, and they often enjoy tying me up into various positions before filling me with their thick cocks. Like Master, they demand that every drop of their sperm be shot inside my body.

If Master and I are alone, and he needs to come but doesn’t wish to get up from watching television, he may direct me to take his cock while sitting on his lap. Or, he may request that I simply kneel and suck him off.

When we are out in public together, I am always required to wear a corset and girdle. He may hold my hand if he is feeling loving, or just Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan wants me to know his dominance. If he is not holding my hand, I am to walk a step behind him, and I may not speak without permission. Otherwise, I am permitted to show him affection and obedience.

We often shop at Lingerie Boutiques, women’s clothing aisles, and adult book stores. Sometimes, he orders me to kneel, take out his cock, and place my tongue under his balls, resting his beautiful cock on my forehead. I am not to move until I am told, at which time I must tip my open mouth up to him, allowing his cock head to fall against my tongue, without letting it drop. He then pumps my mouth until I am rewarded with his scrumptious cream. We get many unbelieving looks when we do this, and although I may be embarrassed, I know that if I fail him I will be punished. I do not want to fail my Master. I willingly submit to any punishment he sees fit to administer, but I am upset if he is angry with me. To lose Master’s love and guidance would crush my spirit.

I am punished regularly for slight infractions. He is disappointed with my imperfections, so I strive very hard to learn from him.

I was last punished severely on July 22, 2001. He came home early, and I did not hear him pull into the garage. I was not kneeling at the door, head downcast, legs spread, hands on my thighs with my pals upwards. As the door opened, I raced to my position, but it was too late.

My punishment was to include a fisting and a severe flogging with the Cat o’ Nine Tails whip.

First, I was led to Master’s basement dungeon, and ordered onto the examination table. This is a cushioned, three-way folding bench that raises and lowers. The frame is made of chrome tubes, so it is easy for him to bind me in any position necessary. Master instructed me to assume Position # 31, which is on my knees, my arms straight down below the surface of the table, with my face turned to the side and my cheek flat on the table. My ass must be jutting out towards him, so that he does not need to reach.

He then cuffed my ankles together, and tied my wrists to the sides of the table. I lay very still, awaiting the first caress from Master’s loving whip.


The first kiss of the whip stung me directly across both cheeks, sending a shiver up my spine and causing my toes to point, straining in the heels.


Landing in exactly the same place, Master’s whip flicked savagely across my butt. I knew now that he was sorely disappointed with me, and I felt ashamed. If only he would let me suck his wonderful cock….


Three hard blows in rapid succession. I flinched with pain, my ankles rising a bit from the table, but I dare not whimper. My ass cheeks were stinging and growing hotter with each caress. Master paused for a moment, and then he changed hands, coming around so that I could see him behind me. He looked blankly at me, and I pleaded with my eyes for forgiveness. I only wished to please him, but the whipping was his way of showing me his love. I knew that he cared for me.


The last blow is always the hardest, so that I may know when the whipping has reached its conclusion. Using both hands, Master drew back as if he were swinging a baseball bat at a 95mph fastball, and the final kiss swept over my reddened ass. A cry of pain caught in my throat, but I managed to let only a puff of air escape my lips.

“I love you, Master”, I said. This was permitted.

He did not speak. I remained still, awaiting the final stage of my punishment, the fisting. He went over to the wall, and removed the fisting harness he had made. Escort Mecidiyeköy It was a studded leather affair, with straps that go around my thighs and hooking under the cheeks of my ass. Four additional straps ran from these loops, two in front and two in back, up to a collar around my neck. Once in place, the straps could be cinched tightly, forcing my ass to be spread wide apart. This apparatus also makes my asshole pucker out towards him.

Once I was fully strapped into the harness, Master began to slather me with lubricant. My ass cheeks were burning with pain, but he seemed oblivious to my torment as he began working his fingers inside me. Since this was meant as punishment, not pleasure, he did not take his time. He pushed and jabbed at my hole, forcing more fingers in with each thrust, deeper and deeper. I tried to relax, but it was difficult, as I knew I must press back towards him and not shy away from his intentions.

I felt him stop poking me with his fingers, and I knew he must have the fingertips on their way inside. From this point on, I could expect only a simple, slow, forward thrust. I knew he would not damage me, but if I were to be taught a lesson in obedience, I must receive a fisting I would not soon forget….or enjoy.

My legs stiffened as Master pushed forward. The pain began as I felt myself being stretched, first by his thumb, then his palm. I am permitted to cry out during a fisting, as long as I am not too loud.

“UUUHHHH!” I groaned, biting my lip. He was not quite fully in, which is the widest and most painful part of his fist. As good as it would soon feel to be clenching only his thick wrist, I knew the worst was yet to come….pulling back out.

At that moment, Master smacked me sharply across the ass with his free hand while driving his fist fully into me. I cried out again as his hand slid completely inside me. Now, his left hand massaging my thigh, the fingers of his right began massaging my prostate until I began to come erect. I knew he did not like this, but I had no control over it.

He did not say a word. I hoped that it would be over soon. I knew that the longer he stayed still, the tighter my asshole would clench around his wrist, making his exit excruciatingly painful.

Though it seemed like forever, eventually he began to twist his fist back and forth, the signal that it was about to be removed. As he pulled back, the bluntness of his fist quickly forced my anus to its widest, again causing me to cry out, just for a moment, followed by the relief of his fingers tapering back out. It was finally over. My punishment was complete. I would not soon forget my transgression.

Before I was released from my bonds, Master stated his desire to have my asshole. Once untied, I was to go immediately to the mattress and assume Position # 5. I would be on my knees, face down on the mattress, with my hands reaching back between my legs to hold my ass open for him.

I was then untied, and I stiffly, but quickly, walked to the sex mattress and placed myself on it, in position. My asshole was on fire, and very tender, even to my own touch. Master was feeling sadistic tonight. I knew that if he wanted my ass again so soon after such a severe punishment, I could expect no mercy. I was going to be fucked brutally.

With my back to him, I did not see his approach, nor did I see him remove his clothing. Still, I was sure that his massive 9+” cock was already erect and straining towards the ceiling. In a few short minutes I would feel its anger.

Master stepped onto the sex mattress as I patiently, obediently waited for his loving touch. Stepping behind me, he crouched down and gripped my waist with his strong hands. I quivered with the anticipation of accepting his magnificent penis inside my body. Silently, he bent at the knees, and his tool was first in my crack, the mushroom head searching, grinding against me. Then, suddenly, a hard thrust, and he was in me!

Oh, YES! My Master’s cock was inside my asshole, where it belonged!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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