House-Sitting with a Homosexual Pt. 02

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This is the second part of the story I began with House-Sitting With a Homosexual Part 1. Thank you to everyone who read the first part and wanted to read the rest of the story. Your patience is being rewarded, as the second part is almost entirely sex. If you haven’t read the first part I would encourage you to do so before continuing so you can better understand the characters and their motivations. Hope you enjoy the story!


Act III: Falling

I rolled over in bed as I woke up and groaned. My head felt awful and I thought I was going to puke. I could scarcely believe what had happened the night before. I felt so lousy after Daniel departed that I kept drinking for a few more hours and I was regretting that poor decision now. I walked back downstairs and looked around. There was virtually no evidence of the incredible experience I had had in this room last night. Looking at the floor, I noticed that there were a couple suspicious stains near where I had climaxed on Daniel and so I grabbed a wet paper towel and began clean them up. I noticed that in Daniel’s rush to leave he had forgotten his pipe and baggie of weed on the table. I figured he wouldn’t mind if I took a little toke and proceeded to use his pipe and stash.

After getting myself together, I decided to call Daniel and apologise for how I had behaved last night. I was too drunk to realize it then, but it seemed clear now that he was not totally into it but was just intrigued enough to see where it led. Neither of us fully comprehended the consequences of what we were doing at the time. He didn’t answer when I called him so I tried again about an hour later. Still no answer. I busied myself by doing dishes and cleaning the house. I was also supposed to get the mail and feed and walk the dog at Elena’s parents house so I ran over to do that as well. I spent the rest of the day watching TV and smoking. Later in the afternoon I tried Daniel one more time. When he didn’t answer I decided this time to leave a voicemail:

“Daniel, this is Eric. First of all, I wanted to apologise for what happened last night. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable at all and hope we can still be friends. I will understand if you don’t want to see me again. You did leave some of your personal items in Elena’s basement, so feel free to drop by and grab them whenever you want. Bye.”

A little bit later I got a call from Elena. We chatted a bit about how the car ride was and whether she was enjoying the trip so far. After a while she asked what I ended up doing last night since I had the house to myself. I decided not to lie and only told a half-truth.

“I actually did end up inviting Daniel over. We had some drinks and you know, smoked a bit and hung out. It was pretty fun.”

“That’s awesome, I’m glad you two are getting along so well. But… Well, just don’t let your guard down too much.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked nervously.

“I’ve heard he has become a bit of a cocktease since he was at college. I don’t know that he would ever hit on a straight guy, but you are irresistibly sexy.”

I tried not to make my laughter sound too forced as I replied, “I don’t think you have to worry about him stealing me away from you.”

“Good. Well I have to go now. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

It was nearly midnight and I still had never received a reply from Daniel. I began to feel really depressed thinking about how I had just lost a friend. Daniel was becoming someone that I was starting to care a lot about. I was worried that we would never see each other again, or if we did it would always be awkward and for Elena’s benefit. I masturbate before bed pretty much every night when I haven’t had sex, but I didn’t care to at all and went to sleep wanting to cry for the first time in a long while.

The next day I had to go back to work. I worked as a custodian and mechanic in the dormitory I had lived freshman year. It was hard work but paid well for a student job. After work I had to run a few errands, take care of Elena’s parents house again, and grab something for dinner. Towards the end of the shift my phone beeped and I saw that I had received a text message. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it was from Daniel.

(Can I come over tonight?>)

)Of course. I am working till 5 then have a couple things to do. Is it alright if you come over after 8?)

(Sure. I will be there.)

(Are you just coming over to get your stash?)

(I need to find out what the hell happened two nights ago.)

I didn’t know what to say to that so I never responded back to him.

After work got out I rushed to do all of my errands and walk the dog at Elena’s parent’s house. I grabbed a quick bite of dinner while I was over there and then rushed home. It was already 730 and I wanted to shower and change out of my work clothes before Daniel got there. When I pulled up I was shocked to see Daniel there already. He was sitting on the front stoop smoking casino şirketleri a cigarette. I could see a couple stubbed out on the ground by his feet, it looked like he had been here for a while. He seemed very nervous. We awkwardly said hello to each other and I pulled the housekey out of my pocket so that I could unlock the door. I started to go in and saw Daniel still standing there.

“Are you coming in or what?” I asked. Daniel hesitated, then followed me inside.

I walked inside and stood by the dining room table waiting for him to say something.

“So…?” I asked.

“What we did was very wrong,” said Daniel.

“I know it was. Does that mean you didn’t enjoy it at all?”

“I’m not going to lie, Eric. I enjoyed it. A lot. Because it was so wrong was probably the reason I enjoyed it so much. But we have to think about Elena. She is my best friend and she is in love with you.”

“I love her too. In fact, we are probably going to get married someday.” I decided that this was my last chance and that I would just bear it all. “But I know now that she can’t give me everything that I need. There are some things she just can’t provide to me.” I looked straight into Daniel’s eyes and said, “But you can.”

Daniel replied, “So what, are you bisexual now?”

“I don’t honestly know. I have never been attracted to men before in my life. Until I met you, that is. I have been thinking about you a lot since we first met, and last night released a lot of pent up feelings and frustrations. I don’t think I would do with any other guy what I have done with you. You are the only one I want.”

Daniel seemed a bit taken aback by the depth of my feeling. “I will be honest, I was thinking about you all day yesterday. After the shock of what happened wore off I realized that I really liked you as a person but didn’t want to do anything I would regret. I wouldn’t want to hurt you or Elena.”

“Well, it is going to be three days before she is back. The same day she gets back you are going back to Illinois. Why can’t we just enjoy each other, and we never have to speak of it again? It can be our secret. I would hate to feel like I had missed out on something that I would regret for the rest of my life.”

“I know what you mean.” Daniel seemed to be thinking it over in his head and then he said softly, “OK.”

“OK,” I replied, smiling.

“Eric, I have feelings growing for you that I have never felt for anyone else. So I decided before I came over that if you reciprocated those feelings that I was going to have you as my first.”

“Your first what?” I asked.

“The first to take my virginity.”

I started laughing and said, “Don’t be ridiculous Daniel. I know for a fact that you have been with guys before.”

“It is true that I have sucked and been sucked by several guys already. But I didn’t do everything with them. Eric, I want you to be the first… to fuck me. Tonight.”

I had to set my hand on the table to keep my knees from shaking. Daniel walked closer and put his hand on top of mine and looked into my eyes. “Would you like that, Eric?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I would like that very much.” Daniel’s beautiful blue eyes looked like they were staring right through me and I felt my mouth getting dry. Trying to think of something to say I realized I was still gross from working.

“Daniel, would you mind if I took a shower before we do anything? I was fixing an air conditioner all afternoon and it was probably over 90 degrees in the room. I am pretty gross and sweaty right now.”

Daniel laughed and said, “I would probably like your sweat. But you go on ahead. I will make myself comfortable while I wait.”

“That sounds good. Make yourself at home, grab anything you want to drink.”

I went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on. After relieving myself I stripped out of my work clothes and walked naked into the shower. I could hardly believe this was actually happening. It had gone better than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to get the shower over quickly so Daniel and I could explore each other further so I quickly lathered myself with body wash and rinsed myself. I used conditioner in my hair and had just finished rinsing it out when I heard the bathroom door open. I saw a shape come closer and open the shower door. It was then that I saw Daniel completely naked and smiling. It was the first time I had seen him without his glasses on. “Would you mind if I joined you?”

“Of course not.” I replied. This was the first time I had encountered a man’s body in a sexual nature and I was surprised at how excited it made me feel. He body was pale, lithe and lightly toned. I could tell he didn’t lift weights that much but seemed to keep himself fit in other ways. I could see that he was already starting to feel aroused based on how his dick was thickening and hardening in front of my eyes. He walked into the hot shower and wrapped his arms around my neck while I wrapped casino firmaları mine around his body. Then he surprised me by leaning in close and kissing me on the mouth. I returned the kiss and we each gave each other a few pecks on the lips. I initiated further contact by opening my mouth to allow his searching tongue in. I licked and sucked on his tongue as it was in my mouth and then stuck mine out so I could taste his. His mouth tasted a little bit like cigarettes but had an even stronger taste of cinnamon. He must have had a mint before he came in. It was strange to feel the beginning of stubble on his cheeks and upper lip as we kissed, but I actually liked it. We traded tongues in each others mouths for a few minutes while I ran my hands up and down the sides of his body.

Then he grabbed my buttocks with both hands and pulled me closer to him. He grabbed my ass the same way I would have grabbed Elena’s while when we were making out.. I had never really played a submissive role in a relationship at all and I was loving that someone else was taking control for a change. When he pulled me close to him, our fully-erect cocks started rubbing up against each other. I began to groan as I felt the hardness of him on my own hard cock. I broke the kiss and looked down. I reached down and moved my cock so it was right next to his and then grasped our dicks together in both hands. Daniel closed his eyes and moaned as I slowly began to move our cocks up and down together while they were still touching. It was another time where I couldn’t believe how good this felt and how I could never feel this way if I were with a girl.

“Daniel, you know I was fantasizing about you while I was masturbating in this shower only two days ago?”

Daniel’s eyes opened wide and he asked, “Oh yeah. What were you imagining us doing together?”

“I thought about you stroking my cock.” Daniel hands were still grasping and squeezing my ass when he brought them around to my front. He took one hand and started stroking my cock with the tip of his fingers. It felt like he was exploring every inch of my penis. After he had become well-acquainted with it he grasped my cock in his fist and began jacking it up and down. With his other hand he reached down and started playing with my balls at the same time.

“Oh Daniel, this feels so fucking good.”

“What else were you thinking about us doing?”

I nearly whispered, “Then I thought about you putting your finger inside me.”

Daniel smiled mischievously and took his hand off of my testicles. He brought his hand back around to my ass and began to rub right around where my asshole is. I felt his thumb and other fingers spread my skinny buttcheeks as his middle finger began probing for my anus. When he found it he wasted no time sticking his finger tip in as I gasped. All the while Daniel was still jerking me with his other hand. He slowly moved his finger in and out while my asshole relaxed and after it had opened more he stuck his finger further in. I was going crazy already and then he asked, “So then what happened.”

I could feel my dick start to tremble and pulse as I answered, “Then I came.”

“So come.”

As he spoke these words the cum exploded out of me as I ejaculated. I must have a higher than normal sperm count because my semen was spurting everywhere and it seemed to stream out for over ten seconds. As you can imagine, I was practically crying it felt so good. His finger had been moving in and out inside me the whole time I was cumming. After I was finished he took his finger out and let go of my dick.

“Damn dude, your cum went everywhere.” Daniel felt on his head and then put his hair underneath the shower. “I think you even got some in my hair.”

“Yeah there has been a lot of that going around,” I said with a laugh. My whole body was feeling numb as I soaked in the pleasurable sensations I was feeling. I don’t think I had ever desired anyone as much as I wanted Daniel right then. I would have given him anything at that moment.

Daniel looked at me and said, “Eric, I am feeling a little bit dirty now. Do you think you could clean me?”

“I will try my best,” I replied. “I think no matter what I do you will still be a little dirty.”

We laughed together and I got the body wash out of the shower caddy. I poured a generous amount in my hand and began to lather it up. I ran the soap up and down his chest and back and then up his arms. I squatted down as I ran my soapy hands up and down his legs and ass. As I stood back up, I gave his cock a quick lick. I took my hands and started running them up and down his rock-hard dick next. The soap made a natural lubricant and he began to breath faster and I quickly worked his dick up and down. Then I took the body wash again and poured a concentrated amount on my finger. I grabbed his buttocks the same way he did to me earlier and when he was in my grasp I began to move my finger toward his hole the same way he did to me.

With güvenilir casino my soapy finger I was able to easily penetrate his anus and stuck my finger almost halfway in. If it was uncomfortable he gave no indication. I moved my finger in and out of him and said to him, “I need you to be nice and clean for me later.” Daniel stared at me longingly and then pulled me into another embrace. I took my finger out and wrapped my arms around him again as we began making out. I put my hand under his thigh and brought his leg up so it was wrapped around me as I leaned against the wall of the shower. We kissed like this for a few more minutes before Daniel said, “I think I am clean enough now.”

I turned the shower water off and we both stepped out. We spent a couple minutes drying ourselves before we walked back out into the living room naked. The blinds were closed but I amused myself wondering what someone would think if they saw two grown men walking out of the bathroom together naked. I saw it had gotten darker out while we were in there. We must have been in that shower almost an hour. I almost felt bad about wasting all of that water. Almost.

“So what now?” I asked Daniel.

“Well, we should go someplace comfortable but I don’t really feel like fucking on Elena or her sister’s bed. How about we go to Elena’s room still. At least she has carpet on the floor.”

I took Daniel’s hand and led him to the room where Elena and I had probably had sex over fifty times already. I had a feeling this would be the most memorable sex that I would ever experience in this room.

“So how should we do this?” I asked. As the reality of what we were about to do set in I began to realize that I really knew nothing about gay sex.

Daniel replied, “I don’t really know much about how to go about this either, but I think this might be most comfortable for my first time.” I watched as Daniel walked to the middle of the room, got on his knees, and bent over with his ass in the air. He was resting on his arms with his ass pointed in what he must have thought was the best angle for me. It made me feel so hot that he was just offering himself to me and I began to feel an erection forming again. I walked over and sat down on my knees behind him. I could see his asshole just above start of his balls. I had always thought the sight of another man’s asshole would be disgusting, but looking at Daniel’s I started to feel more excited. He kept the area around his balls and anus very trim, with some short curly pubic hairs but none too long. The bud of his anus looked wrinkled and brown but the very middle of it took on more a pinkish hue.

“Bring that cock over here before you do anything,” Daniel told me. I did as he said and began crawling on all fours to him. When I was right next to him I sat up on my knees so my cock was right next to his face. He grasped it in one hand and began sucking hard on it. When it came out of his mouth he began to drool and spit on the head and shaft. He wasn’t concerned with pleasing me so much as getting my dick as wet as possible. Daniel was showing off his experience as he began to take most of my long dick in his mouth. He must have had the head of my penis entering his throat but he never even gagged. Pretty soon, it was starting to feel too good and I took my cock away from him. Daniel feigned sadness but got excited again as I moved back behind him.

“You should probably help me get ready before we go all in,” Daniel said. “I’m guessing you don’t have any lube?”

“I wouldn’t even know where to look for some,” I replied. I had an idea of what he meant though and stuck my finger deep into my mouth and began sucking it trying to get it wet. I took my wet finger and placed the tip right on the bud of Daniel’s anus. He looked back at me and said, “Go ahead.”

I slowly stuck my finger in. I got the tip in easily but then encountered more resistance as his anus clenched down on my finger. I moved it in and out a little bit trying to get my finger past the tightness. I finally got my finger past it and was completely open to insert my finger all the way into his ass. Daniel breathed in sharply as my finger entered him and began exploring his insides. He was starting to become loose enough that I began fingering him the same I would to to Elena’s pussy. I decided to try and stretch him even more as I took my ring finger and tried to insert it as well. Daniel jerked his body, and I could tell that this had hurt him. But what we were going to do next was going to hurt a lot more so I figured I should just continue. I kept slowly stretching his ass with my fingers until I was able to insert my second finger as far as the first one. Daniel began to moan as I moved both fingers in and out of him. I figured we were probably ready to start. If I added a third finger it would probably be about the same thickness as my cock. But my dick was more than twice as long as my middle finger. I took my fingers out of his ass and grabbed my throbbing hard dick in one hand. I placed it near his opening and asked, “Are you ready?”

Daniel laughed and said, “I’m as ready as I will ever be.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I was taking his asshole virginity after all.

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